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Topic: King of Ireland

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Goat crowned King of Ireland at ancient fair - Unusual Tales - Specials
A goat named Louis was crowned King of Ireland yesterday in one of the country's oldest festivals.
Each year a wild male mountain goat is caught in the foothills of Carrauntoohill, Ireland's highest mountain, and paraded through the country town of Killorglin as part of the Puck Fair - an annual festival of music, drinking and dancing.
He is kept in a special pen during his reign and fed a regular mountain diet of nuts, wild herbs, holly leaves, saplings and tender grasses.
www.smh.com.au /news/unusual-tales/goat-crowned-king-of-ireland-at-ancient-fair/2006/08/10/1154803035260.html   (391 words)

  Ireland Travel Guide to Hotels, Vacations, Touring
Although Ireland is a predominately english-speaking nation, there will be moments when you’ll wonder whether that’s true or not.
Ireland being so small and sparsely populated (outside of Dublin, that is), I’d suggest they do a provincial best of (Leinster/Ulster/Connacht/Munster) or regional (south/west/north).
There was quite a set-up in the park, with tented structures and loads of journalists, motorcyclists and event-sponsored cars with bikes on their roofs.
www.irelandlogue.com   (1086 words)

  Embassy of Ireland - Washington, DC
The island of Ireland consists of a large central lowland of limestone with a relief of hills and several coastal mountains.
Ireland never experienced the barbarian invasions of the early medieval period and, partly as a result, the sixth and seventh centuries saw a flowering of Irish art, learning and culture centring on the Irish monasteries.
Ireland was admitted to the United Nations in 1955.
www.irelandemb.org /info.html   (5391 words)

 Cuchulain of Muirthemne: VI. The High King of Ireland
So they brought her to a calf-shed belonging to the herds that minded the cattle of Eterscel, great-grandson of Iar, king of Teamhair; and they cared her well there, and there was not a king's daughter in Ireland was nicer than herself.
When King Eterscel heard that, he sent his people to break into the house and to bring her away, and ask no leave of the cowherds.
Now just at that time peace was after being broken in Ireland by the two Carbres that were at war with one another in Tuathmumain of Munster, and no one was able to put an end to their quarrel till Conaire himself went there to make peace.
www.sacred-texts.com /neu/celt/cuch/lgc09.htm   (6080 words)

  King of Ireland information - Search.com
Kings of Tir Eogain - a successor kingdom of Ailech; dissolved in 1607.
The Crown of Ireland Act established a personal union between the English and Irish crowns, providing that whoever was king of England was to be king of Ireland as well, and so its first holder was King Henry VIII of England.
Twenty-six of Ireland's thirty-two counties left the United Kingdom in 1922 (the six northeastern counties of Ireland opted to remain British), as the Irish Free State (renamed Éire in 1937), a self-governing dominion of the British Empire.
www.search.com /reference/King_of_Ireland   (2014 words)

  High King of Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the early narrative literature a king is a king because he marries the sovereignty goddess, is free from blemish, enforces symbolic buada (prerogatives) and avoids symbolic gessa (taboos).
The native idea of a sacred kingship was integrated with the Christian idea in the ceremony of coronation, the relationship of king to overking became one of tigerna (lord) to king and imperium (sovereignty) began to merge with dominium (ownership).
King Henry VIII made himself and his successors King of Ireland in 1541, and Ireland was incorporated into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/High_King_of_Ireland   (1131 words)

 King of Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kings of Tir Eogain - a successor kingdom of Ailech; dissolved in 1607.
Twenty-six of Ireland's thirty-two counties left the United Kingdom in 1922 (the six northeastern counties of Ireland opted to remain British), as the Irish Free State (renamed Éire in 1937), a self-governing dominion of the British Empire.
From 1936 to 1949 the role of the King of Ireland in the Irish state was greatly reduced and ambiguous.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/King_of_Ireland   (1988 words)

 King of Ireland   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The office of high king of ireland (irish: ard rí érenn) was in origin a pseudohistorical construct of the eighth century that placed a king of all ireland atop...
The lordship of ireland (1171-1541) was a nominally all-island irish state created in the wake of the norman invasion of the east coast of ireland in 1169,...
The republic of ireland act was an enactment of oireachtas éireann passed in 1948, which came into force on april 18, 1949 and which declared that the...
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/k/ki/king_of_ireland.htm   (1875 words)

 The High Kings of Ireland
This King died, B.C. 1543, on the Eve of 1st of November, with two-thirds of the people of Ireland, at Magh Sleaght (or Field of Adoration), in the county of Leitrim, as he was adoring the Sun-God, Crom Cruach (a quo Macroom).
Crimthann was married to Bainé, daughter of the King of Alba, and the mother of Feredach Fionn Feachtnach.
Baine, daughter of the king of Alba, was the mother of Fearadhach Finnfeachtnach; Cruife, daughter of the king of Britain, was the mother of Corb Olum; and Aine, daughter of the king of Saxony, was the mother of Tibraide Tireach.
www.heraldry.ws /info/article12.html   (5884 words)

