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  Kos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kos or Cos (36°51′N 27°14′E, Greek: Κως; Turkish: İstanköy; Italian: Coo; formerly Stanchio in English) is a Greek island in the Dodecanese group of islands, in the Aegean Sea, which it separates from the Gulf of Cos.
The shores of Kos Island are washed by the waters of the Karpathian Sea.
The ancient physician Hippocrates is thought to have been born on Kos, and in the center of the town is the Plane Tree of Hippocrates, a dream temple where the physician is traditionally supposed to have taught.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kos   (800 words)

 Kos, Greece, Greek islands
Kos was given to Italy in 1912, and freed in 1948.
Kos has many small villages worth visiting, and it is a good idea to rent a vehicle and explore them on your own.
Kos is reputed for being one of the best party islands, with many bars and clubs, as well as beachparties.
www.in2greece.com /english/places/summer/islands/kos.htm   (1145 words)

 Travel-To-Kos.com - The Best Guide To Kos Island, Greece (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.isi.jhu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Kos is the island of Hippocrates (father of medicine), the third largest in the Dodecanese after Rhodes and Karpathos, lying close to the Asia Minor coast, between Nisyros and Kalymnos island.
Kos is connected direct by air from many of the capitals of Europe, as well as from Athens and Rhodes.
For island hopping Kos lies in the Dodecanese between Kalymnos, Leros and Patmos to the NW, Rhodes to the SE and Karpathos to the South.
www.travel-to-kos.com.cob-web.org:8888   (380 words)

 Kos Greece.Greek islands - Hippocrates Web Server.
Kos island population is in excess of 20.000, most of whom are engaged in the tourist trade, stockbreeding, farming.Kos greece is the 4th destination in greece,and one of the most popular greek islands.
Kos can be reached direct by air from many of the capitals of Europe, as well as from Athens and Rhodes.
There are ferries to Kos from most greek islands,the rest of Dodecanese, Piraeus, the Cyclades, Crete the greek islands of the northern and eastern Aegean and Kavala.In 460 BC Hippocrates was born ιn Kos.
www.hippocrates.gr   (166 words)

 Kos and Nisyros sailing holidays and yacht charters - Kos sailing and chartering guide
It was separated from the Bodrum Peninsula by the collapse of a rift valley in the Pliocene period, which explains the range of limestone hills, rising to 846 m in Mount Dikaios, that runs along the island for almost its entire length.
Kos Port is located in a large shallow bay; in the approach the north cape should be kept at a distance.
Kos town is full of bougainvillea, jasmine and exotic whiffs of the middle east.
www.sailingissues.com /greekislands/kos.html   (580 words)

 Kos island: Kos information - Kastellorizo holidays - Dodecanese, Greece
Kos is the island that gave the world Hippocrates, the father of medicine.
During your visit to Kos, you must certainly visit the ancient ruins of the city that are numerous and remarkable, the ruins of 'Asklipios", the 'Castle of the Knights'and the huge tree of Hippocrates (trunk diameter is 11,5 meters!).
Kos is connected on a daily basis to the nearby Dodecanese island of Nissiros.
www.greeklodgings.gr /Pages/EN/Kos/Kos.htm   (432 words)

 Kos Island Official Travel Guide - Kos Info Cheap Flights Car Rental
It is also ideal for educational or school trips, (rich in history and famous since mythological times), scientific, hiking or mountain climbing, rural, curative or therapeutic, religious and athletic tourism and it also boasts some of the most advanced conference centres in the world as well as a modern Marina.
Kos is readily accessible and the versatility of the Internet now provides more freedom for the individual, allowing you to search for cheap flights and book your holiday accommodation online with no middle man involved.
Kos was inhabited from the very early Bronze Age (2900-2100 BC) as the prehistoric tombs and the findings in Asklupi and in the White Stone cave prove.
www.kosinfo.gr   (586 words)

Kos is an island of majestic beauty, lying in the center of the Dodecanese chain in
Kos is thought to have been the birthplace of the physician Hippocrates.
The museum of Kos is at the center of the city.
www.fortunecity.com /oasis/brighton/162/kos.html   (570 words)

 Greekislands.com:Kos Island   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Kos can be reached by air from Athens and Rhodes or by ferry from Piraeus, Rafina, the Cyclades, the islands of the northern and eastern Aegean, Kavala, Crete, Rhodes and the other islands of the Dodecanese.
took Kos in 336 BC and was succeeded on his death by the Ptolemies.
Inspite the heavy development of Kos, you can also discover deserted places around the island and a more traditional way of life.
www.greekislands.com /kos/home.htm   (370 words)

