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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

Konkani is a term used to refer both to a language and to an Indian ethnic group.
The Konkani people trace their history as far back as 4000 BC; their current centre is in Goa and are thought to have settled there around the 11th century AD.
Konkani brahmin are well known for the fact that they eat fish, a food that is generally forbidden for this caste (who are generally vegetarian).
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ko/Konkani.html   (187 words)

 History of Goa
Although Konkani was the only language spoken by almost everyone in the state it was far from standard and the local dialects and scripts (there are five scripts in all promised problems of its own.
Konkani was added to the schedule of the Indian Constitution as the 18th national language in 1992.
Konkani is now accepted as the official language of the state and Marathi is also taught as a standard subject.
www.goa2u.com /history.htm   (1078 words)

 Kamat's Potpourri- The origin and development of the  Konkani language   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In south and north Kanaras, Konkani language was influenced by Kannada, and in Kerala, the Malayalam words were integrated to the language.
They called Konkani the language of the Brahmins, language of the Kanarese, language of Goan Brahmins, etc. The clergy translated the Christian religious texts to Konkani with the help of the converts and a new form of Konkani literature was born.
The Konkani of Kerala is drenched with Malayalam, and the Konkanis of north Karnataka add Kannada verbs to Konkani grammar.
www.kamat.com /kalranga/konkani/konkani.htm   (1538 words)

 Konkani language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Konkani language is spoken widely in the Konkan region consisting of Goa, south coastal Maharashtra, coastal Karnataka and Kerala, each region having a unique dialect and pronunciation style.
The Kannada script is used amongst the Konkani population of Karnataka.
The Konkani language had been in danger of dying out — the progressive Westernisation of the Indian subcontinent (including the strong Portuguese influence in Goa from the 16th century) has resulted in English being widely spoken among Catholics, while local influence has led to Marathi being widely adopted by Konkani Hindus living in coastal Maharashtra.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Konkani_language   (494 words)

By far the greatest hindrance to Konkani medium is the anxiety of parents that their children would not be able to cope up with English in Std V if they do not begin English right from the start.
Konkani as the official language of the state should have been made compulsory for all right through school at least as a subject.
Consequently Konkani was the first loser because in any state the local language gets the pride of place, whereas here it is reduced to the state of an orphan in the matter of allocating facilities and funds for development.
www.kanarasaraswat.org /AmgeliMatrubhasha.html   (2881 words)

 BhashaIndia.com :: Konkani
Konkani began its evolution as a vernacular form of Sanskrit and showed little traces of influence of any other language till around the 16th century.
Konkani, a traditional Devanagari script was propagated under the Roman script thanks to the forceful influence of the Portuguese in Goa.
Although lacking a script, Konkanis derives pride in the fact that their language is considered to be the original tongue of the ancient Saraswat Brahmins.
www.bhashaindia.com /Patrons/LanguageTech/Konkani.aspx   (695 words)

 Konkani Community Page
The origin of the name of the language Konkani has to be traced back of Konkan which is the name of a distinct tract of land, by and large on the western part of the Deccan peninsula, India.
Konkani Non -Brahmin Hindus who formed professional castes left Goa, some time after it was taken by the Muslims and others after it came into suzerainty of the Portuguese.
Konkani is the language spoken by the people who are predominantly found in Goa and the stretch of land along the Arabian Sea on the western side of the Deccan Peninsula which has been referred to as Konkan.
members.tripod.com /~sudhapai/konkani.html   (2006 words)

 Welcome to GSB Konkani
Although Konkani language is identified with an area geographically, it is surprising that only we, the Gowda Saraswat Brahmins are called 'konkanis', 'konkans' or 'konkanigaru'.
When in the schools, the education was imparted in the language of the respective states, Konkani did not receive the proper weightage and the position and so it became weak and poor.
In Kerala, Konkani is being taught as a recognised language.
www.gsbkonkani.net /konkani.htm   (1319 words)

 Konkani Workshop from GRAF in Mumbai
She focussed that Goans were vehemently opposing Konkani being made compulsory in the primary schools, and added that parents are responsible for not fostering the love of their mother-tongue among their children.
Most of the Konkani associations are for the promotion of art and their aim is to put up one show in a year.
In the course of the debate the vulgarity in the Goans tiatr and khell-tiatr and the ‘Songs and Jokes’ culture in the Goans’ cassettes was condemned.
www.goa-world.com /GOA/konkani/graf.htm   (1309 words)

