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  KRAKATOA - The Great Tsunami of August 26, 1883 from the Explosion of the Krakatau Volcano ("Krakatoa") in ...
It was the fourth paroxysmal explosion of Krakatoa at 10:02 (GMT) that gave rise to the gigantic destructive tsunami waves in the Sunda Strait.
Paroxysmal volcanic explosions, such as the August 26, 1983 of Krakatoa are referred to as "hydromagmatic" or "phreatomagmatic".
On the seismic sea waves caused by the eruption at Krakatoa, August 26th and 27th, 1883, Part III of The Eruption of Krakatoa and Subsequent Phenomena, G. Symonds [ed.], Rept.
www.drgeorgepc.com /Tsunami1883Krakatoa.html   (1664 words)

  Krakatoa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Near Krakatoa, according to official records, 165 villages and towns were destroyed and 132 seriously damaged, at least 36,417 (official toll) people died, and many thousands were injured by the eruption, mostly in the tsunamis which followed the explosion.
Krakatoa is directly above the subduction zone of the Eurasian Plate and Indo-Australian Plate, where the plate boundaries undertake a sharp change of direction, possibly resulting in an unusually weak crust in the region.
Krakatoa is a tramp steamer in Tugs who was 'killed' or Sunk at least due to a dock fire.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Krakatoa   (3709 words)

 Krakatoa - Wikipedia
Il Krakatoa (in indonesiano: Krakatau) è un vulcano dell'isola indonesiana di Rakata, nello Stretto della Sonda.
Conosciuto per le sue eruzioni molto violente, soprattutto per quella che si verificò nel 27 agosto 1883 con una potenza equivalente a 200 megatoni provocando il suono più forte mai udito sul pianeta, un boato che arrivò a quasi 5000 km di distanza.
Il Krakatoa è stato inattivo per due secoli, prima dell'inizio dell'eruzione il 20 maggio 1883.
it.wikipedia.org /wiki/Krakatoa   (1239 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Krakatoa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Krakatoa (Indonesian name: Krakatau) is a volcano on the Indonesian island of Rakata in the Sunda Strait.
Krakatoa is the location of Professor William Waterman Sherman's adventures in the book The Twenty-One Balloons (1947, ISBN 0140320970) by William Pène du Bois, which won the Newbery Medal in 1948.
Krakatoa, East of Java (1969) is a movie filmed in Ultra Panavision 70 and starring Maximilian Schell and Brian Keith.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Krakatoa   (760 words)

 Krakatoa, East of Java - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The story revolves around the 1883 eruption of the volcano on the island of Krakatoa, probably the most violent volcanic eruption in modern history.
The characters are engaged in the recovery of a fictional cargo of pearls from a shipwreck perilously close to the volcano.
Krakatoa is, in fact, west of Java (Tambora, on Sumbawa, is the violent volcano east of Java).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Krakatoa,_East_of_Java   (140 words)

 Discovery Specials of the Month: Krakatoa
Krakatoa is a volcano near the Indonesian island of Rakata in the Sunda Strait.
Near Krakatoa, according to official records, 165 villages and towns were destroyed and 132 seriously damaged, 36,419 people died, and many thousands were injured by the eruption, mostly in the tsunami, which followed the explosion.
The eruption destroyed two-thirds of the pre-existing island of Krakatoa.
www.usnews.com /usnews/discovery/krakatoa.htm   (244 words)

The biggest explosion at Krakatoa is believed to have taken place about 60,000 years ago, when the original island blew apart in a volcanic eruption of a magnitude that has never been seen in the modern world.
Christian fundamentalists are rather fond of Krakatoa as an example of God's wrath and a blueprint for what lies ahead, though they don't necessarily predict that "the big one" will pop up at the same location.
Whether at Krakatoa itself, or in the middle of Yellowstone Park (a real possibility), "the big one" will probably cover an entire continent in ash, rock and magma, pollute the atmosphere for years straight and create a decades-long worldwide winter, with fairly good odds of destroying human civilization as we know it.
www.rotten.com /library/history/nature/natural-disasters/krakatoa   (1068 words)

Krakatoa is one of many active volcanoes along the Indonesian Island Arc, including the famous Tambora volcano.
The minor eruptions on Krakatoa from May-August were from Perboewetan volcano and by the time of the main eruption Perboewetan had nearly been completely destroyed widening the caldera beneath the islands and building more pressure.
Upon the third and catastrophic explosion of Krakatoa, enormous tsunamis were generated by the displaced water as the island collapsed into the caldera.
www.earlham.edu /~bubbmi/krakatoa.htm   (1794 words)

