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Topic: Kronoby

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  Kronoby Municipal Library
Kronoby is an average municipality on the western coast of Finland, 15 kilometers from the town of Kokkola and about 500 kilometers from the capital of Finland, Helsinki.
Kronoby municipal library serves in three different places, the main library in the municipal centre and two smaller libraries in the next biggest villages, Nedervetil and Terjärv.
Kronoby municipal library is one of thirteen Fredrika-libraries.
www.fredrika.net /kronoby/eng/default.htm   (351 words)

 Kronoby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kronoby in Swedish or Kruunupyy in Finnish is a municipality of Finland.
Kronoby is located in the province of Western Finland and is part of the Ostrobothnia region.
The municipality has a population of 6,794 (2003) and covers an area of 751.66 km² of which 38.59 km² is water.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kronoby   (104 words)

Kronoby Ungdoms- och Nykterhetsförening (Youth- and Temperance Organization) was founded in 1890, and the Hornkapell worked from the beginning in close cooperation with this organization.
Kronoby Hornkapell was the local skyddskår's band from 1918 to 1945.
Kronoby Hornkapell is a good evidence of the fact that brass band playing is a hereditary disease.
pp.kpnet.fi /hasse.andtbacka/history.html   (764 words)

 Österbottniska parker och trädgårdar
The area and the school buildings are situated in the countryside in the centre of Kronoby, approx.
The Kronoby School of Farming and Housekeeping was in function during the years 1914 — 1924.
In this project we want to support the existing positive attributes of Kronoby Folk-High School and to enhance the area with details and solutions, so that the improvements blend in to form a complete entity which is a unique example of a learning institution for the people in a tolerant Ostrobothnian environment.
www.syi.fi /gardens/english/kronoby.html   (703 words)

 Outdoor Academy * * * *
Kronoby folkhögskola har hon jobbat heltid i 4 år.
Under det senaste året har han på Kronoby Folkhögskola varit ansvarig för friluftslivet på vår ungdomslinje, samt halvtid varit involverad i vår kursverksamhet och den ettåriga Friluftslinjen.
Hon har också varit aktiv scout i många år och fungerat både som ledare och utbildare inom scoutorganisationen i Svenskfinland.
www.outdooracademy.fi /ledare.html   (600 words)

Terjärv began to grow in the 1600s after the merger with Kronoby in 1607 when that parish was established.
When the Dean visited Kronoby in 1825, he reported that the parish clerk was not concerned with vaccination and most of the children weren't vaccinated.
Four Kronoby residents were chosen to go along the road and meet the Russians with the surrender letter.
sydaby.eget.net /swe/jp_tnam.htm   (1414 words)

 Finavia - Kronoby flygplats
Kronoby flygplats, som ligger mellan Jakobstad och Karleby, förenar städerna på västkusten.
Trädstadsidyllen i Kronoby, traktens gröna dalsänkor och närheten till havet lämnar ingen besökare oberörd. Kaustby, som man förknippar med folkmusik, ligger nästgårds till flygplatsen.
Inflygninsgljuslinjen på Kronoby flygplats förnyas - Det nya ljussystemet tas i bruk 4.9
www.finavia.fi /flygplats_kronoby?pg=news   (220 words)

 From June Pelo's article collection
Along to the north, about 100 meters from the border toward Kronoby are two farms close to the road and a half mile from a signpost at the entrance to the village where one gets a westerly view of the settlement.
Near the southern end on a granite plateau a half mile above the pine forest is an outlook tower that was raised for geodetic measurements.
Straight to the west a mile away is the high tower of Pedersöre church, in the northwest Larsmo church, between them the factory chimneys in Jakobstad, and in the northeast Kronoby church.
sfhs.eget.net /P_articles/Pelo50.html   (1197 words)

 Removing Barriers - Case Studies
The globilization of the economy, the transformation of the agriculture strukture, the societetys endeavour to concentrate everthing in larger units, and the centralizition of the resources, is imboverishing the infrastructure and reducing the service level in sparsely built up areas.
Kronoby with surroundings is a part of a coastregion with good prerequisites of windpower.
The course attendants will learn partly the theorethic basis for windpower, partly they get help with dimensioning of their own windpowerplants, as well they are given the opportunity to make their own main components for their windpowerplants.
www.maestrazgo.org /removing/CasesOstrobothnia.htm   (2466 words)