 Konkani Language - www.udupipages.com
The Navayets are mainly settled in Bhatkal and the Kufis of North Kanaka and Ratnagiri.
Konkanies represent less than 0.5% of India’s population but they have established a distinct place for themselves in all the streams.
In 1992 Konkani was included in the 8th schedule of constitution of India and awarded the status of a National Language.
www.udupipages.com /home/culture/konkan.html   (474 words)

Only a small percentage of Goans speak and use Antruzi Konkani dialect which is spoken by Saraswats, whereas the majority abhors the use of Antruzi as they feel it is not their language.
This shade of Konkani is sought to be suppressed and eliminated by the Devanagari fanatics.
Konkani lovers were stabbed in the back by the adoption of the Antruzi dialect in Devanagari script, thereby alienating true Konkani lovers.
konkaniworld.com /news/indexMore.asp?ID=892&title=Script+for+Konkani   (3370 words)

 Konkani World Test
Konkani academy to translate famous works :konkaniworld, United Arab Emirates - Dec 17, 2006MANGALORE: Vishwa Konkani Sahitya Academy, which is the first offshoot of the Konkani Language and Cultural Foundation, will take up literary works,...
Vishwa Konkani Sahitya Academy launched:konkaniworld, United Arab Emirates - Nov 28, 2006Panaji, November 18, 2006:A serious attempt is being made to promote Konkani, not only in India, but around the world, audience at a function in Panaji,...
Konkani Sahitya Academy - Applications invited :konkaniworld, United Arab Emirates - Dec 14, 2006Mangalore, December 14: The Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Mangalore, has announced two schemes to commemorate the Suvarna Karnataka celebrations.
www.iaswww.com /ODP/Test/World/Konkani   (303 words)

The Konkani Friends Team who initiated to organize the Saint Mary's Feast UK have accomplished it with flying colours.
The ceremony commenced with the blessings of the corn by Fr.Pius Pinto at the "St.Kentigern's RC church in Manchester" followed by the Konkani Mass.
It was a congenial moment to espy all the Konkani families taking leave from their day to day activities and extend their whole hearted support to make this auspicious occasion a successful one.
www.konkanifriends.com /KCAUK.html   (437 words)

 The Konkani Fogis and the Blinkered Eejuts
In Konkani's case, it appears that some who do not even speak Konkani (let alone, are able to read the Devanagri script) are among the prominent opponents of the Romi Script for Konkani.
TGF believes that the artificial Sanskritization of Konkani along with the simultaneous decapitation of Lusitanian words which had become a part of the Konkani vocabulary, is the reason why almost ALL older Catholic Goans still do not follow the liturgy of the Church.
Modern Konkani is the culmination of years of influences which came upon the tribal Konkani which was originally spoken in Goa.
www.colaco.net /1/KonkaniFogis.htm   (2439 words)

 Dr. Nandkumar Kamat: Tracing Konkani Roots
The real antiquity of Konkani would be discovered only through an organised and systematic anthropological effort directed at the linguistic islands of Konkani speaking communities outside Goa.
This small isolated Konkani speaking tribe might have forgotten their African ancestry but they have retained a curious blend of culture and rituals.
It is possible that their ancestors were the first settlers of the Konkan and most probably the seeds of the modern Konkani language are hidden in their ancient speech.
www.colaco.net /1/nanduKonkaniRoots.htm   (1044 words)

 Konkani   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Konkani is an Indo-European language spoken in India by about 3-4 million people according to the 2001 census.
During the long period of colonial rule under the Portuguese, many of the Konkani speakers converted to Catholicism and their language underwent transformations incorporating quite a few Portuguese words.Some Catholic priests have also contributed immensely to the language by producing dictionaries and other literary works.
The majority of Konkani speakers in Goa today are Catholics and speak a different dialect as compared to the Hindus of various sects.
www.ling.hawaii.edu /~uhdoc/konkani/konkani.html   (686 words)

 Konkani Recipes : Masolu
Whenever a Konkani is asked what is the ingredient in the "Masolu", they tend to answer with "nothing" or "kothambari" or "kothambari and Urd dhal".
I am sure this is quite confusing if one is not familiar with Konkani cooking.
As such I thought it may be of interest to all to know what "Masolu" means to a konkani and what are the variations.
www.konkanieu.com /cgi-bin/recipes.cgi?recipe=11   (237 words)

 Konkani - What is its future ?
Konkani - this rich language spoken mostly by the inhabitants of that beautiful Konkan, a coastal strip of Western India.
Konkani thus has a large number of dialects and each region has added to it words from the local region.
Because its a known fact that a language is similar to  the roots of a tree which support the society and that hold it together - once the language is lost, the loss of culture, heritage and the values of that society is not far behind.
www.network54.com /Forum/237380   (325 words)

