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Topic: Koran

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Sura 2, the longest in the Koran, is called the "Sura of the Cow" from the red heifer described in verse 67 as having been sacrificed by the Israelites at the direction of Moses.
In the first period they are all frequent and often long, the whole powers of nature being invoked to bear witness to the unity of God and the mission of His Apostle; in the second period they are shorter and of rarer occurrence; in the last period they are absent altogether.
The Koran is written in Arabic, in rhymed prose, the style differing considerably in the various suras, according to the various periods of the Prophet's life.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08692a.htm   (2683 words)

  Koran - LoveToKnow 1911
And since the use of the Koran in public worship, in schools and otherwise, is much more extensive than, for example, the reading of the Bible in most Christian countries, it has been truly described as the most widely-read book in existence.
That even long portions of the Koran existed in written form from an early date may be pretty safely inferred from various indications; especially from the fact that in Mecca the Prophet had caused insertions to be made, and pieces to be erased in his previous revelations.
It is no wonder that the godless Korrishites thought these stories of the Koran not nearly so entertaining as those of Rostam and Ispandiar, related by Nadr the son of Harith, who had learned in the course of his trade journeys on the Euphrates the heroic mythology of the Persians.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Koran   (12237 words)

 Koran - MSN Encarta
In length the Koran is roughly equivalent to the New Testament of the Christian Bible.
It is regarded by Muslims as one of the two main sources of Islamic law (the other being the Sunna, the divinely guided behaviour and practice of the prophet and, for the Shiites, of the Imams).
This work goes through the Koran verse by verse and offers a variety of the opinions of earlier and contemporary scholars regarding such things as vocalization, grammar, lexicography, ethical and moral interpretation, and the relationship of the text to the life of Muhammad.
uk.encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761557364/Koran.html   (1414 words)

 Koran, The
As the Koran has a structure and a language, as well as allusions, which often are difficult for the normal Muslim to understand, a whole science were built around the comprehension of the Koran.
The whole structure of the Koran is a science in itself, as there is no chronology in it, like the one found in the Bible, and as most of it consists of commandments and warnings, and only a small part are stories.
There is a common idea today that all of the content of the Koran is eternal and there is a theological idea that the original of the Koran is written on tablets in heaven, as said in sura 85:22.
lexicorient.com /e.o/koran.htm   (1539 words)

 Powell's Books - Religion Eastern-Quran and Koran   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is a restoration of the traditional ordering of the Suras of the Koran enabling the reader to trace the development of the Prophet's mind from the early flush of inspiration to his later roles of warrior, politician and founder of an empire....
The Koran, Islam's sacred book, is the subject of voluminous commentary, yet it rarely receives the kind of objective critical scrutiny that has been applied to the texts of the Bible for over a century To correct this neglect of objective historical...
Exploring the significance of the Koran both in the end-of-millennium world and in traditional Muslim culture, Michael Cook provides an account of the Koran as codex, as scripture, as liturgy, and as the embodiment of truth, and examines its means of...
www.powells.com /cgi-bin/subsection/ReligionEasternQuranandKoran.html   (822 words)

 Nur Koran » Startseite
Auf unserer Seite erklären wir auch das mathematische Wunder des Korans, welches auf der Primzahl 19 aufgebaut ist.
Der Koran enthält den Beweis der Autorschaft GOTTES.
Wir erinnern den Leser an dieser Stelle, was der Koran selbst darüber in 16:89 berichtet:
www.nur-koran.de   (507 words)

 PBS - Islam: Empire of Faith - Faith - Koran and Tradition
The other chapters of the Koran follow in descending order of length, from the 286 verses of the second chapter, known as "The Cow," to the final two chapters, which are short prayers of a few lines.
The Koran, as God's literal word, can only be comprehended in the majestic and glorious Arabic language in which it was revealed.
The Traditions came to be considered second in authority to the Koran and also help explain and elaborate the circumstances under which obscure passages in the Koran were revealed.
www.pbs.org /empires/islam/faithkoran.html   (702 words)

 A Look Inside the Koran and the Bible
The Koran rejects the Christian confession of the divine sonship, that is, the divinity, of the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, as the Koran calls him.
Furthermore, according to the Koran, the genuine, uncorrupted Gospel, together with the Torah before it, and the Koran after it, are on a par as revelations which God has sent down to human beings at the hands of the messengers: Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.
The Koran and the sound traditions are together the authoritative sources of Islamic law, of the biography of Mohammed, and of much else in the life of Muslims.
www.ewtn.com /library/SCRIPTUR/ZKORAN.HTM   (2115 words)

