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Topic: Lap dance

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Exotic Dance Central Inc. of New York, New York is a dance studio that teaches "ordinary" women the "extraordinary" art of exotic dance (dance styles from around the world are strikingly and charmingly different), pole dancing, striptease dance,  lap dancing to belly dancing.  Join the hottest new fitness craze, leave your treadmill at home!
Dance consultations are free call 212-679-2540 to make an appointment for lunchtime or afterwork consultations.
Exotic Dance Central Inc. now offers dance consultation to help our potential students choose the right dance programs for them. /id42.html   (373 words)

 My Pole. Listings for pole dancing schools in the UK, USA and Netherlands. Also lap dancing schools.
Also offered is a Theatrical Burlesque class, where class participants learn sexy, flirtatious, and elegant dance routines with props (boas, gloves, chairs, fans, and hats) with the ultimate goal of performing.
Offering exotic dance and pole dancing classes in New York City for beginners, for intermediate and advanced dancers.
With trained, friendly and professional instructors who have a variety of expert technical skills in dance and fitness, Pole Dance Studio Inc. recently opened their spectacular one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art pole dancing studio in the heart of downtown Vancouver on Davie St. /poledancinglessonsusa.htm   (555 words)

 Pole Dance Courses - Polecatz - School of Pole and Table Dance
This course is designed for the individual that has had tuition in pole and lap dance and is confident they are capable of moving up a level and learn more challenging tricks on the pole and perfect their lap dance.
This session is designed for the individual that has had tuition in pole and lap dance and is confident they are capable of moving up a level and learn more challenging tricks on the pole.
This session is designed for the individual that wishes to learn the art of pole and lap dance quickly and consists of one hour intensive training between the instructor and student. /courses.php   (514 words)

The lap dance occupies a middle ground between pornography and prostitution, and its affinity with the second lies in the fact that a kind of relationship is created, however brief and pathetic.
My girlfriend had said it was fine for me to get a lap dance, but it seemed she did so less out of one hundred percent comfort with the idea than out of a desire to avoid being the type who shakes a finger at you when you’re headed to Vegas for a bachelor party.
Midway to my lap she looked up with a coy smile and said, “Hi.” It didn’t work, this little gesture—it was more Jennifer Love Hewitt than Brigitte Bardot—and some mental effort was required to keep the whole psycho-social artifice from crashing down. /lapdance.html   (1135 words)

 Sex Lessons: How Do I Perform a Lap Dance?
Anyway, like traditional stripping, the lap dance is all about the tease-- exciting him by letting him look, but not touch.
There aren't many guys in this world who wouldn't enjoy a lap dance from their girlfriend, so it behooves you to perfect this man-melting, tantalizing technique.
Dance toward him and once you're right in front of him, place one foot on the floor between his feet, and the other on the arm of the chair. /cosmopolitan/experts/baroness/qas/0,,284434_286099,00.html   (408 words)

 lap dancing clubs,pole dancing clubs,table dance,lapdance, lap dancing,poledance,pole dancing
Lapdance clubs, Table dance, Pole dancing clubs, Welcome to over the coming months will be touring the world bring the best and finest lap dancers to be found.
Welcome to,the online lap dancing directory, you can rest reassured you find all the latest lapdance, table dance and pole dancing clubs to be found.
Nadia who is from wigan believes pole dancing is a art form similar to ballet, tap or any other kind of dance.   (868 words)

 lap, pole and table-top dancing in London - London Lapdancing Guide
lap, pole and table-top dancing in London - London Lapdancing Guide
Remember that some of these places charge to get in (not all of them), all will charge for a private dance and you can expect it to be more expensive if you want a nude dance.
This is a good pedigree and you won't be disappointed by the enormous three-floor venue, the host of girls or, indeed, the vibrating leather chairs in the penthouse section. /home_feat_where_lapdancing.asp   (594 words)

 Lap Dancing Cartoons
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Related topics: nun, nuns, lap dancing, lap dancer, lap dancers, the call, calling, callings, mother superior, mother superiors, personal history, personal histories, conversion, conversions, converted, rumour, rumours, rumor, rumors,
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 Striptease Dancing Videos and DVDs
Building on the striptease-inspired dance moves from the first three volumes, these films teach viewers what lap dances are and adapts them into the context of an intense exercise workout, as well as introducing a vigorous and rigorous Hip-Hop Dance with a firm emphasis on cardio.
Solo dances by each of the three women featured in the video will assist you in learning variations on how to use the moves in different ways.
Exotic dancing is much more than "dancing sexy", it is learning how to reach deep within yourself, find your own inner beauty and grace, and combine it into a sensual movement. /Dance/exotic-dancing.htm   (1836 words)

 Lap Dancing National Park Proposal
Lap Dance National (LDNP) Park should be in an area that typifies the natural wonder it is exemplifying, but at the same time, should take into consideration easy access, practicality and function.
One builing can house the Los Angeles exhibit, where the dancers are all wanna-be actresses, and the lap dances are unpredictable in "mileage" due to variance in local enforcment and lunar phases.
Park rangers have not shown a proclivity for being able to give or demonstrate proper lap dance technique, and those surveyed have refused point-blank to wear either period costumes or t-backs. /asscweb/ldnp.htm   (1033 words)

