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In the News (Mon 15 Jul 19)

  Lambeth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Lambeth states that she has not been given the harassment free environment to which she was entitled as a result of her grievance.
Lambeth may have shown cause for her disappointed that the deployment was not the expected or desired remedy for her grievance and her concerns about the uncertain future of her position may be well founded.
Lambeth requests relief are not the result of the deployment itself and would not be redressed by a finding in her favour.
www.psc-cfp.gc.ca /recours/dec/deployment/lambeth_e.htm   (2140 words)

 Lambeth Workhouse and Poor Law Parish
Lambeth opened a parish workhouse in 1726 which was the subject of a report in An Account of Several Workhouses...
The Lambeth Poor Law Parish was formed on 28th December, 1835, comprising the parish of St Mary, Lambeth, "including the district attached to the new churches of St John, Waterloo, Kennington, Brixton, Norwood".
Male inmates were accommodated at the north and females at the south, with able-bodied in the inner pavilions and the aged in the outer ones.
users.ox.ac.uk /~peter/workhouse/Lambeth/Lambeth.shtml   (2259 words)

 London Borough of Lambeth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The London Borough of Lambeth is a London borough in inner southwest London.
It was formed in 1965 from the Metropolitan Borough of Lambeth and Streatham and Clapham from the Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth.
According to the 2001 census, Lambeth has a population of 266,169.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/London_Borough_of_Lambeth   (101 words)

 Lambeth Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Lambeth's resolution affirms that sex is intended only for marriage between one man and one woman in lifelong union, and that abstinence is "right" for single people.
Lambeth's clear statement on sexuality, though, was chiefly a testimony to the united and graciously steadfast witness of the Two-Thirds World bishops, and to the band of western Anglo-Catholic and Evangelical prelates that had joined with them.
Yet the liberals' shaken demeanor, and the apparent collapse of part of their support in the vote, were acknowledgments that a sea change had occurred; that this heavily-favored resolution represents the morally authoritative "mind" of a Communion that--unlike the past--is going to be watching to see if its resolutions are respected.
cpcug.org /user/jmckendr/aacw/lambeth1.htm   (1820 words)

 Lambeth News Lambeth Council Tax and waste
Lambeth Council is officially one of the worst councils in the country.
Lambeth Council’s plans to spend millions on a new office block for bureaucrats in the north of the borough has been officially opposed by Labour councillors.
Lambeth Labour has attacked current proposals for major changes in Lambeth which create a serious risk that residents will be left with reduced levels of service and higher debts.
www.lambethlabour.com /news/lambethcouncil   (621 words)

 Local News - Nice Segway
Lambeth's day starts with a ride to the downtown Spokane office on his Segway Human Transporter (HT), the world's first self-balancing, dynamically stabilized human transportation system.
Though Lambeth admits he's mainly intrigued by the technology of the transporter and wasn't initially cognizant of its environmental sustainability, he'll be the first to bring emissions-free human transporters to Spokane, making them available to everyone.
Lambeth's company, Fun Transport, will give people in Spokane the first opportunity to rent a Segway and try it out, even if they aren't ready to buy one.
www.inlander.com /localnews/346268909256050.php   (934 words)

 Lambeth Conference   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The name Lambeth is associated with such key historic documents as the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral of 1888, which set out basic principles of ecumenical dialogue and proclaimed Anglican commitment to the goal of Christian unity.
Certainly, "the church is never the same after a Lambeth Conference," observed Bishop Mark Dyer, retired bishop of the Diocese of Bethlehem and a professor of theology at Virginia Theological Seminary.
The Lambeth Conference could add an important voice to the growing chorus calling for forgiveness of the debt in a "Jubilee Year 2000," modeled on the biblical tradition of freeing slaves and returning land to its owners every 50 years.
www.st-petersweb.org /lambreth.html   (7288 words)

 Lambeth House | A Continuing Care Community | New Orleans, LA
Lambeth House will provide a community for older adults with programs, services and a positive lifestyle to assure the highest level of physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social well-being.
Lambeth House is accredited by the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission, the ultimate seal of approval in the retirement industry.
Lambeth House Continuing Care Retirement Community values the privacy of all residents and is committed to protecting residents' medical information in compliance with Federal guidelines (HIPPA, effective April, 2003).
www.lambethhouse.com   (275 words)

 My Lambeth family of North Carolina
The family name, now spelled Lambeth, has evolved from the name Lambert, which is found in the French and German languages, as well as in the English.
Frank S. Lambeth's sister a Mrs..., Edgar Dixon, (I only have her married name) who was an early family historian stated that the Family came from New Jersey.
Lambeth family researchers have looked at the early wills in New Jersey hopeing to identify our branch of the Lambert/Lambeth family, what they found was a striking number of Christian names which are the same in the Lambeth families in both states.
www.angelfire.com /nv/LoriB/Llambethpage16.html   (530 words)