 KOS Service Agreement Terms & Conditions
In addition, KOS shall not be liable to Customer for any incidental, consequential, indirect or special damages arising or resulting from any delay, omission or error in the electronic transmission or receipt of any order or contract pursuant to this agreement.
KOS may provide a refund should KOS be unable to further provide the service contracted, or for another reason at the sole discretion of KOS.
KOS will not be bound by any terms of Customer's order that are inconsistent with the terms of this agreement.
www.kos.net /about/tac.kos   (1505 words)

 Global Volcanism Program | Kos | Summary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The widespread Kos Plateau Tuff (160,000 years ago), which blankets much of the western half of Kos, originated from a submarine source between Kos and Nisyros islands and resulted in the formation of a large caldera.
Kos was included in the Catalog of Active Volcanoes of the World (Georgalas, 1962) based on its geothermal activity.
Several solfatara fields are found on Kos island, including Vromotopos at Kefalos Isthmus on the western side of the island and a group of thermal areas at the eastern side of Kos.
www.volcano.si.edu /world/volcano.cfm?vnum=0102-06=   (201 words)

Kos is in third place after Rhodes and Karpatho.
We start the acquaintance from the city in the port, the museum, the purchase, the unique antiquities, the Hippocrate’s plane tree and the castle to pass through the Aesculapius antiquities and the rest island.
Kos: The today’s capital of Kos which has the same name is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece.
www.greek-tourism.gr /kos/indexuk.htm   (256 words)

 virtual greece : kos greece : kos greek islands : greek island holiday : kos : map of kos : guide greek island
There is a larger port kos Greece from where the commercial fishing vessels unload their catch and passenger ferries depart to other islands.The harbour and quayside is a busy part of the town with some excellent restaurants overlooking the hills rising up the other side kos Greece and in guide greek island.
Kos is a warm and green island with beautiful beaches, pretty villages and a wealth of archaeological remains.
Kos Town, with it‚s impressive harbour is dominated by the 14th-century Castle of the Knights.
www.virtualgreece.net /kos/kos.htm   (632 words)

 Henk Kos: ZoomInfo Business People Information
Kos has been actively involved with Orbus since early 2000 advising the company as a strategy consultant and assisting in executing Orbus' clinical trials.
Kos served in various roles of increasing responsibilities with Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Beecham Farma, and Medisense.
Kos is fluent in English, Dutch, and German and is conversational in French.
www.zoominfo.com /people/kos_henk_31762474.aspx   (555 words)

 Kos Island Info, Greece - Independent Kos Travel Guide Portal
Kos Greece: The unmistakable iridescent blue colour of the glorious Greek summer skies and the inviting coolness of the crystal clear Aegean waters, several of which have been awarded the coveted 'Blue Flag' for quality and cleanliness as well as the inbred hospitality of the locals make Kos island in Greece an ideal holiday destination.
Steeped in history and monuments from mythological times, Kos is also a perfect destination for educational (school) trips.
The natural beauty of Kos and its landscape is fantastic for hiking and mountain climbing and the fact that Kos is blessed with a mild climate virtually all year round makes it ideal to pay a visit to at any time of the year.
www.kosisland.info   (823 words)

 Kos:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Kos is committed to being a leading provider of specialty pharmaceuticals.
The Kos culture, rich in spirit, fosters peak performance for the benefit of patients, healthcare practitioners, customers, shareholders and employees.
Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a fully integrated specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, commercializing, manufacturing and marketing proprietary prescription products for the treatment of chronic diseases with a focus on cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory diseases.
www.kospharm.com   (109 words)

 Dino Kos: ZoomInfo Business People Information
Kos took a two-year leave of absence to work in the Secretariat of the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision, at the Bank for International Settlements.
Kos also said that temporary purchases of foreign sovereign debt in what are known as repurchase agreements showed ``somewhat more promise'' than using municipal securities in the New York Fed's daily implementation of monetary policy.
But Kos stressed there had been no final decision on what the Fed will ultimately do to address the challenge of managing growing SOMA portfolio, which increased by $40 billion in the past year alone, while at the same time not interfering with normal market forces governing the U.S. Treasury market.
www.zoominfo.com /people/kos_dino_48566435.aspx   (780 words)

