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Topic: Kryten

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Kryten   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Kryten is hard-wired to obey all of Mamet's orders without question, so when a Psiren impersonated Mamet and ordered Kryten to crush himself in a garbage compactor, he had no choice but to comply.
Kryten has also extended his emotional range, which has led to him deactivating his shutdown disk (DivaDroid believes in planned obsolescence), although the crew were then forced into a showdown with his would-be replacement.
Kryten formed an irrational dislike of the new Kristine Kochanski when he first met her, mostly out of a fear that she and Lister would fall in love and abandon him.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Kryten   (2157 words)

Kryten is the name of a character in the popular British TV series Red Dwarf, portrayed by Northampton-born actor Robert Llewellyn.
Kryten had three spare heads, one of which has droid-rot (a condition similar to computer senility).
Kryten has formed an irrational dislike of the new Kristine Kochanski, mostly out of a fear she and Lister will fall in love and abandon him.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/k/kr/kryten.html   (677 words)

 Science Fair Projects - Kryten
Kryten (full name, "Kryten 2X4B-523P") is a Series 4000 mechanoid or "slave 'noid"—a robotic servant—and is quite neurotic.
When Red Dwarf was re-built with the crew, Kryten was reclassed as a woman due to his lack of male genitalia (that is, his lack of any genitalia: the only mechanoids given genitals were the ones created to work on Italian starships).
Kryten formed an irrational dislike of the new Kristine Kochanski when he first met her, mostly out of a fear she and Lister will fall in love and abandon him.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Kryten   (866 words)

 [No title]
Kryten was discovered on the Nova 5 which had crashed landed on a moon.
Kryten slowly took over and bosses everyone around telling them what to do but as well as doing the laudury and meals.
In series 8 where they were sent to the brig, Kryten was classifed as a woman as he was never created with a penis so he shares a cell with Kochanski.
members.lycos.co.uk /jamesspage/kryten.html   (238 words)

The dissmayed Kryten even took a picture and showed it to Lister (Zoe emailed me to tell me that the picture was ACTUALLY a picture of male genitals and was presented to Craig Charles without his prior knowledge.
After a particularly wonderful conversation with Krytens three spare heads, he decides that being a human is not all it’s cracked up to be and changes back to a Mechanoid.
Kryten is also very close to Lister who is a sort of Mentor figure (and the person responcible for re-building him after the space bike crash).
www.freewebs.com /istclan1/CRYTON.HTM   (1110 words)

 "The Last Temptation Of Kryten" by Richard Street
Kryten had wondered idly whether holograms went to Silicon Heaven, before Lister had declared the mourning period officially over and had gone down the disco.
Kryten had buried the skutter and the monitor along with the crew.
Normally Kryten was unimpressed by the concept of slaughtering an animal simply so it could be dismembered and stuck on the wall.
www.reddwarf.nildram.co.uk /txt/fanfic/kryten.htm   (1014 words)

 Kryten   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Kryten is a pompous, ordered, mother hen type service mechanoid, who the crew adopted in their travels and have gradually broke the rigid programming, that had condemned him to spend an eternity serving his former owners who had long since died.
Kryten is a series 4000 mechanoid who originally had an inherent and sustaining belief in silicon heaven, which motivated his desire to serve.
Lister has purposefully exposed Kryten to films such as 'Easy Rider' with the intention of making him value his own pleasure as much as that of those whom he serves.
www.btinternet.com /~ian.trencher/Kryten.HTM   (118 words)

 Red Dwarf Universe - Its SMEGtastic
Kryten mistakes Lister for a 3000 series mechanoid whilst Cat is temporarily erased from the memories of the crew.
Kryten is outraged and goe's into the game equipped with a blowpipe with poisonous darts and a World War II tank.
Kryten informs him that there is no cure and the only way to talk to the 'Intelligent' virus is to talk it out of killing him.
www.reddwarf.iwarp.com /episodes2.html   (2752 words)

 Red Dwarf: Beyond a Joke - TV.com
Kryten finds a lobster scuttling around the cargo hold and cooks an elaborate feast for the crew as it is the anniversary of when he was rescued from the Nova 5.
Kryten is extremely upset that they left without touching his feast and enters the VR world, blowing up the characters of the game with a tank and ordering the crew to supper.
Kryten tells Lister that his creator was supposed to be married to another scientist but he left her at the alter.
www.tv.com /red-dwarf/beyond-a-joke/episode/10986/summary.html   (756 words)

 Scifilm -- TV Files, Red Dwarf: "The Last Day"
Kryten isn't disturbed by this news as he believes he will now go to Silicon Heaven, where all machines go to find happiness when they die.
Lister tries to explain to Kryten that there is no Silicon Heaven and throws a going away party to give Kryten one final taste of living.
Following this, Kryten decides he doesn't want to go after all but his replacement, the Hudzen 10, has been programmed to terminate Kryten if Kryten hasn't already done so when he arrives.
www.scifilm.org /tv/reddwarf/reddwarf3-6.html   (279 words)

