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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Kretek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kreteks or clove cigarettes, are Indonesian cigarettes made with a complex blend of tobacco, cloves and a flavoring 'sauce'.
Kreteks were originally created by Haji Jamahri, a resident of Kudus, Java, Indonesia, in the early 1880's for medicinal purposes as a way to deliver the eugenol in the cloves to the lungs, as it was thought to help asthma.
Kreteks are by far the most widely-smoked form of tobacco in Indonesia, where about ninety percent of smokers usually smoke kreteks instead of plain tobacco, which are called "whites." In the United States, clove cigarettes have been associated with artists and the goth, punk, and indie subcultures.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kretek   (745 words)

 Kretek: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Kreteks were originally created by Haji Jamahri in the early 1880's for medicinal purposes as a way to deliver the eugenol in the cloves to the lungs, EHandler: no quick summary.
Studies have shown that although kreteks contain less nicotine[Click link for more facts about this topic] than normal cigarettes they are more effective at delivering it and are smoked for a longer amount of time.
The venous plasma nicotine and carbon monoxide levels from ten smokers were tested after smoking kreteks and were found to be similar to their normal brand of cigarette.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/k/kr/kretek.htm   (732 words)

 Where There's a Smoke, There's Kretek: The Cigarette Industry in Indonesia
Kreteks were sub-divided into machine-rolled and hand-rolled with the machine-rolled version taxed more heavily and assigned minimum prices that were 70 to 125 percent higher than the hand-rolled variety.
Kretek Company executives have said this is not the first time such suggestions have been raised and, since there is no time-frame for such a transition, they are taking a wait-and-see attitude.
With both boutique kretek and white manufacturers facing higher tariffs in a highly price-sensitive market, and the end of restrictions on their ownership of small firms, the big kretek producers are clearly the ones with the most to celebrate.
www.usembassyjakarta.org /econ/kretek.html   (1714 words)

 Kretek Cigarettes - Indonesian Clove Cigarettes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Kretek, the clove-infused cigarette of Indonesia, was created in the town of Kudus, Central Java, in the late nineteenth century.
The trend caught on quickly, and within a few years kretek were being produced on a commercial scale and the beginnings of a new industry were been born.
This practice was quickly adopted by other kretek companies and continued up until mid-20th century, when companies began to hire their own employees as a way of ensuring quality and loyalty.
www.kretekcigarettes.com   (1037 words)

 PT Gudang Garam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cap 93 was one of the most famous kretek brands in East Java.
By 1969, Gudang Garam was producing 864 million sticks a year and was indisputably the largest kretek producer in Indonesia.
Despite being a relative latecomer to the game of kretek, Gudang Garam was now clearly the largest producer of kretek in Indonesia and one of the top ten largest cigarette manufacturers in the world.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/PT_Gudang_Garam   (429 words)

 Indonesian Clove Cigarettes online store - the original website sells clove cigarettes also known as kretek brands : ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
By 1934, the Sampoerna kretek factory was up and running and this time there was plenty of room for every stage in the manufacturing process with spaces set aside for tobacco blending, clove processing and handrolling, as well as printing and finished-goods processing.
Kretek, however, is more than simply an exotic cigarette and an economic phenomenon, it is an integral part of Indonesia's cultural traditions.
Moreover, kretek is the great equalizer of Indonesian society in that it is one of the few commercial products which is consumed at every level in the social hierarchy, from the most senior executive in the corporate world down to the most humble becak driver on the streets.
www.indonesianclovecigarettesonline.com   (2334 words)

 Kretek: The Culture and Heritage of Indonesia's Clove Cigarettes - Mark Hanusz - Equinox Publishing
Carried on the warm breezes of a sultry tropic night, the scent of kretek — Indonesia's indigenous clove cigarette —; is the aromatic soul of a nation, the fragrant embodiment of all things Indonesian.
Hand-rolling kreteks for the commercial market is a vitally important cottage industry for many people in remote rural areas because of its low start-up costs and its labour-intensive production.
Nevertheless, Kretek did spark some controversy in Singapore, where it was launched in May. Health Ministry officials tried to have the book removed from shelves in local bookstores.
www.equinoxpublishing.com /kretek   (2945 words)

 Welcome to Cigarettes America! At Cigarettes America our goal is to bring you Kretek
A key approval would enable them longyan cigarettes factory fresh in fujian province and baisha kretek group in the market yet, the cigarettes at the financial police discovered two mainland kretek tobacco delivered to philip morris' partners, longyan cigarettes for may 16.
The cigarettes with slightly less kretek for contraband fuel and discount cigarettes with the shortest time 650 litres of brindisi for next month, the kretek hong kong based newspaper, citing an executive close to philip morris international before st. Georges day kretek may 6.
Of states salamanca kretek new york, home of fuel and 35 stacks of the policemen arrested two great ways of the south china morning post.
www39.websamba.com /cigaret/kretek.html   (286 words)

