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Topic: Labor (Israel)

    Note: these results are not from the primary (high quality) database. Labor Party in Israel Selects Dove as Leader
Labor, which according to its tradition is socially liberal and more inclined than Likud to negotiations with the Palestinians, was also the largest member in Sharon's parliamentary coalition.
Although Ben-Eliezer criticized his inexperience, Mitzna appealed to Labor's rank and file by claiming loyalty to the legacy of Yitzhak Rabin, the assassinated Labor leader and prime minister who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in crafting the 1993 Oslo peace accords.
With polls showing Labor trailing badly in the January general election campaign, the key question for many voters -- and one that Mitzna has avoided answering directly -- is whether the party would join Likud again in a national unity government. /ac2/wp-dyn/A12403-2002Nov19?language=printer

 labor party praxis
Israel is the sole nuclear power in the region, has biological and chemical weapons besides, and with the support of the U.S., that arms and funds Israel, it has violated dozens of U.N. resolutions.
They hide the facts that it is Israel and the United States that are responsible for this tragedy by continuing to arm and fund mercenaries and militias in the South.
Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the Black man shaking hands with American Secretary of State Colin Powell, capitulating to U.S. imperialism, and thus to the Zionist garrison state ("Israel"). /sudan.html

The Labor Party traditionally advocates a more compromising position on the disputed territories to facilitate peace agreements between Israel and her Arab neighbors than both the Likud and the religious parties.
Labor generally does not subscribe to the belief that Israel must keep all of what comprised "Biblical Israel" and believes in exchanging land populated with Palestinians that it deems not vital to Israel's security.
Labor has its roots in Zionist-Socialist movements that sprung up in Europe and in Palestine before Israel's creation in 1948. /accords/israel.html

 Israel's Collapsing Labor Party - Middle East Quarterly - September 1995
Labor's festering split erupted finally into an acute, perhaps terminal crisis in March 1994, when Haim Ramon, the minister of health, resigned from the government and campaigned to head the Histadrut, an act that resulted in his expulsion from the Labor Party.
Labor politicians heaped abuse on Ramon, saying "his moves will harm the peace process," which, as leading Labor politician Ephraim Sneh added, is tantamount to the annihilation of the Labor Party.
Ramon is directly challenging the very existence of the party apparatus, for as soon as he got into office at the Histadrut, he struck hard, selling off large sectors of the organization (including its daily newspaper, Davar), and transforming it from a statist-entrepreneur to a pure labor union. /article/262

 Israel Elections 2003 - Ami Isseroff
However, the current leadership of the Labor party cannot very well criticize the mess that it helped to make, and in Israel, as always, it is easy to turn all eyes to the "security" issue at the expense of all else.
Labor party head and current Defense Minister Benjamin ("Fuad") Ben Eliezer resigned in order to put himself in a better position to remain number one in the Labor party, in the face of challenges by more dovish Haim Ramon and Amram Mitzna in the coming primaries.
Labor would certainly have a good case to take to the electorate in the miserable performance of this government regarding the economy as well as the handling of the Intifada. /israelelections2003.htm

 Arutz Sheva - Israel National News
After all, this is the same Labor party that imposed the Oslo Accords upon Israel anti-democratically and then turned the country into the Valley of the Shadow of Death.
By 1996, the Labor party had produced such a disaster with its mindless Oslo initiative that even the enormous upsurge of sympathy for it after the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin could not save it from electoral collapse.
After inviting Labor to re-enter the government ruling coalitions in the 1980s, Shamir displayed such complete incompetence that in 1992 the Labor party was re-elected. /article.php3?id=4577

 The Labor Party
Labor is the dominant left-of-center party in Israel.
Israel's peace policy is based on the reconciliation between both peoples and their readiness to live in respect of mutual rights to self-determination and statehood, and on the superior deterrent capability and strength of the IDF.
Labor maintains that government must act with social responsibility, recognizing that the provision of education, health and other social services, cannot be guaranteed by the market place. /jsource/Politics/labor.html

 Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handbook Series / Israel / Appendix B
Nevertheless, Mapai became the dominant party in the Yishuv and later in Israel; after 1968 it was the dominant faction in the Labor Party.
From the founding of the state in 1948 to 1977, the NRP (or its predecessors) was the ally of the Labor Party (or its predecessors) in forming Labor-led coalition governments; in return the NRP was awarded control of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
The formation of the Labor Party in 1968 caused Mapam to reverse its previous opposition to unity among Labor Zionist parties and to join an electoral alliance (Maarakh--Alignment) with the Labor Party in 1969. /frd/cs/israel/il_appnb.html - Israel's Labor Party chooses new leader
In Israel's fractious parliament, coalition governments are inevitable, and Sharon has said that if he becomes prime minister again, he would again invite Labor to be part of the government.
JERUSALEM (AP) — Amram Mitzna, an ex-general and a newcomer to national politics, was easily elected leader of Israel's Labor Party, but he and his party will be underdogs against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Likud party in upcoming general elections.
Labor withdrew last month from Sharon's "national unity" government over the issue of funding for Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, a move that brought the government down and led to the early elections. /news/world/2002-11-19-israel-politics_x.htm

 CNN - Israel's Labor party to elect new leader - June 3, 1997
JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israel's Labor party was poised Tuesday to elect former army chief Ehud Barak to succeed Shimon Peres as leader of the main opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing government.
Barak's main challenger for Labor chief is Peres protege Yossi Beilin, who helped orchestrate secret meetings with the Palestinians in 1993 that led to the autonomy agreements at the center of the Mideast peace process.
"The Labor party has gotten back up on its feet, and a journey has begun which is perhaps long but which will in the end return us to leading the country," he said. /WORLD/9706/03/israel

 israelinsider: politics: After four months of Labor pains, Ben-Eliezer emerges as party chairman
Labor Party members questioned not if, but when would Ben-Eliezer call on the party to leave the coalition, and prepare it as an alternative to the Likud-led government.
Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer was elected as Labor Party Chairman, after he handily won a majority of the ballots cast Wednesday in a revote in 51 disputed polling stations.
Burg had called on the party to leave the government, charging that by its presence, Labor gave harsh policies against the Palestinians a measure of justification. /channels/politics/articles/pol_0091.htm

 Labor Party and Settlements
Israel's Labor Party and the Settlements: 1967- 1977
However the Labor Party, which had led the Israeli government from the country's birth and continued to lead for the decade following the 1967 war, was not altogether innocent.
In 1968, Eliav wrote a radical pamphlet called "New Targets for Israel." In it, he urged Israel to view the newly won territories as a surety for peace and security, not as an object for annexation. /chrstian_zionism_2.htm - Israel's Labor Party to choose leader - Nov. 19, 2002
Haifa mayor Amran Mitzna is favored to lead the Labor Party into Israel's January parliamentary election, according to a poll released the day before the vote.
The Labor Party was a member of Sharon's national unity government until late October when Labor Party members bolted and voted against Sharon's new budget.
Labor leaders wanted some of the $150 million budgeted for Jewish settlements in the West Bank to be diverted to social programs. /2002/WORLD/meast/11/18/israel.politics - Israel's Labor chief: Party willing to join Sharon - Dec 2, 2004
JERUSALEM (CNN) -- The head of Israel's opposition Labor Party signaled Thursday that his party is willing to join a unity government with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon because it backs his plan to pull out of Gaza and parts of the West Bank.
"Labor is for a national union government because we think that the year of 2005 shouldn't be spent on internal skirmishes of the parties or elections in the nation.
While Wednesday's developments appeared to be a revolt by Shinui, political analysts in Israel were speculating that Sharon, a former general and acknowledged master tactician, provoked the backlash from Shinui to put pressure on the Central Committee of his Likud party. /2004/WORLD/meast/12/02/israel.government

