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Topic: Language game

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  What is Law: A Language Game analysis
They are not (always) games in the sense of merely trying to defeat an opponent or in being frivolous ways to pass time.
Language games come in two broad categories, or rather we may say that language plays two distinguishable roles in our lives.
All of these games play roles in all our lives but people differ greatly in which point of view they give a dominant role in their whole lives.
www.hku.hk /philodep/courses/law/Lawgame.htm   (1156 words)

 Wittgenstein's Concept of a Language Game
In this language game, then, people seem to be using language to prompt people to do specific things (bring beams or slabs).
Here the term 'language game' is meant to bring into prominence the fact that the 'speaking' of language is part of an activity, or form of life.
The idea is that if we think in terms of language games, that is, if we ask how our language games are taught and how they are used, then we will begin to see past certain myths in our culture that trap us in misleading pictures of language processes and communication.
www.california.com /~rathbone/word.htm   (2378 words)

 Wittgenstein's Concept of a Language Game
In this language game, then, people seem to be using language to prompt people to do specific things (bring beams or slabs).
Here the term 'language game' is meant to bring into prominence the fact that the 'speaking' of language is part of an activity, or form of life.
The idea is that if we think in terms of language games, that is, if we ask how our language games are taught and how they are used, then we will begin to see past certain myths in our culture that trap us in misleading pictures of language processes and communication.
users.california.com /~rathbone/word.htm   (2362 words)

  Language game at AllExperts
Language games are used primarily by groups attempting to conceal their conversations from others.
Language games are primarily used by children, to disguise their speech from others.
Although language games are not usually used in everyday conversation, some words from language games have made their way into normal speech, such as ixnay in English (from Pig Latin), and loufoque in French (from Louchébem).
en.allexperts.com /e/l/la/language_game.htm   (1416 words)

  Language-game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
All of a natural language composed of a family of language-games.
The language is meant to serve for communication between a builder A and an assistant B. A is building with building-stones: there are blocks, pillars, slabs and beams.
This language-game resembles the simple forms of language taught to children, and Wittgenstein asks that we conceive of it as "a complete primitive language" for a tribe of builders.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Language-game   (455 words)

 General Game Player Language
The description language for General Game Player games is a subset of first order logic, using syntax from the KIF language.
This definition of games is similar to the traditional definition in game theory with a couple of exceptions.
Since all of the games that we are considering are finite, it is possible, in principle, to describe such games in the form of lists (of states and actions) and tables (to express legality, goals, temination, and update).
games.stanford.edu /language.html   (1354 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Language games, including Pig Latin, are sometimes the subject of serious academic research by linguists.
The study of language games like Pig Latin can reveal information about how people internally represent phonetic information like syllable structure that is not easily discovered using other methods of language study.
Pig Latin is a language game primarily used in English.
www.lycoszone.com /info/language-game.html   (657 words)

 Jose Zagal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Game designers have called for a design language (Costikyan 1994; Church 1999; Kreimeier 2002; Kreimeier 2003), noting that designers currently lack a unified vocabulary for describing the design of existing games and thinking through the design of new games.
An ontology is different than a game taxonomy in that, rather than organizing games by their elements, it is the elements themselves that are organized.
The interface is where the player and game meet, the mapping between the embodied reactions of the player and the manipulation of game entities.
www.gamesconference.org /digra2005/viewabstract.php?id=224   (1042 words)

 Only a Game: Language Games
In the builder’s game, the capacity to carry rocks (which would not, for instance, be possible for a snake or a fish since they have no capacity to lift) is essential to the existence of the game and hence of the words involved.
Following the concept of a language game, the purpose of a word is the use that it serves within its language game.
Language games are similarly related to one another by family resemblance, and as with other games, rules are of some significance in the formulation of many (but not all) language games.
onlyagame.typepad.com /only_a_game/2006/04/language_games.html   (5442 words)

 Against a Formal Language for Game Design
Furthermore, by creating a formal language, the potential usefulness of its "truths" is restricted to that group which has received sufficient training (or one could be unkind and call it indoctrination) to understand its grammar, syntax, and vocabulary and sufficient practice to use those elements correctly.
A game design has to take into account whatever limitations there may be with the engine, with the art assets, with the testing process, in short, everything that affects the final experience of the game.
Rather, these formal languages are available precisely to the fewest of the few, the elite who have the luxury of being able to invest years of study and training into the pursuit.
www.micrysweb.com /office/formallanguage.html   (2084 words)