 Krakatoa - Simon Winchester
The Prelude already offers a wonderful introduction to the strange place that was and is Krakatoa, as Winchester describes two visits he took to that area, separated by about a quarter of century -- during which time the new volcano growing on the remnants of the old one had grown some five hundred feet taller.
From the birth of Anak Krakatoa (the new volcano rising up on the old site) to the flora and fauna that quickly established itself there to the monitoring of the site he makes it clear that the story of Krakatoa is a continuing one.
Krakatoa wasn't the biggest volcanic explosion even in recent memory (Mount Tambora, in 1815 was apparently considerably larger), but, for a variety of reasons (which Winchester also considers), remains the best-known.
www.complete-review.com /reviews/winchs/krakatoa.htm   (1549 words)

 Amazon.fr : Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883: Livres: Simon Winchester   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Krakatoa tells the frightening tale of the biggest volcanic eruption in history using a blend of gentle geology and narrative history.
Krakatoa erupted at a time when technologies like the telegraph were becoming commonplace and Asian trade routes were being expanded by northern European companies.
Winchester describes the eruption through the eyes of its survivors, and readers will be as horrified and mesmerized as eyewitnesses were as the death toll reached nearly 40,000 (almost all of whom died from tsunamis generated by the unimaginably strong shock waves of the eruption).
www.amazon.fr /Krakatoa-World-Exploded-August-1883/dp/0066212855   (577 words)

 Krakatoa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
It has been suggested that an eruption Krakatoa may have been responsible for the climate changes of 535-536.
Additionally in recent times it has argued that it was this eruption which the islands of Verlaten and Lang (remnants the original) and the beginnings of Rakata all indicators of that early Krakatoa's caldera size and not the long-believed eruption approx 416 CE for which conclusive evidence not exist.
Krakatoa was the name of a short 1933 movie about the volcano which won Academy Award for Best Short Subject Novelty for producer Joe Rock.
www.freeglossary.com /Krakatoa   (716 words)

This amounts to proving that class invariants, as well as post-conditions, hold at the end of a method execution, provided that invariants and pre-conditions were valid at the beginning.
The make tool is also necessary to use Krakatoa.
Paper presenting the memory model of Krakatoa (draft).
krakatoa.lri.fr   (216 words)

Krakatoa was formerly a volcanic island found in the strait between Java and Sumatra.
It is believed that the large explosion was due to super-hot steam, which was created when the walls of the volcano ruptered and allowed ocean water into the magma chamber.
Explosions of steam, of which Krakatoa is the ultimate example, are known as "Phreatic" eruptions.
www.windows.ucar.edu /tour/link=/earth/interior/Krakatoa.html&edu=high   (287 words)

 Amazon.ca: Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883: Books: Simon Winchester   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The deadly eruption of Krakatoa, the volcano that once was a populous island in the Indonesian archipelago, occurred on August 27, 1883, entirely obliterating the island and killing some 40,000 people.
Krakatoa is a beautifully produced book enriched by drawings, maps and photographs, and given scholarly substance by footnotes and a lengthy bibliography.
The Krakatoa Committee of England’s Royal Society invited responses from the public and received “wagonloads” of material for their 494-page report, two-thirds of which was devoted to unusual visual phenomena of the atmosphere.
www.amazon.ca /Krakatoa-World-Exploded-August-1883/dp/0066212855   (2662 words)

 Krakatoa, The Greatest Volcanic Explosions
The distance of ninety-six miles from Krakatoa was not sufficient to permit sleep to the inhabitants of Batavia.
At Singapore, five hundred miles from Krakatoa, it was noted at the Oriental Telephone Company's station that, on putting the receiver to the ear, a roar like that of a waterfall was heard.
Lloyd's agent at Batavia, ninety-four miles distant from Krakatoa, reported that on the morning of the 27th the reports and concussions were simply deafening.
www.oldandsold.com /articles27/volcanoes-earthquakes-9.shtml   (2936 words)

 krakatoa volcano
Contrary to the 1969 Hollywood film Krakatoa, East of Java, the remains of the island of Krakatoa lie to the west of Java, in the Sunda Straits, Indonesia.
And shows the volcanic island in process, Anak Krakatoa (son of Krakatoa), currently rising from the ocean at a rate of...
Krakatoa (Indonesian name: Krakatau, Portuguese name: Krakatao) is a volcanic island in the Sunda Strait...
www.uk20.co.uk /search.php?q=krakatoa+volcano   (372 words)