Rated as the greatest Konkani writer ever and lodestar of Konkani-speaking people wherever they live, Shennai Goem Bab was merely addressing the reception committee in his capacity as its Chairman during the 3rd Convention of the All-India Konkani Parishad.
He was the fountainhead of Konkani culture from 1911 right up to 1946, when he breathed his last - an epoch that witnessed a grand display of his mastery over the Konkani language and deep and scholarly understanding of the history as well as the ethos of the Konkani people.
The publication of the 1942 speech, a huge tome which fired the Konkani masses with the sudden realisation that they needed to preserve their own language, idiom and identity, was a turning point for not only Gomantak Press, but for the movement for a revival of Konkani itself.
www.secularcitizen.com /divoartical1.htm   (908 words)

 The Hindu : Karnataka / Mangalore News : Konkani Gaon taking shape
Mangalore was strategically suited to have the World Konkani Centre — Konkani Gaon — as Karnataka has over 25 lakh Konkani-speaking people and most of them are in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts.
Senior Konkani researchers and scholars have agreed to be advisors for the project.
Konkani scholars will make efforts to bring back some of the items that have been taken by the Portuguese from Goa.
www.hindu.com /2005/08/27/stories/2005082703380200.htm   (370 words)

 Konkani Sammelan 2006 is the first NAKA Sammelan to be held in Canada
Konkani Sammelan 2006 is the first NAKA Sammelan to be held in Canada
For three days the Hamilton Convention Center and surrounding area was teeming with happy looking Konkanis from all over the globe catching up with their relatives and long lost friends.
The Organizing Committee is gratified that the Sammelan met the expectations of Konkanis attending the Sammelan.
www.konkani2006.com   (263 words)

 GOA WORLD Learning Konkani
The Konkani language is written in both the Roman script and Dev Nagri script.
For starters, my approach will be to present some essential Konkani words, Phrases and expressions that will give a flavor of the language and might help you out on your next trip to Goa.
What I do promise is that, if you are new to Konkani or know very little of it, it will give you a quick and dirty start on the language.
www.goa-world.com /goa/konkani   (404 words)

 Join Konkani Catholics | Submit This Questionnaire Form!
Konkani is my mother tongue and I speak Konkani.
Konkani is my mother tongue but I struggle with my Konkani.
Konkani is not my mother tongue, yet I can speak Konkani well.
www.konkanicatholics.com /join.htm   (135 words)

Often called the Konkani Christians because of the language they use, the original community migrated from Goa during 1500-1763.
The Konkani Christians of South Canara were caught in the crossfire of Anglo-Mysore relations and many of them suffered what the Konkani Christians call "the historical experience of Captivity" under Tipu Sultan.
The present Konkani Catholics in Canara are the descendents of those survivors.
www.theindiancatholic.com /konkanichristians.asp   (426 words)

 Konkani Catholics Blog
The Church in Goa and Daman rejoices that a 30-year-long hiatus has been filled and is grateful to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI for bringing it about while also offering its sincere congratulations and prayerful support to the Archbishop on his new appointment.
BANGALORE: Konkani Retreats at RRC - Nov-Dec 2006
Divine Retreat Centre is a House of Refuge for the broken, the afflicted, the unwanted mental patients and the AIDS victims ostracized by society.
konkanicatholics.blogspot.com   (5855 words)

 Konkani Heritage at Kamat's Potpourri -- Konkani Potpourri   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Konkani Heritage at Kamat's Potpourri -- Konkani Potpourri
The position of Saraswat women in the past is a noteworthy one and certainly far better than that of women of rest of India.
Konkani Woman at Work - Notice her Blouseless Traditional Sari
www.kamat.com /kalranga/konkani   (300 words)

 The Hindu : Karnataka News : Process begins on adopting common script for Konkani
While 37 of the 126 representatives invited for the meet by the Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy turned up on Sunday, its chairman, Eric Ozario, said the views of the others on the issue will be collected by May 26 and the results of the process announced by the end of the month.
The issue of introduction of Konkani as an optional subject in schools has been a long-standing demand of the academy.
Those making a pitch for popularising Konkani through Devanagari were of the opinion that Kendra Sahitya Akademi recognises this script and it is also the official script adopted by the Goa Government, where Konkani is an official language.
www.hindu.com /2005/05/17/stories/2005051710830500.htm   (454 words)

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