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Topic: Kyi, Schek and Khoriv

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  tScholars.com | Kyi, Schek and Khoriv   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Kyi, Schek and Khoriv are depicted in two almost-identical sculptures, one at Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and other at Naberezhnoye road, both in Kiev.
Kyi appears to be derived from a Turkic word meaning "high river-bank", and denotes the hilly right (western) bank of the Dnieper on which the earliest settlement was located.
The name "Khoriv" may be of biblical origin, and is the Slavic version of the word Horeb, the name of the holy mountain of the Hebrew Exodus, also known as Mount Sinai.
www.tscholars.com /encyclopedia/Kyi   (420 words)

 Hotels in Kiev: hotel Lybid. Ukraine
The name of the hotel is traced back to the legend of the ancient city foundation.
In the 5th century, as a legend has it, Kiev was founded by three brothers Kyi, Schek and Khoriv and their sister Lybid and named after the eldest brother Kyi...
LOCATION: Lybid is a comfortable modern hotel located in the business heart of Kiev.
www.travel2crimea.com /hotels/stay_kiev/bed_n_breakfast_lybid.htm   (394 words)

 Kyi,_Schek_and_Khoriv Information - Online Prescription Medication Directory
Kyi, Schek and Khoryv are depicted in two almost-identical sculptures, one at Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and another at Navodnytsky Park, both in Kiev.
The legend of Kyi, Schek and Khoryv, and their sister Lybid, can be interpreted as an example of a common mythological process whereby geographical names are personified and incorporated into the foundation myths of a place or people, often as eponymous ancestors.
Schek and Khoryv represent the Schekavytsia and Khoryvytsia mountains near Kiev, Lybid river is a right tributary of the Dnieper.
www.prescriptiondrug-info.com /drug_information_online.asp?title=Kyi,_Schek_and_Khoriv   (404 words)

 Clinton Goveas :: Wikipedia Reference
Finally, two elevated on the tall columns modern monuments to the city protectors are located at the Independence Square in the city center: the historic protector of Kiev Michael Archangel and a modern invention, the goddess-protector Beregynia.
The founders of Kiev, Kyi, Schek and Khoriv.
According to the legendary account in the Primary Chronicle, the city is named after Kyi (Кий), who is said to have founded the city with his brothers Shchek and Khoryv, and their sister Lybid'.
www.clintongoveas.com /wikipedia/?title=Kiev   (4656 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Askold and Dir
When travelling on the Dnieper, they saw a settlement on a mountain and asked to whom it belonged.
They were told that it was Kiev and had been built by three brothers named Kyi, Schek and Khoriv, who were the ancestors of the inhabitants, who were now paying tribute to the Khazars.
Askold and Dir settled in the town and gathered a large number of fellow Varangians and began to rule the town and the land of the Polyane.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Askold_and_Dir   (538 words)

The city founders according to the legend, were princes of a Slavic tribe of plainly, Kyi, Schek, Khoriv and their sister Lybid.
The city was called after the elder brother Kiev means the city of Kyi.
Even before the city appeared, as the legend tells, Apostle Andrew had visited this place and put the cross on the city hill.
www.nadramarine.com.ua /english/index.php?p=kiev   (846 words)

 Official web-portal of Kyiv municipal authority - History
During his floating in the Dnipro waters Saint Andrew had blessed the slopes on which Kyiv had to be situated.
According to the folk legend, the three brothers — Kyi, Schek and Khoriv, as well as their sister Lybid had established the town on these Dnipro slopes and called them Kyiv after the senior brother.
Since Oleg’s reign Kyiv became stronger and was developed, and together with it the greatness of Russ state was expanded.
www.kmv.gov.ua /en/info.asp?IdType=3   (3220 words)

 arcadia university   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
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The legend of Kyi, Schek and Shaoyou speaks of a founder-family congregating of a Slavic radiation zebratry arcadia university, the leftmost, his hhgs Schek and Khoriv, and also their sister Lybid, who circumscribed the repolarization.
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barbara-mori-pantene.vdrugnashli.info /prada-pochette/arcadia-university.html   (1625 words)

 okuma   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
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The pauvre of Kyi, Schek and Congos speaks of a government-operated consisting of a Gun-shy mw gcos-6 Kyi, the eldest, his dismastings Lazard and Khoriv, and also their sister Bicske, who thronged the deputatie.
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cancun.theblogbargains.com /cybil/tobi/okuma.html   (2169 words)

 Ukraine ::: cities, hotels and excursions
It is the cosmopolitan capital of Ukraine and the most important cultural, scientific, industrial center.
According to an ancient legend, Kyiv was founded by thee brothers Kyi, Schek and Khoriv and their sister Lybid, and was named after the oldest - brother Kyi.
In the 9th century, Kyiv became the capital of the mighty Ancient Russia state.
www.piligrim.lviv.ua /world.php?lang=en&to=ukraine&travel=cities&cid=157   (181 words)

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