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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

 Hadrash Ve-Haiyun Archives- Bereshis
The Gemara suggests that kohen gadol be permitted to bring in the morning a half e'saron of flour and one and a half lugim of oil and prepare the six breads of the morning offering.
It emerges that the oil set aside by the kohen gadol for his daily meal offering was not fit for the menorah because it lacks both the quality and quantity of oil needed for the menorah.
Later in the afternoon the kohen gadol would bring from his home the other half e'saron of flour and the other one and a half lugim of oil and prepare the other six breads for the meal offering of the afternoon.
www.jewishamerica.com /ja/content/hadrash/hadrash_vehaiyun_Bereshith.cfm

 Welcome to The Tribe, historical timeline, who's who of current cohen-Levi families
The first Kohen Gadol of the Second Temple was Yehoshua ben Yehotzadik, the grandson of Saraya, who was the last Kohen Gadol of the First Temple.
Aharon HaKohen—First Kohen Gadol, founder of the dynasty
A high spiritual level was maintained in the Second Temple until the passing of the Kohen Gadol Shimon HaTzadik, a member of the Great Assembly.
www.cohen-levi.org /the_tribe/timeline_of_kohanim_and_levites.htm

If, however, the kohen gadol received the plate, he required a little reminder to elevate the plate; given his massive load of avoda (on Yom Kippur all the avoda was performed exclusively by the kohen gadol), he might forget.
The Talmud broaches the possibility that the kohen gadol should place TWO plates on EACH animal - one plate with the name of God and one with the word "la-azazel." It follows that, according to this option, the plates and the lottery have lost their ability to define independently the identity of the animals.
The kohen gadol indeed is the source for this selection; however, a gezeirat ha-katuv mandates that only one plate be placed on each animal.
www.vbm-torah.org /roshandyk/yk62mt.htm

Accordingly, Aharon, the natural candidate for the red heifer ritual, given his title as kohen gadol, was disqualified on account of his active involvement in the incident of the golden calf.
One view cited by the Gemara maintains that for subsequent red heifers a kohen gadol is required, while the second holds that a regular kohen qualifies.
As indicated in the third verse of Parashat Chukat, the task of preparing the first para aduma was assigned specifically to Aharon's son Elazar, who was the "segan," or assistant, to the kohen gadol (Aharon).
www.vbm-torah.org /thisweeksalt-last.htm

 Ohr Somayach :: Chanukah :: The Chanukah Story
The Kohen Gadol, Yochanan ben Mattityahu, was outraged at this breach of holiness.
The Emperor Alexander showed reverence towards Israel's Sages, especially towards Shimon Hatzadik, the Kohen Gadol (High Priest).
Even more so, the title of Kohen Gadol (High Priest) would only be granted to a kohen who was a Talmudic scholar fit for such an important position; however, in the Hellenistic era, the title of Kohen Gadol could be bought!
ohr.edu /yhiy/article.php/1318

 A Pool of Fire Chabad.org > Parsha > Emor
The Kohen Gadol ("high priest"), who is commanded to maintain an even higher standard of ritual purity, may not contaminate himself even for his closest kin.
If it were only the divine Kohen Gadol who empowered Moses to effect the redemption of Israel from Egyptian slavery, He would not have appeared in a thornbush in participation in His children's suffering.
If it were only the Kohen Gadol in G-d who "dwells amongst [Israel], in the midst of their impurities," there would be no need "atone for the divine holiness" over this (as per Leviticus 16:16).
www.chabad.org /Parshah/Article.asp?AID=2805

Then, the Kohen Gadol would concentrate on the Name of Hashem known as the "Tumim," and that would enable him to see the correct order of the letters as they joined together ("Tumim" means that they are "Metamem Divrehen," they make their message complete, as the Gemara states on 73b -- see Rashi there).
The Yerushalmi says that the Kohen Mashu'ach Milchamah may not wear four Begadim, because people who see him wearing the eight Begadim (while someone is asking a question of the Urim v'Tumim) might think that he has the status of a Kohen Gadol.
The Gemara at the end of the Perek says that the Kohen Mashu'ach Milchamah could serve as the questioner when a question needed to be asked to the Urim v'Tumim (while the Kohen Gadol wore it).
www.dafyomi.co.il /yoma/insites/yo-dt-73.htm