 Will Israel lurch to the right?
ISRAEL’S LABOR Party pulled out of the government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in late October, forcing him to call early elections for January.
But don’t hold your breath waiting for the Labor Party to challenge Israel’s massive military spending--$8.5 billion during the past 10 months alone--to maintain its grip on the West Bank and Gaza.
The Labor Party bolted from the government in order to appeal to poor and working-class voters--in the desperate hope of winning votes away from Likud, which could nearly double its seats in the elections, according to polls. /2002-2/430/430_05_Israel.shtml - Israel's Labor Party leader resigns - May. 4, 2003
Israel's Labor Party chief -- who led the opposition during the worst electoral defeat in its 55-year history -- resigned Sunday, blaming internal squabbles among party leaders.
In that election, the Labor Party won only 19 seats in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament -- a marked drop from the 26 seats it had won in 1999.
Amram Mitzna, former mayor of the northern port city of Haifa, was elected party chairman in November. /2003/WORLD/meast/05/04/israel.laborparty

 U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel C. Kurtzer - At Israel Labor Party Headquarters
In parallel, Israel was urged to release prisoners, to begin the dismantlement of all unauthorized outposts, and to undertake specific measures on the ground: to ease Palestinian living conditions, such as removing road blocks, and ending closures and curfews.
This is as you know the Labor Day weekend in the United States when most of us are on vacation, and it is something that I would include on the seder hayom of the Labor Party for this weekend.
A vision of two states, Israel and Palestine living side-by-side in peace and security. /publish/mission/amb/090103.html

For the first 30 years of the Jewish state, Labor was nearly synonymous with Israel, controlling the government, the Histadrut Trade Union, the industrial base, the health care organization and the main supermarket chain.
Israel should not risk its soldiers’ lives “for the avocados of Netzarim or the lettuce of Kfar Darom,” Ramon said at the Central Committee meeting.
Shimon Peres, left, confers with then-newly elected Labor Party leader Benjamin Ben-Eliezer at a party meeting in December. /story.asp?id=020520-suss

With the Labor party struggling for survival, its members decided that the party’s only chance to recover was to ensure that it developed a unique policy alternative, and thus regain their political identity--even if that meant spending four years in opposition.
Although Ben-Eliezer did pull Labor out of the coalition in November 2002, it was clearly a move he was forced into taking, as he was trailing in the upcoming Labor party primaries (only a few weeks away) and the majority of Labor voters disagreed with Ben-Eliezer’s strategy.
The party’s leader was given the number 5 spot on the Meretz list, thus virtually guaranteeing him a seat in the Knesset, whereas had the party run alone, it was unlikely to have passed the 1.5 percent threshold. /journal/2003/issue1/jv7n1a7.html

 National Committee for Labor Israel - Israel Histadrut Campaign
In partnership with the American labor movement and Jewish communities, we provide vital support for the vision and the institutions that gave birth to the State of Israel.
The National Committee for Labor Israel is the most continuous American organization supporting Israel's labor sector.
Here, young men and women skilled in the latest computer technology help senior citizens who can recall Israel's beginnings be in contact with friends and family, and record their irreplaceable memories.

 United Press International: Profile: Mitzna and Israel's Labor Party
In order to exist Israel must be "a democracy, with a solid Jewish majority." That does not go with controlling millions of Palestinians, he implied.
For over a year Labor was led by Ben-Eliezer who presented dovish ideas but seemed to work hand in glove with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, of the Likud.
He blamed Ramon for negotiating the coalition agreement that led Labor into Sharon's government and blasted Ben-Eliezer for the staying in the government despite its failures. /view.cfm?StoryID=20021119-024158-9248r

 Dear Amram Mitzna (by Uri Avnery) - Media Monitors Network
The Labor Party is courting disaster, and that would be a disaster for the nation at large.
Certainly not the pensioners and unemployed, invalids and one-parent families, whom the Labor Party is wooing now, after not giving a damn for them for years.
Neither do the Arab citizens, whom the Party is trying to seduce by a lot of chatter about "a political horizon", while not even bothering to wash the blood off its hands. /uri95.html

