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Topic: Labour movement

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In the News (Tue 22 Jan 19)

  Labour Movement in India
The official labour statistics despite their many limitations can be useful in assessing the status of the labour movement in the country.
The year 1973-74 saw the heyday of the Indian labour movement; as many as 47% of all workers in the country were involved in strike action in 1974.
But this movement seems to have affected a limited sector of the class as the percentage of all workers participating in the strikes is less than 10%.
www.revolutionarydemocracy.org /rdv6n2/labour.htm   (2052 words)

  Labour movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The labour movement (or labor movement) is a broad term for the development of a collective organization of working people, to campaign in their own interest for better treatment from their employers and political governments, in particular through the implementation of specific laws governing labor relations.
Labour unions and trade unions are common names for the specific collective organizations within societies, organized for the purpose of representing the interests of workers and the working class.
The Australian labour movement is an example of a labour movement that has grown and existed in a particular national context.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Labour_movement   (601 words)

 Australian labour movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Others in the labour movement, demoralised with direct action, turned to a political solution and sought election to parliaments using manhood suffrage, thus resulting in the formation of the Australian Labor Party.
The Australian labour movement united around opposition to conscription, largely due to vocal opposition by the IWW and Catholic archbishop of Melbourne, Daniel Mannix.
In return the IWW ran a 'free speech movement' campaign in which over 80 members in Sydney were sentenced to 6 months hard labour (the maximum) for simply proclaiming their membership, which was enough to scare many others away from open defiance.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Australian_labour_movement   (2771 words)

 Otto Rühle and the German Labour Movement
Under the capitalistic division of labour the maintenance and extension of prevailing ideologies is the job of the intellectual layers of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie.
The exiled labour leaders, in step with the labour organisations in their adopted countries, could still point to the political differences between the two forms of the capitalistic system although they were unable to deny the capitalistic nature of their new fatherlands.
For him the labour movement was not dead but was still to be born in the social struggles of the future.
www.geocities.com /CapitolHill/Lobby/2379/ruhle1.htm   (11205 words)

 Some Observations on Nepali Trade Union Movement & the Labour Market   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This movement was the cornerstone for democratic movement and traced the path of overthrow of Rana Oligarchy [3].
The movement as such had institutionalised the two different schools of thoughts- the Communist and and the Socialist that were struggling for democracy in Nepal as well.
Nepali Congress prominent leader BP Koirala [4] opined that this movement had given tremendous momentum to the country and there was a very encouraging reaction of this.
www.labournepal.org /social_partners/observation_tu_movement.htm   (2898 words)

 John Minns and Robert Tierney | The Labour Movement in Taiwan | Labour History, 85 | The History Cooperative
This article disagrees and suggests that the reasons for the weakness of the Taiwanese labour movement are not to be found in cultural stereotypes of Confucian docility or group loyalty.
In the late 1980s, labour intensive industries in Taiwan were battling to survive in an environment of an appreciating currency and of severe labour shortages in the semi-skilled and unskilled echelons of the labour market.
The labour movement in Taiwan developed in the midst of a broad gathering of forces of opposition to the KMT in the 1970s and 1980s.
www.historycooperative.org /journals/lab/85/minns.html   (13796 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: )
John Kelly's avowed aim is to dismiss suggestions that the labour movement is in crisis or that the labour movement is being superseded by new social movements, the ‘newness' of which he calls into question; nor is he prepared to give any credibility to the post-modernist theory on which much of it is based.
The power of labour rises as a result of upswings in the economic cycle and is reduced in the downswing when workers' organisation may be attacked during a period of counter-mobilisation by the employers and the state.
Conventional labour movements – left, right and centre – typically prioritise ‘economic struggle' (against capital) or ‘political struggle' (against the state), or varying combinations of the one and the other…This made sense in the period of the capitalist nation-state or of ‘nation-state dependent' capitalism.
www.labournet.de /diskussion/gewerkschaft/smu/neary.html   (9463 words)

 Marxist Bulletin: Labour Movement on its Knees
The Socialist Labour Party offered real hope of the growth of a genuine working class party when it was launched in 1996, and contained the potential to become the focus for a rebirth of class struggle politics.
One might have expected that such a movement of mourning for an aristocrat closely linked to the Royal Family, that (albeit briefly) mobilised millions of people would be universally looked upon by the Royalist establishment as a sign of mass popular enthusiasm for the monarchy.
Ironically, despite the reality of her privileged position, Diana was seen by many as a liberal dissident, and in some ways, as an anti-monarchy, anti-establishment figure by many of the most oppressed sections of this society, as reflected in the multi-racial, working class composition of the crowds.
www.bolshevik.org /mb/5movement.htm   (1323 words)

 The Labour Movement and Anarchism | libcom.org   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But the latter, a labour movement which is not only involved in propaganda and the gradual winning over of terrain to anarchism, but which is already avowedly anarchist, seems to me to be impossible and would in every way lack the purpose which we wish to give to the movement.
The labour movement is not the artificial creation of ideologists designed to support and put into effect a given social and political programme, whether anarchist or not, and which can therefore, in the attitudes it strikes and the actions it takes, follow the line laid down by that programme.
The labour movement springs from the desire and urgent need of the workers to improve their conditions of life or at least to prevent them getting worse.
libcom.org /library/the-labour-movement-and-anarchism-malatesta   (809 words)

