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Topic: Kurdistan province

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  Kurdistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As a traditional ethnographic region, Kurdistan is generally held to include the contiguous regions in northern and northeastern Mesopotamia with large Kurdish populations.
Ancient Kurdistan as Khurrite and Guti, north and east of Sumeria, 2000 BC.
The plateaus and mountains of Kurdistan, which are characterized by heavy rainfall and in winter a heavy coat of snow, are a water reservoir for the Near and Middle East.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kurdistan   (2501 words)

 Kurdistan Province (Iran) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kurdistan (Persian: استان کردستان, UniPers: Ostane Kordestan, Kurdish: Parêzgey Kurdistan) is one of the thirty provinces of Iran, not to be confused with the greater geographical area of Iranian Kurdistan.
It is located in the west of Iran and bound by Iraq on the west, the province of west Azerbaijan to its north, Zanjan to the northwest and Kermanshah to the south.
Kurdistan has vast forests and refuges, where many animals and birds live, safely from the harms of the human beings: the leopard, ram, wild goat, hyena, jackal, wolf, fox, sable, wesel and such birds as the partridge, wild duck, stork, parrot and eagle.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kurdistan_Province_(Iran)   (1340 words)

 Kurdistan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
For the Iranian province of Kordestan please Kurdistan (province).
Kurdistan is an area in the Middle East inhabited mainly by the Kurds.
The borders of Kurdistan are hard define as none of the states in acknowledge Kurdistan as a demographic or geographical region.
www.freeglossary.com /Kurdistan   (964 words)

 Iranian Cities & Provinces: Kurdistan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The last census, carried out in 1996, revealed the population of this province to be, 1,346,383 a good number or whom were engaged in rearing livestock mainly sheep and goats, as nomed tribes.
Although the province of Kurdistan has archeological traces which go back to thousands of years BC when the Aryan Kurds first settled in these parts, Sanandaj itself is a rather new city and was built less than 200 years ago.
Kurdistan province succumbed to the Moslem Army circa 642 A.D. and most of the inhabitants accepted Islam which is the predominant religion of the area, today.
www.iranchamber.com /provinces/kurdistan/kurdistan.php   (860 words)

 About IRAN
Covering and area of 28,203 square kilometers, Kurdistan Province is located in the west of Iran in the vicinity of Iraq border.
The cities of the province are Baneh, Bijar, Divandarreh, Saghez, Chorveh, Kamyaran, and Marivan.
Kurdistan Province is entirely a mountainous region that can be divided into two western and eastern sections from topographical points of view which are located in the east and west of Sanandaj.
www.iccim.org /English/Iran/kurdistan   (1182 words)

 KEO - ENVIRONMENT - Mines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Sanandaj, Kurdistan (KM) IRNA reported that over 50,000 land mines have been discovered and dismantled in Kurdistan province over the past two years.
Ali Owsat Hashemi, the security deputy of the Kurdistan province said that some Rls 2.23 billion (9600 Rls = 1 $) was allocated to collecting and dismantling mines throughout the province during the last Iranian year, ended march 20 1999.
Hashemi stressed that kurdistan province was one of the most successful provinces in combating against narcotic drugs smuggling.
www.kurdistanica.com /english/enviro/landmines/mine-debate-04.html   (186 words)

 Ehsan Houshman: Sunni Kurds are like foreigners in Iran (KurdishMedia.com)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Of course, Kurdistan has its own special historical and political backgrounds such as clashes in the early days after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and if deprivation of the region from various aspects is added to these features, one can draw a picture of social, cultural and economic conditions in Kurdistan in one’s mind.
It should be noted that one of the problems facing the present governor general of Kurdistan Province and the pro-reform government is the lack of media coverage of events in the region.
Kurdistan has just come under the control of the law enforcement forces and was no longer a military zone and it is a great historical victory for President Khatami’s Administration and particularly for the governor general of Kurdistan ad above all for the people of the region.
www.kurdmedia.com /articles.asp?id=7636   (2959 words)

 Kurdistan handicrafts
Kurdistan is combined of the word (Kurd) and the suffix of (setan) which means place or location of kurds.
The highest mountain is the Mount Shaho in Marivan in the south of province.
The center (capital) of Kurdistan province is Sanandaj and the important cities in Kurdistan are: Saqqez, Marivan, Qorveh, and Bijar.
www.kurdhandicraft.com /kurdistan.htm   (2961 words)

