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Topic: Labour Party Conference

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  Labour Party Conference - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Labour Party Conference, or annual national conference of the Labour Party, is formally the supreme decision-making body of the Party.
The 2004 party conference was held in Brighton during the final week of September.
Conference rejected a call for withdrawal from Iraq, but accepted a resolution calling for renationalization of the railways; the leadership declared that it would ignore this.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Labour_Party_Conference   (461 words)

 New Zealand Labour Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Labour Party was an amalgamation of a number of early groups, the oldest of which was founded in 1901.
Almost immediately, the new Labour Party became involved in the acrimonious debate about conscription, which arose during World War I — the Labour Party strongly opposed conscription, and a number of its leaders were jailed for their stand against it.
Labour was defeated again in the next two elections, but in the 1972 election, the party gained a significant victory.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/New_Zealand_Labour_Party   (2336 words)

 Labour Party (UK) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thus the Labour party returned to government with a wafer-thin majority under Harold Wilson in the 1964 election, was confirmed with a larger majority soon after, and remained in power until the 1970 election.
Labour in the 1960s did introduce several new laws reflecting the changing times: the partial legalisation of homosexuality and abortion, the abolition of the death penalty and various legislation addressing race relations and racial discrimination.
During this time the Labour Party emphasised the abandonment of its links to high taxation and old-style nationalisation, which aimed to show that the party was moving away from the left wing of the political spectrum and towards the centre.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Labour_Party_(UK)   (6222 words)

 Labour Party (UK) - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Labour Party's origins lie in the late 19th century, when it became apparent that there was an increasing need for a third party in Britain to represent the interests and needs of the large working-class population (for instance, the 1899 Lyons vs. Wilkins judgement that limited certain types of picketing).
The Conference created an association called the Labour Representation Committee, and it was to have acted as a body coordinating attempts to elect to Parliament members who had been sponsored by trade unions as representing the working-class population.
The ILP under James Maxton disaffiliated from the Labour Party in 1932, removing a substantial proportion of the left of the party from membership.
www.voyager.in /Labour_Party_(UK)   (4732 words)

 Britain: Labour Party conference prostrate before Blair
This week’s conference of the Labour Party underscored its moribund and sclerotic character.
Against this backdrop, the media concluded, the Labour conference would be up in arms at the prime minister for his discrediting of the party, and Blair would have to appear humble and contrite.
Labour conferences are stitched up affairs that bear no resemblance to the wishes and aspirations of working people.
www.wsws.org /articles/2003/oct2003/labo-o06.shtml   (1232 words)

 Contemporary resolutions for Labour Party conference 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Conference also notes that the invasion and occupation of Iraq, despite its doubtful legality in international law, was originally justified on the basis of the threat of weapons of mass destruction.
Conference notes that the BNP were stopped from gaining any seats in the European Parliament or London Assembly, after a concerted campaign by Unite Against Fascism saw an increased turnout in both the European Parliament elections and London elections.
Conference believes that Labour’s commitment to defeat racism and the far right will once again be crucial in the run up to next year’s general election where the BNP will be hoping to increase their geographical spread of the vote.
www.poptel.org.uk /scgn/articles/0409/p11.htm   (1246 words)

 British Politics: Tony Blair's New Labour Vision (1994)
We are the party of the individual because we are the Party of community.
Parties that do not change die, and this party is a living movement not an historical monument.
And let this party's determination to change be the symbol of the trust they can place in us to change the country.
www.australianpolitics.com /uk/labour/941004blair-new-labour-speech.shtml   (5844 words)

 Labour Party Conference 2001 - An uneasy truce   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The conference remained subdued throughout, almost as if clapping too loudly or coughing would be seen as a mark of disrespect for all those who died on Sept-ember 11.
There is a great deal of disillusionment, discouragement, doubt and dissent at the base of the party, and had it not been for September 11, the government would have had a much rougher ride at this year’s conference.
Next year’s conference will surely be different, but much depends on the ability of trade unionists between now and then to hold their leadership to account.
www.labournet.org.uk /so/49lp.htm   (1442 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Heckler returns to hero's welcome
The veteran Labour delegate who was yesterday ejected from the conference hall for heckling received a hero's welcome when he returned this morning, and won an apology from the platform by John Reid.
Later, in his closing speech to conference, the defence secretary, John Reid, apologised to Mr Wolfgang with the prime minister applauding from the stage.
A group representing 500 Labour politicians, union members and other activists demanded an independent inquiry into the way the party conference was being run in the wake of the "brutal treatment" of Mr Wolfgang.
www.guardian.co.uk /uk_news/story/0,,1580808,00.html   (952 words)