 Labour Movement In Guyana
The British Guiana Labour Union (BGLU) was formed on January 11, 1919.Critchlow headed the organization which did not gain recognition until one year after the passage of the Trade Union Ordinance.
This Bill when approved in 1953 was the impetus for the British Government to send in troops, suspend the constitution and end a strike which supported the passage of this bill.
In 1964, the Labour Relations Bill intoduced by the Jagan led PPP government resulted in a strike and the withdrawal of the bill.
members.tripod.com /~tnageer/Labour.html   (2969 words)

 Vanguard - Labour : Union leaders set unity aganda for  labour movement
With the proliferation of casual workers and other forms of non-pensionable employment coupled with the alarming rate of job losses in the country, the ability of the union to perform its major role of protecting and fighting for workers rights is waning by the day.
Labour must now also come together and see how it can maximize its strength and be a power pressure group because the way Nigeria is today, labour is the solely the united and unifying body the country has at the moment.
Labour must now sees itself from that angle.
www.vanguardngr.com /articles/2002/features/labour/lb109022006.html   (1339 words)

 Welcome to labourfile- a bimonthly journal on indian labour and economic affairs
In both the countries, the Labour Day is a statutory holiday, which is dedicated to paying yearly national tribute to the contributions of workers to the strength, prosperity and well being of these countries.
Peter J. McGuire, one of the founders of the American Federation of Labour, has traditionally been known as the 'Father of Labour Day', as he was first in suggesting a day to honour those "who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold".
Still later, by a resolution of the American Federation of Labour convention of 1909, the Sunday preceding Labour Day was adopted as “Labour Sunday” and dedicated to the spiritual and educational aspects of the labour movement.
www.labourfile.org /ArticleMore.aspx?ID=730   (1100 words)

 Labour Youth - News - Latest
The role of the Labour Movement in 1916
And it is in the myth of nationalism and the acceptance of received history that every single struggle of the labour movement in Irish history has been undermined, subsumed and to a great extent ignored.
Meanwhile, the role of labour in the North is completely subsumed in the sectarian narrative which now is understood as encompassing the entire collective experience in the six counties.
www.labour.ie /youth/news/index/20060411111753.html   (2087 words)

 Challenging Child Labour 
The "situation analysis of child labour in Nepal", a study undertaken by CWCD for the National Planning Commission has indicated that there are 26.3% child labourers in rural are while there are 16.7% in urban areas and 50.2% children from bonded families are child labourers.
Child labour cannot be viewed in isolation, because this is a cause and consequence of the country's socio-economic and political reality.
However, the movement for the elimination of child labour has not yet been very effective due to the lack of adequate and active participation of the people of different walks of life.
www.cwin.org.np /resources/issues/child_labour.htm   (3418 words)

 Labour Movement : Economic Issues : Areas of Work : QUNO
These figures are low however, when compared to labour movement trends in the late nineteenth century.
The last decades have seen a significant growth in illegal movement with its accompanying problems of human trafficking, criminal activity, brain drain, family break-up and social costs.
The International Labour Organisation produced a report at their 92 nd Session entitled ‘Towards a fair deal for migrant workers in the global economy’.
www.quno.org /economicissues/labour-movement/default.htm   (387 words)

 Library of the Labour Movement   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Library of the Labour Movement is a scientific library maintainted by Labour Heritage organisation.
The most important parts of the book and booklet collection are the materials of the (mainly Finnish) labour movement and trade union organisations, ideological litterature, biografical studies, business and cooperation of the labour movement, and working-class culture (theatre, music, sport, tradition, cultural work, press and fiction).
Four Tyovaen bibliografia -publications (Labour Bibliographies) representing the finnish labour movement have resulted from the library's bibliographical work: I (refrences to studies 1978-1987), II (references to articals 1978-1987), III (references to history of labour movement organisations 1978-1990) and IV (references of articals and litterature from the beginning of the century to 1978).
www.tyovaenperinne.fi /tlkeseng.html   (485 words)

 Origins of the Hunter Labour Movement. By Dr Bob James
A Newcastle Labour League, with delegates Dixon and Hopkins, was admitted to this Council's deliberations in 1873.
One, the Newcastle Labour and Political Labour League, appeared to have the better of debates, although the second, the Electoral Labour League of NSW, was the child of the Sydney Trades and Labour Council and some of its most vocal supporters, for example, Methodist preacher JL Fegan, who headed the Eight Hours Committee.
Labour Historians have taken the view that 'self-help and consensus politics are hardly the ingredients of class consciousness', judging that a labour movement could not exist until a desire for self-help was replaced with agitation for State-welfare.
www.takver.com /history/hunterlabour.htm   (19098 words)