 French connection dance UK
French connection dance UK French connection dance UK has been set up to provide the sophisticated entertainment of private lap dancers throughout the UK and France, in your own venue.
At your private event all the usual dance club rules apply, and girls will be accompanied by the relevant number of security guards who will be present at all times.
The girls are all professional and have a minimum of one years lap dancing experience at reputable venues.   (1033 words)

 Episode 2: Lap Dancing for Unemployed Men in Masks - Fans Of Reality TV
Pete Bronze our unemployed suitor is treated to a lap dance by one of the hula hotties and being unemployed he didn't even have to give out dollar bills.
Pete Bronze says oh it was innocent, and oh the lap dance he almost forgot.
Episode 2: Lap Dancing for Unemployed Men in Masks - Fans Of Reality TV I see that you're an unregistered guest here at Fans Of Reality TV. /forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8213   (4009 words) - Lap Dancing
I try to watch all the girls before selecting one for a lap dance, looking for signs that she might bend the rules once we are in the private VIP room.
I told her she was very beautiful, and asked if she was available for a lap dance.
She was intrigued by my stories of going to strip clubs in the past, especially when I explained about lap dances. /free_stories/sexy2/el_b8/546.shtml   (1378 words)

 Lap Dancing & Pole Dancing Club in Oldham
then you can choose who you would like to lap dance for your eyes only in a secluded corner of you own.
A warm and sexy welcome awaits you at Players Lap and Pole Dancing Club, the newest and sexiest lap dancing and pole dancing private members club in the North of England.
Lap and Pole Dancing Club situated in Oldham   (242 words)

 lap dancing lessons glasgow
dance' for you, and entry to a Lap Dancing Club is also included...
Party Buses, River Boat Parties, Lap Dance Bars and VIP Nightclub...
industry (such as licensing premises used by lap dancing clubs) which may be perceived as less... /lapdancinglessonsglasgow   (549 words)

 Exotic Dance Adds Erotic Novelty to Your Foreplay
Techniques are shown for doing a lap dance on either a couch or a chair, along with plenty of general striptease techniques.
Dance with confidence and learn the moves for an arousing lap dance.
The original musical score from the Better Sex Erotic Dancing DVD, "Seduction: Erotic Dance Rhythms," is a sensuous, flirtatious collection of sexy, sultry and seductive music sure to set the stage for your own erotic dance. /exotic_Dance.htm   (1068 words)

 Lap Dancing with Fawnia Mondey
Performing a lap dance means enjoying your body with your partner.
Whether he even talks one on one with a dancer she is making some sweet moves on him, in his mind.
If you wear a suit to work, then maybe that would be perfect; he'd remember this dance each time you left for work. /html/lap_dancing_with_fawnia_mondey.html   (422 words)

 Lap dance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lap dancing clubs are a development of the earlier strip clubs, in which strippers danced on stage and were paid a wage.
A lap dance is a specific type of erotic dance, in which the patron is seated, and the dancer is either in immediate contact (contact dancing) with the patron, or within a very short distance.
Full-contact lap dances in strip clubs typically involve frottage, and it is not uncommon that the patron is brought to orgasm; one can frequently find used condoms in the men's restrooms of these establishments. /wiki/Lap_dance   (729 words)

 Choreographed ballroom dances: round dancing, sequence dancing, new vogue
Sequence dance clubs lap these up and rush to learn each new dance as soon as it is published, but only a handful of dances remain popular outside these clubs.
Sequence dances are based on the standard ballroom and latin dances, plus some old-time or classical dances such as saunters, blues and swings (not to be compared with any US styles) and the occasional gavotte.
Round dance clubs have a "cuer" who uses a microphone to tell dancers what to do, much like a square dance caller, but instead of a square dance, they are doing a pre-choreographed ballroom dance routine. /rad/dance_specific/oldtime.html   (1234 words)

 My Pole. Get your own pole dancing pole and find where you can take pole, lap and table dancing lessons.
She was Assistant Choreographer and pole dance instructor on the feature film Closer as well as winning third place in the national Pole Idol competition in 2004, and was a national finalist in the Miss Pole Dance UK competition in 2005.
Pole dance classes for all levels are held in a beautiful 3-pole dance studio @ The Factory one of North London's most established dance and fitness centres.
She is committed to teaching pole dancing and exotic dance as art forms in their own right, and has pole danced at rock clubs, live events, in burlesque, and on television. /poledancinglessonsuk.asp   (1891 words)

 2nd ID Seeks to Curb Lap Dancing at Clubs
Lap dances will be banned under proposed new standards for bars near U.S. bases in Area I, such as these establishments near the main gate of Camp Casey.
The proposed guide defines lap dancing as an activity that occurs "when a club dancer is approached by or offers to dance for a soldier … typically of the opposite sex.
He said lap dancing is associated with other undesirable activity such as human trafficking, which the proposed guide also includes measures to prevent. /NewContent/0,13190,SS_012604_Lap,00.html?   (886 words)