 BBC News | LABOUR | Protest targets Labour conference
Meanwhile, senior party figures pledged Labour will not be distracted from democratic debate, even if the expected clash between the government and unions looks to have been postponed as the international crisis continues.
Labour chairman Charles Clarke insisted that democratic debate would continue on the world crisis and domestic issues at the conference.
Outside the Grand Hotel, blown up by the IRA during the Conservative Party conference in October 1984, they are twice as high.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/in_depth/uk_politics/2001/conferences_2001/labour/1570273.stm   (571 words)

 Labour Party (UK) Encyclopedia Article @ NaturalResearch.com (Natural Research)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Since the beginnings of 'New Labour' (see below) Labour have lost their traditional left-wing status and have earnt a more 'centre-left' title.
It won a landslide victory in the 1997 general election -- its first election victory in 18 years since 1979 -- under the Premiership of Tony Blair.
It retained its position with another large victory in the 2001 general election, and a smaller one (taking 35.3% of the popular vote) in 2005.
www.naturalresearch.com /encyclopedia/Labour_Party_(UK)   (5987 words)

 The Labour Party - Current Campaigns
He was spokesperson for Labour in a number of areas, both in government and opposition, during the course of his distinguished career at Westminster.
The last occasion upon which we met was at the Irish Labour Party’s National Conference in 2004, to which Robin had been invited and at which I had the privilege of introducing him.
Against the back drop of the chaos in Iraq that is the aftermath of the war and the appalling recent killing of hundreds of innocent civilians and children in Lebanon, his words and actions are as relevant as ever.
www.labour.ie /campaigns/listing/20060727132311.html   (1499 words)

 Labour Party conference - SourceWatch
The 2004 Labour Party conference was held at the Brighton Centre, Brighton from 26-30 September 2004 [2] (http://www.labour.org.uk/events/).
Manchester Central constituency Labour party has submitted a proposed rule change for discussion at this year's conference to ensure that in future a party chair is elected by the membership." [5] (http://www.guardian.co.uk/letters/story/0,3604,1302024,00.html) The Labour Party 'chair' at the time of the conference was Ian McCartney [6] (http://www.number-10.gov.uk/output/Page3527.asp).
Brownswood Branch Labour Party, acting in association with the Save the Labour Party campaign, passed a resolution "to seek support for instructing the NEC through Conference to draw up measures to...
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Labour_Party_conference   (3034 words)

 2003 Labour Party Conference - Blarism on the rocks
Even and despite the decay afflicting the Tory Party, if the Blair government remains on its present path, growing disillusionment and anger mean that electoral turnout will fall again, and, even without a significant recovery by the Tories, Labour could lose enough seats for the Tories to creep back in at the next general election.
Despite this 'mid-term effect' Labour was able to gain a majority in the Welsh Assembly elections earlier in the year simply by advocating a few minor reforms, most notably the abolition of prescription charges.
Far more Labour voters protested by not voting - more than half of those who had voted Labour in 2001 did not vote at all - and the same will be the case in the next general election.
www.marxist.com /Europe/2003_lp_conference.html   (2101 words)

 Lenin: The British Labour Party Conference
The Thirteenth Conference of the British Labour Party was held in London from January 29 to 31 (new style).
The Conference passed a resolution against war, and by a considerable majority passed another resolution calling on the Party’s representatives in Parliament to vote against any electoral reform Bill that does not extend the franchise to women.
On Party discipline, for example, a resolution was adopted threatening expulsion from the Party for violation of the decisions of the Party or of the Parliamentary group.
www.marxists.org /archive/lenin/works/1913/feb/06.htm   (443 words)

 Scoop: Prime Minister's Speech To Labour Party Conference
It was a time of hope for Labour with the party, led by Norman Kirk, on the road to victory later that year.
Under Labour, early childhood spending will be up by 79 per cent by 2007/08, as we lift quality, and as we move to the twenty hours free education and care across the community-based centres for three and four year olds.
Under Labour, New Zealand has moved in line with international mandates to bring support and relief to troubled places – and long may that be the case.
www.scoop.co.nz /stories/PA0411/S00320.htm   (5794 words)

 Labour Party Annual Conference 2005: The Labour Party: securing Britain's future
But the real reason for celebration is the chance we have been given to embed and accelerate the changes we are making to this country — renewing Britain as a modern social democracy and building a more prosperous and fairer country with opportunity and security for all.
This vision of 21st century people-centred public services, delivered true to the founding principles of the Labour movement, is at the heart of Labour’s third term.
NOTE: Registration for conference closed at noon on 17th September, if you have any queries regarding your applications for conference please contact the conference unit on 0870 043 5533.
www.labour.org.uk /brighton2005   (724 words)

