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In the News (Wed 19 Dec 18)

  Animals - Giant Pandas
Lun Lun was renamed by a Taiwanese rock star, Su Huilun, who "adopted" her at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.
Lun Lun was separated from her mother at 4 ½ months of age.
Lun Lun is considered to be a strikingly beautiful panda because her cheeks are very round and fluffy.
www.zooatlanta.org /animals_giant_panda.htm   (254 words)

 Desmond Lun   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Lun, M. Médard, R. Koetter, and M. Effros.
Lun, P. Pakzad, C. Fragouli, M. Médard, and R. Koetter.
Lun, N. Ratnakar, R. Koetter, M. Médard, E. Ahmed, and H. Lee.
www.broad.mit.edu /personal/dlun   (543 words)

 Sima Lun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During the early reign of Emepror Hui, Sima Lun was in charge of the military command of Qin (秦州, modern eastern Gansu) and Yong (雍州, modern central and northern Shaanxi) Provinces, but his misgovernance contributed to conditions where the Di and the Qiang rebelled under the Di chief Qi Wannian (齊萬年).
Sima Lun and Sun were recalled to the capital Luoyang, where he flattered Empress Hui's Empress Jia Nanfeng and became trusted by her.
Sima Lun was persuaded to join the conspiracy, but Sun had another plan for him: instead encourage Empress Jia to assassinate the crown prince in exile, and then use the assassination as the excuse to overthrow her.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sima_Lun   (722 words)

 LUN - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In computer storage, a logical unit number or LUN is an address for an individual disk drive and by extension, the disk device itself.
Today, LUNs are normally not entire disk drives but rather virtual partitions (or volumes) of a RAID set.
In SCSI, LUNs are addressed in conjunction with the controller ID of the host bus adapter, the target ID of the storage array, and an optional (and no longer common) slice ID.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/LUN   (200 words)

 What is LUN masking?
LUN (Logical Unit Number) Masking is an authorization process that makes a LUN available to some hosts and unavailable to other hosts.
LUN Masking implemented at this level is vulnerable to any attack that compromises the HBA.
LUN Masking is important because Windows based servers attempt to write volume labels to all available LUN's.
www.sansecurity.com /faq/lun-masking.shtml   (125 words)

 Union County Obituaries LUN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
All five of his children are believed to survive him: Andrew O. Lun Jr., for a number of years a member of the United States army flying service and stationed at Mitchell field, Long island, New York; Mrs.
Lun was a native of Norway and was born in the city of Porsgerund, Norway.
Lun was a zealous and repsected member, took charge of the body and showed great kindness during Mrs.
www.usgennet.org /usa/or/county/union1/lunobits.htm   (416 words)

 Lun Class Ekranoplane - Project 903
In 1989 the missile launcher ekranoplane "Lun" (about 400 tons) was enlisted in the Navy.
In 1989, after the tragic accident on nuclear submarine "Komsomolets" where 42 mariners died, the decision was made to re-equipment the second "Lun", being at that time under construction, into a search-and-rescue maritime ekranoplane "Spasatel".
A considerable part of the work had already been accomplished by the time of the breakup of the Soviet Union, followin which there was a drastic reduction of the budget of the Russian Navy.
www.fas.org /man/dod-101/sys/ship/row/rus/903.htm   (481 words)

 Lun Tsai   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Because he was an officer, he had the access to lots of resources, including money and human resources, for papermaking research.
In China, before Tsai, Lun, books were made of bamboo, which were heavy and clumsy.
Tsai, Lun improved the technology of making paper from sesame fiber.
www.sjsu.edu /depts/Museum/tsailun.html   (272 words)

 Shichun Lun, PhD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Lun S, Perez-Casal J, Connor W, Willson PJ.
Persson Waller K, Colditz IG, Lun S, Ostensson K. Cytokines in mammary lymph and milk during endotoxin-induced bovine mastitis.
Total and differential leukocyte counts and immunoglobulin isotype profiling in stripping milk during endotoxin-induced mastitis in cows.
www.hopkinsmedicine.org /DOM/TB_Lab/students_staff/lun.html   (367 words)

 Cloning and Characterization of LUN, a Novel RING Finger Protein That Is Highly Expressed in Lung and Specifically ...
Cloning and Characterization of LUN, a Novel RING Finger Protein That Is Highly Expressed in Lung and Specifically Binds to a Palindromic Sequence -- Chu et al.
We isolated cDNAs encoding a novel RING finger protein (LUN), the mRNAs of which were expressed at high levels in the lung.
to 374 of LUN is responsible for DNA binding.
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/abstract/276/17/14004   (522 words)

