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Topic: Labour (Israel)

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Israel Labour Party - Search Results - MSN Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Israel Labour Party (Mifleget Ha-Avodah Ha-Yisraelit, in Hebrew), moderate, left-of-centre political party in Israel.
In 1959 Peres was elected to a seat in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, as a member of Mapai, the Israel Workers’ Party.
Herzog became Director of Military Intelligence in Israel (1948-1950), served as defence attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington (1950-1954),...
uk.encarta.msn.com /Israel_Labour_Party.html   (159 words)

 My Israel Source - Labour Party Manifesto
Israel's peace policy is based on the reconciliation between both peoples and their readiness to live in respect of mutual rights to self-determination and statehood, and on the superior deterrent capability and strength of the IDF.
Israel will continue to develop its qualitative advantage over those of Arab armies, and will place a high priority on independent research and development in the area of defense and on expanding the manufacture of innovative and sophisticated weaponry and material.
Israel will struggle to prevent nations whose ideologies are based on hatred and ruin, first and foremost, the nations of Iran and Iraq, from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.
www.myisraelsource.com /content/labour_party   (1159 words)

 Israeli Labour Party
According to the political platform, the Labour Party indirectly supports the establishment of a Palestinian state, excluding the areas of the Jewish settlements on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and occupied East Jerusalem, and only with limited sovereignty.
Mapai, and later the Labour Party, was the organization of some of the most central characters in Israeli politics: David Ben-Gurion, Levi Eshkol, Abba Eban, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.
The leader of the Labour Party is since November 2005 Amir Peretz, former leader of the party One Nation.
i-cias.com /e.o/labour_p_i.htm   (566 words)

 Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | A moral roadmap?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Labour Party, an extension of the Mapai founded in 1930, held a virtual monopoly on the key positions in the executive, legislature and the Jewish Agency from the founding of Israel until its defeat by the Likud in 1977.
In 1994 the Labour candidate, Peres, was defeated by Benyamin Netanyahu; in 2001 Barak was ousted by Ariel Sharon.
Although it is too early to speak of a concrete, itemised manifesto the new Labour leader is clearly determined to rally his party behind two policies: a socio-economic programme that focuses on the concerns of the poor and underprivileged and a revival of the peace process.
weekly.ahram.org.eg /2005/770/op12.htm   (1717 words)

 The limits of labour law in a fungible community
In a consideration of the movement of both capital and labour across the open borders in the region, it is necessary to bear in mind the grave inter-state inequalities that prevail in the region.
Other components of labour law, including the law of contract and statutory standard setting, were present, but given the comprehensive reach of collective agreements and extension orders that covered the majority of workers in Israel, their importance was marginal.
For years labour law scholars have sought to remedy the effects of globalization of labour law by shifting the conventional instruments of labour law (most notably various types of standardization and cross-national collective representation) from the nation-state to the regional or the global arena.
www.mevic.org /papers/mundlak.html   (8540 words)

 Behind the 21st Century Intifada | libcom.org
Israel's reluctance to make concessions to the Palestinians could be blamed on the intransigence and 'extremism' of the settlers, who were compelled to identify with the imperatives of security far more than the most 'hawkish' government.
Israel was supposed to be one of its regional policemen.
Israel's economic growth was expected to drop to 2% in 2001, from 6% in 2000.
libcom.org /library/21st-century-intifada-israel-palestine-aufheben   (20166 words)

 LabourStart / English: Interview with Amir Peretz, leader of the Histadrut and candidate for head of the Israel Labour ...
The Israel Labour Party has in fact adopted in recent years a right-wing socio-economic policy which almost doesn't differ from that of Netanyahu and the Likud, and for that reason fell apart in the last elections.
Today, even if the laws in Israel were correct, it is not possible to enforce them because in the entire state of Israel there are only twenty inspectors responsible for the labour laws, because the government apparantly is interested in the existence of an employment jungle in which only the strong survive.
AP: In Israel, as in most of the world, there are two large political blocs which replace one another in power a number of times in the past, just as in the USA there have been changes of government between Democratics and Republics, or in Britain between Conservatives and Labour.
www.labourstart.org /docs/en/000130.html   (2133 words)

 Israel: Labour Party to prop up Sharon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Labour’s latest move signifies its agreement with Sharon’s drive to consolidate Israel’s hold on the West Bank and impose austerity conditions on working people within Israel, as well as on the Palestinian people.
The Labour leaders can agree to discuss a coalition with Sharon because they are united on the essential questions of the war on the Palestinians and on the destruction of the social gains of the Israeli working class.
When Labour was in power, in either a Labour or a Likud-led coalition, the settlements in the West Bank and Gaza continued to expand.
www.wsws.org /articles/2004/jul2004/isra-j20.shtml   (1943 words)

