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Topic: Ksatriya

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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

Ksatriya principle is that dharmyaddhi yuddhat, dharmyaddhi yuddhac chreyo 'nyat ksatriyasya na vidyate.
Ksatriya must be always prepared, and if required, to fight also, whether people are keeping their own principle of religion.
Why you are cheating people?" Similarly, a ksatriya is declaring himself that "I am ksatriya," but he's acting as a sudra, it is the ksatriya's or the government's duty, that, "Why you are cheating people?" So a ksatriya's business is always prepared to fight.
www.prabhupadavani.org /Gita/web/text/GT095.html   (2065 words)

 The Ksatriya Spirit
So amongst the ksatriyas when there is fighting, unless one party is killed, the fighting cannot be stopped.
This is one of the qualifications of ksatriya: not to go away from the fighting.
The ksatriyas, as the ksatriya's business was to give protection to the citizens, similarly, vaisya's duty was to give protection to the animals.
www.krishna.org /Articles/2001/08/006.html   (1003 words)

 Pankaj_Jain's Blog : Varna Vyavastha: Class System of Vedic Society, Pankaj_Jain blogs on sulekha, Religion blogs, ...
Ksatriya was defined as kseeyate traayate iti ksatriya.
Bhagavada Gita also says, "Of brahmins, ksatriyas and vaisyas, as also the sudras, O Arjuna, and the duties are distributed according to the qualities born of their own nature." According to the Hitopades, all mankind is one family.
Janaka, a ksatriya by birth, attained the rank of a brahmin by virtue of his ripe wisdom and saintly character and is considered a rajarishi (king-sage).
www.sulekha.com /blogs/blogdisplay.aspx?cid=3461   (2308 words)

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