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Topic: Lakeview Cemetery

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

Cemetery staff may be reached at (802) 863-2075.
Lakeview Cemetery is located at 455 North Avenue in the City's New North End.
Lakeview Cemetery is an example of a Victorian Lawn Park Cemetery and was first opened to the public in 1872.
www.enjoyburlington.com /Cemeteries.cfm   (258 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery
The initial design of Lakeview Cemetery was such that many ethnic and religious groups were concentrated in certain areas.
Lakeview Cemetery is fully operational with many burial spaces still available.
Lakeview Cemetery was awarded a Certificate of Special Recognition for Historical Preservation for preserving the heritage of Cheyenne in 1990; and it was also awarded the Wyoming State Historical Society Award in 1991 for promotion and preservation of Wyoming history.
www.cheyennecity.org /lakeview.htm   (306 words)

 Seattle GAR Cemetery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The GAR Cemetery in Seattle, Washington was platted in 1896.
The cemetery land is covered with grass, maple and oak trees and is fenced by tall shrubbery, which does not make it easily visible from the street.
They then hired the neighboring Lakeview Cemetery Association, Inc. to take care of the property at their expense, but the financial and maintenance burden was too great for the diminishing numbers of old veterans so they placed their problem before the Seattle City Council.
home.comcast.net /~suvcw1/cemetery/graves/seacem.html   (1006 words)

 Lake View Cemetery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lake View Cemetery is located on the east side of the City of Cleveland, Ohio, along the East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights borders.
The cemetery is so named because it is partially located in the "heights" area of Greater Cleveland, with a view of Lake Erie to the north.
Garfield are entombed in the lower level crypt, their coffins placed side by side and visible to cemetery visitors.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lakeview_Cemetery   (516 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery
Lakeview Cemetery is located outside Conneaut Lake Borough, on U.S. 6-18 -322 East, about.25 miles where U.S. 18 turns left, make a right on Vernon Road.
The land was donated for the church and cemetery by Jacob and Rebecca (Reed) Shontz.
The cemetery index lists surname, first name, maiden name, spouse of, child of, parent of, cemetery lot and section, birth date, and date of death.
freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com /~fraber/lakeviewcem.htm   (88 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Cemetery Association volunteers carefully recorded the deceased person’s name, age, year, months and day of death, as well as the cemetery lot and block numbers and cause of death.
Lake View Cemetery was deeded to the City of Broomfield as a memorial park in 1973.
Information on pre-need and at-need interment at Lakeview Cemetery is available by contacting Nancy Harrold at 303-460-6903.
www.ci.broomfield.co.us /cemetery/lakeview.shtml   (175 words)

 Broomfield County Commons Cemetery -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The entry to the Broomfield County Commons Cemetery is located on the east side of 9th and Sheridan and is shared with the Calvary Church, south of the site.
The cemetery is part of the newly named Broomfield County Commons Park and, once all phases are complete, will be 10 acres.
The 1st phase of the new cemetery was completed in November of 2003 and totals 3 acres.
www.ci.broomfield.co.us /cemetery   (108 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery
The Lakeview Cemetery was incorporated in October 1903 by land donated to the community by Mr.
Lakeview Cemetery is also the final resting place for a number of Sandpoint's founding families including the Page, McKinnon, Farmin and Selle families.
As a non-profit corporation, the Lakeview Cemetery Association is always accepting donations for maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery grounds.
www.lakeviewfuneral.com /cemetery.htm   (181 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery, Public Works, Services, Independence Township, Michigan (MI)
In that orderly business procedure is necessary to permit sound operation of the Cemetery, for and in the interest of all lot owners and the community which it serves, these specifications are the result of careful study and reasonable application of the Memorial Ideal.
Cemetery will be responsible for watering of new sod and seed, and the general care of sod, such as leveling, grass cutting, etc.
When the Cemetery is directed to make a disinterment by order of a court of competent jurisdiction and a certified copy of such order has been filed with the Superintendent.
www.twp.independence.mi.us /Services/PublicWorks/LakeviewCemetery.htm   (2198 words)

 History of the Lakeview Cemetery, Shoshoni, Fremont County, Wyoming   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The land for Lakeview Cemetery was granted to the Town of Shoshoni by the United States by Patent #63491 dated May 20, 1909.
The Shoshoni cemetery committee was formed in the fall of 1993 with the encouragement of town councilman Pat Collins.
The committee with the help of other community volunteers have started to clean up the cemetery and are planning on many improvements, including grass planted throughout the cemetery, an automatic sprinkler system, a chain-linked fence surrounding the border, more trees and graveled driveways.
gennut.home.bresnan.net /sc_hist.htm   (612 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery in Howell City
This cemetery was originally the private burial ground for the Thompson family and anyone doing research in the Howell area is very well aware of this name.
The City of Howell purchased the cemetery in 1915, and in 1919 the name was changed to Lakeview Cemetery.
This is also one of the cemeteries that was included in the transcriptions by the DAR in the 1940's.
www.livgenmi.com /lakevwce.htm   (312 words)