 Using Games in Language Teaching - Theory and Practice - Education   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A language game is exactly the same, but with clear linguistic rules to which all participants in the activity must conform.
This type of game is excellent to encourage the shy students, since it requires the participation of all the members of a team, group or pair.
The teacher may be Master of Ceremonies and direct the game, or give that responsibility to a good student, in which case he will become the evaluator of the responses and occasionally the scorer of the game.
maxpages.com /teachenglish/Games_in_Language_Teaching - !http://maxpages.com/teachenglish/Games_in_Language_Teaching   (1162 words)

 Amazon.ca: Game Work: Language, Power, and Computer Game Culture: Books: Ken S. McAllister   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ken McAllister notes in his introduction to Game Work that, even though computer games are essentially entertainment, they are in fact important mediating agents for the broad exercise of socio-political power.
Computer games, he argues, have transformative effects on the consciousness of players, like poetry, fiction, journalism, and film, but the implications of these transformations are not always clear.
Games can work to maintain the status quo or celebrate liberation or tolerate enslavement, and they can conjure feelings of hope or despair, assent or dissent, clarity or confusion.
www.amazon.ca /Game-Work-Language-Computer-Culture/dp/0817314180   (392 words)

 The Language Game   (Site not responding. Last check: )
One use is to name a whole natural language: "English is a language-game." Another use is indicate a thread of usage within a language: The way we use "doubt" in a sentence is a language game.
Here, a language game is a set of words and rules selected from the language we actually use.
In this use, "language game" is a form of language with which a child begins to make use of words.
www.esc.edu /esconline/across_esc/writerscomplex.nsf/0/1BC0FB7F656C676185256A01006B1DA3?opendocument   (835 words)

 Foreign Language Game Collection by Foreign Language Home - Review and download
Learn Spanish, French, Russian, Greece and other languages having fun with 5 motivating language games, a multiple choice test and a lesson editor.
Each of the games Category, Word Invader, Memory with Words, Puzzle and WordTris supports a step in the learning process of "getting familiar with words", "consolidating your vocabulary" and "fast generating of translations".
Powered by psychological mnemonics and comfortable features like understanding synonyms and ignoring typing errors, these games are high effective modern learning instruments, which present themselves in an extreme simple, but well designed user interface.
www.freedownloadmanager.org /downloads/Foreign_Language_Game_Collection_15050_p   (239 words)

 Japanese Language Learning Game Competition
The game can be on-line, a board game, or any other media the designer wishes.
Games submitted become the property of the Sasakawa Fellowship Fund for Japanese Language Education and will not be returned to the designer.
Suitable projects may be considered for further publication and distribution, therefore designers will need to be aware of copyright issues in relation to the component parts of their games.
sasakawa.massey.ac.nz /japanese_language_learning_game.htm   (461 words)

 HYLE 4-1 (1998): Chemicals as Instruments - A Language Game
After some time of private use of the likening 'chemicals as instruments' I convinced myself that a language game on the issue could be amusing (at least for me), and the present paper is the 'result' of the game.
In the first place, we may look at the use of the word 'instrument' in the contemporary historiography and philosophy of science in order to obtain a few traits of the meaning of the word, and the correlate traits of the historians' and philosophers' interpretation of what is an object named 'instrument'.
My desire was to play a language game, which could give a better understanding of the equation 'chemicals as instruments'.
www.hyle.org /journal/issues/4/cerruti.htm   (8925 words)

 ONLamp.com -- Natural Language Game Programming with Inform 7
In other languages, authors often implement this check as "if the parent of the shovel is the player," which works fine until the player puts the shovel into the backpack.
She is still carrying the shovel as a human would understand it, but the game treats possessions no differently from an abstract tree of objects, and the author needs to write code with this in mind.
Five games with source are part of the initial release, serving both as proofs of concept and as documentation for those who learn best by example.
www.onlamp.com /pub/a/onlamp/2006/06/08/inside-inform-7.html?page=last&x-order=date&x-maxdepth=0   (1580 words)

 Cafe Hayek: Game Language
Tyler responds to the claim that game theory is a dead end because it doesn't generate testable implications by giving five possible reasons why game theory is still worth pursuing and understanding:
Game theory generates no predictions about the real world but it is a useful way of organizing your thinking about various real-world phenomena.
Well, it looks like game theory is a great uniter, with economists on both the right and the left leaping in to defend it from my questions, The first shot came from Tyler Cowen, a libertarian.
cafehayek.typepad.com /hayek/2005/10/game_language.html   (1198 words)