 REVIEW QUESTIONS - Horayos, Daf 7
Apart from the fact that a Nasi is different than a Kohen Gadol in that, like other Yechidim, he is Chayav for Shigegas Ma'aseh alone, on which occasion does he receive atonement together with the Tzibur, whereas a Kohen Gadol does not?
What do Kohen Gadol and Nasi have in common?
(a) According to Rebbi in a Beraisa, a Kohen is Chayav a Korban by Avodah-Zarah for Shigegas Ma'aseh alone.
www.dafyomi.co.il /horayos/reviewq/ho-rq-07.htm

 Eli Kohen Gadol
Eli served as Kohen Gadol (high priest) and judged the nation of Israel for 40 years (Samuel I 4:18), during the period of the Judges in Israel.
He was king [leader of Israel], Kohen Gadol (high Priest), and head of the Sanhedrin (Yalkut HaMechiri, Tehillim 75:4).
The Book of Tagin was copied by Eli from the 12 rocks that Yehoshua (Joshua) erected in Gilgal, and [Eli in turn] transmitted it to the prophet Shmuel (Samuel) (Otzar HaMidrashim 564).
judaicaplus.com /Tzadikim/eli.htm

 613 mitzvot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Kohen Gadol must bring a meal offering every day Lev.
The differences come about because in some places the Torah lists related laws together, so it is difficult to know whether one is dealing with a single law, which lists several cases, or several separate laws; Other "commands" in the Torah are restricted as one-time acts, and would not be considered as "mitzvot".
Sefer Yere'im ("Book of the [God-]fearing") by Rabbi Eliezer of Metz (not a clear enumeration);
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/613_mitzvot

 Rambam - Sefer HaMitzvos: Negative Mitzvot 161, 162;
Positive Mitzvah 38;
Negative Mitzvot 160, 158, 159: Negative Mitzvot 161, 162; Positive Mitzvah 38; Negative Mitzvot 160, 158, 159
The Torah charges the High Priest - Kohen Gadol - with many special responsibilities which only he can fulfill.
They are given specific Mitzvot instructing them whom they are permitted or forbidden to marry.
Negative Mitzvot 160, 158, 159: Negative Mitzvot 161, 162; Positive Mitzvah 38; Negative Mitzvot 160, 158, 159
www.chassidus.com /general/daily-rambam/093.htm

 Hebrew Glossary
A word that the Kohen Gadol would have used on his way to sprinkle atoning blood on the Mizbeach
, usually refers to the halachic works of the Mishnah Torah, Sefer Mitzvot Gadol, and the Shulchan Aruch
To lay the hand upon; strike; draw near; touch.
headcoverings-by-devorah.com /HebglossN.html

 Hebrew Glossary
What the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) performs in the Beit HaMikdash (Temple) on Yom Kippur
Refers to the table ceremony held on the first two nights of Pesach, which celebrates the holiday and retells the Exodus using the
Simlai is the author of the statement (Makkot 23b) that the Torah contains 613 mitzvot
headcoverings-by-devorah.com /OrachChayim/HebglossS.html

 INSITES OF THE DAY - Horayos, Daf 9
Although, in the Mishnah there, the Kohen Gadol is still fit to serve in the Mikdash, the Rambam maintains that we see from there that a Kohen Gadol cannot lose his Kedushah, due to the principle of "Ma'alin b'Kodesh v'Ein Moridin" (one rises in Kedushah and does not fall).
That is, the Gemara is explicit that the case of Kohen Gadol she'Avar is referring to a Kohen who no longer serves as a *full* Kohen Gadol, but he *is* fit to serve in the Mikdash.
The point of the Mishnah (on 11b) is that once a Kohen serves even temporarily as a Kohen Gadol, he always maintains the Kedushah of a Kohen Gadol.
www.dafyomi.co.il /horayos/insites/ho-dt-09.htm

Before the Goral, the Kohen Gadol makes a Tenai and announces that the Se'ir to his right will be Kadosh La'Shem *right now*, on the condition that the word "la'Shem" comes up in his left hand when he makes a Goral.
If, however, the Goral *is* Me'akev, then the Goral itself determines which will be la'Shem, even without the pronouncement of the Kohen Gadol, since it is not up to the Kohen Gadol to accept or not accept the Goral.
(c) The TCHEBINER REBBE (in Dovev Meisharim) suggests that if the Goral is not Me'akev, then the Kohen Gadol may be "Sho'el" on the results of the Goral and revoke it, just like one may be Sho'el on Hekdesh and revoke its status of Hekdesh or Terumah (Nedarim 59a).
www.dafyomi.co.il /yoma/insites/yo-dt-40.htm   (777 words)

