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Topic: Knowledge management

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In the News (Fri 22 Mar 19)

  What is knowledge management?
Unless the knowledge management approach incorporates methods of leveraging cumulative experience, the net result may not be positive, and the impact of implementation may be no more measurable than in traditional paper models.
Systematic approaches to knowledge management retain the traditional faith in rational analysis of the knowledge problem: the problem can be solved, but new thinking of many kinds is required.
Knowledge management has an important management component, but it is not an activity or discipline that belongs exclusively to managers.
www.media-access.com /whatis.html   (3488 words)

  Knowledge management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
One alternative strategy to encoding knowledge into and retrieving knowledge from a knowledge repository such as a database is for individuals to instead access expert individuals on an ad hoc basis, as needed, with their knowledge requests.
Knowledge management programs may lead to greater innovation, better customer experiences, consistency in good practices and knowledge access across a global organization, as well as many other benefits, and knowledge management programs may be driven with these goals in mind.
Knowledge management activities may be centralised in a Knowledge Management Office, or responsibility for knowledge management may be located in existing departmental functions, such as the Human Resource (to manage intellectual capital) or IT departments (for content management, social computing etc.).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Knowledge_management   (2214 words)

 Knowledge Management Terms, by Daniel Stuhlman
Knowledge management is a conscious, hopefully consistent, strategy implemented to gather, store and retrieve knowledge and then help distribute the information and knowledge to those who need it in a timely manner.
Knowledge management is a framework and management mind-set that includes building on experience and creating new avenues for exchanging knowledge.
Knowledge Management Staff are the people in the organization assigned the task of providing the leadership and implementation of the policy for the creation, capture, storage, cataloging, and sharing of organizational knowledge.
home.earthlink.net /~ddstuhlman/defin1.htm   (3508 words)

 Knowledge Management
I managed to survive the Formula Fifties, the Sensitive Sixties, the Strategic Seventies, and the Excellent Eighties to exist in the Nanosecond Nineties, and for a time I thought I was headed for the Learning Organizational Oh's of the next decade.
But knowledge management should simply be one of many cooperating means to an end, not the end in itself, unless your job turns out to be corporate knowledge management director or chief knowledge officer.
As such, knowledge management, and everything else for that matter, is important only to the extent that it enhances an organization's ability and capacity to deal with, and develop in, these four dimensions.
www.systems-thinking.org /kmgmt/kmgmt.htm   (2624 words)

 Knowledge Management & Workflow   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
An Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM) Model is a hierarchical network of rules that enables an agent to explain, anticipate and predict events and interaction patterns: (a) in the enterprise's Knowledge (Kn) Processes, or Knowledge Management (KM) Processes; and (b) in the enterprise's environment.
Knowledge management in an organisation is a complex problem with numerous and various point of views.
His current research is in the area of strategic knowledge management and includes the measurement and development of intellectual capital, knowledge managment and organizational learning and their effects on organizational performance.
www.insead.fr /CALT/Encyclopedia/ComputerSciences/Groupware/Workflow   (12183 words)

 Open Directory - Reference: Knowledge Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Knowledge Based Economies - Research report traces the generation and flow of knowledge and the mobility of knowledge workers.
Knowledge Management Research Center - Resources including selecting and organizing the intellectual capital of a company, what corporate knowledge management projects seek to find, and presenting that knowledge in a way that helps employees comprehend and act on that information.
Knowledge Management Research Program - Studies technological and organizational challenges associated with introducing KM into the enterprise and conducts projects which apply and refine theoretical models.
dmoz.org /Reference/Knowledge_Management   (555 words)

 Knowledge Management
The challenge of Knowledge Management is to determine what information within an organization qualifies as "valuable." All information is not knowledge, and all knowledge is not valuable.
It is important for knowledge managers to show interim successes along with progress made on more protracted efforts such as multiyear systems developments infrastructure, or enterprise architecture projects.
Knowledge managers play a critical role in creating environments that are conducive to sharing ideas on how information technology can support business processes and vice versa.
www.dod.mil /comptroller/icenter/learn/knowledgeman.htm   (1143 words)

 BPubs.com: Knowledge Management (KM) Articles
A Viable System Model: Consideration of Knowledge Management - Contends that individual and organizational knowledge is difficult to value and therefore difficult to manage.
Much of the mistakes of both the early and more recent adopters of knowledge management can be traced to the serious oversight of not including the knowledge audit in their overall knowledge management strategy and initiatives...
Collaboration is the Path to Raging Knowledge - Companies implementing a knowledge management system are faced with the challenge of meeting their users’ expectations, which have been molded over time.
www.bpubs.com /Management_Science/Knowledge_Management   (424 words)