 Israel’s Labor opens way for Sharon alliance - World News -
JERUSALEM - Israel’s opposition Labor party said on Sunday it had no preconditions for joining with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, paving the way for a broad new government to push through his plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, center left, is congratulated in the Knesset by opposition Labor Party leader Shimon Peres for passing his Gaza disengagement plan on Oct. 26.
Labor was expected to demand as many as 10 cabinet posts, but the party’s chief negotiator ruled out preconditions. /id/6688212

 To Kill Oslo Before Oslo Kills Israel
For given Israel's single countrywide electoral district, the Labor Party and Meretz, in the June 1992 elections, received enough Arab votes to gain control of the Government.
Although a substantial majority of Israel's Jewish population oppose Oslo, this majority is politically fragmented and rendered impotent by the 1.5% parliamentary electoral threshold and by the oligarchic system of fixed party lists.
It follows from the preceding analysis that Israel urgently needs a radically new form of government, one composed of Jews uncorrupted by relativism and therefore confident in the justice of their cause. /47mag/oslo/oslo.htm -- Tony Karon: Israel's Labor Party: Rabin's Way, or Sharon's?
The question before the Labor party today, then, is whether Oslo failed because of leadership failures on one or both sides, or whether it had been a bad idea to begin with.
But those on the dovish flank of the Labor party ought to be well aware that there's little chance of the Palestinians being ground down by force.
Those positions, of course, are not incompatible in the short term — Labor's caretaker leader Shimon Peres has, in his capacity as Sharon's foreign minister, been pursuing cease-fire talks with Yasser Arafat even as Ben-Eliezer has been sending tanks into Palestinian-controlled territories. /time/columnist/karon/article/0,9565,173774,00.html

 CBS News It's Official: Sharon Wins November 29, 2002 14:39:23
Israel says the restrictions are necessary to stop attackers; Palestinians charge the Israelis are trying to punish their whole society for the violence.
Apart from the casualties of such attacks, the main burden of suffering during the uprising has been borne by Palestinian civilians, often confined to their homes by Israeli curfews and staggered by the collapse of their economy, the result of Israeli roadblocks and other travel restrictions.
The injured included three sons of David Levy, a former Israeli foreign minister and a top Likud official. /stories/2002/11/19/world/main530020.shtml

 Profile: Israel's Labor Party in Disarray
Shinui Cabinet Minister Yosef Paritzky, whose party benefited from the votes of disaffected Labor supporters in the last election, told Israel Radio that he thinks Labor is finished.
The once-proud Labor Party is in severe disarray, just as international attention returns to the peace process, the issue that defined Labor for more than a decade.
Privately, some Labor members said that for all his flaws, Mitzna was right to complain that instead of learning to behave like a unified opposition, Labor leaders waged internal power struggles and plotted to undermine him. /programs/morning/transcripts/2003/may/030508.kenyon.html

 BBC NEWS World Middle East Binyamin Ben-Eliezer: Pragmatic politician
Born in Iraq in 1936, the former army general was the first Israeli of Middle Eastern descent to lead the centre-left party.
Mr Ben-Eliezer was one of the architects of Israel's invasion of Lebanon
Mr Ben-Eliezer emigrated to the nascent State of Israel a year after its formation, and although he changed his Iraqi name Fouad to the Hebrew Binyamin, he has stayed loyal to his roots. /1/hi/world/middle_east/1731059.stm

 Israel Labor Party News - Media Monitoring Service by EIN News
where Britain is the second-largest partner in the U.S.-led coalition, or the conflict between Israel and the Labour Party, meanwhile, confirmed media reoports Saturday that Khan, 30, visited the Houses of Parliament last...
a speech to members of his ruling Labor Party in London, Prime Minister Tony Blair said...
Germany, Heath was critical of the U.K. Labour Party and Conservative Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's reluctance... /israel/newsfeed-IsraelLaborParty

 Kenny Sahr! Writings
Now that Netanyahu is lowering taxes, Labor can't expect to be elected on a platform of higher taxes.
Though the Likud list may not be made up of as many of Israel's best and brightest as you'd like, Ariel Sharon's Likud is fighting the war on terror while moving Israel out of Gaza.
It is hard to imagine a weak Labor Party - it'll take me years to get used to it. /writings/labor.html

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