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Topic: Kingdom under the mountain

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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  Mountains of Middle-earth
The Dwarves abandoned the Grey Mountains and dispersed to the Lonely Mountain and the Iron Hills.
At the northernmost peak of the Misty Mountains was Carn Dum, the stronghold of the Witch-king of Angmar from 1300 to 1975.
The mithril lodes under the Mountains of Moria led north to the roots of the Redhorn.
www.tuckborough.net /mountains.html   (6698 words)

 WCMC Mountains and Mountain Forests   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Mountain forests are very important as repositories of biodiversity and as a result are increasingly important for tourism and recreation as well as hunting and fishing.
Because mountain forests are usually isolated from similar ecosystems by steep terrain and intervening lowlands with contrasting climates, they are frequently sites of high species endemism, that is the species occur locally and nowhere else.
To provide a global context for a discussion of mountain forests, it is first necessary to define their locations and types, and this in turn requires a definition of mountains or mountain areas.
www.unep-wcmc.org /habitats/mountains/background.htm   (692 words)

 WoW -> Info -> Story -> Chapter 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Under Dath'Remar's leadership, they were able to defeat the Amani warbands that outnumbered them ten to one.
Thoradin, the king of Arathor, knew that the mysterious elves in the northlands were under constant siege by the trolls, but refused to risk the safety of his people in defense of reclusive strangers.
Under the vigilant watch of the Order of Tirisfal, Dalaran became the chief center of learning for magicians throughout the land.
www.worldofwarcraft.com /info/story/chapter2.html   (5186 words)

 // LotR OnlinE
In a great hall under the mountains of Middle-earth Aulë, the Smith of the Valar, fashioned the Seven Fathers of Dwarves during the Ages of Darkness, when Melkor and his evil servants in Utumno and Angband held sway over all Middle-earth.
For a while Thráin and some of the people of Moria prospered, for Erebor, the Lonely Mountains, was rich in ore and stones, but Thráin`s son, Thorin, left that place and in the year 2210 went to the Grey Mountains, where it was said the greatest numbers of the scattered Dwarves of Moria already lived.
Many wandering Dwarves came to the Blue Mountains and his halls grew, but he was unhappy and desired to return to Erebor to the kingdom under the Mountain, which had been his grandfather`s.
fansites.hollywood.com /~lotr/dwarves.html   (2780 words)

 The Mountain Tree
Although the environment of the lonely mountain top is almost un-endurable, these know that what they see from their vantage point is not seen by others and is close to the heart of the Lord.
As we consider the sufferings that must be endured by these "mountain trees" as they climb toward a higher realm of vision and understanding, and then struggle to maintain their lonely place of vision in spite of the spiritual storms that rage against them, a question must be asked.
Moses, the mountain climber, enduring the seemingly un-endurable stormings of the Lord, communed with His glory in heavenly places and was transformed from "glory to glory" (II Corinthians 3:18).
www.tentmaker.org /Dew/Dew3/D3-TheMountainTree.html   (2314 words)

 Lonely Mountain - The Lord of the Rings Wiki
The Lonely Mountain (Sindarin Erebor) is a mountain in the northeast of Rhovanion.
The ancestral home of the King under the Mountain, it became a Dwarven stronghold, where the Dwarves became a numerous and prosperous people.
During the battle, Thorin was mortally injured, and the titles King under the Mountain and King of Durin's Folk passed to Dáin.
lotr.wikia.com /wiki/Lonely_Mountain   (524 words)

 [No title]
The Dwarves mined under the mountains of Middle-earth and their craft with metal and stone was unsurpassed.
In the year 1980 of the Third Age, under the reign of Durin VI, the delving dwarves quarried too deep beneath the mountains and released one of Morgoth's great demons, a Balrog, and it came in wrath and slew King Durin and his son Náin.
Smaug the Dragon was slain by Bard the Bowman, a Lakeman, and the kindom under the Mountain was restored to Thorin.
www.douglas.eckhart.btinternet.co.uk /dwarves.html   (1457 words)

 After The Ring -> The Great Powers
Rohan's history was one of conflict and war; with the Orcs of the White Mountains, the Dunlendings to the west, and ultimately with Saruman in Orthanc, whose lands bordered Rohan to the north.
The Ered Luin, the mountain chain that formed the eastern border of the lands of Beleriand during the First Age, and in which were the Dwarf-cities of Nogrod and Belegost.
A mountain in the north of Middle-earth, lying at the meeting point of the Misty and the Grey Mountains.
s3.invisionfree.com /After_the_Ring/index.php?showtopic=40   (1271 words)

 Lonely Mountain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium, the Lonely Mountain (Sindarin Erebor) is a mountain in the northeast of Rhovanion.
The mountain was aptly named, as it was hundreds of miles from the nearest mountain range.
Bard later became king of the area in the shadow of the Lonely Mountain, known as Dale.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lonely_Mountain   (511 words)

 Pine Mountain Rustic Adventure Route
Mountain Bikers who could tolerate a little gravel could find this route a nice 2-day bike trip.
"...Pine Mountain looms in the distance....Over part of the timbered, craggy ridge extends the Trail of the Lonesome Pine.
The northern flank of the mountain, blanketed with dense stands of timber, hems in the country as far the eye can see.
www.kingdomcome.org /maps/pmrar.html   (484 words)

