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 Labor-power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Labor power (in German: Arbeitskraft, or labor force) is a crucial concept used by Karl Marx in his critique of political economy.
Labour power can become a marketable object, sold for a specific period, only if the owners are constituted in law as legal subjects who are free to sell it, and can enter into labor contracts.
Neoclassical economists sometimes refer to this as "labor services." On the other hand, "labor-power" (or "laboring power") refers to a person's ability to work, his or her muscle-power, dexterity and brain-power. /wiki/Labor-power   (2414 words)

 Selections from Economic Notes Written 1992-1995, edited Oct
Labor power is the source of labor, that which produces commodities These commodities, in their consumption replenish the human being as a human being, including his labor power.
Labor power is useful to the capitalist, but it has no use-value for him, it is not a commodity for him; but since it is created or recreated by the consumption of commodities, it has a value.
Thus, labor power is the ability or the potential to labor and thus to create commodities Its value is the value of the commodities required to reproduce it. /~istein/economics/EconomicNotes1992.htm   (11839 words)

It is a result of the division of labor in manufacture that the laborers are brought face-to-face with the intellectual potencies of the labor process as the property of another and as a ruling power.
The large number of laborers already guarantees that the employer gets real average labor, which is not the case with the small master, who must pay the average value of labor nonetheless; in the case of small production, the inequalities are compensated for society at large, but not for the individual master.
Labor of women and children; immediate increase in the number of wage-laborers through the enrolling of members of the family who had not previously worked for wages. /marx/   (5333 words)

 Eco 357k Introduction to Marxist Economics
Labor power on the other hand is the willingness and ability to labor or work.
Whether or not, or to what degree, actual activities constitute either the reproduction of labor power or self-valorization can frequently only be determined by their relationship to other activities and to the accumulation of capital itself.
Labor is work, the actual process of working or laboring, i.e., in the terms of chapter 7 of Volume I of Capital it is the use by workers of tools to produce commodities out of raw materials. /~hmcleave/357koldtest2.html   (4140 words)

But, the labor power of an experienced or skilled worker is still a commodity and subject to the same economic laws as one who is less skilled.
Finally, the value of labor power is affected by the conditions of a particular country, its climate, history and traditions particularly the conditions under which its working class was formed.
The fact that more labor has been expended on the education of a chemist, for example, than that of a floor sweeper is one reason why the chemist's labor power has greater value. /~nup/ch15.htm   (1761 words)

 People's Weekly World - Unity is heart and soul of labor power
Labor and people’s unity is the only force working people have that is stronger than the power and wealth of the corporations, the banks and the super rich.
Everyone in labor’s debate acknowledges that we live in a rapidly changing world and that labor needs to renovate, change and strengthen itself to survive and defend workers and their families today.
While the debates in labor are in the house of labor, they affect all who fight for peace, justice and equality. /article/articleprint/7063   (572 words)

 ULLICO_Union Labor Life Power Struggle
The labor movement moved decisively on May 8 to begin cleaning up scandal-ridden ULLICO Inc., pressuring the union-owned insurer's CEO and chairman to resign and installing a new slate of directors.
Labor still faces more bad publicity before the whole affair is over.
Thompson's scathing report, which Georgine blocked until recently, called for directors to return the millions they made in the transactions (see BW Online, 11/15/02, "A New Twist in Labor's ULLICO Scandal"). /BusinessWk_Ullico_5-9-03.htm   (737 words)

 Labor Notes - Three Steps To Reorganizing And Rebuilding The Labor Movement
The Knights of Labor died and the AFL was born.
Labor needs to evolve from 66 amalgamated international unions with multiple overlapping jurisdictions into a small number of large sectoral unions with the resources, focus, capacity and self-interest to grow and win for workers in their sectors.
Labor needs a concrete action plan that stands in stark contrast to the romanticizing of the 1950’s by the right, the numbing consensus building of the center and the generic rhetoric of the left. /archives/2002/12/e.html   (9200 words)

 Women and the Capitalist Family: The Ties that Bind
Engels called the position of the proletarian housewife "open or concealed domestic slavery." Like a slave, the domestic laborer is tied to a particular household and family; she cannot move freely about between "employers"; and like chattel slaves in the capitalist era, she is subordinated to the relations between labor power and capital.
As an alternative to the division of labor carried out through the family, Vogel holds that it is specifically generational, not daily, replacement of labor power for which women are indispensable and which determines their oppression.
As with any commodity, the value of labor power is based on the value of the means of subsistence necessary for the worker's maintenance and reproduction. /PR/womenPR34.html   (5745 words)