Judicial authority in Ireland is vested in a supreme court, a high court, a court of criminal appeal, and circuit and district courts.
By the terms of the treaty, all of Ireland except the six counties constituting Northern Ireland was to receive dominion status identical with that of Canada.
Republic of Ireland, On Easter Monday, April 18, 1949, by the terms of the Republic of Ireland Bill approved by the Dáil in November 1948, Eire became the Republic of Ireland, formally free of allegiance to the British crown and the Commonwealth of Nations.
www.angelfire.com /ca/irelandhistory/1998.html   (5493 words)

 Government of Ireland - About Ireland
Ireland has an average monthly rainfall of between 2 and 3 inches with average daily hours of sunshine ranging from 2 hours in December to 6 hours in June.
Ireland's highest mountain is Carrantouhill, Co. Kerry at 1,041m, longest river, the Shannon at 340km and largest lake, Lough Neagh at 396km squared.
Irelands National Parks are home to some of the most unique and spectacular scenery in the county while wild boglands occur in mountain and lowland areas and are one of the most distinctive natural habitats in the country.
www.irlgov.ie /aboutireland/eng/landandpeople.asp   (553 words)

 Edward the Bruce King of Ireland d. 1318   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Initially, the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland was viewed in terms of assistance to an exiled ruler.
King Haakon tried, but failed to recoup his loss and later died of his injuries in the Orkney Islands in December 1263 before he could formally accept the Irish Crown.
Edward was the brother of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland.
www.irishclans.com /articles/edwardbruce.html   (1193 words)

 Kids.net.au - Encyclopedia High King of Ireland -   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The High King of Ireland (Irish language: Árd Ri) was the nominal head of the gaelic policy that existed before English rule in Ireland.
The High King of Ireland lived in Tara in County Meath[?], approximately 25 miles to the North of the modern day capital, Dublin.
The most famous and powerful High King of Ireland was Brian Boru, the King of Munster.
www.kidsseek.com /encyclopedia-wiki/hi/High_King_of_Ireland   (220 words)

 Charles II, king of England, Scotland, and Ireland. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
1630–85, king of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1660–85), eldest surviving son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria.
The king attempted unsuccessfully to suspend these statutes by the declaration of indulgence of 1662, which he was forced (1663) to withdraw.
However, the affair was made use of by the 1st earl of Shaftesbury, who led a movement to exclude Charles’s brother, the Catholic duke of York (later James II), from succession to the throne, promoting instead the claim of Charles’s illegitimate son the duke of Monmouth.
www2.bartleby.com /65/ch/Charles2Eng.html   (986 words)

 Brian Boruma, king of Ireland
King of Ireland, 1002-1014; king of Mumu (Munster), 978-1014.
In 1002, he was recognized as king of Ireland on the submission of Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill.
981, king of Dublin and York, by whom she was the mother of Sitriuc mac Amlaíb, king of Dublin [AT; BS 314, 338, 189, 227], and also a son-in-law of Brian (see below).
sbaldw.home.mindspring.com /hproject/prov/brian000.htm   (963 words)

 Heraldry in Ireland
Heraldry is known to have existed in Ireland by the 13th century, imported by the English conquerors.
The same arms are attributed to the King of Ireland ("le Roi d'Irlande") in one of the oldest medieval rools of arms, the Wijnbergen Roll (a French roll of arms dating from c.
Gerard Slevin, Chief Herald of Ireland from 1954 to 1981, is notable for having designed the flag of the European Union (according to his obituary in the Irish Times, 28 March 1997).
www.heraldica.org /topics/national/ireland.htm   (1897 words)

 King of Ireland -   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Meanwhile, in 1949, the last link with the monarch was severed in Dublin when Irelandire) (as the Irish Free State had been renamed in 1937) became the Republic of Ireland, thereby leaving the Commonwealth and laying the title "King of Ireland" well and truly to rest.
Kings of Breifne - an expansionist kingdom of Connacht, seperating Ulster and Leinster.
Kings of Connacht - all the land west of the Shannon except Thomond; its last king inaugurated 1643, and its dynasty still survivies, among the most aincent in Europe.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/King_of_Ireland   (2010 words)

 Ireland Stories - King Gubu   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The King killed, our family destroyed, and you, a member of the most noble race that ever bore arms forced to flee to the mountains like a common thief.
The King is murdered, and the Princes too, and young Buggerly has run off into the mountains with his mother.
He says the King of Macedonia has received him very well, and he's going to invade Gobshiteland to put Buggerly back on the throne and he says you'll be massacreed.
www.irelandstories.com /king_gubu.htm   (11459 words)

 Brian Boru   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He was very much a real man and was in fact the last great High King of Ireland and perhaps the greatest military leader the country has ever known.
This battle was a major turning point as it finally subjugated the Norse presence in Ireland who were henceforth considered subordinate to the Kingships of Ireland.
He died in 1022 after which the role of High King of Ireland became more of a position in name only, rather than that of a powerful ruler.
www.ireland-information.com /articles/brianboru.htm   (523 words)

