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Topic: Laser guidance

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Laser guidance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Laser guidance is a technique of guiding a missile or other projectile or vehicle to a target by means of a laser beam.
With this technique, a laser is kept pointed at the target and the laser radiation bounces off the target and is scattered in all directions.
When it is close enough that some of the reflected laser energy from the target reaches it, a laser seeker notices which direction this energy is coming from and aims the projectile towards the source.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Laser_guidance   (239 words)

 Laser-guided bomb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The reflected laser light ("sparkle") from the target is then detected by the seeker head of the weapon, which sends signals to the weapon's control surfaces to guide it toward the designated point.
The earliest laser guidance seekers measured the intensity of the reflected laser light at four corners of the seeker window.
To insure accurate guidance, the target must be illuminated for several seconds before launch, allowing the weapon's seeker to obtain a positive lock, and the target must remain illuminated during much of the weapon's transit time.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Laser-guided_bomb   (1046 words)

 Laser guidance means - Patent 5782002
A laser unit according to claim 4, in a combination in which the cam (52) is provided with an opening means (65), and the third intermediate support means (66) passes through said opening means (65).
A laser unit according to claim 5, in a combination in which said opening means (65) of the cam (52) is of elongated nature accommodating relative vertical movement of the cam (52) and the third (66) intermediate support means.
The second type of adjustment as to the inclination of the laser unit, with respect to the orientation of the bow and the laser housing, also is provided as a function of the cam.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5782002.html   (3245 words)

 Laser Guidance
The laser sensor is mounted in a gimballed, aerodynamically aligned (ring airfoil - it aligns the sensor assembly with the weapon's velocity vector) assembly.
Laser light reflected off a target passes through a protective nose window and an infrared filter and is focussed by an aspheric lens on to a four-quadrant silicon photoelectric sensor.
Laser energy (designation) is fed into the optics by the use of a dichroic (reflective to particular wavelengths) combiner glass so that the laser beam exits the optics via the same path that external images enter the system.
www.ausairpower.net /AADR-Laser-Sept-81.html   (6279 words)

 Gas-Laser Devices - CPPM
In air, collisions with the gas molecules damp the oscillation, and the particle settles at the centre of the laser beam (i.e.
However, these tweezers are intrinsically limited by the diffraction of the laser beam to micrometer length scales, as strong lateral confinement requires tight beam focusing and a long effective length to transport the particles of thousands of Rayleigh lengths -- in other words a large figure-of-merit is required.
A green laser is directed upward towards a vibrating cell containing the micro-sized particles and is coupled to a piece of HC-PCF.
www.bath.ac.uk /physics/groups/cppm/gaslaser_guidance.php   (441 words)

 AGV Navigation and Guidance
Laser guidance supplies the AGV with the information necessary to travel throughout the facility.
As with laser guidance, inertial guidance is flexible and does not require that your floor be cut to lay wires.
Wire guidance is one of the oldest forms of AGV guidance.
www.egeminusa.com /automatic_guided_vehicle_guidance.htm   (457 words)

 Forklift Safety Device - Accu-Fork, Forklift Laser Guidance System, Mounting and Servicing Instructions
If the laser comes on and will not go out, or will not come on without a hard jolt to the unit, the sensitivity needs to be adjusted.
The laser light should be shooting just under the edge of the box thus being in-line with the tips of the forks.
In order to align the laser, take the correct allen wrench (5/64) and screw the front "set screw" on the bottom of the unit directly under the laser in or out, depending on which way the beam needs to go until proper alignment is achieved.
www.forklift-laser.com /forkliftinstructions.htm   (309 words)

 Laser guidance
The laser guidance system provided by AGV Electronics is taking advantage of existing components on the market.
The laser scanner uses a GaAs pulse transmitter laser and scans the surrounding area through an internal mirror, which rotates at 10 rev/sec.
Laser guidance can be used for all types of tricycle bi-directional vehicles.
www.agve.se /laser.htm   (381 words)

 Semi-Active Laser (SAL) Precision Guidance System
Except for line of sight verification and allocation of codes prior to the mission, the use of SAL does not impose further limitations or complexities when operating in good visibility conditions, (day or night) and therefore it is suitable for ad-hoc engagements of targets of opportunity and close air support.
Modern laser guided weapons are integrating both GPS and laser guidance capability, offering high precision, all-weather attack capability.
Laser guided weapons are adversely affected by visibility conditions (clouds, smoke etc) and obscurants.
www.defense-update.com /products/l/laser-guidance.htm   (356 words)

 Royal Air Force Cottesmore Station Website   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
A laser is used to designate the required target and the bomb's guidance package then steers the weapon to the source of the reflected laser energy.
Laser designation may be provided from the air using the Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator (TIALD) pod, or from forces on the ground using a laser target designator.
At the appropriate moment during the attack the TIALD laser is turned on, which provides the bomb's guidance system with the information it requires to complete the attack.
www.raf.mod.uk /rafcottesmore/weapons.html   (1662 words)