The former MP of Sanandaj Samadi has accused the conservatives of cheating in the Kurdistan election, but the province governor Dr Ramezanzadeh who is responsible for the vote is a close alley of Khatami and the reformist candidate Dr Jalalizadeh is the editor of Sirwan Kurdish-Persian weekly which enjoys the support of the Khatami establishment.
If he does not introduce such language reforms in Kurdistan during the next 2 years of his presidency, it is expected that he will suffer the same fate in Kurdistan for the election for his second term in office.
The policy of Khatami in Kurdistan was recently summarised by the editor of one of his reformist newspapers Hamidreza Jalaei-pour.
www.kurdistanica.com /english/politics/analysis/analysis-006.html   (2006 words)

 Past Historical
Kurdistan Province in an area of 28235 square kilometers is located in Western Iran and is limited by north to West Azarbaijan and Zanjan provinces, by east to Hamedan and another part of Zanjan, by south to Kermanshah province and by west to Iraq.
Century, the present Kurdistan is not named under this name except in the time of Sultan Sanjar, the last king of the Seljuk dynasty, when this region was called Kurdistanat and the center of which was in the location of
Due to the specific historical status of Kurdistan Province, valuable monuments and buildings are left which are introduced in short.
www.kurdistanmiras.ir /English01/history.htm   (363 words)

 The Kurds and Kurdistan
Kurdistan is both the name of a geographic region and a cultural region in the Middle East named after the Kurds.
Its borders are hard to define, as none of the states in question acknowledge Kurdistan as a demographic or geographic region, but it is generally held to include the regions with large Kurdish populations.
The Kurdistan Province in Iran and the Kurdish Autonomous Region in Iraq are both included in the usual definition of Kurdistan.
www.angelfire.com /blog/kurdistan   (430 words)

 Kurdistan Province - Sanandaj, Baneh, Bijar, Saqqez, Divandarreh, Qorveh, Marivan, Kamyaran
The Province of Kordestan covering an area of 24998 sq kms, it is bounded on the north by the western Azarbayjan, on the south by Kermanshah, on the east by Hamadan and Zanjan, and on the west by Iraq.
The highest mountain is Mt.Shahoo, in Marivan in the south of the province.
The other handicarafts produced in this province are as follows: jajims (fine carpets made of wool or cotton), gelims (rugs made of goats' hair), givehs (light cotton summer shoes needlework, crochetwork, Prayer carpets and regional jewellery.
www.kurdonline.com /city/kurdistan_province.php   (232 words)

 Millennium Eclipse in Kurdistan
Kurdistan will one of the sites for observation of the solar eclipse due to the extent and long duration of the phenomenon.
The Eastern Kurdistan is among the safest regions and most accessible regions to view the eclipse, with numerous historical, artistic, architectural and natural attractions.
The data and the track of eclipse shows that the eclipse overshadows the whole region of southern (and Western) Kurdistan and the eclipse path (the 99% of partial eclipse) overlaps an area equal to the area surrendered by the disputed border between Iraq and Southern Kurdistan.
www.cogsci.ed.ac.uk /~siamakr/Kurdish/KURDICA/1999/JUL/eclipse.html   (1397 words)

 [No title]
This geological province is populated by Sonni Arabs and is located to the west of Zagros fold belt Kurdish province.
This geological province is populated by Shiite Arabs and lies to the west and south of Kurdish Zagros fold belt province and south east of Khleisha uplift geological province.
This geological province is in the west of Mesoptamian fordeep region and south of Khleisha uplift region.
www.cogsci.ed.ac.uk /~siamakr/Kurdish/KURDICA/2003/1/borders.html   (1208 words)

Born in the den of lions (the village of Barzan, the Iraqi occupied part of Kurdistan) in March of 1903, General Barzani was truly a champion of Kurdish revolution.
The Kurdish governor of the sacred Kurdistan province of Kirkuk visits the United States (click here for the photos of the governor's seminar in Dallas, Texas and his meeting with members of the Kurdish American community in the North Texas area).
Kurdistan shall survive and the sadistic monsters who preach hatred and fatwa will be guests at the garbage of history like their master, Saddam Hussein.
www.ekurd.org   (2595 words)