 What Is Knowledge Management
Knowledge management is an audit of "intellectual assets" that highlights unique sources, critical functions and potential bottlenecks which hinder knowledge flows to the point of use.
Knowledge must be managed effectively to ensure that the basic objectives for existence are attained to the greatest extent possible.
Knowledge Management (for the organization): -- consists of activities focused on the organization gaining knowledge from its own experience and from the experience of others, and on the judicious application of that knowledge to fulfill the mission of the organization.
www.km-forum.org /what_is.htm   (2233 words)

 Knowledge Management (David Skyrme Associates)
With available knowledge widely dispersed and fragmented, organizations often waste valuable time and resources in 'reinventing the wheel' or failing to access the highest quality knowledge and expertise that is available.
Knowledge management is the explicit and systematic management of vital knowledge and its associated processes of creating, gathering, organizing, diffusion, use and exploitation.
Usually, the knowledge agenda develops through a process of evaluation from pilot projects that are used to build capabilities and derive learning for subsequent applications.
www.skyrme.com /insights/22km.htm   (1414 words)

 Knowledge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term knowledge is also used to mean the confident understanding of a subject, potentially with the ability to use it for a specific purpose.
There are a number of alternatives proposed, including Robert Nozick's arguments for requirement that knowledge 'tracks the truth' and Simon Blackburn's additional requirement that we do not want to say that those who meet any of these conditions 'through a defect, flaw, or failure' have knowledge.
Knowledge management seeks to understand the way in which knowledge is used and traded within organisations and treats knowledge as self-referential and recursive.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Knowledge   (1039 words)

 TDAN Hay - Knowledge Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Knowledge is created, acquired and transmitted through generations from parents to children.
Expertise – The third category of knowledge is the hardest of all to capture – the expertise of the company’s employees.
Knowledge processes are those intended to (1) produce knowledge, (2) acquire knowledge, and (3) transmit knowledge.
www.tdan.com /i011hy03.htm   (4597 words)

 Knowledge management system - Knowledge management solutions & consulting India Icreon
Knowledge management is a concept in which an enterprise gathers, organizes, shares, and analyzes its knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills.
Knowledge management can also be a business process that formalizes management and leverage of a firm's intellectual assets.
Knowledge management seeks to exploit all the key resources that an organization has in place and that can be put to use in a more effective way.
www.icreon.net /serv_knowledge_management.shtml   (728 words)

 Knowledge Management
"Knowledge management is a relatively new and developing area which has introduced a methodology for the planned capture and re-use of organisational knowledge.
A current race for a solution goes by the deceptively blah name of 'knowledge management,' or K.M. It is an effort to bring Google-like clarity to the swamp of data on each person's machine or network, and it is based on the underappreciated tension between a computer's capacity and a person's.
Typical approaches to the management of knowledge are based on concept maps, hypermedia, and object-oriented databases.
www.aaai.org /AITopics/html/knowmgmt.html   (2875 words)

 NLH - Knowledge Management
However, the material available on the Knowledge Management Specialist Library has been chosen because the content can also be applied to the health sector.
The Knowledge Manager for the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Strategic Health Authority shares the lessons learned from their experiences of implementing knowledge management over the last 4 years.
This issue of Knowledge Flow highlights the use of knowledge management in the NHS.
www.library.nhs.uk /knowledgemanagement   (728 words)

 Knowledge Management Resource Center: The Knowledge Management Explorer
If you are relatively new to knowledge management, here is a collection of articles and white papers to help you get started quickly.
These universities maintain knowledge management sites or departments/centers that research and contribute to the evolution of knowledge management.
These sites are gateways to the emerging world of knowledge markets and exchanges, in which knowledge assets are bought and sold, or in which knowledge exchange is facilitated.
www.kmresource.com /exp.htm   (375 words)

 IBM Systems Journal - Vol. 40, No. 4, 2001 - Knowledge Management
The business environment is rapidly changing, and intellectual capital is a key asset of the enterprise.
By managing its knowledge assets, an enterprise can improve its adaptability and increase its chances for survival.
The knowledge management puzzle: Human and social factors in knowledge management
www.research.ibm.com /journal/sj40-4.html   (141 words)

 Open Directory - Reference: Knowledge Management
Knowledge Board - Forum to establish a community and to support and identify commonality in terminology, application and implementation.
Knowledge Management Research Program - Studies technological and organizational challenges associated with introducing KM into the enterprise and conducts projects which apply and refine theoretical models.
Management and Information Systems Research Group - University of York's research projects in knowledge management, communities of practice, systems and globally distributed groups.
www.dmoz.org /Reference/Knowledge_Management   (246 words)

 Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association
To conduct benchmarking studies of important knowledge management processes.
To create a cooperative environment where full understanding of the performance and enablers of "best in class" knowledge management process can be obtained and shared at reasonable cost.
To support the use of benchmarking to facilitate knowledge management process improvement and the achievement of total quality.
www.kmba.org   (552 words)