 Roleplayer #9: Laser Guidance and Targeting Lasers in GURPS Autoduel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Any number of rockets may be linked to one laser, but only one volley of rockets may be guided at a time, and the laser must be able to hit the rockets' target.
When a tuned laser and a modified rocket are fired together at the same target, roll normally to see if the laser hits the target and assess the laser's damage.
If the laser misses or the modified rocket is fired without laser guidance, the rocket only hits on a 3 or 4.
www.sjgames.com /gurps/Roleplayer/Roleplayer9/Laser-Guidance.html   (403 words)

 [No title]
Reasoning that advances in laser technology soon might make it possible to project the laser beam over sufficient distances to meet military requirements, they proposed using a laser as an illuminator, a means to mark the target by projecting a bright spot of light upon it.
The original thinking had been that the laser must illuminate with continuous energy, roughly analogous to pointing a flashlight at a target, switching it one and holding the beam on the target until the missile hit.
Specifically the command was asked to provide laser illuminators and operators, technical assistance and evaluation of the seeker proposals of the contractors selected by the Air Force to work on the bomb.
www.redstone.army.mil /history/chron4/LASER2.html   (2813 words)

 GBU - Guided Bomb Units - en
Laser guidance kits turned standard "dumb" ordnance into "smart bombs," yielding a 100-fold increase in effectiveness compared with free-fall, unguided bombs.
The guidance section is attached to the nose of the weapon and contains either a television guidance system for daytime or an imaging infrared system for night or limited, adverse weather operations.
Guidance is accomplished via the tight coupling of an accurate GPS with a 3-axis INS.
www.military.cz /usa/air/in_service/weapons/bombs/gbu/gbu_en.htm   (1473 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Fact file: Smart bombs - Laser guidance
The laser source can be the attacking aircraft, another aircraft, or troops on the ground - perhaps more than 10 miles (16km) away.
The laser equipment, once "locked" onto the target, can remain pointing at it even if the target or the laser source moves.
But the bomb needs to have the target "designated" - illuminated by the laser - all the time until it is about to hit, or it will lose its way.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/americas/2805611.stm   (212 words)

 AGV Navigation
The laser scanner strobes the plant, sensing reflective wall targets mounted at intervals on the wall.
The laser scanner rotates at several revolutions per second and features a direct drive motor with no belts to maintain or fail.
The laser utilized is an infrared, class 1 laser and is extremely safe for continuous use.
www.fmcsgvs.com /content/products/nav.htm   (341 words)

 Guidance. offender monitoring, AGV laser navigation, DP position reference sensors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Founded in 1991 and based in the UK, the Guidance group is a leading supplier of sophisticated navigation and process tracking technologies.
Laser scanner electronics for robotic vehicle navigation and AGV control.
Guidance Navigation is the proud winner of a 2006 Queen’s Award for International Trade.
www.gcsltd.co.uk   (159 words)

 Burnt Latke - laser guidance - Combustion Launchers - Spud Guns
The laser is simply strapped to the barrel or modified to fit a traditional scope rail.
Align the laser by looking through the empty barrel at a target then position the spot in the center.
Most laser pointers pass current through the cap and body to complete the circuit.
www.burntlatke.com /laser.html   (317 words)

 [No title]
FDA is putting this guidance document into effect immediately because the guidance document is presenting a new policy, consistent with public health, that is less burdensome [[Page 39050]] than current policy.
This guidance document is appropriate because of the amendment of IEC 60825-1 and the intent of CDRH to harmonize its requirements with many of those of the IEC standards.
Laser Notice 45 may be accessed at www.fda.gov/cdrh/radhlth/index.html under the index heading for ``Lasers, Including Light Shows'' as a ``Notices to Industry.'' Scroll to number 92 in the list of notices.
www.fda.gov /OHRMS/DOCKETS/98fr/072601b.htm   (1062 words)

 Laser Guidance, Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Laser Guidance was formed in 1993 to commercialize the laser based precision guidance systems invented by the two founding principles: Dr. David Shemwell and Dr. Alan Vetter.
Since its inception Laser Guidance product development activities have expanded into the areas of propulsion, medical instrumentation, GPS guidance, and telecommunications.
In each of these areas Laser Guidance teams have demonstrated their ability to bring product development programs into fruition while maintaining extremely demanding schedules and tight budgets.
www.laserguidance.com   (120 words)

 Contract manufacturing from Product Resources - Laser Guidance System - Providing contract assembly, manufacturing ...
Project: Since the alignment of the conveyor must be held to a precision of better than +/- 3 inches over the entire length of 300 feet, a laser was chosen as the alignment reference.
Laser targets mounted over each of the four support tractors detect the position of the conveyor with reference to the laser beam.
Using the output of the laser targets, the control system coordinates the positions of all four tractors to keep the structure moving in the correct direction and precisely aligned despite the uneven and slippery nature of the ground.
www.prodres.com /engprojects/laserguidance.html   (290 words)