 Lap dance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A lap-dance is a specific type of erotic dance, in which the patron is seated, and the dancer is either in immediate contact with the patron, or within a very short distance.
A table dance is usually a variation where the dancer dances on an adjacent table, rather than on the patron's lap.
In a particular form of lap dance, a man will be seated, spreading his knees apart, and the dancer will gradually remove her clothing while standing between his legs. /wiki/Lap-dance   (320 words)

 Axis Dance Company
The last image I remember, she was sitting on Smith's lap, or perched on the footrest of her chair, and they were fused for an intimate moment.
Both Bill T. Jones's Fantasy in C Major (to Schubert's Fantasia for Violin and Piano) and Ta Kala, choreographed by Nicole Richter and Stephanie McGlynn, were quite conventional dances, made as if this were just an average dance company with people who can do different things.
Founded in 1987 and based in Oakland, California, Axis Dance Company has gained sufficient assurance about its mixed membership that it can refer to, comment on, and occasionally make fun of physical disability, as well as absorb it into choreographed activities. /archive/dance/00/06/15/AXIS_DANCE_COMPANY.html   (758 words)

 Dance Pole Lessons, Stripper Pole Lessons, and Striptease Lessons
Their Exotic dance classes are for every woman– no matter your beef with yourself, they are here for you, they are gentle and welcoming, and darn fun.
Pole Dancing, Pole Acrobatics, Floorwork, Private/Lap Dancing, Striptease, and Feature Act Development and Choreography are offered.
Pole Dancing for Fitness and Fun was brought to Fun Fit Studio in 2003 after the studio's founder struggled to find Pole Dancing Classes that were affordable, close, convenient and professional. /dancepolelessons.php   (2976 words)

 Pole Passion • Pole dancing lessons in Brighton
Pole Passion was founded in 2003 to teach Pole, Lap and Striptease techniques to every woman for fitness, confidence, empowerment and increased sensuality in a fun and safe environment.
Pole Dancing is about FUN, free expression and reaching deep within yourself and is rapidly becoming the nations most exciting form of physical exercise.
Pole Dancing is for every woman regardless of age shape, size or experience.   (400 words)

 Hip Hop Dance Videos
Building on the striptease-inspired dance moves from the first three volumes, these films teach viewers what lap dances are and adapts them into the context of an intense exercise workout, as well as introducing a vigorous and rigorous Hip-Hop Dance with a firm emphasis on cardio.
Dance is all about your center (core) so it's important to keep your abs in tight and your core balanced over you feet at all times.
Devora will teach Dance Techniques for the amateur to professional including a warm-up, moves across the floor, and a routine as seen in her award winning hip-hop class in NYC. /hiphop.htm   (400 words)

 Hartford Advocate: Six Feet Asunder
The 6-foot neutral zone would render lap dances null, and she suspects her stage tips could even take a hit, because with the 6-foot rule, the only way a dancer would earn a tip is if the customer had extremely accurate aim.
The measure further states that "no such premises shall permit exotic dancing in any room wherein there is not full visibility throughout the entire premises" -- in other words, no lap dancing, as most dances are performed in a private, more obscured area of the club.
Come this spring, strip club patrons' beloved champagne rooms -- those "forbidden" nooks behind the black curtain where so-called lap dances are performed-- could become a thing of the past at all of the state's 40-plus adult entertainment venues, should the revision proposal make it onto the books. /gbase/News/content?oid=oid:33683   (1547 words)

 Metroblogging Birmingham: Lap dancing
In recent years such clubs have proliferated in Birmingham, the Spearmint Rhino club on Hill St is the biggest such club in Europe, and there are a number of dance schools who run lap dancing calsses for aspiring professionals and amateurs, who want to give their partners a thrill, alike within the city.
One such class was lambasted in the press some months ago for teaching lap and pole dancing to girls as young as 11, the class soon closed but classs for adults continue at the school.
icCoventry is carrying a story about the setting up of a Lap Dancing Commission to monitor lap dancing clubs and their spread from Birmingham to Coventry. /archives/2005/11/lap_dancing.phtml   (350 words)

 DanceFan: On Strippers and Life
She was all sex when she climbed down off the stage to straddle mount the tipper backwards, leaning forward on the stage and shaking her backside into him in a doggy style lapdance at the stage.
And very energetic in the dance with a particularly nice rhythm of kneeling between my knees and slowly grinding her breasts in slow circles on my lap.
The DJ had announced some $1 tableside dances, and all of the available dancers were circling the floor landing on guys for a portion of the song for a $1.   (12518 words)

 EWA RP #32
((Dirk scratches his chin in true superstar style as the Woman readjusts herself, her head is now in Dirks lap facing the roof.
Dirk everyone is wondering just what the hell it is! I mean we have no clue whatsoever other then the fact that it is obviously high-up, and considering the title you strap around your waist every night...
Dirk Dagger - Well all I have to say to that is... /dirkdagger69/RP32.html   (1152 words)

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