 BBC NEWS | Politics | Labour scans post-Blair horizon
Gordon Brown, meanwhile, will be expected to deliver one of his now traditional prime ministerial performances to remove any fresh doubts over his "natural" succession and remind the party why he is still their man and bearer of the Labour soul.
The left-wing Campaign Group, while not a major force in the parliamentary party, echoed that wider feeling with a statement declaring Mr Blair had "at most" 24 months left in office and planned a "scorched earth" programme of New Labour policies before it departed the scene and entered Labour history.
What the prime minister will also want to remind his party of - albeit in a non-triumphalist fashion - is the fact he has just led them to an historic, third consecutive election victory.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk_politics/4248080.stm   (766 words)

 Labour Party Conference
The mailing for the 2006 annual conference to be held in Manchester should have been posted to CLPs before Christmas, with a deadline for delegates and nominations of 24 March 2006 (although CLPs who have not replied will be offered another chance to send delegates).
It is important that delegates at the Labour Party annual conference discuss Iraq and to ensure this we must all pull out the stops now.
Email latw@gn.apc.org with details of your conference delegates especially if they are anti-war.
www.labouragainstthewar.org.uk /link19.html   (204 words)

 Venezuela motion to British Labour Party Conference
Conference notes the results of the referendum last August in Venezuela that gave President Hugo Chávez an overwhelming victory and a strengthened democratic mandate.
Conference further notes that these results confirm that there is overwhelming support among working people and the poor for the social programme of the Chávez Government in relation to education, literacy, job training, healthcare, land reform and subsidised food.
Conference deplores the attempts of the United States Administration to intervene in the internal life of Venezuela and calls on the government to support Venezuela’s right to self-determination.”
www.handsoffvenezuela.org /labour_party_motion.htm   (293 words)

 Labour Party Conference 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Prime minister Tony Blair used his keynote speech to the Labour Party conference to push the choice message – while pledging to ‘never allow the NHS to charge for treatment’.
A vision of on-demand cognitive behavioural therapy on the NHS was set out by Lord Richard Layard at the Labour Party Conference.
One of the Labour party’s most respected health commentators has called on the government to remove the divide between health and social care in order to divert more money to caring for those with long term conditions.
www.labourconference.hsj.co.uk   (879 words)

 Home page: The Labour Party: securing Britain's future
Labour's Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Education Secretary Alan Johnson outlined a package of measures to continue Labour's transformation of schools.
Since 1997 Labour has done more than any Government to invest in our schools and improve results.
Promoted by Peter Watt, General Secretary, the Labour Party on behalf of the Labour Party, both at 39 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HA.
www.labour.org.uk   (130 words)

 Labour Party Conference 2005
Labour's annual conference in Brighton will be the first big test.
The Labour leadership must listen to its own grass roots and give council tenants real choice over their future, it was claimed today.
Amicus and the government clashed over the thorny issue of UK employment rights today amid suggestions that workers in Britain were in many cases in a stronger position than their counterparts in Europe click here for more
www.amicustheunion.org /default.aspx?page=2765   (627 words)

 labour party conference PROTEST | The Progressive Blog Alliance HQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Labour Party Conference is in Manchester 24-29 September RALLY OF RESISTANCE From 1pm, 27 September, St Peter’s Square For Peace and social justice!
Although the demonstration was violently suppressed the struggle continued and eventually the vote was won.
In 2006 The Labour Party is holding it’s annual conference in Manchester, and many of us again feel the need to gather in protest in the same place, against what Blair’s Labour Government is doing, at home and abroad, and in defence of our democratic right to express our opposition.
www.liquidtype.net /node/2132   (249 words)

 Labour Conference 2005
Whether this is your first time at conference or you are an old hand, come to our eve of Conference reception
The Labour Party is unique with the party structure in NOT holding an Annual General Meeting when members can hold the Leadership to account for its stewardship in the past 12 months.
Report any Party official recommending you vote for a TU motion in the Priorities Ballot
www.labourconference.net   (163 words)

 Labour Conference 2005 - Motions
authorises the Party Leader to take such steps as are necessary to achieve these objectives, including negotiating with the genuinely democratic parties of opposition to agree:
confirms that any proposal for Labour’s entry into government, and any detailed Programme for Government negotiated after the election, would then require to be approved by a Special Delegate Conference, in accordance with the Party Constitution.
You can view all of the motions and see how the labour delegates voted on each one.
www.labour.ie /conference2005/motionslist.tmpl?_eqSKUdatarq=20050523163827   (452 words)

 Blair addresses Labour party conference   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown addresses the Labour Party Annual Conference with his "Britain and the Global Economy" speech in Bournemouth.
As for content, he hit all the right notes for his audience which has no conception of limited government but only reluctantly recognizes fiscal limitations which force choice of government spending programs on them.
Interestingly, Blair did say that the top tax payers could not be squeezed "until the pip squeaks" because, as Labour learned the hard way when they tried it, it was the Labour working man who was ultimately squeezed until he squeaked.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/992219/posts   (841 words)

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