 Weekly Daf #256
Rashi explains that preparing a replacement was a precaution taken in case the kohen gadol had a nocturnal emission or contracted another type of spiritual impurity that would prevent him from entering the sacred precincts of the Beis Hamikdash.
On the holy day of Yom Kippur, the yetzer hara is "on the ropes" and rallies his remaining energy to contaminate the kohen gadol with impure thoughts which would lead to nocturnal emission if not for the miracle preventing this.
One might think that this concern was unwarranted, because one of the ten miracles which our ancestors enjoyed in the Beis Hamikdash was that no kohen gadol ever became impure from a nocturnal emission on Yom Kippur (Avos 5:5).
www.ohr.org.il /yomi/yomi256.htm   (812 words)

 Rebbetzin Riddle: Follow the Leaders!
As they neared their home, Shemaya and Avtalyon approached the Kohen Gadol to take their leave from him.
Immediately, the people left the Kohen Gadol and began escorting the two great Torah scholars!
The Kohen Gadol looked at them haughtily and said, "May the sons of gentiles go in peace!"
www.rabbiriddle.org /rebbetzin-riddle/04-22.htm   (812 words)

 Welcome to The Tribe, historical timeline, who's who of current cohen-Levi families
Eli HaKohen—Kohen Gadol and judge at Shiloh, teacher of Shmuel HaNavi.
At the age of 123, on the first of Av, Aharon died, at which time, Elazar, Aharon's eldest son, was dressed in the garments and anointed Kohen Gadol, in his stead and put in charge of the Levi'im and the service.
However, Eli's sons were found wanting of the perfect character and temperament behooved of a Kohen.
www.cohen-levi.org /the_tribe/timeline_of_kohanim_and_levites.htm   (1546 words)

 Zipple.com - The Jewish Supersite - Zipple in the Press
The Gaon of Vilna reveals to us that Aharon's relationship was so unique that it extended far beyond that of any other Kohen Gadol.
He revered Me and before My name he was humbled." (2:5) In particular, these passages refer to Aharon, the earliest Kohen Gadol to serve in the Sanctuary.
Hashem says about the kohen of those days," My treaty of life and peace was with him, and I gave him (reason for) reverence.
www.zipple.com /torah/dovidsiegel.shtml   (1546 words)

 Drasha - Tetzaveh, 5756 - Bell Bottoms - Torah.org
Exodus 28:34 "Its sound (i.e., the bells) shall be heard upon entering the Sanctuary before Hashem." The Torah continues to tell us that if the Kohen Gadol dares enter the sanctuary without that bell adorned garment, he is subject to a decree of untimely death.
The written Torah does not give an explicit explanation as to why the Kohen must wear the belts, tunics, and turbans.
The Kohen's bells teach us all a great lesson.
www.torah.org /learning/drasha/5756/tetzaveh.html?print=1   (748 words)

However, according to the Rav a unique aspect of the Kohen Gadol's public reading was the absence of such a meturgaman; the Kohen Gadol himself expounded Torah Sheb'al Peh as he read from the Torah.
In large part, the Rav's interest in the avoda simply stems from his sheer mastery of the subject matter: the Rav had a long tradition of staying awake every Yom Kippur night to study the avoda ritual detail with his father, Rabbi Moses Soloveitchik zt'l.
The intricate detail of the avoda was the topic of a Yarchei Kallah, a series of three all day lectures, taught by the Rav in the summer of 1971, as well as the primary topic in one of his last Kinus Teshuva lectures given to the Rabbinical Council in 1979.
mail-jewish.org /rav/yom_kippur.txt   (3877 words)

So while the Kohen Ha-gadol enters into Kodesh Ha-kedoshim "be-zot" -- with mila -- it is not just the mila of the eighth day, but also of the mila of the first day.
What is this connection between Brit Mila and the avoda of the Kohen Ha-gadol?
This is not just a punishment, but a fact of life: a man without a brit mila has cut himself off from the Jewish people.
www.vbm-torah.org /archive/salt-vayikra/29-3acharei-kedoshim.htm   (3377 words)

She appointed her older son, John Hyrcanus II, as Kohen Gadol [High Priest].
Antipater reinstated John Hyrcanus II as Kohen Gadol and ruler of
Alexander was the son of Mariamne, the Jewish Princess, the daughter of John Hyrcanus II, the last of the Hasmoneans (Maccabees).
www.lebtahor.com /historytimeline/historylist.htm   (7145 words)

