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Topic: Kwin

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In the News (Tue 23 Oct 18)

  Mosfet's Kicker and KWin
KWin is a brand new window manager being developed for KDE2.0 and replaces the KWM manager currently supplied with KDE.
KWin allows plugins to take care of all this, so by itself it can remain a very small and optimized window manager while still allowing for the user to select all the features he/she wants.
KWin can then load the features the user wants dynamically, while features the user never will use can remain on disk or even be deleted completely.
www.mosfet.org /kwin   (955 words)

 The Road to KDE 4: KWin Composite Brings Bling to KDE
KWin, KDE's window manager, has been around since KDE 2.0 (replacing KWM in KDE 1.x) and has grown to be a mature and stable window manager over the years.
KWin has implemented effects in a way that allows a number of different rendering methods to be used, depending on your specific combination of hardware and drivers.
KWin promises to ensure that KDE get the graphical boost it needs to keep the eye-candy folks happy, while providing new and usable features for the desktop environment that would not have otherwise been possible.
dot.kde.org /1180541665   (4592 words)

  On KWin wobbling and such stuff | www.kdedevelopers.org
As some might have noticed, KWin is supposed to get compositing support, allowing a wider range of various effects and replacing KDE3.x's separate kompmgr (developed by Thomas L├╝bking, based on the original xcompmgr, and according to e.g.
This is in line with today's general belief that compositing managers should not be separate but part of window managers, as it allows for example better syncronization of effects and their wider range (and it will also allow us to get rid of the plain C that kompmgr is, bleh).
KWin seems to be in need of somebody who will design the system for graphical effects and code it.
www.kdedevelopers.org /node/2172   (772 words)

 Tag » Kwin
KWin has a very flexible theming mechanism, because all decorations are...
Kwin soporta "estilos" intercambiables, los cuales controlan no solo su...
KWin In Unix computing, KWin is a window manager for the X Window System.
ummyeah.com /tag/kwin   (222 words)

 Sometimes it is All in the Genes - Part I - Case Study Collection - National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science
"What would that entail, Dr. Kwin?" While Nancy believed Dr. Kwin wouldn't ask her to do anything that wasn't a good idea, she never said yes to anything until she had all the information.
Kwin began to explain, "Well, as you know, PBH is a research and teaching hospital.
Kwin went on to explain, "CF is one of the most common genetic disorders among Americans of European descent.
www.sciencecases.org /cystic_fibrosis/cystic_fibrosis1.asp   (746 words)

 AudioStreet.Net - Kwin MD
Kwin MD has not posted any blogs at this time.
No members have beed added to Kwin MD's friends list yet.
Be the first to post a comment »
www.audiostreet.net /profile.aspx?profileid=28368   (29 words)

 rikkus.info - Theming the KDE window manager
kwin is a pure window manager in the sense that it does not handle extra desktop apparatus such as icons, docks, pagers etc. This means that the only part of the visual appearance that can be themed via a kwin theme is the client border.
You will want to be able to read user configuration from kwin, so you need to include headers from kwin and link your client with the kwin library.
The usual reason for this is that drkonqi is trying to start to tell you that kwin is dead, but kwin is dead (though still running) and everything just locks up.
rikkus.info /kwin-style-tutorial.html   (1527 words)

 HOWTO: KWin Window Manager Decorations
KWin has a very flexible theming mechanism, because all decorations are ultimately plugins to the window manager.
KWin also needs to know where the mouse cursor is logically oriented in the window.
The expected behavior for KWin maximize buttons is to maximize horizontally if the right button is pressed, maximize vertically if the middle button is pressed, and maximize fully if the left button was pressed.
www.usermode.org /docs/kwintheme.html   (4101 words)

 IceWM themes and Kwin - Ubuntu Forums
IceWM and KWin are two different window managers.
Who knows, they might not be KWin features but KDE features instead.
While I am not sure whether it is actually Kwin which handles the themes, it should be possible to select iceWM themes installed on a KDE box simply from the 'Window Decorations' menu.
www.ubuntuforums.org /showthread.php?t=133952   (645 words)

 Clearlooks Kwin Idea/request/thing. - Ubuntu Forums
While looking at screens of clearlooks 2, I decided that I really like the way that it's shaping up.
I was wondering how many people would be interested in a lookalike Kwin theme that took advantage of fun kwin options like dynamically assinged buttons or animated ligting on the buttons?
I have no experence with Kwin or metacity coding, but I would attempt to plow through it if there was enough interest.
www.ubuntuforums.org /showthread.php?goto=lastpost&t=118425   (407 words)

 kwin - CIA.vc
Stats » Projects » KDE »; kdebase » kwin
fix possible kwin crash on dcop call, if no kompmgr is running
The CIA.vc server is Copyright © 2003-2007 Micah Dowty, and released under the GNU GPL.
cia.vc /stats/project/kde/kdebase/kwin   (292 words)