 Tiny Mix Tapes
We Are the Rowboats is the third LP from Krakatoa, a Brooklyn-based 4-piece that applies piano and violin and an occasionally augmented string core to the traditional rock line-up.
But these segues and moodswings are ultimately their own reward on this record, because the rock tightens, the pastoral Americana swells, and the wild humor is warm and giving.
Krakatoa’s largely instrumental compositions, their ranging atmospheres and their electronic interludes may lead some listeners to think that this is soundtrack music to a lost film.
www.tinymixtapes.com /musicreviews/k/krakatoa.htm   (540 words)

Alfred Wegener, the man who first proposed the concept of "continental drift" may have became the laughingstock of the scientific community, but that’s what happens, the author notes, when a generalist—Wegener was a meteorologist interested in everything—tries to tell specialists something revolutionary about their field.
Winchester points out what I believe to be the most distinguishing aspect of the Krakatoa story—that the European colonial presence and the advance of communications technology (telegraph, undersea cable) made this natural catastrophe into a media event that captured the Western imagination.
When all hell breaks loose on Krakatoa, for example, Winchester accepts without comment Dutch remarks that the natives are universally terrified.
www.springharborpress.com /krakatoa.htm   (915 words)

 San Diego Restaurants , Cafes and Eateries - Guide to Dining in San Diego. Restaurants from casual to fine dining. ...
Krakatoa plays up the neighborhood charm and serves tasty coffee and light fare.
In Golden Hill, the nicest place to be on a sunny morning is sitting with a newspaper and a hot cup of coffee on the deck of Krakatoa.
Krakatoa primarily serves coffee and light meals like pastries, salads and sandwiches, which come on a soft roll with a side of fruit or some of the tastiest potato salad in town.
entertainment.signonsandiego.com /profile/270255   (338 words)

 Krakatoa quiz -- free game
One of the devastating effects of the Krakatoa eruption was the tsunami that was produced.
Since Krakatoa erupted a new 'child of Krakatoa' has been slowly building in the caldera of the old volcano.
Krakatoa is one of numerous volcanoes along the 'ring of fire' which is an area around the Pacific basin where tectonic plates meet.
www.funtrivia.com /playquiz.cfm?qid=184816   (181 words)

Krakatoa's awakening occurred on 20 May 1883 with a series of powerful earthquakes and explosions that were heard over 150 kilometres away.
Krakatoa continued to rumble and belch harmlessly for three months; so much so that most Indonesians grew complacent to the volcano's stirrings.
In Batavia (now Jakarta), 160 kilometres from Krakatoa, the din was compared to close range artillery shells exploding, with shockwaves that rattled windows and shook chandeliers.
www.channel4.com /science/microsites/S/science/nature/krakatoa.html   (589 words)

 PBS Previews | Krakatoa
KRAKATOA, airing on PBS March 29, 2005, brings to life the story of this mammoth eruption, using dramatic recreation, contemporary documentary footage and breathtaking special effects.
The eruption of Krakatoa was one of the best-documented natural cataclysms in history; from the first indications that something was amiss to the final explosion, each step was witnessed and recorded by the Dutch settlers living in the region.
KRAKATOA also examines the geological processes through which a seemingly benign, supposedly extinct volcano could have burst back to life with such ferocity and such disastrous consequences.
www.pbs.org /previews/krakatoa   (653 words)

 Simply Audiobooks - Member Reviews for Krakatoa
The legendary annihilation in 1883 of the volcano-island of Krakatoa -- the name has since become a by-word for a cataclysmic disaster -- was followed by an immense tsunami that killed nearly 40,000 people.
In explaining the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, Winchester ranges far and wide to present a holistic view, not only of the physical event itself, but the history of the region and the aftermath.
I swear that the word Krakatoa wasn't even mentioned on discs 2 and 3 - by that time I was begging to hear anything about a volcano - any volcano....
www.simplyaudiobooks.com /processInterfaceAction.php?pId=157&bId=1001   (1003 words)

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