 Pictures of the Kurdistan province - Iran
The Kurdistan Province of Iran is a little bit different from the rest of the country.
There are almost 7 million Kurds in Iran, not only in the Kurdistan province but also in the provinces of Western and Eastern Azerbaijan, Zanjan and Kermanshah.
When traveling in Kurdistan you need to have your camera ready at all times, the landscape is so picturesque, at every corner there is another scene you just have to take a picture of.
www.bamjam.net /Iran/Kurdistan.html   (184 words)

 K U R D I S T A N   B U L L E T I N, Number 4, November 2002
Kurdistan region in Iran being under the complete control of the regime’s thugs can be an easy target of such murderous attacks.
Ghaderi was born in the city of Sardasht (Iranian Kurdistan), and was arrested in 1997 by the regime on the grounds of “becoming member of PDKI”.
Hence, on behalf of PDKI and all the people of this part of Kurdistan, I call upon you that in dialogue with the Islamic Republic officials do not disregard the important aspect of human rights that is related to the fate of millions of Iranians.
www.pdk-iran.org /english/kurdistanbulletin/no4.htm   (5998 words)

 Iran: 22 Post Sassanid Cemeteries Discovered in Kurdistan province
Studies and identifications in the historic areas of Marivan in Kurdistan resulted in discovery of 22 graveyards in this province which are dated to the Islamic era.
Tehran, 3 August 2006 (CHN) -- 22 cemeteries, 11 historic hills, 3 archeological regions, and a number of clay dishes all dating back to the post Sassanid era were found by experts and archeologists in the city of Marivan, Iranian western province of Kurdistan.
The gravestones are different in size and the biggest one is 220 by 30 by 10 cubic centimeters in dimension, comparable to those found in northern Iran," said Ebrahim Zarei, director of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department of Kurdistan province.
www.payvand.com /news/06/aug/1041.html   (246 words)

 Iran: Kurdish Grievances Remain A Thorny Issue
In mid-June, security forces in Mahabad clashed with Kurds who were celebrating the election of Mas'ud Barzani as president of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, and early June celebrations of the selection of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan leader Jalal Talabani as Iraq's president led to clashes in which up to 15 police were injured.
Its National Security and Foreign Policy Committee met on 5 August with the governors-general and parliamentarians from West Azerbaijan and Kurdistan provinces, as well as high-ranking representatives of the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security, and the police.
The committee's rapporteur, Kazem Jalali, told ISNA afterward that one of the factors contributing to the unrest is the comparatively high level of economic development in Kurdish areas of Iraq and Turkey.
www.ekurd.net /mismas/articles/misc2005/8/irankurdistan82.htm   (1552 words)

 Sargon inscription finally decoded, Kurdistan-Iran
The inscription with a relief of a portrait of a king is located east of Tangvar village in Uramanat, Kurdistan.
Mohamad Ebrahim Zarei, head of the Kurdistan branch office of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, says that the inscription consists of 47 lines in cuneiform which had been carved in Assyrian language.
Uramanat region starts in Kurdistan province of Iraq, which is the greenest part of it, and runs to Kermanshah and Kurdistan provinces in Iran
www.ekurd.net /mismas/articles/misc2005/9/irankurdistan98.htm   (302 words)

 EAST OF KURDISTAN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The campaign in Baghdad was key because 90 percent of the incidence of sectarian violence is within a 30 mile radius of the capital, he said.
Rebels of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, previously have sabotaged pipelines as part of their struggle for an autonomous homeland in southeastern Turkey.
The state-run Anatolia news agency said the crash occurred in the eastern province of Van, near the border with Iran, when the bus hit the rear of the truck.
eastkurd.blogspot.com   (4444 words)

 Critical Care | Full text | Epidemiological study of burns in Kurdistan province, Iran
This study was carried out to analyze the epidemiology, mortality, and current etiological factors of burn injuries in Kurdistan province in order to develop effective burn prevention programs.
During 6 years (1994–2000), 874 patients were admitted to the burn unit of Tohid hospital affiliated to the Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences.
Data were obtained by analysis of the medical records of hospitalized patients included age, sex, percentage of burn in terms of body surface, etiology, and the outcome of treatment.
ccforum.com /content/5/S1/P170   (389 words)