 Limerick.com - Brian Boru High King of Ireland   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Malachy was born in 948, became King of Meath and in 980, High King.
There was no one king up to this who was responsible for the defence of Ireland against the Vikings and had control over the entire island.
Ireland was never again to have a King to control the entire of the island and the cost to Ireland and to Brian of crushing the Viking power in this country was a great one, for Ireland was never again to have a true “ARD RI”.
www.limerick.com /history/brianboru.html   (818 words)

 KING OF IRELAND BRIAN - LoveToKnow Article on KING OF IRELAND BRIAN   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 976 his brother, Mathgamhain or Mahon, who had become king of Thomond about 951 and afterwards king of Munster, was murdered; Brian avenged this deed, became himself king of Munster in 978, and set out upon his career of conquest.
Here and also in Ulster he was successful, everywhere he received hostages and tribute, and he was generally recognized as the ardri, or chief king of Ireland.
After this battle, however, the old king was slain in his tent, and was buried at Armagh.
www.1911ency.org /B/BR/BRIAN_KING_OF_IRELAND.htm   (283 words)

 Conn "110th King of Ireland"
Fifty robbers hired by the king of Ulster, came to Tara, dressed as women, and treacherously despatched the Monarch.
Conn Cead-Cathach was the son of Fedhlimidh Rachtmar, the High King of Ireland and Ughna, daughter of the King of Lochlin (Denmark).
Later, with the Castillian King's support Mogh Nuadat returned to Ireland with 2,000 troops under the command of Fraech, the King's son, to claim the throne.
homepage.mac.com /james_keller/PS77/PS77_221.HTML   (796 words)

 That last pagan king of Ireland Cormac in the schoolpoem choked himself   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The poem Bloom recalls is "The Burial of King Cormac" by Sir Samuel Ferguson (1810-86), Irish poet and antiquary.
Irish tradition holds that Cormac was the first founder and legislator of Ireland, the shaper of the nation; it was he who made the hill of Tara the capital of the country and shaped Ireland's Golden Age.
There is a famous legend of a meeting at Tara between St. Patrick and (then) high king Laeghaire; the legend holds that, though Laeghaire himself did not accept conversion, he did agree not to interfere with St. Patrick's mission—as Bloom puts it, he "couldn't swallow it all" (8.666-67 [169:27]).
www.facstaff.bucknell.edu /rickard/Hypermedia/HTML/pagan.html   (397 words)

 Famous Irish - Brian Boru   (Site not responding. Last check: )
At this point in Ireland's history, Viking invaders (or Norsemen) had a stranglehold on the island, while the native Irish either sided with the Norse out of fear or belonged to small kingdoms that fought among themselves.
The two kings met in 998 and agreed to divide Ireland between them, with Boru recieving the South and Malachy the North.
In 1013, Maelmordha, King of Leinster, revolted and allied with the Vikings.
www.irishclans.com /articles/famirish/borub.html   (752 words)

 Brian Boru:
Brian fought battles against the Danes at Tara, homeland to the ancient kings of Ireland, and besieges Dublin in 999.
In his first years as the supreme sovereign of Ireland, he was credited with the rebuilding of schools and monasteries, which improved communication throughout the country.
During a visit by which Gormflaith's brother, Maelmurra (King of Leinster), was bringing his tributes to Brian in the form of pine to be used as masts for naval ships, Maelmurra was said to be deeply insulted by Brian's son Morrough.
www.usna.edu /EnglishDept/ilv/boru.htm   (1630 words)

 Offaly Home Page
BALLINAGAR, a village, in the parish and barony of GEASHILL, KING's county, and province of LEINSTER, 2½ miles (S.W.) from Philipstown, on the road from Edenderry to Tullamore; containing 32 houses and 153 inhabitants.
BALLYCUMBER, a hamlet, in the parish of Lemanaghan, barony of GARRYCASTLE, KING's county and province of LEINSTER, 3 miles (W.S.W.) from Clara: the population is returned with the parish.
Geashill is a post-town and parish, partly in the barony of Upper Philipstown, but chiefly in that of Geashill, Kings county, and province of Leinster 4 miles from Philipstown, and 51 from Dublin, on the road from Portarlington to Tullamore; containing 13,1253 inhabitants, of which number, 467 are in the town.
www.geocities.com /Heartland/Flats/4612/offaly.html   (5330 words)

 BBC - History - Henry VIII, King of Ireland 1541   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Despite this, Ireland continued to be a cause of some concern.
In the aftermath of the English Reformation, the Irish parliament recognised Henry VIII not as 'Lord of Ireland' (the traditional style) but as 'King of Ireland' and, also, Head of the Irish Church.
James IV, King of Scots, and the Battle of Flodden 1513
www.bbc.co.uk /history/timelines/britain/tud_henry_ire.shtml   (249 words)

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