 Labour Friends of Israel
LFI also strengthens the bond between the British and Israeli Labour parties, organising meetings in both countries between senior figures, officials and the grassroots.
We are fundamentally sympathetic to Israel’s position as a liberal democracy facing constant security dilemmas and existential threats.
We are friends of both an Israel, secure and at peace with her neighbours, and of a viable and democratic Palestine.
www.lfi.org.uk   (132 words)

 Israel Hasbara Committee
Israel's prime minister, Ariel Sharon, has suffered a massive brain hemorrhage; at the very least, his long political career appears to be over.
Since the State of Israel came into existence in 1948, two points of view on relations with the Arabs have dominated its political life, represented by (as they are presently called) Labour on the left and Likud on the right.
Labour argued for greater flexibility and accommodation with the Arabs, Likud called for a tougher stance.
www.infoisrael.net /cgi-local/text.pl?source=4/b/viii/120120062   (974 words)

 Israel’s Labour quits coalition -DAWN - International; November 21, 2005
TEL AVIV, Nov 20: Israel’s Labour party voted on Sunday to quit Ariel Sharon’s coalition ahead of early elections as the prime minister weighed abandoning his own Likud in a move that could remake Israeli politics and peacemaking.
The withdrawal of the Labour party was the expected first step in a week that could reshape Israeli politics, thrown into turmoil since union leader Peretz defeated veteran peacemaker Shimon Peres in a surprise leadership vote.
Israel’s Channel 2 television said Sharon has huddled with senior aides through the day to weigh his options, was very close to a decision to leave Likud and may soon resign the premiership to force a new election within three months.
www.dawn.com /2005/11/21/int1.htm   (692 words)

 Israel: An attempt to resuscitate the Labour Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Israel’s Labour Party is again seeking to restore its tattered credentials as the party of peace, electing a “dove”, Amram Mitzna, the Mayor of Haifa and a former general, to lead them into the general election due on January 28.
Under the leadership of Shimon Peres and later Ben-Eliezer, the Labour Party had joined the minority Likud government headed by the war criminal Sharon whom Israel’s own Kahan commission had said in 1983 was unfit to be a minister of state.
He is closely connected to Israel’s wealthy elite who did well out of the post-Oslo rapprochement with the Arab regimes and view the recent deterioration of relations with Israel’s neighbours as nothing short of disastrous.
www.wsws.org /articles/2002/dec2002/mitz-d09.shtml   (1787 words)

 Labour Tribunals - Israel - Equal Employment Opportunities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Labour Tribunals are administered by the Courts Administration, a department of the Ministry of Justice.
The National Labour Tribunal also hears cases between parties to collective work agreements, and between trade unions and employer associations, which are based on labour relations.
The Labour Tribunal is authorised to hear cases under the Male and Female Workers Equal Pay Law, 1996 and may appoint a job evaluation expert to assist it to determine equal pay claims.
www.ilo.org /public/english/employment/gems/eeo/law/israel/c_lt.htm   (197 words)

 Israel: The two dangers on the road of the working class
While in other countries the class struggle was heating up, in Israel the attempts of the workers and poor were drowned by nationalism, the ideology that the ruling class has used as a whip to prevent any revolt.
The Zionist ideologues have declared for years that all the Israel Jews are united together as one mass because their fear of the Arabs who want to push the Jews into the sea.
The Housing Minister, Isaac Herzog (Labour), approved the construction of 350 housing units in the West Bank settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim.
www.marxist.com /israel-labour-party-peretz051205.htm   (2447 words)

 Israel’s Likud, Labour begin talks - Deccan Herald   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Israel’s Opposition Labour Party began talks with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Likud Party on joining his coalition, a partnership aimed at promoting a planned Gaza withdrawal.
Labour and Likud teams held late-night talks, which a senior Israeli official said would “set the ground” for a meeting between Mr Peres and the Prime Minister, long-time friends and political rivals.
Mr Peres said earlier he expected Labour would join forces with Mr Sharon to push forward a plan to “disengage” from conflict with the Palestinians by evacuating all 21 Jewish settlements in Gaza and four of 120 in the West Bank in 2005.
www.deccanherald.com /deccanherald/dec132004/f1.asp   (467 words)

 Amir Peretz new leader of Israel's Labour Party | MetaFilter
Moroccan Amir Peretz, former head of the Histadrut (Israel's general labour union) supplants Shimon Peres as leader of Israel's Labour with an agenda of social welfare and an end to sectarianism and ethnic tension.
In short: the labour party is one of the two political giants in Israel, and it stands a very good chance (IMO) of winning the next election.
The labour party is a particularly interesting case since for years it has implicitly represented Israel's Ashkenazi elite whereas the Likud party campaigned among "outsiders" such as Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews.
www.metafilter.com /comments.mefi/46557   (2012 words)

