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In the News (Sat 23 Jun 18)

  Lampeter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lampeter (Welsh: Llanbedr Pont Steffan, or more informally, Llambed) is a town in Ceredigion, Wales, United Kingdom, lying at the confluence of the River Teifi and the River Dulas.
Lampeter is therefore the smallest university town in Wales and the United Kingdom.
Indeed, Lampeter was the first town in Wales to appoint a Mayor from an ethnic minority.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lampeter   (378 words)

 Lampeter - LoveToKnow 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Lampeter is a station on the socalled Manchester-and-Milford branch line of the Great Western railway.
As an important outpost in the upper valley of the Teifi, Lampeter possessed a castle, which was demolished by Owen Gwynedd in the 12th century.
Lampeter was first imcorporated under Edward II., but the earliest known charter dates from the reign of Henry VI., whereby the principal officer of the town, a portreeve, was to be appointed annually at the court-leet of the manor.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Lampeter   (355 words)

 [No title]
The township of Lampeter was one of the ori ginal townships of Laneaste county, its boundaries being clearly defined in the year of county erection 1729.
Lampeter would at once suggest itself to Welshmen as a dignified name, because at the Welsh Lampeter was one of the leading colleges of that principality.
The choice lands of Lampeter township were among the first to be sought for by settlers, and their reason for squatting was probably to, as it were, stake a holding until such time as they could get it war- ranted and patented.
www.horseshoe.cc /pennadutch/places/pennsylvania/lancasterco/townships/lampeter/lampeter.htm   (8362 words)

 History of Lampeter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Lampeter is the Anglicised form of the Welsh Llanbedr (the church of Peter) but the original name of the town was Llanbedr Talybont Steffan (the church of Peter at the end of Stephen's Bridge).
In 1757 she was apprehended in Lampeter and taken before Sir Herbert Lloyd who ordered that she 'be stripped from the waiste upwards and whipped in the open market between the hours of 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon...
Lampeter was a contributory borough for Cardigan and as such was often the hub of frenetic political activity.
www.aber.ac.uk /~dcswww/Telematics/leader_ii/commerce/lampeter/history.html   (3314 words)

 Lampeter - Uncyclopedia
Lampeter is a rural market town situated awkwardly in some grotty little hills in a most wretched corner of Wales.
This odd figure is because a number of infants the equivalent of 47% of the previous population of teenagers were then shot to justify the tragedy, in a bizarre case of dictatorship from the mayor.
Lampeter hit the headlines again in 2004, when a small boy was rushed to hospital after consuming 500ml of Cillit Bang Stain and Drain.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Lampeter   (1043 words)

 The University of Wales, Lampeter
Lampeter is a small and friendly town, situated in West Wales on the banks of the river Teifi, surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain.
Lampeter is part of the federal University of Wales, with sister institutions in Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, Swansea and other cities and towns in Wales.
The original St. David’s College at Lampeter, founded in 1822, is the oldest degree-giving institution in England and Wales, apart from Oxford and Cambridge.
www.intstudy.com /india/college/lampeter.htm   (844 words)

 EducationGuardian.co.uk | Higher | Lampeter, University of Wales
Lampeter is the oldest degree-awarding institution in Wales, founded in 1822.
With just under 900 students on campus, Lampeter is the smallest of the constituent institutions and university colleges that make up the University of Wales, and the atmosphere on campus is friendly and close-knit.
Lampeter is a relatively small town in rural Wales, between the Cambrian Mountains and the sea (some 13 miles away).
education.guardian.co.uk /higher/universityguide/profile/story/0,9988,494061,00.html   (155 words)

 University of Wales, Lampeter
The University of Wales, Lampeter, as it has been known since 1996, is in fact the oldest higher education institution in Wales.
Lampeter remains conscious of its unique heritage but its present mission and ethos are now very different.
In the 'Lampeter Programme' it has been introducing modules deliberately designed to develop, within a rigorous disciplinary context, the transferable skills necessary for subsequent employment.
www.wales.ac.uk /newpages/external/E806.asp   (312 words)

 BBC - Mid Wales Lampeter Life - Lampeter
Set in the beautiful Teifi Valley, Lampeter is home to the oldest university in Wales and the smallest university in the UK.
Noel Davies's family have lived in Lampeter for four generations and he's an expert on the area's history.
Lampeter is often hailed as the centre of the organic food movement.
www.bbc.co.uk /wales/mid/sites/lampeter   (370 words)