 Using A Wm Other Than Kwin In Kde - SuSE Linux Forums
Not sure what you mean by the default kwin but, you can use other window managers besides KDE.
there is a wm that KDE uses by default: kwin, I have been told that it is possible to use say enlightenment as the Window Manager within a KDE session.
This helps, I gather from the last response that flbox or fluxbox would be the best for me, since that is what i have been using in the past.
forums.suselinuxsupport.de /index.php?showtopic=6728   (932 words)

 Kazakhstan Women's Information Network (KWIN)
We are women from 8 female NGOs from different locales of Kazakhstan, which came to the necessity of joint cooperation and operating in a uniform information space with the purpose of lobbying concerns of the Women.
Step #3: Renderings of primary technical support regional women's NGO by payment of the lease of computer time for the local providers (for the period of 6 months).
The 2nd Meeting of the representatives of KWIN.
www.friends-partners.org /CCSI/announce/kwin.htm   (518 words)

 CD Baby: KWIN MD AKA MEDICINE MAN: Step Into My Office...
Kwin MD has evolved a lot since November 2000 when this came out.
Before He came out, the lyrics that are on this CD were acceptable to say for white rappers.
But now Kwin MD does not rap like this anymore.
cdbaby.com /cd/kwinmd   (192 words)

 KWin - Gentoo Linux Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: )
KWin is a standard window manager that currently ships with KDE 3.5.
A version scheduled to ship with KDE 4 will contain GL compositing features usable with AIGLX, XGL, or proprietary drivers.
This page was last modified 10:51, 15 February 2007.
www.gentoo-wiki.com /KWin   (55 words)

Kwin's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog]
hey man! I didn't recognize the "kwin" at first, and when I looked, none of your pictures worked except for one of the back of your head, but I saw tram's comment and "-your sis" and figured it out, haha.
kwin, we've talked to you about tenses- invitations need to happen BEFORE the event!
www.myspace.com /kwin_vu   (585 words)

 Kwin's Family   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although Kwin spent last winter out of the show ring and in harness, his sisters were on the move!
Kwin's sister Madisen takes Best in Sweeps at the Siberian Husky Club of Greater Phoenix Specialty!
Kwin's sister Kiva picks up her 3rd major at 15 months old, taking BOW at the Siberian Husky Club of Greater Oklahoma City Specialty.
www.kaylenbergsiberians.com /KwinFamily.htm   (69 words)

 Nabble - kwin forum & mailing list archive   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This forum is an archive for the mailing list: kwin@kde.org (mailing list options).
Kwin, NET API, kwin styles API, kwin modules API
[Bug 145551] New: kwin crash on "switch to next screen" shortcut when other screen is currently unavailable by Jakub Dolejsek
www.nabble.com /kwin-f6409.html   (496 words)

 KWin - Gentoo Linux Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: )
KWin is a standard window manager that currently ships with KDE 3.5.
A version scheduled to ship with KDE 4 will contain GL compositing features usable with AIGLX, XGL, or proprietary drivers.
This page was last modified 10:51, 15 February 2007.
gentoo-wiki.com /KWin   (55 words)

 LWN: [Kde-announce-apps] KWin remember button 0.1
Name: KWin remember button Version: 0.1 Type: KDE Improvement Depend: KDE 3.5.x License: GPL Homepage: http://ktown.kde.org/~seli/kwin_remember/ More Info: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=41362 Description: Patch for KDE3.5.3 that implements a remember titlebar button.
KWin already has window-specific settings (in Alt+F3/Advanced or Alt+F3/Configure) that make it possible to set up remembering various properties of specific windows.
It also may be necessary to first go to decoration configuration and enable the button.
lwn.net /Articles/193556   (153 words)

 InsanelyMac Forum > kwin/Gnome & XGL/Compiz?
My intent is to run kwin on some applications like XawTV, Google Earth, Cedega/games, and VLC.
It was pointed out to me that kwin/KDE will be able to do this but I'm using Gnome and haven't found a clear cut way to do so.
I am able to finally run kwin in Gnome by just issuing a "kwin --replace" command in terminal.
forum.insanelymac.com /lofiversion/index.php/t23033.html   (1203 words)

 Gentoo-Portage - Search Results   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A native KWin window decoration for KDE 3.2.x
A native KWin window decoration for KDE 3.2.
A native KWin window decoration for KDE 3.x.
gentoo-portage.com /Search?search=kwin   (80 words)

 YouTube - Ceasar Chavez High Honor Choir performs at KWIN! Part 2
Join YouTube for a free account, or Login if you are already a member.
KWIN Christmas Extravaganza continues with the Ceasar Chavez High School Honor Choir performing at KWIN!
KWIN Teaches Frankie J How to Ghost Ride the Whip - KWIN.com
youtube.com /?v=v_E8UFjsgfo   (137 words)

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