 Dummies::Mending Misconceptions about the Koran
The Koran is so confident of its divinely inspired language that it challenges those who question the Koran's authenticity to bring all the masters of literature together to produce even one chapter that achieves the same level of linguistic eloquence as the Koran (10:37–38; 17:88).
The Koran quotes rejecters of the Koran as calling Muhammad a "poet" (21:5; 37:36), but firmly denies this title by saying, "It is not the word of a poet" (36:37).
The Koran, in fact, argues that women are completely equal to men in the sight of God, and that both men and women will be rewarded solely according to their deeds, and not due to any sort of preference for one gender over the other.
www.dummies.com /WileyCDA/DummiesArticle/id-2545.html   (1052 words)

 The Holy Koran - All About Turkey
As the Koran has a structure and a language, as well as allusions, which often are difficult for the normal Muslim to understand, a whole science were built around the comprehension of the Koran.
Translations of the Koran is in many cases a result of the need of western scholars and others in the west interested in Islam.
The first translation of the Koran into another language was to Latin in 1143, and this was performed by a monk, in the need of understanding the Crusaders' enemy.
www.allaboutturkey.com /kuran.htm   (967 words)

 USATODAY.com - Pentagon confirms U.S. soldier kicked Koran at prison   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In another confirmed incident, water balloons thrown by prison guards caused an unspecified number of Korans to get wet, and in a confirmed but ambiguous case, a two-word obscenity was written in English on the inside cover of a Koran.
Allegations of Koran desecration at Guantanamo Bay have led to anti-American passions in many Muslim nations, although Pentagon officials have insisted that the problems were relatively minor and that U.S. commanders have gone to great lengths to enable detainees to practice their religion in captivity.
He said a prisoner who was reported to have complained to an FBI agent in 2002 that a military guard threw a Koran in the toilet has since told Hood's investigators that he never witnessed any form of Koran desecration.
www.usatoday.com /news/washington/2005-06-03-koran_x.htm?POE=NEWISVA   (911 words)

The answer is yes and no. Yes, the Koran does say in a number of places that it is not good to kill but that is not the complete verse.
In the Koran, Muhammad made the rift between Muslims and the rest of us so wide that they are not even permitted to be your friends.
Their codes and ethics in the Koran are almost the same as a band of pirates.
hauns.com /~DCQu4E5g/koran2.html   (4433 words)

 THE KORAN   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Koran establishes an existential submission in people so that they come to express its fundamental message through their mode of being, no matter how "original" their interpretations may be.
Of course, we are speaking of Koranic interpretation in the context of Islamic faith and practice.
The Koran is divided into chapters of unequal length, each of which is called a sura, a word that means literally "a fence, enclosure, or any part of a structure." The shortest of the suras has ten words, and the longest sura, which is placed second in the text, has 6,100 words.
www.quran.org.uk /articles/ieb_quran_chittick.htm   (2729 words)

 Koran Inquiry Reveals Pattern of 'Respectful Handling'
An inquiry into allegations of mishandling of the Koran by U.S. personnel at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, reveals "a consistent, documented policy of respectful handling" dating back almost two and a half years, the general who led the effort said this week.
Hood's extensive inquiry of documents and procedures at the detention facility related to alleged abuse of the Koran revealed "five incidents of apparent mishandling by guards or interrogators and 15 incidents of mishandling and outright desecration by detainees," Pentagon spokesman Lawrence Di Rita said June 3.
The Koran story is a reference to a recent allegation in Newsweek magazine that U.S. military personnel flushed a Koran down the toilet.
nyjtimes.com /Stories/2005/PatternOfRespectfulKoranHandlingAtGitmo.htm   (2241 words)

 What Is the Koran?
In some pious Muslim circles it is held that worn-out or damaged copies of the Koran must be removed from circulation; hence the idea of a grave, which both preserves the sanctity of the texts being laid to rest and ensures that only complete and unblemished editions of the scripture will be read.
The orthodox Muslim view of the Koran as self-evidently the Word of God, perfect and inimitable in message, language, style, and form, is strikingly similar to the fundamentalist Christian notion of the Bible's "inerrancy" and "verbal inspiration" that is still common in many places today.
All the aberrant streaks of his arrogant personality—its reckless rationalism, its world-domineering phantasy and its sectarian fanaticism—joined in an unholy conspiracy to dislodge the Muslim Scripture from its firmly entrenched position as the epitome of historic authenticity and moral unassailability.
www.theatlantic.com /doc/199901/koran   (2120 words)

 Amazon.ca: Penguin Classics Koran: Books: Anonymous,N Dawood   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Koran often refers to fighting with unbelievers, which I suspect may be a commentary on actual battles with animists, after the fact, rather than a call to attack, without provokation.
I mean according to the Koran I've read people like those who we see in the news will swallow fires into their bellies because they are evil and they just want to justify their ugly deeds by the Holy Book Koran.
Basically, Koran is filled with beautiful and extremely smart saying such as those that I have mentioned...therefore Koran is a delight to the people who feel they have gaps in their lives.
www.amazon.ca /Penguin-Classics-Koran/dp/0140445587   (1682 words)