 Lampeter Town Guide West Wales - Llanbedr Pont Steffan
Lampeter is a charming university and market town nestling in the mid Teifi valley on the borders of Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire West Wales.
Lampeter was established as a market borough in medieval times and has been the focus of the farming community in the area to this day.
If Lampeter was established and thrived as an agricultural centre, today it is the University and tourism that drive the local economy.
www.cardiganshirecoastandcountry.com /lampetertownguide.htm   (269 words)

 The Town of Lampeter West Wales - Official Site
During the eighteenth century, Lampeter had grown to be an important centre of commerce.
The administration of the town was in the hands of a Court Leet with Burgess and Portreeve, and as with the rest of Cardiganshire Politics corruption was rife.
The population of Lampeter in 1801 was 696, but had nearly doubled to 1225 by 1871.
www.lampeter.org /english/history/manor.html   (952 words)

 GENUKI: Lampeter
Places, villages, farms etc within Lampeter as shown on the parish map on the CD of Historic Parishes of England and Wales: an Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850 with a Gazetteer and Metadata [computer file].
Description of the parish of Lampeter from A Topographical Dictionary of Wales (1833) by Samuel Lewis.
Description of a hamlet in Lampeter parish from Samuel Lewis's A Topographical Dictionary of Wales 1833.
www.genuki.org.uk /big/wal/CGN/Lampeter   (1240 words)

 University of Wales, Lampeter
Specialising in the liberal arts, Lampeter has strong academic traditions in teaching and research dating from 1822.
Our aim is not only to produce graduates who enjoy their study, but who also leave with skills relevant to today’s changing economy: an education for life.
Staff in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Wales Lampeter are holding a week of fundraising events leading up to World Aids Day on 1 December 2006.
www.lamp.ac.uk   (97 words)

 LAMPETER, Ceredigion, Wales, UK. Tourist information.
Lampeter is the home of the oldest University College in Wales.
In the eighteenth century Lampeter was an important gathering place for the Drovers.
The Drovers established some of Wales' oldest banking institutions - all of which have now been assimilated into UK banks - but the sign of the rearing horse maintained by Lloyds remains to remind present generations of these merchants of long ago as the horse is, indeed, a Welsh mountain pony.
tourism.ceredigion.gov.uk /saesneg/lampeter.htm   (279 words)

Walter Lampeter is a Certified Surgical Assistant and R.N. First Assistant in Plastic Surgery.
Lampeter is on staff with the Plastic Surgery Department at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital.
Lampeter's many years of experience have afforded him a vast base of knowledge with astute clinical judgment.
walterlampeter.com   (102 words)

 Lampeter travel guide - Wikitravel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Lampeter (Welsh: Llanbedr Pont Steffan) [1] is a town in Ceredigion, Wales, situated on the River Teifi (which later meets the Irish Sea at Cardigan).
The town is best known for the University of Wales, Lampeter (formerly St David's University College), originally founded in 1822 as a theological college.
The earliest written reference to Lampeter is believed to be 1187, when Owain Gwynedd destroyed the English King's castle of Pont Steffan ('Stephen's Bridge' in Welsh).
wikitravel.org /en/Lampeter   (351 words)

 The Town of Lampeter West Wales - Official Site
Lampeter is the centre of a network of country walks along footpaths, bridleways or quiet roads.
A selection of 15 walks are indcluded within the 'Lampeter Walks' bilingual guide prepared by the Lampeter Ramblers', along with a brief history of the area, detailed descriptions to guide along the circular walks, a selection of accommodation providers and assortment of coloured photographs of the area.
the Lampeter Ramblers programme may be seen in the 'News and Events' section.
www.lampeter.org /english/walks/index.html   (201 words)

 Lampeter Workhouse
Lampeter Poor Law Union was formed on 15th May, 1837.
Lampeter was one of the Welsh unions that strongly resisted the requirement to erect a new union workhouse.
The new union workhouse was built in 1875-6 at the south side of Pantfaen Road to the east of Lampeter.
users.ox.ac.uk /~peter/workhouse/Lampeter/Lampeter.shtml   (377 words)

 Encoding the Lampeter Corpus
This paper describes the content and the creation of the Lampeter Corpus, which is an unusual historical corpus, consisting of 120 unique English pamphlets from the period 1640 to 1740.
The Lampeter Corpus mirrors a century that was crucial in the formation of British English as we know it today, and provides a stretch of time long enough to permit investigations into the process by which that came about.
The Lampeter Corpus is not however made up of randomly or opportunistically selected kinds of material: instead, its components embody carefully selected and comparable types of discourse.
users.ox.ac.uk /~lou/wip/Lampeter/glasgie.xml   (4242 words)