 What is LUN? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Each target can accommodate up to eight other devices, known as logical units, and each is assigned an LUN.
Commands that are sent to the SCSI controller identify devices based on their LUNs.
Includes news items, white papers, articles and specifications, as well as an area with answers to technical questions about the SCSI interface.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/L/LUN.html   (201 words)

 HP StorageWorks LUN Configuration & Security Manager XP Software - Overview & features   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Provides the essential LUN management and data security capabilities for XP disk arrays.
HP StorageWorks LUN Configuration and Security Manager XP provides convenient LUN management as well as data security for the XP12000, XP10000, XP1024, and XP128 disk arrays.
LUN management: Add and delete paths, configure Fibre Channel ports, create or release expanded LUNs, configure custom volume sizes, perform configuration changes on line.
www.hp.com /products1/storage/products/disk_arrays/xpstoragesw/lunconfiguration_security/index.html   (265 words)

 showcraft   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The first Lun was designed and built as a missile launching strike craft.
The second Lun was under construction during the collapse of the Soviet Union and work stopped.
The design of the Lun is very similar to the KM (Casp A), but it is smaller, has a low wing and no fin mounted engines.
www.se-technology.com /wig/html/main.php?open=showcraft&code=0&craft=26   (171 words)

 LiveScience.com Blogs »Blog Archive » Lun Lun the Panda Has Her First Cub
Lun Lun the Panda Has Her First Cub
The baby’s sex is not known, and might not be for weeks, until Lun Lun lets zookeepers get a look at it.
Our giant panda curator team and the Zoo Atlanta veterinary team are closely monitoring Lun Lun for a potential second birth.
www.livescience.com /blogs/2006/09/06/lun-lun-the-panda-has-her-first-cub   (413 words)

 Cai Lun - Search Results - ninemsn Encarta
Cai Lun - Search Results - ninemsn Encarta
Cai Lun, Chinese courtier to the emperor Hedi (or Ho Ti), and reputed to be the inventor of paper.
Help with Spanish, French, German, and Italian homework.
au.encarta.msn.com /Cai_Lun.html   (44 words)

 Lun Bawang Father's Love Letter
Lun Bawang is spoken by some 25,000 plus people an Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.
We have the Lun Bawang Father's Love Letter translation available as a HTML text file.
We would like to find ministry partners that work in the Lun Bawang language to help us possibly produce and distribute other media formats of Father's Love Letter wherever Lun Bawang is spoken.
www.fathersloveletter.com /Lun_Bawang   (169 words)

 U Lun Gywe Art Paintings Print: PicassoMio.com Gallery
Burmese contemporary master artist, U Lun Gywe paints in an IMPRESSIONIST style and is often regarded as the greatest living master of Burmese paintings.
He graduated from the Art Institute of Teacher's Training and continued his studies under famous artists such as U Thet Win, U Chit Maung, U San Win, U Thein Han and U Ngwe Gaing.
U Lun Gywe is a master with colours, often in an impressionistic manner, and is particularly fond of painting the beauty of women.
www.picassomio.com /ULunGywe   (259 words)

 Animals - panda cam
Panda cam is currently featuring Lun Lun and her female cub, born on September 6, 2006 at 4:51 P.M. (read the full story).
Yang Yang, the father, while not currently seen on panda cam, is doing well and can be found in his habitats at the Zoo.
See Lun Lun and her cub at the Zoo too!
www.zooatlanta.org /animals_panda_cam.htm   (104 words)

 Confucius MAIN MENU
This site contains the Lun Yu (499 sayings of Confucius) in 23 languages and a varying amount of other Confucius related contents for each language.
A Selected Verse of The Lun Yu Full Text of The Lun Yu (499 sayings)
A Selected Verse of The Lun Yu Mencius, Book VI Kao Tzu, II.
www.confucius.org /main01.htm   (697 words)

 YouTube - KE YU LUN::LING
Alan Ke You Lun- Ku Xiao Bu De & Ling
Jay Chou Hero Skit with Liu Geng Hong & Ke You Lun
Alan Ke You Lun - De Mood Jewellery Ad
www.youtube.com /watch?v=qpxZPdV-ECI   (205 words)

 LinkedIn: Erwin van Lun
View the full profile of Erwin van Lun
See who you and Erwin van Lun know in common
See which of your LinkedIn connections can introduce you to Erwin.
www.linkedin.com /in/erwinvanlun   (254 words)

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