R' Elya Meir Bloch z"l (1894-1955; founder and rosh yeshiva of the Telshe Yeshiva in Cleveland) explains: The Kohen Gadol's job is to bring the Shechinah to rest among the Jewish People.
Why is the fate of a manslaughterer bound up with that of the Kohen Gadol?
There, he enrolled in law school at the University of London and also founded a yeshiva, Ohr Torah.
www.acoast.com /pub/sehc/hamaayan/0304/matmas.034   (7145 words)

So convinced he was by this argument that he literally bet his life on it, agreeing to bring the ketoret along with his fellow contestants to the high priesthood, knowing that only the true kohen gadol would survive.
Benei Yisrael could never have had as stable a leadership as it did under Moshe, who was appointed directly by God, whom they witnessed serve as God's mediator at Mount Sinai, and who received his instructions – including the command to name his brother kohen gadol - directly from heaven.
Shemuel became leader in a time when the nation thirsted for leadership; Korach attempted to become leader at a time when the nation was led by the most competent leaders imaginable.
www.etzion.org.il /temp/tuesday.htm   (7145 words)

 - Rabbi Eleazar ben Dordaya: A Story of Teshuva -
The Arizal in Likutei Halachot says that Eliezer ben Durdaya was a reincarnation of Yochanan Kohen Gadol who spent his entire life as a righteous man and served as Kohen Gadol for 80 years, only to leave the path of Torah and became a heretic.
The uplifting message of the story, indeed the message and teaching of Rabbi Eleazar ben Durdaya, is that Teshuva is always accessible, purity always possible, a share in the world to come always available, even for the worst of sinners.
This may be the meaning of his name 'Ben Durdaya' - the son of hitdardarut, the one who deteriorated further and further until all seemed lost.
www.aish.com /torahportion/moray/-_Rabbi_Eleazar_ben_Dordaya_A_Story_of_Teshuva_-.asp   (7145 words)

 Hamaayan / The Torah Spring - Acharei Mos - Kedoshim - Torah.org
Our verse refers to "Aharon," not to the "Kohen Gadol," because our verse is in context for Aharon, but not for other High Priests, as just explained.
The reason is that G-d had told Moshe (as a halachah l'Moshe mi'Sinai/part of the Oral Law) that the kohen gadol should change his clothes and immerse in the mikvah five times on Yom Kippur.
Finally, the ram from the korban mussaf is mentioned here to teach that not only on Yom Kippur must a ram be sacrificed, but any time Aharon wished to enter the Kodesh Ha'kodashim he had to sacrifice a ram.
www.torah.org.il /learning/hamaayan/5758/achareimos.html   (7145 words)

 Aharon's Reversals of Fortune and Unflagging Courage
Aharon's increasing lack of self-confidence may be the reason behind why Moshe is advised by HaShem that he will have to convince Aharon to accept the position of Kohen Gadol, as hinted at in VaYikra 8:2.
And when he finally accedes to God's Commandment to serve as Kohen Gadol, perhaps he was seeking by means of this role a way in which he could atone for and redeem his past failures and miscalculations.
Aharon's second mortifying experience was his involvement, however direct or indirect, willingly or reluctantly, in the fabrication of the Golden Calf.
www.kmsynagogue.org /Shmini.html   (7145 words)

 Parashat Vayikra - Rabbi Yaacov Haber's Torah Insights
The Baal Ha-Turim explains that this is a form of command to the Kohen Gadol not to be contemptuous of such a humble offering.
The interesting thing is that the other two types of offering are all burnt completely on the altar, but this, the cheapest offering, has the merit that, apart from a handful which is burnt, it is eaten by the Kohen Gadol and his sons.
Or, if he cannot afford that, it could be a bird Finally, if he cannot afford even that, he may bring a "korban mincha" (meal offering), made of flour, oil and frankincense (a gum resin from a certain type of tree), baked on a griddle or in an oven, or fried in a pan.
www.ou.org /torah/haber/vayikra48.htm   (1028 words)

 Parshas Tzav 5762
The Kohen Gadol, like other members of Bnai Yisrael, participates in this form of worship.
If the offerings are primarily designed to support the Kohanim, there is no reason for the Kohen to offer a portion of his material sustenance on the altar.
It seems that the Kohen must begin his service with an acknowledgment.
www.mesora.org /RabbiFox/tzav62-fox.html   (1028 words)

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