 SMOKESHOP 04/04 - Specialty Cigarettes: Kretek, the Clever Clove
Quite why this should be is a bit of a mystery, since the airport has a strict nosmoking policy, but the redolent smell of kretek is nonetheless pungently present everywhere and remains in one’s nose until he leaves the country again.
But kretek, named for the sound the burning cloves emit, captured the market in its native land and grew into the huge industry that it has now become thanks to the characteristically spicy, aromatic flavor that strikes a chord with Indonesian tastes.
Nearly all of the tobacco used in kretek is sourced in Indonesia, much of it from Madura, and it has to be rajangan tobacco, a term applied to a specific process whereby the tobacco is cut into ribbon-like strips before being sun-dried.
www.smokeshopmag.com /0404/cigarettes.htm   (1099 words)

 Bali Traditional Clove Cigarettes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A leisurely drag on a clove cigarette produces a faint sort of popping sound, like that of a distant forest fire, as the volatile clove oil is released from.-the spice within.
Although brands vary in the proportion of cloves to tobacco, a kretek cigarette is about 30-50 percent cloves.
That is considerable fraction of the average daily income of a Balinese, who might expect to cam somewhere in the neighborhood of Rp 1,000.
www.geocities.com /c_cigarettes   (475 words)

 Asongan - Indonesian High Quality Clove Cigarettes Retailer
For many millions Javanese and Indonesians, kretek is enjoyable companion, tasteful, it gives a feeling of relief and relaxation and its price is nothing compare to the comfort given.
Rokok kretek was invented by a man from the town of Kudus, 50 km eastward of Semarang in the early nineties AD.
The fate of Noto Semito, The Father of Kretek, ended tragically, he was bankrupt in 1953, crashed by his invented kretek vast industry.
www.asongan.com /history.html   (260 words)

 Sigaret Kretek   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Carried on the warm breezes of a sultry tropic night, the scent of kretek — Indonesia's indigenous clove cigarette — is the aromatic soul of a nation, the fragrant embodiment of all things Indonesian.
The fragrant (detractors say sickeningly sweet) smell of kretek permeates almost every corner of the vast archipelago, from bars and cafés to mosques and government offices, so much so that it is generally taken for granted.
And how else could it be for someone who has smoked kreteks all his life.
www.sigaretkretek.com   (1476 words)

 Kretek Clove Cigarettes Health   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Kretek: The Culture and Heritage of Indonesia's Clove Cigarettes - Mar
Kreteks are Indonesian cigarettes made with a complex blend of tobacco, cloves and a flavoring 'sauce'.
In reality, most kretek clove cigarettes contain around four times as much nicotine and tar as the...
www.nicnet.org /kretekclovecigaretteshealth.html   (256 words)

 DEMİRTAŞ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Kretek was named after the crackling sound of the cloves slowly burning - kretek-kretek, kretek.
Known only by two or three members of each kretek company, the sauce is used to soften the bite of tobacco and the pungency of clove.
Djarum continuous kretek innovations include the world's first low tar low nicotine kretek, kretek cigarillos, internationally marketed brown and fl paper kretek, cherry and vanilla flavored kretek, as well as the world's one and only Superfine CloveTM, Djarum will continue to produce and develop unparalleled world-class kretek especially for its devotees.
www.demirtas.com.tr /Djarum.htm   (518 words)

 Clove Cigarettes - Djarum Black Clove and Sampoerna Cigarettes Discount
Kretek have a various sensational brands in United States and Europe like Djarum Black, Djarum Black Cappuccino, Djarum Super, Gudang Garam International, Gudang Garam Professional, Bentoel Biru, Dji Sam Soe Classic and Sampoerna A Mild or Menthol.
The manufacturer of Kretek is incredibly process in several place in Indonesia, kretek not contain just only domestic quality tobaccos but use variation like clove, nutmeg, flavoring and a mysterious sauce.
where in the early 1881, kretek cigarette use for healing and thought to help asthma and some ethnic for worship to the God, with this invention make clove cigarette popular in market and nearly 1990 several successful tobacco companies in Indonesia start to commercialise the kretek to the world.
www.salecheapcigarettes.com   (399 words)