 UBL: artist profile - Sonja Bishop
Sonjas interest for music began when Sonja Lindh was three years old and living with her parents and three brothers on a dairy farm that has been in the family since 1752.
It is located near the small town of Kronoby, Finland (about 500 kilometers or 310 miles north of Helsinki near the west coast).
One of Sonja's earliest memories is pretending the back porch was her big stage and the porch light her spotlight.
www.ubl.com /artists/sonjabishop/profile   (507 words)

 Torgare Local Museum, Kronoby   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The building breathes of history - but also of art: Annie Krokfors, an artist native to Kronoby, is commemorated in one of the rooms.
The school museum is housed in the hired hand's cottage dating from the 1840s.
It exhibits a classroom from the turn of the 20th century with objects from old elementary schools in Kronoby.
museum.svof.fi /eng/torgare.htm   (315 words)

 Kronoby kommun -
Kronoby ligger i de gröna ådalarna, nära havet och skogarnas mörka vatten.
Här bor folket med den genuina humorn och ett språk som skalder har diktat om.
Ansvarig utgivare: Kronoby kommun © 2004 - Senast modifierad 18.10.2006
www.kronoby.fi   (128 words)

 Karl Gustaf Sundman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
I live i Finland, Ostrobotnia in a community named Nedervetil (Kronoby).
I?ve retired from my job as a musicteacher and spend my free days rewriting my music on Sibelius.
Hej, jag bor i Nedervetil (Kronoby kommun), Finland.
www.sibeliusmusic.com /cgi-bin/user_page.pl?url=ksundman   (105 words)

 Kronoby kommun - Vård & Omsorg - Socialarbete
Kronoby kommun - Vård and Omsorg - Socialarbete
Kronoby, mån, tis + varannan fredag tel 8343223
Ansvarig utgivare: Kronoby kommun © 2004 - Senast modifierad 10.10.2006
www.kronoby.fi /default.asp?id=2c7xl0lpddl   (104 words)

 Accommodation in Kronoby and Cheap Travel to Kronoby, Österbotten, Finland :-) Hospitality Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Hospitality Club is the world's largest hospitality exchange organization.
There are no City Volunteers in Kronoby at the moment.
If you are already a member, please go to the member section - you are on the external pages now.
www.hospitalityclub.org /hc/hcworld.php?city=4582   (398 words)

 I315: Julia M. BARRINGER
Lisa Eriksdotter Myrskog that I cant prove yet, but it is possible that she
was decided by the government that Lepplax-village should belong to Kronoby.
Thats the reason why Kronoby is mentioned as her birthplace!
www.open.org /rumcd/d0000/g0000057.htm   (973 words)

 Magic Carpet - Shows
(30 Nov) "Lillajulsrock" at Kronoby Samlingshus with Detest, Sam-Håkanz...?
(19 jun) The midsummer festival at Seljes, Kronoby with Blackout among other bands.
(sat 26th june) Seljesåsen in Kronoby with powerbluesband Sly.
www.multi.fi /~dainasoj/band/shows.htm   (376 words)

 Michel Olsson* BROÄNDA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Köpte hemmanet på Broända 1668, enligt Kronoby Tingsanteckningar 1678.
Första namn i Kronoby Församlings kommunionsbok på Broända åren 1732 -> 1790.
Created 26 Jun 2001 by Reunion for Macintosh
www.lymanjohnson.com /WebCards/PS11/PS11_336.HTM   (40 words)

 Car Hire Kokkola Kronoby Airport. Car Rentals in Kokkola Kronoby Airport from Car Hire Search.co.uk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Car Rentals in Kokkola Kronoby Airport from Car Hire Search.co.uk
> Car Hire > Finland > Car Rental Kokkola Kronoby Airport
Searching the major car rental providers to find you the best deals.
www.carhiresearch.co.uk /cars/Finland/Kokkola-Kronoby-Airport.html   (33 words)

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