 Knowledge Management Articles and Software from Intranet Journal
Much of the news coming out of digital rights management focuses on media companies and their efforts to protect music and movies, but vendors who sell DRM to enterprises for protecting their intellectual property and corporate secrets are maturing right alongside.
An alternative to traditional search and knowledge management capabilities is emerging that eliminates the reliance on these assumptions, making the process of locating internal information more productive and successful.
Despite its power, knowledge management has ended up creating its own problems such as making it difficult to find information in vast repositories, and making it bothersome for users to upload new documents.
www.intranetjournal.com /km   (2384 words)

 Knowledge Management Research Center - Corporate intellectual capital - Knowledge Management Research Center - CIO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Knowledge management is an evolving broad umbrella of topics and viewpoints, here find major thoughts and trends.
From portals, to communities of practice, to knowledge bases, learn how organizations are incorporating knowledge management principles into their operations.
Find out what knowledge management is and how it can give your company a leg up on the competition.
www.cio.com /research/knowledge   (853 words)

 Knowledge Management: Knowledge Management Software | Business.com
Compare your options for knowledge management systems, whether you need software for knowledge management, case studies, or to learn more about knowledge networks.
A knowledge management tool for professionals who are responsible for design, implementation and evaluation of knowledge management projects for their organizations.
Increase your understanding of knowledge management Knowledge management is a huge topic with many branches that may or may not fit your organization.
www.business.com /directory/management/knowledge_management   (970 words)

 Sveiby Knowledge Associates - SKA
Ramböll Management is an unusual business in many ways – not only has it grown into one of Europe’s largest consulting firms focused on the public sector, it is also one of very few comparatively large firms where a focus on people truly has determined the firm’s strategy.
Consulting is a knowledge business and here the staff are much more than a resource; they, their competencies, their values and interests constitute the business itself.
Leif Stöy, former CEO of Danish Ramböll Management.
www.sveiby.com   (159 words)

 Knowledge Management News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Knowledge Management news continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
As is commonly the case with developing markets and technologies, different vendors have taken different positions with regard to their data feed policies.
"In the case of digital marketing, the way the media is delivered is as important as the media itself," Darren Paul, managing director at Night Agency, a New York-based digital advertising firm with clients...
www.topix.net /business/knowledge-management   (687 words)

 Knowledge Management in ADB - ADB.org
ADB must become a learning institution maximizing the use of its vast knowledge and drawing upon resources, skills, and expertise both inside and outside the organization.
Recognizing the growing role of knowledge in the advancement of our developing member countries (DMCs), ADB is committed to become a learning institution and a primary source of development knowledge in Asia and the Pacific.
offers formal knowledge products on development issues that have strategic implications for academic and development thinking, and for policy formulation and capacity building of specific clientele and stakeholders in DMCs, subregions, and the region as a whole.
www.adb.org /Knowledge-Management/default.asp   (279 words)

 Knowledge Management White Papers, Knowledge Management Webcasts, Knowledge Management Product Information and ...
Learn how a specialized knowledge management solution -- a performance support system -- aids in the adoption and support of new and updated CRM systems and processes.
SUMMARY: Corporate knowledge, a company's most valuable and volatile resource, is sometimes like Silly Putty: It can be distorted as it is absorbed and can disappear forever before it can be transferred.
SUMMARY: Learn how a successful knowledge management initiative within a help desk or call center can reduce agent training time, speed new employee ramp up, increase problem resolution time and allow agents to focus on more strategic problem solving.
www.bitpipe.com /rlist/term/Knowledge-Management.html   (704 words)

 Knowledge Management Network and the WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management
Widely recognized as a knowledge management pioneer, Malhotra adds, "Knowledge management is more about the pragmatic and thoughtful application of any concept or definition, as it is not in the definition but in real world execution where opportunities and challenges lie.
Clearly the goal of knowledge management is sustained individual and business performance through ongoing learning, unlearning, and adaptation.
Knowledge Management is a new branch of management for achieving breakthrough business performance through the synergy of people, processes, and technology.
www.kmnetwork.com   (2258 words)

 IK Magazine
IT IS almost two years to the issue that I was appointed editor of Inside Knowledge and, in that time, I’ve learnt a great deal from a wide variety of very smart people — people in knowledge management are always keen to share what they know.
Yet content remains locked in silos and does not provide maximum value to customers because it is not easily discoverable, lacks consistency from one silo to the next and is limited in terms of implementation and value.
Environmental Resources Management one of the world's leading providers of environmental consulting services, shares the nine month KM journey which culminated in the launch of its sharing portal Minerva.
www.kmmagazine.com   (638 words)

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