Kryten returns in Red Dwarf III with a mid-Atlantic accent and a body made of reinforced plastic, becoming an integral part of the crew.
In the original Kryten episode, the Jeevesian mechanoid was played by actor David Ross.
Unlike the others, Kryten has to go through the weekly ordeal of being fully made up until Llewellyn is completely unrecognisable: "That's the toughest part of the gig without a doubt.
www.fortunecity.com /bally/skull/194/kryten.htm   (436 words)

 Sad Geezers Guide to Red Dwarf - Episode 4.1 - Camille   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Rimmer and Kryten are out on a patrol of nearby space when the gorgeous Holly picks up a distress signal from a nearby ship.
Kryten and Rimmer leave Camille in the hold of Starbug and discuss how lovely she is. They both have differing descriptions of her of course and when they describe her most attractive points (no not those points), the descriptions are wildly different.
She is particularly sorry to Kryten who is not used to such emotions, she considers that it is he who is hurt the most.
www.sadgeezer.com /RedDwarf/epis4-01.htm   (1870 words)

 [No title]
KRYTEN peels potatoes, irons, looks at a long list, scrubbs the decks, looks at the list, polishes the scutters, looks at the list, cleans Holly's screen.
KRYTEN is painting a picture of RIMMER, who is posing by the window.
KRYTEN: Mister David was kind enough to take me to see "The Wild Ones," "Easy Rider," and "Rebel Without a Cause." LISTER: I thought it might do him some good.
www.reddwarf.nildram.co.uk /txt/kryten.txt   (2951 words)

 Short Crimson - Kryten   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
A late comer to the Red Dwarf, Kryten fits in with the rest of the crew by being just as inept and screwed up as the best of them.
Yes, he has split screen vision and the ability to pick up Jazz FM by twiddling a nipple nut, but he is as alarmingly vulnerable as the rest of the crew.
His fear of death is as real as his feelings when he falls in love with Camille, his trust in humanity is implicit, and his annoyance is beyond measure when faced with Talkie Toaster.
www.angelfire.com /tx/komix/kryten.html   (215 words)

 Kryten   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
History: Kryten was a service mechanoid aboard the spaceship, the Nova 5.
Kryten failed to realise they had died, although he died get a little worried that they weren't eating the food he prepared.
Finally learning that his charges had shuffled off the mortal coil, Kryten was convinced to come onboard the mining ship.
www.internationalhero.co.uk /k/kryten.htm   (312 words)

 Kryten   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Kryten starts life in Red Dwarf as a Series 4000 mechanoid with a problem.
He'd been programmed to serve but he doesn't have anyone to serve - his previous crews on the Nova 5 were skeletons with about as much meat on them as a Chicken McNugget.
Rimmer even attempts to teach him to fly Starbug 1, but nerves play merry hell with Kryten's anxiety chip and he ends up taking the ship through a Time Hole and onto another version of Earth.
homepages.tesco.net /~thelee/kryten.htm   (200 words)

Kryten is digusted with his fellow men and returns to his "sisters".
Then Kryten enters their room, having been attacked by the women and reclassified as a man. Kryten tells Lister that Kochanski and her ex-boyfriend Tom are back together.
Kryten wasn't fixed after the attack afterall, and he set Lister up...it wasn't Tom's room, it was Ackerman's.
members.tripod.com /~UshiUshi/rd85sr.html   (618 words)

 Red Dwarf: Kryten - TV.com
The second season begins with the gang coming across a crashed space shuttle where the service mechanoid, Kryten, is still attending to the officers, even though they have long since passed away.
He fails until Kryten is painting a portrait of Rimmer and his rebellious side opens up, painting Rimmer sitting on the toilet, and then insulting him before jumping on a space bike wearing a leather jacket, a-la Marlon Brando.
Kryten mimics Marlon Brando's lines from "The Wild One" (1954) where he starred as Johnny, leader of the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club, and wearer of leather.
www.tv.com /red-dwarf/kryten/episode/10951/summary.html   (691 words)

Kryten hoisted himself up first and scrambled to open a closet from which he pulled an impossibly clean and white midwife's apron and allowed Lister and Kochanski to approach the microwave-shaped device first.
Kryten, now fully-aproned, approached the uterine simulator with an air of false authority, pulling on a pair of thin surgical gloves.
I had fixed Kryten's head and got his CPU in order, so he could speak, and this meant he'd been able to instruct me on how to reconstruct the rest of his body and that had speeded up the whole process immensely.
www.angelfire.com /wa/fanflicyberbat/3_births.html   (2100 words)

