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Topic: Languages of Pakistan

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Languages of Pakistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most of the languages of Pakistan are part of the family of Indo-European languages and span the Indo-Iranian range of that family with the Indo-Aryan languages predominant in the east and the Iranian languages the most significant in the west as well as Dardic languages in the north and northwest.
Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and has historical significance as a language developed during the Islamic conquests in the Subcontinent during the period of the Mughal Empire and was chosen as a neutral language to unite the various groups of modern Pakistan.
Balti is Sino-Tibetan and Burushaski is a language isolate
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Languages_of_Pakistan   (1065 words)

 Wikinfo | Pakistan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Pakistan has had a long history of military dictatorships from General Ayub in the 1960s to General Zia Ul Haq in the 1980s, and presently General Parvez Musharraf.
Pakistan is a poor, heavily populated country, suffering from internal political disputes, lack of foreign investment, and a costly confrontation with neighboring India.
Pakistan's economic outlook continues to be marred by its weak foreign exchange position, notably its continued reliance on international creditors for hard currency inflows.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Pakistan   (448 words)

 Peoples and languages   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The language of the first wave, which remained confined to the Pamir mountains of Pakistan, is identified as Dardic while the second one may be called Indic.
This language, opines Gankovsky, was probably made up of elements from the languages of the 'local pre-Indo-European population and Indo-Aryan tribes, as well as the Dardic and East-Iranian ethnic elements'.
The Languages of Pakistan on the Eve of the Muslim Conquest
asnic.utexas.edu /asnic/subject/peoplesandlanguages.html   (6627 words)

 ShaikhSiddiqui Pakistan
Pakistan was the site of the world's oldest 8,000 year old civilization at Mehrgarh in the Balochistan province.
Pakistan, a developing country, is the sixth most populous in the world and has faced a number of challenges on the political and economic fronts.
The languages of Pakistan are Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Kashmiri, Seraiki, Baloch, Brahui, etc. Arabic is the religious language, Persian or Farsi is the cultural language, Urdu is the national language and English is the official language of Pakistan.
www.shaikhsiddiqui.com /pakistan.html   (2513 words)

 Punjabi language - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Punjabi is the official language of the Indian state of Punjab, and is also spoken in neighbouring areas such as Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.
Punjabi is the sacred language of the Sikhs, in which the religious literature is written.
As such, Punjabi language and culture tend to be one of the uniting factors in spite of national and religious affiliations.
www.voyager.in /Punjabi   (557 words)

 Pakistan - Linguistic and Ethnic Groups
Although Urdu is the official national language, it is spoken as a native tongue by only 8 percent of the population.
Language riots in Dhaka occurred in the early 1950s, leading to the elevation of Bengali as a second national language with Urdu until the secession of East Pakistan in 1971; when Bangladesh became independent, Bangla was designated the official language.
The ethnic composition of Pakistan in the mid-1990s roughly corresponds to the linguistic distribution of the population, at least among the largest groups: 59.1 percent of Pakistanis identify themselves as Punjabis, 13.8 percent as Pakhtuns, 12.1 percent as Sindhis.
countrystudies.us /pakistan/31.htm   (829 words)

 Ethnologue report for Pakistan
Primarily northeastern Pakistan: Baltistan District, Skardu, Rondu, Shigar, Khapalu, Kharmang, and Gultari valleys.
Throughout northern Pakistan, mainly in the east in Hazara District, NWFP, in Kaghan Valley, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir.
Shina is the primary language in Gilgit and Diamer districts.
www.ethnologue.com /show_country.asp?name=Pakistan   (3292 words)

The land of Pakistan extends from the Himalaya Mountains to the Arabian Sea along the Indus River and its tributaries.
Pakistan ports were also very active in trade with Roman and Byzantine empires.The fables of Sindbad the sailor, 'Sindbad Jahazi' (Sindbad the Shipmate), are also based on historical Sindhi trading expeditions to other parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf.
The population of Pakistan in 2005 is estimated to be over 160 million.
journals.aol.com /shaikhsiddiqui99/Siddiqui/entries/1372   (1254 words)

