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Topic: Land surveying

  Surveying - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Surveying has been an essential element in the development of the human environment since the beginning of recorded history and it is a requirement in the planning and execution of nearly every form of construction.
Boundary survey: The actual positions of existing marks on land (typically iron rods or concrete monuments in the ground, but also tacks in trees, pipes, and manholes) are measured, and a map is drawn from the data.
Mortgage surveys are required by title companies and lending institutions when they provide financing to show that there are no structures encroaching on the property and that the position of structures is generally within zoning and building code requirements.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Surveying   (1417 words)

 Land Surveying Laws   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The practice of professional land surveying shall be deemed a privilege granted by the state of Colorado based on the qualifications of the individual as evidenced by such individual's licensing and registration.
(IX) Surveying, monumenting, and platting of easements and rights-of-way;
Such existing or properly restored public land survey monument may be used to control future land surveys in the region when such surveys are not related to the boundary corner established by acquiescence or agreement.
www.dora.state.co.us /engineers_surveyors/SurveyorLaws.htm   (10115 words)

 Encyclopedia: Section (U.S. land surveying)
Originally, a county was the land under the jurisdiction of a count (in Great Britain, an earl, though the original earldoms covered larger areas) by reason of that office.
Surveying is concerned with the application of mathematics and physics in obtaining accurate measurements for the determination of the position of points on the Earths surface.
Sections are also used in land descriptions in the portion of northwestern Georgia that was formerly part of the territory of the Cherokee Nation.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Section-(U.S.-land-surveying)   (952 words)

 Surveying -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Surveying has been an essential element in the development of the (Any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae) human environment since the beginning of recorded history and it is a requirement in the planning and execution of nearly every form of (The act of constructing or building something) construction.
Subdivision plat: A plot or map based on a survey of a parcel of land, lines are drawn inside it, indicating where (An open way (generally public) for travel or transportation) roads and lots are.
Topographic survey: A survey that measures the elevation of points on a particular piece on land, and presents them as (A line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height) contours on a plot
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/su/surveying.htm   (1322 words)

 Rincon Associates Inc. - Land Survey in Alamosa County, Colorado, USA
An example of the progression of duties surveyors generally go through are land surveying research for existing surveying maps recorded at county court houses, highway departments, state agencies, US-Bureau of Land Management, and an onsite visit to familiarize the surveyors with the task requested.
Upon hiring a land surveyor he or they will make actual land surveying measurements and evaluate local and state codes and interpret all that information to make sure the surveying conforms and set surveyors corner markers with the surveyors state registration number attached to the land surveying marker.
Each land surveying service may not require all of the above and part of the surveyors job should be to weed out only what the individual land owner needs and/or desires to keep the cost proportional to the task.
www.rinconsurveying.com   (351 words)

 Land Surveying
Land surveyors manage one or more survey parties who measure distances, directions, and angles between points and elevations of points, lines, and contours on the earth's surface.
Basic principles of surveying: use, care, and adjustments of tape, engineers transit, engineers level, theodolite and electronic distance measuring devices; introduction to surveying processes by means of traverse computations, development of topographic information, introduction to global positioning systems, elementary photogrammetry, the Internet, and the use of the electronic computer in land surveying.
Special responsibilities that land surveyors have in establishing property lines on land abutting tidelands, tidal rivers, streams and great ponds will also be covered.
continuinged.uml.edu /certificates/landsurveying.cfm   (1086 words)

 Introduction to Land Surveying
Called "Geomatics" in Canada and much of Europe, land surveying is known as the world's second-oldest profession.
I've been surveying full-time since I was 15 years old, and I now work for WandH Pacific, one of the premier multi-disciplinary engineering and consulting firms in the Western United States.
Surveying is a vital part of the design and construction process.
www.johann-sandra.com /surveying/land-surveying-geomatics.htm   (833 words)

 Surveying, land surveying software, used surveying equipment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Surveying techniques Surveying transit Land surveying employment Surveying methods Boat surveying Surveying costs History of surveying Unit of acceleration used in geological surveying Surveying symbols Property surveying
School of Surveying lands £3m funding council grant to set up a Sustainability Centre (C-SCAIPE) in acknowledgement of their excellence in Teaching and...
Surveying technicians assist land surveyors by operating survey instruments and...
www.sambaone.com /surveying.html   (797 words)