 The Town of Lampeter West Wales - Official Site
Lampeter is in the heart of Wales, about 4 hours by road from London or Manchester.
The University is situated in the centre of Lampeter on the A485 (coming from the South we are towards Tregaron).
The TrawsCambria bus service links Lampeter with Aberystwyth, Bangor and Holyhead in the north and Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff and Bristol in the South.
www.lampeter.org /english/location   (415 words)

 BBC - Mid Wales Lampeter Life - The Toilet Paper
A Lampeter university lecturer is taking a closer look at the provision of public toilets in Ceredigion.
The other public toilet in Lampeter that is frequently used is the one by the supermarket Somerfield and that is a little bit more modern but just as clean and handy!!!
As someone with a small bladder and facing a long trip ahead (from Lampeter to Yorkshire!) it used to be one of my regular pit-stops.
www.bbc.co.uk /wales/mid/sites/lampeter/pages/publictoilets.shtml   (1070 words)

 The University of Wales, Lampeter
Lampeter is a small and friendly town, situated in West Wales on the
Lampeter is part of the federal University of Wales, with sister institutions
Lampeter is the most welcoming university I have ever had the pleasure
www.internationaledu.net /ads/walese.htm   (789 words)

 Lampeter Accident Lawyer: Free Legal Services in Pennsylvania (PA)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
A nationally-recognized personal injury law firm, Weitz and Luxenberg is committed to helping clients win cases, get the compensation to which they’re entitled and get on with their lives.
Accident victims in Lampeter may be able to get compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering with the help of an accident attorney.
Please be advised that Weitz and Luxenberg may not be able to represent all lawsuits in all regions of Pennsylvania due to local and federal limitations.
www.des-law.com /pennsylvania/lampeteraccidentlawyer_81730.html   (404 words)

 University of Wales, Lampeter - Alumni
The Alumni Office is the contact point for all alumni enquiries and works in co-operation with the Lampeter Society and the Undergraduate Admissions Office.
The Alumni Co-ordinator, Mrs Emma Evans, deals with a multitude of tasks including the maintenance and updating of the alumni database, Lampeter Society subscriptions and administration, and the organisation of alumni events.
Likewise, please ask friends from Lampeter that you are still in touch with to do the same.
www.lamp.ac.uk /alumni   (276 words)

 University of Wales, Lampeter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1996 the Privy Council — in response to a petition from the University — agreed to change its title again to the University of Wales, Lampeter in line with moves elsewhere in the University and the recognition of its growth and changing status.
Lampeter currently awards University of Wales degrees, and as such, the academic dress matches that of the University of Wales — graduates wear a fl stuff gown, with bell sleeves and a mazarin blue shot green.
Three full time sabbatical officers and ten non-sabbatical officers oversee student entertainment, welfare and childcare, as well as ensuring that the views of Lampeter students are represented on a national level, through affiliation with the National Union of Students.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/University_of_Wales,_Lampeter   (2220 words)

 New Page 1
Lampeter Round Table is a local branch of the Round Tables of Britain and Ireland.
In Lampeter, we meet twice a month to discuss business and have a meal together, normally with a speaker on a different topic.
We also take part in events in Lampeter, such as the Christmas Fayre, and Meals on Wheels, and we put up the Christmas trees around the town centre in December.
www.lampeterroundtable.org.uk /about.htm   (188 words)

 The Lampeter Hotel
The Lampeter Hotel is one of Bournemouth's finest hotels and is situated in a premium location.
Beau Monde Bistro and Bar is on the lower ground floor of the Lampeter Hotel.
The Lampeter Hotel is a short walk from a pick-up point for the Discover Dorset minibus tour.
www.lampeterhotel.co.uk   (453 words)

 Lampeter dating, Lampeter singles, Lampeter chat at Matchmaker.com
Lampeter dating has never been easier with our show interest feature that will allow you to break the ice with attractive local singles.
The Lampeter dating scene can be hard to find the right person at times; however, we are here to help and our Lampeter online dating service is free to register.
Matchmaker.com is one of the oldest Lampeter online dating services on the Internet and has brought thousands of couples together from the area.
www.matchmaker.com /mm/dating/pennsylvania-lampeter.htm   (420 words)

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