 Latest News - Lambeth Labour - lambethlabour.com - the new home of Lambeth Labour
Lambeth’s Labour Councillors are calling for extra investment in kids sport in the borough, to help bring through the sporting hero’s of the future.
Lambeth, the tax dodgers paradiseGovernment figures released this week show that council tax collection in Lambeth is almost the worst in the country.
Lambeth Labour are demanding that NO changes should be made to the housing service until tenants approve them in an all-tenant ballot.
www.lambeth.labour.co.uk /ViewPage.cfm?Page=4888   (516 words)

 Lambeth - June 2001 - Report by the Benefit Fraud Inspectorate
We found that the terms of the contract are acceptable, but that Lambeth's management of it has been poor because of lapses in monitoring, an under-resourced client-side team and a failure to assign accountability.
We also found that Lambeth does not have clear lines of communication, either internal or external, leaving it vulnerable to error and delay, and is poor at even the most basic management functions.
Lambeth's failure to manage its work and to focus clearly on achieving its aims, has had an impact on the key aspects of its benefit operations.
www.bfi.gov.uk /reports/lambeth/foreword   (677 words)

 Lambeth: A Kaleidoscopic Banquet
Lambeth was its own kind of global village which, in the end, meant that it was an extremely complex and varied conference that was both exciting and frustrating to experience.
As a bishop from a lender nation, I was compelled to listen somberly to the descriptions of poverty, disease and starvation that plague nations which must expend the bulk of their national resources and currency paying off debts and debt interest--when their resources ought to be spent alleviating chronic human suffering.
This was not Lambeth's finest moment--not because of the decisiveness of the decision, but in the manner and mood with which it was achieved.
www.rci.rutgers.edu /~lcrew/lambeth98/lambeth113.html   (1765 words)

 Anglicans Online!: Lambeth: All About Lambeth 1998
Lambeth Conferences began to witness too, in such culturally ethical matters as polygamy, divorce, and family planning.
The 1978 Lambeth Conference called for diocesan studies on 'the moral issues inherent in clinical abortion' and asked for 'deep and dispassionate study of homosexuality'.
As members of more polygamous cultures became Christians, Lambeth in 1988 resolved a polygamist might be baptised and not have to put away any of his wives if his community was content with the situation and he did not marry again.
justus.anglican.org /~maffin/world/lambeth/lambeth.htm   (1305 words)

 Lambeth Field   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Many a lively football game, baseball match, and track meet took place in Lambeth Field in the first years of the 20th century, when it was the University's first and only outdoor athletic location.
The field and the colonnade were named for William A. Lambeth, alumnus, director of athletics, and superintendent of buildings and grounds.
Lambeth Field is now home for intramural games.
www.virginia.edu /webmap/popPages/155-lambeth_field.html   (84 words)

 The Lundi-Lambeth Prayers
As they depart Lambeth, may each return home safely, may they be renewed in their call to the episcopate, be restored in their hope for the Anglican Communion and energized for the ministry that will be awaiting them on their return.
As bishops enter into the issue-oriented, final phase of the Lambeth Conference, bring to mind faces, the faces of those whose feet they washed, the faces of those who washed their feet in Thursday's Vigil, the faces of those they have encountered in the past two and a half weeks.
In their verbal expressions, gestures and activities, may they mirror your loving concern for all persons: the homeless, the marginalized, the poor, the fearful, the homosexual, the doubter, the lonely, the persecuted, the isolated, the rejected, the burdened, the sick, the aged, the young, the dying, and those in pain.
anglicansonline.org /special/Lundi   (2218 words)

 Lambeth Labour has moved to www.lambethlabour.com
All three MPs are Labour, and Labour is the largest party on Lambeth Council, with 29 seats.
However, Lambeth is run by a coalition of the two minority Liberal and Tory parties, with Labour currently forming the official opposition.
Lambeth's services are getting worse and the Council Tax is increasing faster than ever before.
www.lambeth.labour.co.uk   (499 words)

 Lambeth Cyclists
Noted that GLA Member Valerie Shawcross had a local interest because of her involvement with the National Sports Centre in Crystal Palace Park and could be potential ally for future campaigning in the area.
Lambeth Council were looking to produce a revised borough cycling map.
It was noted that three years ago, road safety had been at no. 27 in terms of level of importance given to it by the general public.
www.geocities.com /philip_loy/lambethcyclistswebsite/minutes2005July19.html   (707 words)

 Vauxhall Liberal Democrats   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
An attempt by the Leader of the Labour party on Lambeth Council to play politics with truancy in schools backfired on him when it turned out that Labour's record on truancy was much worse than the current situation.
Liberal Democrats in Vauxhall support Lambeth's recent decisions on improving and expanding secondary education in the borough.
Lambeth Council's profile in terms of its commitment to sustainable development continues to grow and is considered a leader in aspects including procurement and sustainable construction.
www.vauxhall-libdems.org.uk   (637 words)

