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Topic: Landmass

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  landmass - OneLook Dictionary Search
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  Definition of landmass - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
: a large area of land landmasses>
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See a map of "landmass" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=landmass   (34 words)

  Nomadic Landmass- exhibition - doggerfisher - Contemporary Art Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1973 a massive volcanic eruption on Heimaey, an island lying just off the southern coast of Iceland, led to the formation of a new landmass: an ash cone which was named Eldfell.
Nomadic Landmass includes photographic images taken en-route to Eldfell by Halperin from the window of a small plane; drawings inspired by the Heimaey eruption; geological specimens and footage of the actual 1973 eruption and evacuation of the island filmed by The Center for Short Lived Phenomena at The Smithsonian Institution.
Whether boiling milk in a 100 degree Celsius sulphur spring in the crater of an active volcano, celebrating my birthday with a landmass of the same age or recording the sound of a melting glacier - the geologic history and environmental situation specific to the locale directly informs the development of each piece."
www.doggerfisher.com /exhibitions/exhibitiondetail.php?id=33   (303 words)

  Data compression and decompression for digital radar landmass simulation - Patent 4890249
The digital radar landmass simulator recited in claim 5 further comprising target generator means connected to said radar equation means for inserting target aspect and reflectivity information in the calculated terrain radar return at corresponding range positions.
The digital radar landmass simulator as recited in claim 9 wherein said compressed elevation data is compressed using a differential coding technique and said dedicated decompressor of said second channel is a differential code decompressor.
The digital radar landmass simulator as recited in claim 9 wherein said compressed aspect data is compressed using a combination of run length compression and a differential coding technique and said dedicated decompressor in said first channel is a hybrid run length and differential decompressor.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4890249.html   (11665 words)

 Landscapes and Lightwave - An E-Book Tutorial - ©2003 J.Riddle
The effect of this erosion will vary with the size of the landmass, taking into account it's composition and the force with which the water collides into it.
Play around with it's height until you find a suitable location for the water to terminate against the landmass that fulfills the requirement of not only surrounding the island, but also filling the river and lagoon areas.
The last thing for you to consider when planning this eroded section is the composition of your landmass.
www.firedragon.com /~flashfire/html/landscapes/c04/c04d.html   (2721 words)

 LFV Induced by a Landmass - Wintertime   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The landmass is constructed using two hyperbolic tangent functions, i.e.
The parameter, r, controls the sharpness of the transition from ocean to landmass.
where the mp coefficient is a function of the landmass.
www.rsmas.miami.edu /personal/dhodyss/landmass1.htm   (357 words)

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