 About Kretek
WHAT IS Kretek refers to clove cigarette which is contain tobacco and clove mixed with flavor called sauce which is wrapped by paper or dried cornhusk called klobot.
Because of the flavor addition, today we may find many various flavor of Kretek like chocolate even Cappucino and thats make kretek unique and different from regular cigarette which only made from tobacco.
Actually there so many Kretek factory especially in java with their own brand and taste.
www.clovecigarettestore.com /kretek.htm   (761 words)

 About Cheap Cigarettes,Clove Cigarette - Cheap clove cigarettes | Discount clove cigarettes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In the background, moving from left to right, we see tobacco fields, corn fields and a clove plantation, with farm workers harvesting the tobacco leaves, picking corn cobs and plucking the unopened flowers buds from the clove trees.
When properly dried, the cloves are then put into sacks which will then be taken away to the buyer by the dokar (horse and cart) standing on the far right.
At the table in the foreground, a little to the right of center, a handroller's assistant submits a bundle of kretek to quality control, while at the table behind we see kretek which have passed inspection being put into packs.
www.cigarettes.orangebali.com /about/about_us.htm   (3129 words)

 Clove Cigarettes - Great discount for Djarum, Sampoerna, Gudang Garam, Bentoel and Wismilak
In the United States, kretek are popular with social smokers, artists and the goth and punk subcultures.
Djarum Black, a fl paper kretek, are often linked with the goth image, leading to a saying, "I'm so goth even my cigarettes are fl."
All clove cigarettes products offered on this website are guaranteed to be genuine and manufactured by the original manufacturer in Indonesia.
www.mykretek.com   (411 words)

 Home of the finest Indonesian clove cigarettes and tobaccos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This is the oldest and the most traditional Kretek and is still produced although in small amount throughout Java.
Unfiltered Kreteks : Unfiltered Kreteks are hand-rolled and until 1974, the most smoked Kreteks.
Filtered Kreteks are more expensive as the Indonesian Government has raised the tax in order to prevent the loss of many jobs in the hand-rolling industry.
www.kretekmania.com /SHOP.htm   (328 words)

 CLOVE CIGARETTES - Indonesia Kretek,Djarum,Gudang-Garam,Sampoerna,Bentoel,marlboro   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Kreteks are clove cigarettes, a mix of roughly 60% tobacco and 40% cloves.
Made of a perfect blend of the finest tobaccos, Superfine Clove and natural spices, these low tar and nicotine cigarettes are specially formulated to enhance your smoking experience.
Sampoerna is best known for its handrolled Dji Sam Soe and their successful 'A' range of machine-made kretek.
www.cigarettes.orangebali.com   (492 words)

 Rokok Kretek atau Rokok Putih? - Asia Finest Discussion Forum
I used to smoke kretek (Sampoerna),but when I shifted back to white cigarette,I felt bitterness on my tongue.But I do smoke kretek casually.
Kretek cigarettes are easily available in the Malay Archipelago.But just in case you have gone beyond the sphere,how can you survive without kreteks?
Kretek is available in Holland at the cost of € 3,95 for 12 batang (GG filter or Djarum) also other brands.
www.asiafinest.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=53631   (597 words)

 IndonesianCigarettes.Biz sell Indonesia cigarette Djarum,cigarette`s,cigar`s,Sampoerna,Wismilak,Bentole from ...
Kretek - Indonesian Clove Cigarettes and Cigars - Djarum, Sampoerna, Bentoel, Dji Sam Soe, Gudang Garam, Wismilak, Inter Biru, Crystal, Sukun, Mustang, Ultra, Ramayana, and much more
Clove cigarette also called kretek, are a mixture of superior tobaccos and clove spice, rolled into a cigarette.
A-Mild - launhed in 1989 - was the first low-tar and low-nicotine kretek of its kind in the world...
www.geocities.com /clovecigarette   (252 words)

 TOP TO TOP: Kretek International – Special Stuff - November/December 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Mark Cassar: Kretek started 20 years ago; we’re on our 20th anniversary year.
We started selling clove cigarettes in California 20 years ago and expanded from there one state at a time.
We could have taken increases and extra profits, but we let our margins drop because we wanted to bring product out at the best price possible and retailers to make more money on it.
www.tobonline.com /ArticlePages/ArticlePagesVol46/vol46p68.htm   (1610 words)

 Cigarette - KnowledgeIsFun.com
While this is true for many brands of cigarettes, in Canada, the major cigarette brands all contain 100% natural virginia leaf - No Additives.
Some cigarettes (known as kreteks, clove cigarettes, or simply cloves) have cloves blended with the tobacco.
This is done to enhance the smoker's pleasure by numbing the mouth and lungs and providing a mild euphoric effect.
www.knowledgeisfun.com /C/Ci/Cigarette.php   (2503 words)

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