 Koran a Book of Peace, Not War, Scholars Say   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"The Koran is very specific with regard to the nature of human struggle, because in order for a human to be at peace with himself, they must control their baser instincts," says Nyang.
But although the Koran advocates self-defense, its most prevalent message is one of peace and brotherly love.
Like the Koran, he says, most holy scriptures are filled with stories of war and warriors, and these images have been used throughout history by some members of every faith to justify bloodshed.
news.nationalgeographic.com /news/2001/09/0925_TVkoran.html   (692 words)

 Koran Tenets
The Koran confirms the Book of Moses [Torah] and is revealed in Arabic to forewarn the wrongdoers.
Koran is revealed in stages "so that We may sustain your heart." (25, 20).
"When the Koran is recited, listen to it in silence so that you may be shown mercy." (7) Some verses are ambiguous and the meaning is known only to God (3).
www.mcgoodwin.net /pages/korantenets.html   (5888 words)

 Incomplete impure Koran of untrustworthy Muhammed
The Koran is Impure, Muhammad is not trustworthy
The Koran is not compiled in order, the patchwork canonisation period was not capable of being done chronologically.
The word occurs a number of times in the Koran in both singular and plural, and appears to have been taken from the Jews and to mean 'Non-Jewish' or 'Gentile' or 'unscriptured'.
www.vexen.co.uk /religion/islam_untrustworthykoran.html   (2039 words)

 The Koran - Quran - eBook
The Koran is not only one of the most influential books of prophetic literature but also a literary masterpiece in its own right.
The Koran the holy scripture of Islam, is the record of Muhammad's oral teaching delivered between the years immediately preceding the Hegira in AD 622 and the Prophet's death in AD 632.
The Koran occupies an important position among the great religious books of the world.
www.topicsites.com /ebooks/koran.htm   (284 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Koran
Revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad in separate revelations over the major portion of the Prophet's life at Mecca and at Medina, the Qur'an was intended as a recited text, and was not compiled as a single volume during the life of
Some proposed emendations to the text of the Koran.
Pentagon Details Mishandling of Koran; 5 Cases Confirmed at Guantanamo Bay; Report of Flushing Found to Be False
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Koran   (357 words)

 Inmates Alleged Koran Abuse
Detainees told FBI interrogators as early as April 2002 that mistreatment of the Koran was widespread at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and many said they were severely beaten by captors there or in Afghanistan, according to FBI documents released yesterday.
The summaries of FBI interviews, obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union as part of an ongoing lawsuit, include a dozen allegations that the Koran was kicked, thrown to the floor or withheld as punishment.
Yet the interviews underscore that U.S. government officials were made aware of allegations of prisoner abuse and Koran mistreatment within months of the opening of Guantanamo Bay in early 2002, and echo allegations made by the International Committee of the Red Cross and a Muslim chaplain, as well as the detainees and their attorneys.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/content/article/2005/05/25/AR2005052501395.html   (689 words)

 USATODAY.com - Getting the holy word out   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But the Koran is in the news, "so it's important that people who are hearing criticism of the Koran have an ability to open it up and look at it."
Beware of what's written there because the Koran is full of contradictory messages." The core problem, as he sees it, is one of sanctioning an Islamic tradition of violence.
The Koran blends genres; stories, such as those of Noah's flood and Jesus' birth, are interspersed with poetry, parables, principles and codes for living a holy life.
www.usatoday.com /news/religion/2005-06-01-koran_x.htm   (1092 words)

 ~~ |~~ Is Islam Violent?  What The Koran says. ~~
And we put coverings over their hearts and minds, lest they should understand the Koran, and we put deafness in their ears; when you commemorate your Lord (Allah) and Him alone in the Koran.
Be not fainthearted then; and invite not the infidels to peace when ye have the upper hand: for God is with you, and will not defraud you of the recompense of your works...
Koran 3.90 : Surely, those who disbelieve after their believing, then increase in unbelief, their repentance shall not be accepted, and these are they that go astray.
nowscape.com /islam/koran_sura2.htm   (1316 words)

 Study the Koran? - article by Daniel Pipes
Instead of the Koran, I urge anyone wanting to study militant Islam and the violence it inspires to understand such phenomena as the Wahhabi movement, the Khomeini revolution, and Al-Qaeda.
Indeed, after the first chapter, the chapters of the Koran are ordered according to their length, not according to their content or chronology: the longest chapters are first, the shorter ones are at the end.
That is one reason why it takes so long to be able to read and understand the Koran: the meaning of any part of it depends on a knowledge of its context - a context that is not in the Koran itself..
www.danielpipes.org /article/1461   (1111 words)

 Islam: The Koran
The Koran is a record of the exact words revealed by God through the Angel Gabriel to the Muhammad.
The Koran is the primary source of every Muslim's faith and practice.
It deals with all the subjects that concern all human beings: wisdom, beliefs, worship, and law.
library.thinkquest.org /28505/islam/koran.htm   (109 words)

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