 Moria - The Lord of the Rings Wiki
Durin woke at Mount Gundabad in the Misty Mountains.
Unknown to the Fellowship, both Gandalf and the Balrog survived the fall and fought a ferocious battle from the depths of Moria to the mountains above, demolishing the top of the legendary Endless Stair and a part of the surrounding mountain peak in the process.
It is told however that Durin VII and Last may have re-founded Moria, and retrieved what he could of his people's once-mighty riches, but many Dwarves seem to have remained at the Iron Hills, Aglarond, and the refounded Kingdom under the mountain at Erebor.
lotr.wikia.com /wiki/Moria_(Middle-earth)   (898 words)

 Middle Earth Returns - Home
When this was settled, the Dwarves restored their kingdom under the Lonely Mountain and Men began to settle once more in Dale.
Lindon is the land beyond the Ered Luin (Blue Mountains) in the northwest of Middle-earth.
The Iron Hills are a range of mountains in the north of Middle-earth, east of the Lonely Mountain, that are home to a Dwarf mining community.
middleearthret.proboards105.com   (1465 words)

 Blizzard Entertainment - WarCraft III   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Mountain Kings, or 'Thanes' as they are known in Khaz Modan, are the mightiest Dwarven warriors under the mountain.
Dedicated to safeguarding the Alliance which saved their kingdom during the Second War, the Mountain Kings can be counted upon to rally behind any banner that stands between freedom and the ever looming shadow of evil.
The Mountain King strikes the ground with his mighty hammer, causing seismic reverberations that stun and damage enemy units.
www.blizzard.com /war3/races/mountainking.shtml   (128 words)

 Stories Behind the Scenes: Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain
(we were in a 'fake' mountain, in a lightning storm...did she not know this?) All of a sudden a "voice" out of nowhere said "we can not continue the ride until you close your umbrella miss." The ride stopped and we were getting poured on.
We waited in line for over 45 mins on Big Thunder Mountain, we got to the top of the ramp right before you board the trains and we were told that we had to exit the ride that it was being closed for the day.
I always hated when they would bring a group of guests into the tunnels because they would always bring them by the Dressing rooms and the "ZOO." And there, for all to see, is Cinderella in her bloomers smoking a cigerette on her break and about 30 Mickey heads on a rack.
www.oitc.com /Disney/WDW/MagicKingdom/Stories/SpaceMountain.html   (5021 words)

 PBS - THE WEST - Mountain Meadows
And while the rest of the country wrestled with the question of slavery, he continued to build his Mormon kingdom in the deserts of Utah.
But before his message arrived, the Mormons back at Mountain Meadows resolved to wipe out the wagon train and blame it on the Paiutes.
One of the men ordered to lead the fighting was John D. Lee, a Mormon so loyal that Brigham Young himself had adopted him as a spiritual son.
www.pbs.org /weta/thewest/program/episodes/four/mountain.htm   (1139 words)

 Fun Facts of Tomorrowland's Space Mountain
I don't know how the elevation of the Space Mountain building compares with the rest of the park, but it is outside of the Magic Kingdom perimeter, as indicated by the railroad tracks.
While working at the Magic Kingdom I was told that Space Mountain is in fact the tallest structure in the Magic Kingdom, taller than Cinderella Castle, but it was "sunk" into the ground as to not take focus away from the landmark of the park: Cinderella Castle.
On the ride at Space Mountain, you sit in a "cockpit." There are three "cockpits" per "rocket," and two "rockets" per "rocket train." ("Train" for short.) I think most everyone knows that there are two tracks.
www.oitc.com /Disney/WDW/MagicKingdom/Secrets/TL/SpaceMountain.html   (3260 words)

 The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven, is there a Difference?
Therefore we must conclude that the kingdom of the Son is synonymous with the kingdom of heaven, which is synonymous with the kingdom of God.
Third, we established that the kingdom of the Son is the kingdom of the Father.
This is the heavenly kingdom of God, the Kingdom of the dear Son, the kingdom of the Father-a kingdom in which all the elect of God are ruling with their King and rejoicing in the God of their salvation.
www.mountainretreatorg.net /eschatology/kingdom.html   (7256 words)

 Southern Vermont, VermontVacation.com
"The space has the mountain behind it, the views are just lovely, and the art is beautiful," said Jane May Jones, who paints softly transparent realistic watercolors with architectural as well as floral elements.
Art on the Mountain began as a fundraiser for a local health center in 1963.
Admission is $5 for adults and children under 12 are admitted free.
www.vermontvacation.com /region11/ArtontheMountain.asp   (265 words)

 LotR - Races and Peoples
The Kingdom Under the Mountain lies beneath Erebor, which is also known as the Lonely Mountain.
The Kingdom Under the Mountain was re-established almost 80 years ago, when the dragon Smaug was driven out.
Each kingdom has its own dialect that's somewhat related to the other dialects within the same family (that is, Easterling or Southron).
mysite.verizon.net /jbecker58/lotr/races.html   (1771 words)