 Civilization.ca - Canadian labour history, 1850-1999
In Canada, the Labour movement has been in the forefront of groups seeking such legislation, right from its earliest days.
Pensions, health insurance, the shorter workday, a living wage, the right to organize - all these were fought for by workers in unions or trying to form unions.
This web site traces the history of Canadian Labour with the aim of showing how it served its members while forcing broader reforms on our nation.
www.civilization.ca /hist/labour/lab01e.html   (86 words)

 LabourStart: Where trade unionists start their day on the net.
Pearl Continental Hotel Workers in Karachi celebrate their sixth consecutive Eid-ul-Fitre with a rally for justice.
Click here for more labour news from Pakistan.
Fiji The Fiji Trades Union Congress believes the People’s Charter designed by the interim administration is to move the country forward in development [Radio Fiji] 07-Nov-2007
www.labourstart.org   (934 words)

 A Report: International Seminar- The Labour Movement: Opportunities and Strategies: Interactive Conference on Organized ...
An international seminar on "The Labour Movement: Opportunities and Strategies" was organized by the International Institute for Labour Studies (IILS) in collaboration with the ILO Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV) and Cornell University's Comparative Labour Revitalization Project Team.
The seminar brought together scholars, union practitioners and ILO officials to discuss and synthesise the findings of two projects organized respectively by Cornell University and the ILO to identify the priorities and strategies of the labour movement in the global economy.
The aim is to evaluate strategies for revitalizing the labour movement through a coalition of interests for transforming the movement into a grass-roots level force at the workplace, in politics and in society.
www.ilo.org /public/english/bureau/inst/project/network/conf2001.htm   (728 words)

 British Labour Movement
Ted Grant was the founder and political leader of the “Militant Tendency”, which haunted the Labour leadership, and was eventually expelled along with the Militant editorial board in 1983.
The purpose of this history of British trade unionism is not only to recite the wrongs inflicted on working people, or simply to describe their heroic struggles.
It is an attempt to draw out the lessons of the events that helped shape the Labour movement, and made it what it is. This is a book that sets out from the proposition that the interests between capital and labour are incompatible and takes sides in the war between the classes.
www.marxist.com /british-labour-movement.htm   (479 words)

 Otto Rühle and the German Labour Movement by Paul Mattick 1935
The first world war and the positive reaction of the labour movement to the slaughter surprised only those who did not understand capitalist society and the successful labour movement within its confines.
The various organisations in every nation proved that they had neither – the intention nor the means to fight capitalism, that they were interested only in securing their own existence within the capitalistic structure.
Yet it would not do to show the illogical character of the Bolshevik arguments, for as illogical as the arguments were from a revolutionary point of view, they emanated logically from the peculiar role of the Bolsheviks within the Russian capitalistic emancipation and from the Bolshevik international policy which supported Russia’s national interests.
www.marxists.org /archive/mattick-paul/1945/otto-ruhle.htm   (11200 words)

 Affiliated organisations: The Labour Party: securing Britain's future
The Christian Socialist Movement is a movement of Christians active in politics to secure change for the common good.
Labour Students is the student wing of the Labour Party and is home for all students in further and higher education in the UK
An organisation opens to members or supporters of the Labour Party who are interested or involved in UK science and technology.
www.labour.org.uk /labourlinks?id=3389   (320 words)

 Welcome to labourfile- a bimonthly journal on indian labour and economic affairs
This was seen then as a partial victory for developing countries and analysts claimed that they could now obtain access for their professionals and workers in return for reciprocal concessions in other services and goods.
Their negotiating power during labour disputes and wage negotiations is relatively weak and more in the favour of the employer, since their employment is of a temporary nature.
Global movement of labour will happen as companies will seek to move cheaper labour across the world but any international mechanism that seeks to govern this should be pro-regulation and the GATS is anything but that.
www.labourfile.org /ArticleMore.aspx?id=736   (1244 words)

 Solidarity with Korea's Labour Movement: Links
Here are some links to key Korean labour institutions and the organizations which support them.
Cooperated with the KCTU during one stage of the January 1997 general strike.
Labournet UK Often a source of the latest news straight from the Korean labour movement.
www.labourstart.org /korea_links.html   (311 words)

 In solidarity with the independent labour movement of Iran
We strongly condemn the recent grave developments within the Iranian workers’ movement and express deep concern about their possible effects on the militancy of labour activists in the next period.
This was a violent attack, led by the Secretary of the ‘Islamic Labour Council’, during which an attempt was made to cut out the tongue of one of the activists.
We hope that the solidarity of the international labour and socialist movements can put pressure on the relevant legal bodies in Iran to prosecute these individuals and disband their organisations.
www.marxist.com /independent-labour-movement-iran200505-2.htm   (450 words)

Labour Movements Group Panels and Papers as PSA 2004 (Lincoln 6-8 April)
Labour Movements Group Conference 2004, Sheffield 1-3 July: Labour Movements in the Twenty-First Century: Employment, States, Capital, Trade Unions and Social Movements
Proceedings of the New Labour and the Labour Movement Conference 19/20 June 1998
www.shef.ac.uk /politics/lmsg.html   (102 words)

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