 My Pakistan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Pakistan was subsequently part of the Mauryan empire during the 3rd century and part of the 2nd century BC and later, in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, part of the Kushan (Kusana) kingdom.
Pakistan's natural vegetation, except for forested mountain slopes, is largely limited to tough grasses, dry bushes, and scrub trees, though some riverine forests occur along the lower Indus River.
Pakistan's major exports of raw cotton, cotton yarn, cotton fabrics, rice, leather, and woolen carpets are imported by Japan, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy.
www.ajmalbeig.addr.com /pakistan.htm   (2780 words)

 Freeline Movers
Urdu is the national language while Sindhi, Punjabi, Pushto and Baluchi are languages spoken in the four provinces.
The origin of the language had been a matter of dispute between the linguists from the West and some of the Pakhtoon researchers.
It is said to be an offshoot of the Iranian language peculiar to the north and northwestern regions of Iran.
www.flm.com.pk /languages.html   (469 words)

 Ethnologue: Pakistan
A distinct language from its neighbors; 47% lexical similarity with Shumashti, 44% with Dameli, 42% with Savi and Grangali.
Throughout northern Pakistan, mainly in the east in Hazari District, NWFP, in Kaghan Valley, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir.
All Pashto in Pakistan are 13.2% of the population (1981 census).
www.christusrex.org /www1/pater/ethno/Pakn.html   (4028 words)

 No dept for teaching languages in QAU -DAWN - National; 16 September, 2004
ISLAMABAD, Sept 15: Senate chairman Muhammadmian Soomro on Wednesday averted a looming crisis in the upper house by ruling that Urdu and all languages spoken in the country were national languages of Pakistan.
The chairman senate said all the languages spoken in Pakistan were national in character and could not be termed as regional languages.
Dr Aslam Buledi said it would not be acceptable to the people in the provinces that their languages were termed as regional while an exalted status was accorded to Urdu as a national language.
www.dawn.com /2004/09/16/nat15.htm   (315 words)

 ISLAMABAD: University to publish Brushaski literature -DAWN - Local; 03 June, 2004
The vice-chancellor also promised to upgrade the Pakistan Languages Department of the university to an autonomous institute and bring hitherto obscure and less known languages into the mainstream of literature and life.
Without documenting them one develops a tendency to forget that they exist which leads to neglect of these magnificent languages their knowledge are of inestimable aid in anthropological studies and appreciation of the country's cultural heritage.
He said it was one of the world's oldest pre-historic languages as well as one of the principal 18 languages of Pakistan.
www.dawn.com /2004/06/03/local11.htm   (628 words)

 CBC News Indepth: Pakistan
January 1954: Constituent Assembly declares Urdu and Bengali as official languages of Pakistan.
Major languages: Although English and Urdu are the official languages, the most-spoken languages are Punjabi, Sindhi and Siraiki.
Origin of the name: "Pakistan" was coined by Muslim students at Cambridge University in Britain in 1933 as an acronym for the regions and nationalities that would make up the country: Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Iran, Sindh, Turkharistan, Afghanistan and Balochistan.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/pakistan   (1174 words)

 PAKISTAN NEWS PAKISTANI NEWS | HavenWorks.com/pakistan capital: Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, formerly: West ...
"Pakistan successfully test-fired a cruise missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, the army said in a statement[.]"...
"Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, acknowledged Friday that scientists from his country appeared to have sold nuclear designs to other nations probably "for personal financial gain." He denied that the Pakistan government knew of any sales at the time but vowed that suspects would be dealt with "as antistate elements.""...
"Pakistan has expanded an investigation of its premier nuclear weapons laboratory, detaining as many as seven scientists and administrators amid allegations sensitive technology may have spread to countries such as Iran, North Korea and Libya, officials said Sunday."...
havenworks.com /world/pakistan   (4904 words)

 NationMaster.com - Detailed Nation Profile: Pakistan
Pakistan is in South Asia and not Central Asia.
Pakistan and Israel are the only two countries in the world which are made on the bases of particular theories.
Pakistan and India fought 3 wars in past,the latest fight between them is kargil.poverty,inflation,illeteracy,job oppurtunies,unemployment are the major cause of this country.Pakistan rejects the extremisim,now a days badly effects by terrorist internally.Pakistan condems the terrorism in all its form and menifestation,wants peace in the world and work with all world noble countries.
www.nationmaster.com /country/pk   (2125 words)

 The Languages of Pakistan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Philologists say that there are over 300 dialects and languages spoken in the country today and each is distinctly differently from the other.
Urdu: Urdu is the national language of Pakistan.
It is a mixture of Persian, Arabic and various local languages.
www.uh.edu /~sriaz/thecountry/languages   (84 words)