 Peres ousted as Israeli Labour Party’s chief -DAWN - International; November 11, 2005
JERUSALEM, Nov 10: Shimon Peres was ousted as Israel’s Labour Party leader on Thursday in an upset victory for a trade union chief who vowed to end a ruling alliance with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and usher in early elections.
Peretz’s victory appeared to reflect support for his call for a return to centre-left Labour’s socialist roots and anger at Peres, 82, for failing to revive Israel’s once-dominant party after its crushing defeat in the 2003 general election.
But Labour, the party that founded the Jewish state in 1948 and later became the standard-bearer for peacemaking, is now weaker than ever as voters hardened by a five-year Palestinian uprising have abandoned it for Sharon’s tough military approach.
www.dawn.com /2005/11/11/int3.htm   (671 words)

 Labor (Israel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Israel Labor Party (Hebrew: העבודה, Ha‘Avoda (Labor), officially מפלגת העבודה הישראלית, Mifleget Ha‘Avoda HaIsra’elit) is a center-left political party in Israel.
Mapai (Mifleget Poalei Eretz Israel — "Land of Israel Worker's Party") was a Labor Zionist party founded in the 1930s as the right wing (or more moderate) faction of the Zionist socialist Russian party Poale Zion.
On 8 November 2005 Shimon Peres was replaced as the leader of the Labor party by the election of left-wing Histadrut union leader Amir Peretz in an internal Labor party ballot.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Israeli_Labour_Party   (1638 words)

 Interview with Amir Peretz, head of the Israel Labor party - Zionism and Israel News
This interview with Amir Peretz, now head of the Israel Labor party, was conducted last June by Eric Lee of Labourstart, who was prescient enough to see the potential of Peretz long before.Yes, we know it happened in November, but the Bolshevik October revolution happened in November too.
Today, even if the laws in Israel were correct, it is not possible to enforce them because in the entire state of Israel there are only twenty inspectors responsible for the labour laws, because the government apparently is interested in the existence of an employment jungle in which only the strong survive.
AP: In Israel, as in most of the world, there are two large political blocs which replace one another in power a number of times in the past, just as in the USA there have been changes of government between Democrats and Republicans, or in Britain between Conservatives and Labour.
www.zionism-israel.com /news/PeretzInterview.htm   (2377 words)

 Canadian Dimension / Articles / Labour Should Follow CUPE on Israel (Geoff Bickerton)
Everyone but the most fanatical supporters watched in horror as Israel proceeded to destroy the civilian infrastructure and inflict collective punishment on the entire populations of Lebanon and Gaza — all this supposedly in retaliation for the capture of three soldiers by Hezbollah and Hamas.
After the United Nations’ emergency-relief chief Jan Egeland said the “disproportionate response” by Israel to Hezbollah’s actions was a “violation of international humanitarian law,” the self-righteous critics of Sid Ryan and CUPE Ontario had little to say.
During the bombing of Lebanon, several unions, including the Canadian Labour Congress, issued strong statements condemning the senseless deaths of civilians and destruction of infrastructure.
canadiandimension.com /articles/2006/09/07/640   (622 words)

 Let's give peace a chance, says Israel's Labour boss - smh.com.au
Jerusalem: Israel's dovish Labour Party chief, Amram Mitzna, has called for "a new chance" to talk peace with the Palestinians.
It was natural that Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world would be interested in Israel's national election set for January 28, Mr Mitzna said.
Israel also said on Saturday that its forces had arrested a commander of a Palestinian militant group that claimed to have carried out a shooting attack in northern Israel that killed six people last week.
www.smh.com.au /articles/2002/12/01/1038712831177.html   (582 words)

 EJP | News | UK | Blair much criticised within Labour over Israel support   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
On the other side of the spectrum, the growing anger of Labour’s left-wingers against Blair’s support for the Republican administration in the US, as well as Israel, shows no sign of abating, and leaves the British PM with little support from the traditionally socialist branch of his party.
Alan Simpson, the leader of the internal hard-left Labour pressure-group Labour Against the War, was heavily censored by his party earlier this year for saying that a transition between Blair and Brown would be "like Saddam making way for Uday".
Paddy Tipping, a senior Labour MP and Blair supporter, who as a long-time election strategist is responsible for the party’s grassroots campaigns at polling time, said there was some sympathy for Blair’s desire to help solve the Middle East crisis in his final weeks as leader, but that his chances of success were very limited.
www.ejpress.org /article/news/uk/12449   (819 words)

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