 Empire Land Surveying, Inc. is the firm to call when you need boundary, topographic or control surveys, with over 21 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Empire Land Surveying, Inc. is the firm to call when you need boundary, topographic or control surveys, with over 21 years experience surveying North West Florida.
While in boot camp he was nominated as the "company" honor man and to quote his former employer, his "...surveying experience which gives him exceptional problem solving skills in field surveying and engineering.
Empire Land Surveying will meet your mapping needs, whether on a small single line survey for fencing or on a 300 acre parcel for your next subdivision.
www.geocities.com /empiresurveying   (163 words)

 NYS Land Surveying - Licensing requirements
However, when such surveys, including "right-of-way" surveys, are performed under the supervision and direction of a licensed land surveyor, the State Board may, at its discretion, consider granting credit for the work toward partial fulfillment of the experience requirement.
Such a person must have filed an application for licensure as a land surveyor in New York and must be legally qualified for such practice in the state or country of their previous residence or place of practice.
All business entities providing land surveying services in New York are now required to obtain a Certificate of Authorization from the State Education Department, according to a change to section 7210 of New York State Education Law.
www.op.nysed.gov /lsurvlic.htm   (2033 words)

 Surveying, course land online surveying, program surveying   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
NCEES is a national non-profit organization composed of engineering and land surveying licensing boards representing the United States and its territories.
Surveying is the art and science of accurately determining the position of...
The Surveying Education Database (SEDB) was established by FIG Commission 2 on Professional Education.
www.watchcomputer.com /surveying.html   (1074 words)

 Oregon Land Surveying
be routed from the survey manager to the field crew chief to the office technician to the CAD drafter to the Professional Land surveyor.
At Oregon Land Surveying your project will be under the direction of a Professional Land Surveyor at every phase of the project, from the initial consultation to the final drawing.
Oregon Land Surveying's philosophy is that a client retaining professional services, such as land surveying should expect that his or her project will be performed by that professional.
www.oregonsurveying.com   (218 words)

 Land Surveying Books
And by those engaged in the practice of surveying and its related disciplines such as civil engineering, land development, construction contracting, forestry, geography, geology, landscape architecture, and others.
Covers surveying practices and advanced surveying mathematics, land boundary law, surveying astronomy, the public land surveying system, surveying instruments and procedures, land descriptions, photogrammetry, geodetic and control surveys, plats and mapping, Global Positioning Systems(GPS), hydrography and more.
This revision brings all practices and applications of surveying up to date and introduce new methods and procedures that have been developed in the past 10 years as a result the extremely rapid technological advances in positioning equipment and data acquisition and processing procedures.
www.sedelmeier.com /land_surveying.htm   (2166 words)

 Land Surveying and Geomatics: On-Line Resources
Flatirons Surveying site has an extensive set of pages portraying different types of land survey.
Surveying Zone hopes, among other things, "to offer a wide range of educational opportunities and information."
"Land Surveyors On-Line" was a fine site, and a splendid example of what a website can be; sadly now gone.
surveying.mentabolism.org   (203 words)

 Land Surveyors and Aerial Mapping by LandAir Surveying Company
LandAir Surveying Company is a multi-office, full service firm that would like to meet some of your future requirements for land surveying and aerial mapping.
To ensure your satisfaction, for every project a complete scope of work will be determined and then faxed to you, along with a contract and delivery schedule, all in writing.
In conclusion, with more than 60 years of combined surveying experience, we learned early that the customer comes first.
www.landairsurveying.com   (278 words)

 Land Surveying and Geomatics: Definitions
Surveying and measuring the area of any portion of the earth's subsurface, or surveying and measuring an area of the airspace over the earth's surface, to determine the location of property rights;
Preparing, and stating to the accuracy of, a map or plat showing the land boundaries or lines and the marks and monuments of the boundaries, or of a map or plat showing the boundaries of subsurface or air rights;
Acting in direct supervision and control of land surveying activities or conducting as a manager in any place of business which solicits, performs, or practices land surveying;
surveying.mentabolism.org /define.htm   (315 words)