 [No title]
KRYTEN is wielding the psi-scan: it emits a soft, regular beeping.
KRYTEN: The trick is, of course, to never, ever, under any circumstances, to allow live sticks to touch - but of course we all know that.
KRYTEN, CAT and RIMMER are sitting at the table, smiling in a fakey sort of way.
www.ladyofthecake.com /rdscripts/season6/Legion.txt   (4527 words)

 Red Dwarf Episode Guide by Gavrielle Perry: Series IV
When Kryten and Camille are in the cinema (which, incidentally, is a very different design to the one we saw in the first two series), in telling her about "Casablanca" he refers to "Lister" rather than "Mr Lister".
Kryten neatly encapsulates the essence of Rimmer in his speech, and his summation that being Rimmer is both Rimmer’s crime and his punishment wipes the smile off our faces.
The question of course arises as to whether Kryten’s defence of Rimmer, that he didn’t in fact repair the drive plate himself and thus wasn’t responsible for the radiation leak that killed the crew, is in fact true or merely a clever twisting of the facts.
www.reviewsbygavrielle.com /dwarf4.shtml   (5094 words)

 Red Dwarf
This is a excerpt from the sci-fi series "Red Dwarf" and one of the characters, a mechanoid named Kryten has just been turned into a human...
Kryten: Well, uh, when I was a mechanoid, the right nipple-nut was used to, uh, regulate body temperature, while the left nipple-nut was used mainly to, uh, pick up shortwave radio transmissions.
Kryten: It was a triple-bag easy-glide vac with turbo-suction and a self-emptying dustbag.
monster-island.org /tinashumor/humor/kryten.html   (668 words)

 Red Dwarf Episode Guide by Gavrielle Perry: Series III
When Kryten lifts the lid of the trunk to reveal the guitar-shaped hole, the trunk is flush against the wall.
Kryten says they are on the bunk, and there is a cut to the bunk which shows no shorts.
Kryten is unperturbed by this, as he knows he will be going to silicon heaven.
www.reviewsbygavrielle.com /dwarf3.shtml   (4832 words)

 Kryten   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Known As Kryten, Kryty, Novelty condom head, [insert blocky thing here] head.
Kryten Starts life in Red Dwarf as a Series 400 mechanoid with a problem.
The Red Dwarf survivors redeploy him on their ship - Rimmer, in particular, taking advantage of Kryten's handy 'I serve therefore I am' philosophy, gives him a planet sized list of domestic chores.
web.ukonline.co.uk /reddwarfworld/kryten.htm   (215 words)

 Amazon.com: Red Dwarf - Series 2, Byte 1: Kryten: Video: Red Dwarf 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
"Kryten" - The introduction of Kryten (although he is not as funny as he would be in his re-introduction in series 3).
Kryten introduces the 4000 series mechanoid, albeit played by another actor with a terribly irritating tendency to whine.
Arnold, that's me, and Kochanski, that's the woman, the really attractive one you saw earlier; me and her are in bed giving it rizz, when Lister, that's the short dumpy one with the stupid haircut, walks in and shoots me through the head while I'm making love to Kochanski.
www.amazon.com /Red-Dwarf-Byte-Kryten-2/dp/B00004WG9T   (1617 words)

 "Red Dwarf" (1988) - Episodes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Kryten falls in love in Camille, only to learn Camille is not who she appears to be and finds she can shape-shift into Kochanski, a female Rimmer and the Cat.
In the aftermath of the battle with their future selves, the crew, resurrected from the dead, due to time paradox's and Lister is depressed when he learns the curry supplies were destroyed in the battle.
Meanwhile, Kryten's rivalry with Kochanski reaches new heights as the salad cream keeps winding up in the cupboard and pants are found in her socks drawer.
imdb.com /title/tt0094535/episodes   (2838 words)

 Scifilm -- TV Files, Red Dwarf: "Kryten"
After picking up a distress signal sent by an android servant named Kryten (David Ross), the crew of Red Dwarf are quite happy and excited to provide help, medical support and supplies when they learn the crew of the crashed ship, named the Nova 5, are all female.
Then we're treated to our all male crew gearing up for their first meeting, after 3 million years, with the opposite sex and finally there's the startling revelation the ladies provide.
Here played by David Ross, he's not the memorable character he would become in the hands of Robert Llewellyn, who replaced Ross when the Kryten character was added to the regular cast in Season Three.
www.scifilm.org /tv/reddwarf/reddwarf2-1.html   (261 words)

 Biblion, Kryten & Towers
Biblion and Kryten are the Library's two Novell Netware File Servers.
Most of these applications are served from one of these two servers or from one of the five Meridian CD ROM Towers, Kniga, Bukkeis, Sanshu, Tyrsis and Varfleet.
Kryten is the lower of the two servers in this rack
marvin.otago.ac.nz /marvin/netware.html   (118 words)

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