 Kos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Never failing to charm her visitors Kos is the second largest of the Dodecanese group and lies north west of Rhodes.
History asserts itself on this picturesque island, from the boughs of the plane tree where Hippocrates, the father of medicine is said to have tutored his students, to the ruins of medieval defensive castles.
Kos caters for many different ages and tastes and still retains all its island charm.
www.goldentickettravel.com /kos.cfm   (537 words)

 KOS RealEstate Agent - Properties in Kos island Greece - kosrealestate.gr
We are the largest and longest established estate agent in Kos since 1989.
With our up-to-the-minute availability of information and our excellent knowledge of Kos` property market, we are here to take all the hard work away from you.
We know Kos better than anyone and are always informed about properties and any changes to buying procedures.
www.kosrealestate.gr   (310 words)

 Whiskey Bar: The Swiftboating of Kos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
But there's no question Kos made a dumb mistake when he asked his blogging buddies to pipe down about the "story." It kind of put them in a no-win position, particularly once the TNR's GOP counterparts in the corporate media (David Brooks and Newsweek's Jonathan Darman) decided to get their licks in.
Kos and his blog allies and followers appear to have touched an extremely raw nerve with the tribunes of modern neoliberalism (like neoconservatism, but without the strength of its convictions.)
Add in the cheerful brutality with which Kos and Jerome have skewered the consultants and the DLC Dems, the primary defeat now looming over Joe Lieberman's head, and the rice bowls that could be broken if the old system of campaign graft is abandoned, and it's easy to understand why the long knives are out.
billmon.org /archives/002482.html   (2892 words)

 I-KOS Web Design - Sussex and Kent Website design.
i-KOS offers traditional and new media creative services for a wide variety of clients in all industry sectors.
To complement the design team, i-KOS also has a technical team responsible for web application, software and multimedia development.
A variety of case studies are available that demonstrate the technical and creative services of i-KOS working together.
www.i-kos.com   (91 words)

 Kos Kardamena 's Home Page Greece
Kardamena is one of the most popular summer holiday resorts in Greece, it's located on the south coast of the island of Kos which is part of the Dodecanese (12 islands) surrounded by the Aegean sea.
The port of the island is located in Kos town which is also the capital, about twenty five minutes away by taxi and a bit longer by bus Kardamena Bus Schedules Useful Phone Numbers and Currency Converter.
At least during the 2nd century BC Alasarna was an important urban centre with a thousand citizens, to whom the slaves and the metics should be added.
www.kardamena-kos.com   (1236 words)

 MyDD :: Daily Kos Will be back shortly
Fine, let Kos address the offhand comment again, and then let's talk about the issue of whether the US should be using mercenaries in Iraq.
Kos statements were the result of growing up in a central american mercenary state.
Kos most vocal critics are unwilling to grant him that benefit, but they do so from the cover of pseudonymity and thus are immune from being held accountable to the same standard.
www.mydd.com /story/2004/4/4/111758/8238   (3053 words)

 The isl. of Kos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Kos, an island of tropical beauty, luxuriant vegetation, endless beaches and a two thousand year history.
An island ready to welcome you and even more willing to win your heart!The island of Kos is situated in the southeastern region of the Aegean Sea and is the third largest (295 sq.
Because of the high quality tourist developments of the last years, together with the natural beauty of the island itself and its archaeological monuments, modern Kos has become one of the most attractive tourist resorts in Greece.When you visit the island you are immediately offered a wide variety of activities:
www.helios.gr /dodecanese/kos/travel_guide.htm   (166 words)

 ¤ Kos Apartments Tingaki Self Catering Apartments Tingaki Kos Accommodation ¤   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Tingaki is located on the north coast of Kos, the nearest beach resort from Kos Town, 12 Km away.
The beach, regarded as one of the Island's best, was awarded a Blue Flag in 2002, and is lined with a number of tavernas and a few bars.
Whilst Tingaki has expanded in recent years, it is still much quieter than Kos Town and thus offers a more relaxed holiday and something nearer to the “true Greek experience” that many seek.
www.kos-apartments.com   (299 words)

 The Plank
And, yet, after Kos subsequently wrote the e-mail quoted in my original post asking the bloggers to "ignore" the story in order to "starve of it oxygen," there was virtual silence in the liberal blogosphere about it.
Kos, Armstrong, and Bowers] formed the network, but none of them had the right to remove any other site by fiat." This is also incorrect.
Kos doesn't care, he has DK and a sports network to run, Armstong has a job, and Bowers has MyDD to keep up and running, and that's not easy.
www.tnr.com /blog/theplank?pid=21869   (1547 words)

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