 Labor - Duke Power
The definition of the civilian labor force is the total employed plus the unemployed.
The unemployment rate is calculated by dividing the unemployed by the civilian labor force.
Programs in the Carolinas are designed to upgrade the skills of our existing workers, prepare youth and other emerging workers to enter the labor force, and reconnect dislocated workers and welfare recipients to the workforce. /forbusiness/ecdev/carolinas/labor.asp   (195 words)

 Marx's Wage and Labor Capital [What are Wages?]
With the same amount of money with which the capitalist has bought their labor-power (for example, with two shillings) he could have bought a certain amount of sugar or of any other commodity.
He does not count the labor itself as a part of his life; it is rather a sacrifice of his life.
For our good weaver, too, is one of the instruments of labor, and being in this respect on a par with the loom, he has no more share in the product (the cloth), or in the price of the product, than the loom itself has. /dgolash/wlc2.html   (1599 words)

 Minnesota Labor Law
The history of federal labor legislation is a story of Congress reacting to the perceived imbalance of power between organized labor and management in this country, stepping in to bolster or curtail the power of the labor movement.
The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (NLRA), frequently referred to as the Wagner Act, represented the first substantial effort by the federal government to reshape the balance of power between labor and management in this country.
In time, much of the relationship between management and labor came to be governed by federal laws enacted in response to the strife and economic disruption caused by long strikes. /attorney/mn/law/labor.html   (2414 words)

 Labor Notes - Is Labor on the Edge of a New Upsurge?
Most of the labor movement’s focus has been on the need to put more resources into organizing, but if the labor movement doubled the number of people it organized each year, and kept that up till 2036, it wouldn’t bring back the power.
magine our goal is to revive the power of the labor movement, not just to hold on for another year, not just to do a little better.
The new form of labor movement will break down the boundaries between “work” and “family,” between “union” and “community,” between the workers of the United States and those of the rest of the world. /archives/2003/09/d.html   (1249 words)

 Campaign for Labor Rights
It is the mission of the Campaign for Labor Rights (CLR) to mobilize grassroots support throughout the United States to promote economic and social justice by campaigning to end labor rights violations around the world.
Campaign for Labor Rights (CLR) is an organization that works to inform and mobilize grassroots activists in solidarity with major, international anti-sweatshop struggles.
Trim Bissell, founder and National Co-Coordinator of the Campaign for Labor Rights, succumbed after a 20-month battle with a brain tumor and left the ranks of those who struggle for justice and peace. /whois.html   (410 words)

 Capital, Volume 1: Parts 2, 3, and 4
- labor power is exchange value (the value of which is equal to the labor that went into it).
The surplus labor time is 2 hours and the value created during that period is the surplus value that the capitalist gets.
Imagine in a certain historical and social situation 8 hours is required to produce the value of reproduction of the worker (neccesary labor time) and the worker works a 10 hour day. /~hardt/ONE-234.htm   (1763 words)

 Study Guide for Capital, Chapter 6
The workers are free proprietors of their own labor capacity as commodity-- and this includes that labor-power be differentiated from the rest of self, i.e., that the workers are not slaves.
Second, in both of their discussions of such labor, it is clear that it includes not only "manual labor" but also "intellectual labor" (and we can include here "affective labor") and that such labor is performed not only by hired waged labor but also by workers outside the wage relationship and thus by unwaged labor.
But if the capitalist hired such labor to produce food in a restaurant or clothes that could be sold and on which a profit could be made then that vary same labor became "productive" in the sense that it produced surplus value and not just personal satisfaction of the master. /facstaff/Cleaver/357ksg06.html   (2677 words)

 US Labor Against the War : Index
Six Iraqi labor leaders toured the US to speak with the labor movement to both educate US trade unionists about the conditions faced by Iraqi workers and their struggles and to build direct worker-to-worker, union-to-union solidarity and support for Iraqi trade unionists in their effort to build a progressive secular Iraq.
The delegates concluded their visit by signing a historic statement of unity for the Iraqi labor movement that can be read here.
This highly successful conference was initiatied by US Labor Against the War and was spurred by USLAW members organizing in both the AFT and NEA conventions last summer.   (807 words)

(339) The value of labor power is determined by the labor time necessary for its reproduction, in other words, how much labor is necessary to reproduce the physical needs of the worker.
The laborer must also not be able to sell commodities other than labor power.
Surplus labor could be expanded by paying the worker less, which would violate the notion of necessary labor. /~pprew/w03notes10.html   (1130 words)