 How Children Learn Language
Here are several files to help you play this game with your class: (1) language game shapes to cut out (pdf), (2) language game phoneme groups (pdf), (3) language game slides (ppt), and (4) language game notes as handout for students (pdf).
This game is meant to be a fun and engaging introduction.
You speak in English (or the language of your classroom) and you point out to the students how complicated it is: you need to talk about shapes and colors and relative positions and so on.
www.devpsy.org /teaching/language/language_game.html   (1389 words)

 COMP300X - Assignment 3 - Educational Language Game
This is a educational game teaches Chinese character recognition and meaning in an interesting way.
The target audience is for secondary language learners aged 5 and upwards.
In the game, there are missiles carry single word of that Chinese characters flying towards you.
www.cs.ust.hk /~rossiter/int_projects/javascript_lang_game/good_assignment1/index.html   (214 words)

 Game Programming Language
Game object attributes can be initialized at instantiation time and modified at run time.
The ability to use a language to solve problems is a valuable career skill.
It would be possible to increase the scope (and difficulty) of the project by extending the language.
www.ecst.csuchico.edu /~tyson/gpl   (873 words)

 Tut Language, American Speech
My introduction to TUT Language began when I happened to be the only child at home on a day that my mother’s sister came to visit.
She told me that perhaps some slaves made a language game from the sounds they heard repeated by the owners’ children who were being taught to read.
In 1969 I was told by my aunt that her father (who could read and write English) had referred to TUT Language as a “disguised language” that could have got him killed; thus, as a grown man he refused to speak it.
www.tutlanguage.com /pages/amSpeech.html   (215 words)

 language game
The intercultural language game presented here consists of a set of 48 terms, which have been translated into more than twenty languages by a team of native speakers.
The game was developed in the course of the project
The NOVAS RES partners were in favour of reviving and promoting this game by transforming it into a digital version, which can be downloaded and printed out by interested people – hopefully many teachers in Europe and elsewhere.
www.comune.torino.it /novasres/newgame.htm   (176 words)

 Free language download: download language game
This is an original game belonging to the Word Search genre which includes games like Scrabble, Boggle and Jumble as well as modern PC games like Bookworm and Text Twist.
Game has:> Account of time,> List of records,> Skins,> Sound on/off, > Language English/Rassian.Difference from analogues is an opportunity to the user to change a set of pictures for pairs.
Findola is a fast paced, fun, matching tile game that uses not one but three tiers of tiles where you can match images across the different tiers for higher combo points.
www.gamealbum.com /keyword/language   (1958 words)

 ADLER ARCHIVE: Some Questions About Language
It was Wittgenstein also who was the first to realize, belatedly, the incompatibility of the ideal language game with the actual functions which language performs in daily life and in ordinary discourse.
This gave rise, within the tradition of analytic and linguistic philosophy, to the movement or school which is devoted to the analysis of ordinary language or everyday speech.
The rudiments of a sound and adequate approach to the philosophy of language can be found in modern thought, but not within the orbit of what, in the twentieth century, has come to be called "linguistic philosophy".
www.radicalacademy.com /adleronlanguage.htm   (817 words)

 NorseLanguageGame - Glass Bead Game Wiki
This kenning haiku is called the Norse Language Game because it uses Norse kennings to illuminate the meaning of the term "language".
In this case, not only does the primary kenning equate language with battle, but, unfortunately, the larger context refers to the conquest of Norway as the rape of a woman.
Borges was obsessed with language, and Gene Wolfe is obsessed with Borges.
www.ludism.org /gbgwiki/NorseLanguageGame   (1051 words)

 Holiday Game Ideas 2002
Beyond the world of bluff is Africa (Rio Grande), the game of 19th century exploration of the "dark continent".
A couple of nice games for gaming couples are both published in German, but there are no language depdendent components.
Also available now is the new, similar German language game, Carcassonne: Die Jäger und Sammler (Rio Grande), which moves the theme to prehistoric times.
spotlightongames.com /muse/14.html   (1642 words)

 New Hampshire State Language: English
I. The official language of the state of New Hampshire shall be English.
English is designated as the language of all official public documents and records, and of all public proceedings and nonpublic sessions.
This chapter shall not be construed in any way to infringe on the rights of citizens under the state constitution or the constitution of the United States in the use of language in activities or functions conducted in the private sector.
www.e-referencedesk.com /resources/state-symbols/new-hampshire/language.html   (531 words)

 Sign Language - Games and Activities
This Lotto game is for 2-8 players and provides two different ways to play matching letters of the manual alphabet.
Enclosed are teacher's notes, an introduction to sign language, instructions on various games and activities, and an index of over 800 words corresponding to the handshapes.
Games are easy to facilitate, even when group members have varying communicatin methods or needs.
www.adcohearing.com /sl_games.html   (2342 words)

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