 The Last Alliance
Lake-town was also rebuilt for a third time, but further north, for the waters around the former city containing the corpse of Smaug remained forever feared by the locals, and no one dared to dive down to retrieve bits and pieces of Smaug's invaluable diamond armor.
After the exiled Dwarves from Khazad-dûm founded their Kingdom under the Mountain in TA 1999 the townships of Dale and Esgaroth profited even more from increasing trade: they were the prime source of food for the dwarves, and they benefited greatly from the marvelously crafted items the dwarves offered in exchange.
The remaining forces of Dwarves and Men under Thorin III Stonehelm and Bard II were finally able to route the Easterlings at the end of March, when news of Sauron's fall reached the north.
www.wildfiregames.com /tla/civ_lakemen.html   (904 words)

Worldwide KINGDOM FOUNDATION Ministries is a legitimate non-profit interdenominational and/or nondenominational organization dedicated to sharing God's love with the world.
KINGDOM FOUNDATION is going, preaching, teaching, and ministering; spreading the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; furthering His Kingdom here on Earth; organizing fellowship meetings and growing the Church, the Body of Christ; and providing charitable, prayerful support for the Church and its members' education and their organizations.
The Goal of The KINGDOM FOUNDATION is that not one should perish, that all should be saved, and that everyone live a healthy, long, and happy life, truly experiencing the joy of your salvation.
www.kingdomfoundation.org   (1095 words)

 Darkfall Chronicles - Bestiary: Gnomes
While their skills as jewel cutters and artists have taken the gnomish people to every corner of Agon, their true home remains the river-valleys of Dvergheim.
They farm the fertile soil of the mountain kingdom, under the protection of its dwarven rulers.
Gnomes rarely stand taller than 110 cm, but their bodies are robustly built, and are well suited to the hard work of stone-clearing, ploughing and tilling the mountain-fields of Dvergheim.
www.darkfallchronicles.com /gnomes.htm   (123 words)

 Hearing God's Voice
One can be totally convinced of the authenticity of Scripture and that Jesus was the Son of God who died and rose again for us, and yet not have the level of faith needed to enter the Promised Land.
Because Israel under Moses refused to hear the voice of God and allow the law to be written on their hearts, they were unable to enter the Promised Land the following year.
This is evident in the story of Israel in the wilderness under Moses, and we are reminded of these things each year in the three feasts that commemorate these stages of spiritual development.
www.gods-kingdom.org /Hearing/hearing_gods_voice.htm   (3803 words)

 Disney World Theme Park Information - Magic Kingdom
In the midst of landscape designed to resemble Monument Valley, Utah,sits the 197' butte that is the centerpiece of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Just under 4 minutes in length, riders will find themselves tossed side to side in the car.
This is one of the Magic Kingdom's major attractions and lineups can be quite lengthy.
www.wdwinfo.com /wdwinfo/guides/magickingdom/fro-bigthunder.htm   (361 words)

 Space Mountain Magic Kingdom
Space Mountain is a FASTPASS attraction and it is highly recommended that you use it during peak times.
The basic structure of the mountain is composed of great ribbed slopes -- 72 massive pre-stressed concrete beams forming a gigantic sealed cone.
The paint is illuminated by the fl lights in the load/unload area and by the all-night maintenance lights throughout the ride.
allearsnet.com /tp/mk/mk_space.htm   (833 words)

 The Heavens Declare  J Preston Eby   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
To walk in her light is to walk in the state or kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.
She gathers them under her wings, and protects them from the storm or from the hawk that may be flying overhead.
Upon the high lands, the air is clear, and as we climb higher and higher upon the mountains of God, we become "beautiful in elevation" — full of grace, faith, wisdom and might.
www.kingdomlife.com /eby/h36.htm   (9401 words)

 Are the Governments Corrupted?
40 And the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as iron.
And the kingdom shall not be left to other peoples, but it shall crush and destroy all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.
45 Because you saw that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it crushes the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver, and the gold, the great God has made known to the king what shall occur after this.
www.kingdom-gospel.com /government.html   (4794 words)

 Global Health Council - Global Health News from around the World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Their tribute to him, required by Swazi custom but for decades ignored, will be to reap it on behalf of those unable to sow and harvest their own: the area's growing legions of orphans who have lost their parents to AIDS.
As this impoverished mountain kingdom staggers under the disease's increasingly heavy burden, the old tradition of paying homage to the chief by preparing crops for the needy is being revived to deal with a very modern scourge.
In a country of about 1.2 million people whose social welfare department has fewer than a dozen employees, local communities and traditional leaders are proving central to efforts to blunt the effects of the rising death toll.
www.globalhealth.org /news/printview-news.php3?id=6154   (210 words)

 Entering the Holy Place
I am not saying that rejecting the baptism of the Holy Spirit or the rejection of being Born Again sends anyone to hell, but it does stop the Holy Spirit from regenerating the soul of such a christian and thus they remain carnal christians.
The Gospel of the Kingdom vs. The Gospel of Salvation
for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.
www.kingdom-gospel.com /osas.html   (3546 words)

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