 Open Directory - Science: Earth Sciences: Geomatics: Land Surveying   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
An Introduction to Land Surveying - A description of the daily duties of one field surveyor, with photos and narrative about the job.
Land Surveyor Reference Page - Reference materials that include State rules and regulations, continuing education requirements, seminars, and surveying companies.
Ordnance Survey - The UK government agency responsible for the official, definitive topographic survey and mapping of Great Britain.
dmoz.org /Science/Earth_Sciences/Geomatics/Land_Surveying   (275 words)

 Flatirons Surveying Home Page
Flatirons Surveying is located in Boulder, Colorado, and provides land surveying services to the Boulder County and Colorado Front Range area.
The information presented at the conclusion of land surveying activities will often continue to be useful far into the future in ways we cannot anticipate.
The founding fathers of our country realized the importance of land surveying, and many of the earliest efforts of our country's formative years were directed to the laying out of the Public Lands and dispersement to private owners.
www.flatsurv.com   (437 words)

 Sunde Land Surveying
We strive to provide the highest quality in professional surveying services to our clients and their project team.
Sunde Land Surveying was founded in 1975 by Mr.
The principals of Sunde Land Surveying, LLC., John K. Barnes, P.L.S., Mark S. Hanson, P.L.S., and Scott J. Soukup, P.L.S., hold professional registrations in Minnesota.
www.sunde.com   (189 words)

 land surveying and civil engineering
Land Planning, Land Surveying, and Civil Engineering in Northeast Indiana
Our firm has experienced a tremendous amount of growth since its inception and is now one of the premier land surveying and engineering firms in the area.
Anderson Surveying, Inc. offers a variety of services to meet any of your land surveying or engineering needs.
www.andersonsurveying.com   (223 words)

 Land and Sea Surveying in Brevard County/Merritt Island, Florida   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Land and Sea Surveying in Brevard County/Merritt Island, Florida
Land and Sea Surveying Concepts, Inc. is a professional surveying firm capable of providing services on a global level.
At Land and Sea Surveying we are very specialized and highly technical.
www.land-and-sea-surveying.com   (131 words)

 Land Surveying   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The legal, real estate and title industries rely on our accurate and timely surveys for their clients.
JAS field surveying teams utilize the latest in state-of-the-art electronic surveying equipment including dual frequency RTK (real-time kinematic) GPS receivers, digital electronic total stations and data collectors.
Joseph A. Schudt and Associates has four (4) registered Professional Land Surveyors on staff licensed in a total of over ten states.
www.jaseng.com /Survey.htm   (173 words)

SIEGRIST LAND SURVEYING was established in 1996 by MARK R. Mr.
Siegrist is a member of the Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers (MALSCE), American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, National Society of Professional Surveyors, and the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Lot Surveys; Construction Layout and As-Built Surveys; Topographic Surveys; Subdivisions; ALTA surveys; subconsulting to engineers, architects, and other surveying firms.
www.siegristls.com   (129 words)

Clark Land Surveying, Inc. has established a reputation for providing professional surveying services in a timely and cost effective manner.
The primary objective of our firm is to build positive working relationships with each of our clients.
These relationships are built on three cornerstones of experience, quality and integrity to provide cost effective surveys in a timely manner.
clarklandsurveying.com   (67 words)

 Land Surveying WebRing
The Land Surveying WebRing is dedicated to providing all interested in the Land Surveying profession a less cumbersome means to utilize the world wide web.
It is my goal to accept only those sites that share the belief and philosophy that Land Surveying is one of the finest endeavors one can undertake.
If you desire to share your knowledge, abilities or interests in a positive manner, consider this an invitation to join our community.
members.tripod.com /~Surveystuff/page2.html   (130 words)

 Open Directory - Science: Earth Sciences: Geomatics: Land Surveying: Software   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Geosurface Technologies - Programs for download include coordinate geometry, survey file format convertion and a utility assist the conversion of latitude, longitude and height into local map datum.
PC Survey - Windows application for the professional surveyor with plan drawing, manual and electronic data entry, survey calculations, traverse adjustment and topographical modeling.
QuickCogo - Surveying software for land surveyors, civil engineers, educators and students available for Windows and Palm OS devices.
dmoz.org /Science/Earth_Sciences/Geomatics/Land_Surveying/Software   (630 words)

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