 AGV Guidance - Laser Guidance Gives High Accuracy
Laser guidance affords maximum flexibility and accuracy of the vehicle fleet.
Changes to the vehicles' paths do not require an interruption of your manufacturing process, and generally may be completed much more quickly than changes to a wire or intertial based system.
A rotating, class 1 laser navigation device mounted atop the vehicle bounces its harmless laser beam off of the targets, then uses the data to determine its position and speed in the operational area.
www.agvp.com /navigation_laser.htm   (203 words)

 Guided Bomb Unit-12 (GBU-12) Paveway II - Smart Weapons
A laser guidance kit is integrated with each bomb to add the requisite degree of precision.
When a target is illuminated by a laser — either airborne or ground-based — the guidance fins (canards) react to signals from the control group and steer the weapon to the target.
Specifically, GPS guidance can be used for all-weather attacks of known targets; and laser guidance provides an option for improved accuracy, man-in-the-loop, moving targets, and targets of opportunity when GPS is denied.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/munitions/gbu-12.htm   (1056 words)

 NICE Issues Guidance On Laser Eye Surgery For Treating Refractive Errors, UK
The guidance does not recommend that laser eye surgery should be offered to patients routinely on the NHS, as for most people eye problems can easily be corrected by wearing spectacles or contact lenses.
The guidance covers the three most common types of laser eye surgery (laser in situ keratomileusis [LASIK], photorefractive keratotectomy [PRK], and laser epithelial keratomileusis [LASEK]) and updates and replaces guidance on LASIK issued in December 2004.
The full guidance on LASIK and the ‘information for the public' leaflet can be found on the NICE website at http://www.nice.org.uk.
www.medicalnewstoday.com /medicalnews.php?newsid=40089   (481 words)

 Laser Products Industries Inc.
Laser Products Industries is proud to announce that we have begun to carry Hilti's Laser Range Meters (PD 30, PD 32 and PD 38) as well as the Line Laser (PML 32) which projects vertical and horizontal lines.
The new PD 38 has Bluetooth capabilities and allows the laser meter to communicate with a handheld PDA.
Laser Products is the only authorized on-line distributor, specialized in the flooring industry of the Hilti lasers.
www.lasersquare.com   (158 words)

 Laser Guidance of Mesoscopic Particles
I have guided micron and nanometer size particles (in fluid and gases background) in hollow optical fibers using laser light at a wavelength of 780nm.
The fiber guides the laser light in a grazing incident optical mode and, in turn, the optical forces escort the particles through the fiber.
The laser's wavelength was 780nm and the output power was 0.4 watts.
www.foresight.org /Conferences/MNT7/Abstracts/Underdown   (171 words)

 Ultrasound guidance of laser atherectomy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Intravascular ultrasound imaging catheters and forward firing laser atherectomy systems are both being used in the coronary vascular tree of man. When used in conjunction, ultrasound imaging may reduce the probability of perforation and dissection related to laser atherectomy.
A novel system is presented which combines ultrasound imaging and laser atherectomy capabilities on the same catheter.
The system incorporates a holmium YAG laser directed perpendicular to the long axis of the catheter along with a co-directional ultrasound sensor.
omlc.ogi.edu /pubs/abs/aretz91.html   (110 words)

Assembly Guidance Systems, Inc. was founded in 1988 to develop, deliver, and support the use of lasers to display 3D data in stand alone and integrated systems to enhance manual productivity.
Assembly Guidance remains committed to advancing the state of the art in our core area of expertise: lowering costs and improving quality through 3D display of CAD data for manual tasks, while teaming with other world leaders in related fields.
“Laser Guidance for Prepreg Layup,” published by the Plastics and Rubber Institute in association with the British Composites Society and the United States Air Force.
www.assemblyguide.com /History/AboutAssembly.htm   (1133 words)

 Laser Beam Guidance for Oshkosh Air Show - Aviation
While AOPA does not believe that lasers pose a significant safety issue that warrants the use of temporary or permanent airspace restrictions, general aviation pilots should be aware that higher power lasers are more readily available, and at least one study shows that they may cause temporary vision changes from lasers.
According to NORAD officials, the ground-based laser system uses safety-tested low-level beams of alternating green and red laser lights to alert pilots that they are flying without approval in designated airspace.
According to the FAA, a preliminary test of the system showed that the laser illumination is "eye safe." However, the FAA contends, and AOPA agrees, that a number of important steps must be taken before the system is fielded.
www.aviation-00.com /37563.php   (3118 words)

 Laser Guidance
The Laser Centerline Localizer, or LCL, provides precision visual signal to help carrier based aircraft line up with the ship at night.
The precision visual reference allows for a precise, and higher 'comfort level' for the landing carrier pilot.
Currently, the Laser Centerline Localizer is being produced for the US Navy under license by the Raytheon Corporation.
www.laserguidance.com /centerline.html   (113 words)

 MTU Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education - Laser Guidance Apparatus Animation Start Page
The Laser Guidance Apparatus is for guiding/writing nano particles.
The mist from the nebulizer caries the particles aloft and into the path of the laser beam.
The CCD camera and VCR are used to monitor the trajectory of the particles (scattered light) through the fiber to measure particle velocity.
www.phy.mtu.edu /nue/LaserGuidance_start.html   (114 words)

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