 Pakistan - Uncyclopedia
Pakistan consists of the parts of India that didn't want to be India minus the parts of this part that didn't want to be Pakistan plus some part between Chelvistan and Slough that has been added lately due to immense Paki demographic density.
Pakistan is very famous for its export of terrorists, suicide bombers, drugs, body odour and script-kiddies.
Evidence strongly suggests that Pakistan was the original on-set location for Tatooine, but President Lucas realised that if too many people saw the connections between Star Wars and Pakistan then some people would put two and two together.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Pakistan   (1675 words)

 A Petition for National Languages in Pakistan Petition
In other words none of the languages of the federating units was declared as the national language of the new country.
- Pakistan is a multi-national and multi-lingual country like many other countries of the world and it is in the interest of the stability and the harmony in the country that it recognizes the languages of its constituent/federating units.
The people belonging to the four ‘constituent’ units of Pakistan and their sympathizers all around the globe hereby demand that Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi, Siraiki and Balochi – the languages of the indigenous people of Pakistan – be immediately declared as the national languages of Pakistan.
www.petitiononline.com /la21pa34/petition.html   (627 words)

 Urdu Computing Information (Penn State)
Urdu is one of the national languages of Pakistan.
Language tags are also suggested so that search engines and screen readers parse the language of a page.
Another option is to compose the basic text in an international or foreign languags text editor or word processor and export the content as an HTML or text file with the appropriate encoding.
tlt.its.psu.edu /suggestions/international/bylanguage/urdu.html   (1202 words)

 Islamic World.Net: Countries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Pakistan Educational Network - working to increase access to education for the underserved populations of Pakistan through educational television programs for children.
Pakistan Mission To The United Nations - includes information on Pakistan, and official Pakistani position statements on a variety of issues of international concern.
Pakistan's Wild West - photoessay detailing unrest in the region of Quetta, near the Afghan border.
islamic-world.net /countries/pakistan.htm   (762 words)

 youngnation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Urdu and English are both recognized as the official languages of Pakistan.
Urdu is the lingua franca of the people, being widely spoken as a second language, although it is the mother tongue of only 8% of the population — mainly Muhajirs and educated Punjabis, and mostly in Karachi.
In addition, small groups of non-Indo-European languages are also spoken including Brahui which is a Dravidian language and Burushaski which is a language isolate.
groups.msn.com /youngnation/languages.msnw   (158 words)

 Pakistan Link - Letter & Opinion
On the subcontinent there are more than four hundred languages and thousands of clans of people who have an interesting history of thousands of years.
It is within that part of Pakistan to which the name Gandhara had been applied in ancient times.
Hussain must be undertaken by parties interested in preserving the archaeological, anthropological and linguistic heritage of the NWF province in particular and of Pakistan in general.
www.pakistanlink.com /Letters/98/Mar/13/10.html   (900 words)

 Languages of Northern Pakistan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Pakistan is a country of rich cultural and ethnic diversity.
The Frontier Language Institute is a training and resource center working to enable these language communities of northern Pakistan to preserve and promote their mother tongues.
Library resouces specializing in linguistics and anthropology, particularly as the languages of Pakistan are concerned
www.fli-online.org /about_us.htm   (89 words)

 South Asia Bibliographies: Pakistan
UCB Main P119.32.P18 F3713 1988 Geijbels, M. The rise and development of Urdu and the importance of regional languages in Pakistan / by M. Geijbels and J.S. Addleton.
UCB Anthropol DS392.W3 A35 1983 Eglar, Zekiye Suleyman, 1910- A Punjabi village in Pakistan.
Pakistan economy : a select bibliography : index of periodical articles, 1974-1981 / Library, Research Department, State Bank of Pakistan, Central Directorate.
www.lib.berkeley.edu /SSEAL/SouthAsia/pakistan.html   (2232 words)

 Under Construction
The separation in 1947 of British India into the Muslim state of Pakistan (with two sections West and East) and largely Hindu India was never satisfactorily resolved.
140 millions approximately, population growth rate is 2.17% and Pakistan is the 7th populous country in the world.
About 32 local languages are spoken here among them Punjabi, Sindhi, Baluchi and Pushto are very common, are also provincial languages of Pakistan.
s89565829.onlinehome.us /np/pakistan.htm   (262 words)

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