 The Racing Exploits of Team Labor Power
Assessment: Back in the 90's, when Labor had an on-fire Rambo Fontuckey on-bored (with power synonymous to Turbo's), we won everything.
We have a Labor Closer on Board and the Conductor is punching no more tickets.
For, eg, 9 times out of 10, Labor would send a sprinter up to Rambo, or at least ensure numbers in the break.... /Bike/2003/articles/mka/mka10.html   (744 words)

 Bargaining Power Home Page
, the first software package developed by a labor negotiator for labor negotiators, calculates the economic impact of all management and union proposals before, during and after collective bargaining.
Designed primarily for use in negotiations, it is equally useful for analyzing changes in operations, work rules, staffing levels, or other business factors that affect a unionized or non-union work force.
All products or services in this document are the trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks or registered service marks of their respective owners.   (117 words)

 Glossary of Terms: La
Naturally, it was on this basis that Pashukanis was attacked by the Stalinists, who believed in increasing the power of the state (and thus the rule of law), and in building up a gigantic bureaucracy around a myriad of rules and regulations.
How the Value of Labour Power is Determined:
The state is the contemplated unity and co-operation of individuals in a moral whole, whose function it is to carry on this struggle, a combination which multiplies a million-fold the forces of all the individuals comprised in it, and which heightens a million times the powers which each individual would be able to exert singly." /glossary/terms/l/a.htm   (5956 words)

 Welcome to LRA Consulting - Unleashing Labor's Power
Labor Research Association — the nation's leading independent labor think tank.
LRA Consulting is the leading strategic communications, research, and planning group for unions, benefit funds, and affiliated organizations in North America today.
The synergies that LRA Consulting brings to a project make for rapid turnaround of high-quality work within budget.   (214 words)

 SSRN-The Power of Labor to Grieve: The Impact of the Workplace, Labor Market, and Power-Dependence on Employee Grievance Filing by Samuel Bacharach, Peter Bamberger
The authors examine a model of employee grievance activity that encompasses both workplace and labor market determinants and attempts to reconcile inconsistent findings in the literature by taking into account the possible moderating effects of labor power.
SSRN-The Power of Labor to Grieve: The Impact of the Workplace, Labor Market, and Power-Dependence on Employee Grievance Filing by Samuel Bacharach, Peter Bamberger
The Power of Labor to Grieve: The Impact of the Workplace, Labor Market, and Power-Dependence on Employee Grievance Filing /sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=566124   (225 words)

 LaborPower, labor law, workers' rights, labor politics, steward, grievance research
LaborPower, labor law, workers' rights, labor politics, steward, grievance research   (18 words)

 `Labor power' Philippine-style tests multinational
The entire avenue leading to the Temic plant was festooned with colourful streamers proclaiming "Labor Power".
Temic workers have named their 17-month struggle for reinstatement "labor power".
Some 10,000 workers from 200 companies in Metro Manila took part in day one of "labor power" at Temic on February 22. /back/1997/265/265p14b.htm   (729 words)

 Probe into key Labor power base - National -
The association is a power base for Mr Lim in Labor's key outer south-east Melbourne region, which includes Simon Crean's seat of Hotham.
The group, based in Springvale, has close links to senior state Labor MP and factional heavyweight Hong Lim, who is the parliamentary secretary for Victorian Communities and a special adviser to Premier Steve Bracks.
The City of Greater Dandenong Council was last night due to meet in a closed session to consider the fate of $26,750 in funds granted to the association in July. /articles/2003/10/20/1066631354178.html   (661 words)

 labor power - OneLook Dictionary Search
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We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word labor power: /?w=labor+power   (62 words)

 LA Weekly: News: Powerlines: Losing Labor’s Power
The problem is that one — and perhaps two or three — of the AFL-CIO’s major unions may leave the national labor body after this July’s convention in Chicago, in a split over the future direction of American labor.
Indeed, much of the executive-council meeting focused on an increasingly bizarre debate between those union leaders who argued that labor’s future lies in expanding its political program and those who argued that the future belongs to those who organize.
By talking secession, his union, and Stern’s, and Hoffa’s, are playing the only chips they’ve got left in their effort to restructure labor. /ink/05/16/powerlines-meyerson.php   (1337 words)

 Labor Power - Communications & Utilities - Augusta, GA, 30901-2205 - Citysearch
Labor Power - Communications & Utilities - Augusta, GA, 30901-2205 - Citysearch
BOC Spa & Beauty: Vote for your fave today /profile/33581700   (105 words)

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