 Kurdish Editor in Iran summoned to Court (KurdishMedia.com)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Dr Jalal Jalalizadeh, the managing director of Sirwan and the head of the newly formed Kurdistan Islamic Participation Front (KIPF) in Sanandaj, last week received the summon which was issued by the branch 1410 court in Tehran and signed by Mortazavi.
Rahimi who was a Shiite Kurd from Ilam province was replaced by another Shiite Kurd from Bijar-e Garrus in Kurdistan province after the victory of Khatami.
The chain murders of Kurdish clerics in Iran started in 1993 when the influential religious leader of Sanandaj and Kurdistan province, Molla Ahmad Moftizadeh was killed in 1993 after spending his last years of life in prison and being tortured.
www.kurdmedia.com /articles.asp?id=7907   (550 words)

 Over 225,000 Tourists Visit Kurdistan
Several bazaars including Bashmaq in Marivan, Siranband in Baneh as well as natural sites and historical regions in Sanandaj are the major tourist attraction of the province.
The mild climates of the region, regional traditions, religious ceremonies and local costumes have created a good ground to boost the local tourism industry.
The province is regarded as one of the main tourist poles in western Iran.
www.mehrnews.com /en/NewsDetail.aspx?NewsID=35276   (127 words)

 [No title]
Prior to the Lausanne Treaty, on February 6, 1922, Mustafa Kemal instructed the commander of El-Cizre to establish a Kurdistan province.
And, immediately afterwards, on February 10, 1922, he introduced to the National Assembly a draft of a proposed law comprised of 19 articles related to the would-be Kurdistan Province and its Assembly.
In 1959, forty-nine Kurdish intellectuals (from Turkish Kurdistan) were arrested and imprisoned for protesting the anti-Kurdish remarks of a Turkish parliamentarian, Asim Eren, of Nigde province.
www.kurdistan.org /Leyla/defense.html   (7356 words)

 General commercial shutdown in Iranian Kurdistan
In response to the continuing escalation of repression in the Kurdish areas of Iran a general commercial shutdown involving a wide range of shops and businesses was organised on Sunday 7 August.
The shutdown follows protests by Kurds and the dictatorship's brutal and punitive retaliation against them over the past month in much of Iranian Kurdistan and other Kurdish towns (that are officially outside Kurdistan province).
In the absence of any large scale solidarity from Kurds in other countries and Iranian workers outside Kurdistan, and given the shortcomings of the current Kurdish leadership, the general commercial shutdown was all that the masses could achieve at this point.
www.marxist.com /shutdown-iran-kurdistan090805.htm   (754 words)

 Amrakurd.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
A Legislative Assembly was established in the city of Arbil relating to Authority over the Kurdish populated province of Arbil, Dahuk and As Sulaymaniyah.
Kurdistan in a mainly agricultural province that produces grains, rice, fruits, etc. Natural water sources are available in all areas in abundent quantities
Our Erbil, Kurdistan office opened in 2005 and has a full time staff ready to serve you and supply you with any information concerning AmraKurd and Opportunities in the Kurdistan Region.
www.amrakurd.com /index.html   (258 words)

 19-9-01-opinion-kdpi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Abdullah Ramazanzadeh, the appointed governor of Kurdistan province in
Kurdistan is only referring to the lowered scale of armed confrontation between the
In Kurdistan, conditions in all aspects are relatively worse: unemployment,
mywebpage.netscape.com /kurdistanobserve/19-9-01-opinion-kdpi.html   (1289 words)

 Kurdawary.tk :: Sanandaj ::
Sanandaj - Capital of Kurdistan province, Iran The capital of the craggy mountainous province of Kurdistan at an elevation of 4,990 feet (1,521 m), was built on the site of the old Sinneh which was the capital of Kurdistan Province in the Middle Ages.
It was also the site of a fortress built by the Abbasid Caliph Amin, but there does not appear to be anything left of old Sanandaj.
Today, Sanandaj is a busy town of mainly Kurdish inhabitants and a center for the region's trade in agricultural produce as well as local crafts including the famous Senneh klims.
www.geocities.com /kurdawarypictures/sanandaj.htm   (387 words)

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