Lakeview Cemetery is located in the NE1/4 of the NE ¼ of Section 35, Township 1S, Range 69W, 6
P.M. The cemetery is on Eagle Way (previously W. 10th Avenue), just west of the intersection of Main and Midway, and across the street from Broomfield High School.
Lakeview is an active cemetery and is owned by the City and County of Broomfield.
www.rootsweb.com /~cobroomf/lakeview_cemetery.htm   (189 words)

 The Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Park
Lakeview Cemetery inquires transferring Maintenance to Federal Government - Veterans Administration was only authorized to maintain cemeteries in connection with its own installations.
    The GAR Cemetery in Seattle, Washington was platted in 1896.
The cemetery is maintained by the Seattle Parks Department and the Friends of the GAR Cemetery Park.
www.fgar.org /the_gar.htm   (1269 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery - Bonner County, Idaho
The Lakeview Cemetery is located at the south end of Division Street off Highway 2, next to Pend Oreille Lake.
After it was established the original cemetery in Sandpoint, Humbird Cemetery, was moved from it's location on a strip of land along the Northern Pacific Railroad, donated to Sandpoint by Mr.
Several members on this committee are in the process of probing some of the areas in an attempt to locate markers that have since been buried by sod and weeds.
www.interment.net /data/us/id/bonner/lakeview   (348 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery, Richfield Springs, Otsego Cty, NY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Lakeview Cemetery is located on Cemetery Road, off Lake Street, just south of the Village of Richfield Springs.
Both it and St. Joseph are number 149 on the 2001 Otsego County Cemetery map.
A survey of cemetery was done in May of 2003.
freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com /~larperk/lakeview.htm   (162 words)

Founded in 1810, Lakeview Cemetery has provided a final resting place to more than 36,000 people of all faiths and ethnic origins.
Our landscaped grounds and magnificent trees are diligently tended to ensure a dignified and peaceful setting for all who remain here.
Lakeview Cemetery is a non-profit corporation governed by an elected board of eight lot holder/trustees who meet regularly to oversee the cemetery's business.
www.lakeview-cemetery.com   (118 words)

 Saving Graves: Action Alert
Please be aware that in publishing an Endangered Cemetery Report, Saving Graves in no way accepts responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained within that report, and takes no position of either agreeing or disagreeing with the information presented within the report.
The naming of a cemetery as "Endangered" may not necessarily reflect the overall or general conditions of a specific cemetery as presented in an Endangered Cemetery Report.
Saving Graves recognizes that because the information presented within a specific Endangered Cemetery Report is only a personal opinion, there may likely be dissenting opinions presented.
www.usgennet.org /usa/mi/state1/reports/unk-lakeview.htm   (304 words)

Perryboro Cemetery, Perryboro, Saint Herménégilde, Stanstead County, Quebec.
Chamberlin Washburn Cemetery, Baldwin Mills, Stanstead County, Quebec.
Valerie Sayre privided records for the Epiphany Episcopal Cemetery, Odenton, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
www.interment.net /new.htm   (1004 words)

 Wichita Falls, TX - Lakeview
In 1927 the City of Wichita Falls purchased 80 acres of land on the south side of town and designated 11.5 acres as Lakeview Cemetery.
Lakeview is well known for the African American community leaders who are interred there.
Some of the most prominent are Zenobia Trimble, who has a Texas historical marker placed on her grave; Otis C. Polk Jr.; and C.E. and Gwendolyn Jackson.
www.cwftx.net /index.asp?NID=531   (97 words)

Never park your car in the Lakeview Cemetery after dusk, other wise your car mite get towed away.
The cave is about 4 to 5 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide so most people have to duck in order to walk inside the cave.
This is an old house that is located at the back end of the old Lakeview Cemetery.
www.angelfire.com /scary/hamilton/lakeview.html   (489 words)

 Maple Grove Cemetery - Lakeview Memorial Garden
Maple Grove Cemetery has recently developed Lakeview Memorial Garden for people wanting cremation, alternate forms of remembrance and burial.
Set off on a new expanse of land, Lakeview Memorial Garden incorporates a memorial wall where the names of loved ones can be carved into the stone.
In the area in front of the wall, corresponding plots would be available for full body burial and for the containment of cremated remains.
advocatessite.com /LakeviewMemorialGarden.htm   (168 words)