 JOHN MEREDITH LAMBETH   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Meredith Lambeth was born in Henrico Co., VA in 1815.
Their son, John Meredith Lambeth was born in VA in May of 1837.
The next month, John Meredith Lambeth enlisted in the 9th Texas Infantry on September 28th, 1861 at Tollet's Prairie Texas in Lamar County and was in Company K under Capt. Miles A. Dillard.
gen.1starnet.com /civilwar/lambeth.htm   (328 words)

 Lambeth Landmark   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
There are portraits of the people, the communities and the personalities of Lambeth, its events and disasters.
Follow the work of Phil Coy, Lambeth Archives' artist in residence as he develops his ideas for an exhibition of work - inspired by content in the archives - that will open at 198 Gallery, Brixton in November 2005.
This means you can enter any text you think might be in the title or desciption of the image you are looking for.
www.lambethlandmark.com   (220 words)

 Lambeth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Lambeth is a place in the London Borough of Lambeth in London, England.
The parish, and the subsequent Metropolitan Borough of Lambeth (1899-1965), included the settlements at Brixton and Norwood.
The parish church of St Mary Lambeth is next door to Lambeth Palace.
www.theezine.net /l/lambeth.html   (134 words)

 Secondary School Campaign In Lambeth - What's New
The aim of this consultation has been to give Lambeth's stakeholder community (in particular, parents, pupils, businesses and people living in the vicinity of the proposed City Academy), an opportunity to express their ideas and views on the type of school they want for their children and themselves.
The LEA, both councillors and officers, are on record and have stated publicly that Lambeth does not have a basic need case for a new community-based, co-educational comprehensive secondary school due to the current level of surplus in the Borough.
The LEA expressed the strong view that the downside of a feeder schools policy would be managing expectations of parents at the feeder schools, not all of whom would be guaranteed a place for their child.
myweb.tiscali.co.uk /stevemalone/sscil/sscillnews/consultationreport.html   (7859 words)

 Anglican Communion News Service
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has announced that the next Lambeth Conference is to be held in Canterbury in the summer of 2008.
The choice of venue and date for the next conference follows a meeting between Archbishop Williams and the Lambeth Conference Design Group, an international panel of advisers which is chaired by the Most Revd Sir Ellison Pogo, Archbishop of Melanesia.
The Lambeth Conference, which draws together Anglican Communion bishops from around the globe, is convened by the Archbishop of Canterbury normally once a decade.
www.anglicancommunion.org /acns/articles/39/00/acns3918.cfm   (293 words)

 Lambeth Workhouse
The Lambeth Workhouse was north of Lower Kennington Lane and east of Renfrew Road.
Mott had found the Lambeth workhouse scales half an ounce out when he took over: half an ounce in favour of the paupers; due to an accumulation of dirt on the scale that took the weights.
Mr Watmore, indeed, the Clerk to the Lambeth Board of Guardians, stated not only that this inquiry was instituted at their particular desire, but that they had directed a post-mortem examination by two most eminent surgeons.
www.vauxhallsociety.org.uk /LambethWork.html   (1905 words)

 University of North Dakota | University News
David Lambeth, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences, will be the main speaker when the University of North Dakota celebrates Summer Commencement Friday, Aug. 8, 3 p.m.
Lambeth earned his undergraduate degree in education from the University of Missouri and his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin.
Lambeth has received more than $1 million in research grants, obtaining more than half single-handedly.
www.und.nodak.edu /news/NEW_SCRIPTS/newsrelease.jsp?id=1062   (290 words)

 London Borough of Lambeth | Education and learning
Lambeth's Children's Education and Social Care services have joined together to form the new Children and Young People's Services (CYPS).
Our aim is to promote achievement through learning for all people who live, work, study and teach in the borough, through a lifetime of learning.
Lambeth Council is committed to providing more secondary school places in Lambeth.
www.lambeth.gov.uk /Services/EducationLearning   (314 words)

 Lambeth Independent Advisory Group   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Many people probably don' t think of their local council as being at the forefront of technological innovation, but in the London Borough of Lambeth, a quiet revolution is about to take place, putting modern technology at the heart of the council' s drive to improve services and opportunities for residents.
Young people in Lambeth are having their say on community safety through new forums set up by the council' s Community Safety Team in Norwood, Streatham, Clapham and Stockwell, North Lambeth and Brixton.
Lambeth Harbour, a unique new service offering advice, support and information on crack cocaine to individuals, families and the community, has opened in the heart of Brixton.
www.liag.org   (305 words)

 News from Agape Press
Many eyes are on the denomination, and many of the observers are making guesses as to how the Lambeth Commission will address the controversial issue.
Two London newspapers recently carried articles speculating that the special commission may opt to suspend the ECUSA from membership in the worldwide Anglican Communion as a penalty for its approval of the consecration of practicing homosexual, V. Gene Robinson, as Bishop of New Hampshire.
The conservative journalist expects the Lambeth commissioners will likely regard the offending clergy in light of their role as the leading edge of a schism that remains unresolved.
headlines.agapepress.org /archive/9/242004b.asp   (363 words)

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