 The Political Graveyard: Crawford County, Pa.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This site only lists about 5,000 cemeteries where politicians are known to have been buried (the number grows gradually as more research is done).
Interment.Net (Cemetery Records Online), which has collected millions of interment records from thousands of cemeteries.
Assignment of birthplaces, deathplaces, and cemeteries to counties is subject to error.
politicalgraveyard.com /geo/PA/CR.html   (885 words)

 Lake View Cemetery | Garfield | Rockefeller
It was drizzly and misting, the skies overcast with greenish-gray clouds, perfect weather for a Halloween weekend trek through historic Lake View Cemetery.
Jeptha Wade was very interested in the telegraph, and his telegraph line network was one of the companies that later joined and created Western Union Telegraph, a company he would become president of in 1866.
But to visit his grave you may need your bathing suit - his ashes were spread in the small lake across the drive from the Wade Chapel.
www.clevelandseniors.com /entertainment/travlakeview.htm   (812 words)

 Lakeview Memorial Park is South Jersey's most beautiful garden cemetery
We are South Jersey’s most beautiful garden cemetery.
Lakeview has been serving three generations of families for over sixty years.
We are a non-profit, non-sectarian cemetery offering traditional in-ground interment sites as well as above ground crypts and niches.
www.lakeviewmemorialpark.com   (62 words)

 Genealogy at Lake View Cemetery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Also, please be advised requests for information may take several weeks to be completed based on the number of inquiries received at any one time.
Payment for genealogy and location fees can be made by cash or check payable to Lake View Cemetery Association located at 12316 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106-4393.
The cemetery does accept Master Card and Visa credit cards.
www.lakeviewcemetery.com /genealogy.html   (223 words)

 The Original Arkansas Genealogy Project,Cemeteries
This Cemetery is located north of Lester on by the St. Frances River.
this cemetery has been vandalized a number of time and most of the stones were carried off.
I beleive that a large number of them were Carpenter & Vanhook Family.
www.couchgenweb.com /craighead/lakeview.htm   (60 words)

I started by dividing the cemetery into 6 sections divided by drives or roads.
at the left of the cemetery and recorded the entire section before moving to the next.
section is at the rear of the cemetery.
www.online-isp.com /~maggie/antrim/torchcem.htm   (977 words)

 CHARLES  FORK LAKE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
(you're 2/3rds of the way to the back of the lake) The cemetery has several marked graves dating back to the early 1900's.
Continuing on Lakeview there's a short uphill (very challenging when wet) where you can practice distributing your weight properly.
All others keep left on Lakeview which begins a decent to the backside of the lake.
www.charlesfork.org /lakeview.html   (291 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery
In the interim, if you would like a picture of the grave marker, note the numbers in the "picture" column and contact the Sanford Museum at info@sanfordhistory.com or clarkea@ci.sanford.fl.us.
A special thanks to Brandi Wilmot, Hugh Fisher and all the volunteers who inventoried the cemetery and put this list and pictures together.
Lakeview Cemetery Listings - Surnames S thru Z
sanfordhistory.tripod.com /id20.html   (154 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery, Connecticut CT, cemetery profile - hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk
Connecticut > All counties > Middlesex County > Lakeview Cemetery
To find current phone listings for cemeteries, check the cemeteries section of nearby communities.
We regret that we cannot respond to specific genealogical queries.
www.epodunk.com /cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=80840   (227 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery Assn Business Contacts in Jigsaw's Business Directory
Jigsaw's business directory provides business contact and company information for Lakeview Cemetery Assn and other public and private companies.
Search Jigsaw's company directory for Lakeview Cemetery Assn business contact information and get executive's name, title, email and phone.
Get business contact information at Lakeview Cemetery Assn or other Real Estate and Construction companies, at C-level, VP, Director and Manager level in any department at any company.
www.jigsaw.com /Lakeview-Cemetery-Assn/ID265059/company-information.xhtml   (110 words)

 Cleveland Sights - Lakeview Cemetery
It is the final resting place of industrialist John D. Rockefeller, President James A. Garfield, and famous law enforcement agent Elliot Ness.
Many more famous politicians, industrialists, and sports figures from Cleveland are burried in this cemetery, and it is still in operation today.
It is a beautiful garden cemetery that sits surrounded by University Circle, Little Italy, and Coventry Village.
www.world66.com /northamerica/unitedstates/ohio/cleveland/sights/lakeview_cemetery   (110 words)

 Lakeview Cemetery Calumet
Lakeview Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in Houghton County and is located just outside of Calumet.
Alicia has been transcribing the stones in this cemetery as weather permits for different people and has submitted the files to the site for researcher's use.
These file will be added to in the future as more records are collected.
www.mfhn.com /houghton/lakeview/default.asp   (109 words)

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