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Topic: Laser hair removal

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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  ▶ laser hair removal ( permanent laser hair removal or facial hair removal )
Laser hair removal is a technique that makes it possible to treat rapidly and in the same session a very large area of the body, for a longer period of time and gradually deteriorating the hair.
Laser hair removal is a safe treatment but, as a rule, some temporary side effects are possible, including darker or lighter marks, especially in dark skin and tanned skins.
Hair removal on small areas like the lip or the chin takes a few minutes, whereas the treatment of a wide area like a leg or a thigh requires between twenty to fifty minutes.
www.abimelec.com /dermatologist/laser_hair_removal.html   (1302 words)

 eMedicine - Laser Hair Removal : Article by Mounir Bashour
The indication for hair removal is mostly subjective.
Lasers are truly effective in only the anagen phase, when hair-matrix cells divide rapidly and migrate outward from the shaft and when the melanin load is at its highest.
For permanent hair reduction, the laser must be applied to its limit for the particular patient and for the area being treated (as determined with careful patch testing).
www.emedicine.com /ent/topic738.htm   (3307 words)

 Your Laser Hair Removal Solution! | Permanent Laser Hair Removal Cost!
While hair removal by laser has been in existence for almost 10 years, it is still a relatively up and coming procedure.
When researching laser hair removal, consumers come across many concerns including, typical cost of laser hair removal, seeing before and after shots of laser hair removal pictures and any laser hair removal risk that could be involved, including laser hair removal side effects and undergoing treatments for laser hair removal during pregnancy.
The average cost of laser hair removal and overall laser hair removal danger are concerns that vary from clinic to clinic based on the area in which the clinic resides and the experiences clinics have had with their patients.
www.laserhairremoval.com   (731 words)

  Laser Removal ! Ingrown hair removal, Information about the removal of male ...
When it comes to permanent hair removal, laser hair removal has been proven to be the most effective and painless treatment available to both men and women.
Hair grows on all parts of the human body except on the palms, the lips, certain areas of private organs and the soles of the feet.
Hair removal is necessary for removing unwanted hair from the body.
www.leandernet.com /Laser_removal/Laser_hair_removal.php   (715 words)

  ASDS Fact Sheet - Laser Hair Removal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Laser hair removal utilizes beams of highly concentrated light designed to selectively penetrate into the hair follicles, to be absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles and to destroy the hair within that hair follicle.
Laser hair removal can remove unwanted hair in those individuals who have disease states in which unwanted hair growth can occur, or it can be performed on those individuals who have no active disease states and just want removal of unwanted hair.
The laser and light source will be set with parameters which take into consideration your skin color, the hair color, the thickness of the hair, the location of the hair and the amount of energy needed for the treatment to be performed.
www.asds-net.org /Patients/FactSheets/patients-Fact_Sheet-laser_hair_removal.html   (1166 words)

 Laser Hair Removal
Prior to laser technology, the only options for removing unwanted hair were smelly hair removal creams, sharp razors, stinging wax or painful electrolysis needles.
Laser Hair Removal uses a visible light laser to gently remove unwanted hair, putting an end to routine shaving and waxing.
Laser Hair Removal uses the cool light of the laser to scan the treatment area and within minutes all of the hairs in the laser's beam are treated.
www.cosmeticskin.com /skin-hair.shtml   (588 words)

 Laser Facts
Lasers are used for a growing number of cosmetic procedures including hair removal, treatment of wrinkles, and tooth whitening.
The popularity of laser hair removal has increasingly grown, prompting many laser manufacturers to conduct research and seek FDA clearance for their lasers for this indication.
Further, manufacturers may not claim that laser hair removal is either painless or permanent unless the FDA determines that there are sufficient data to demonstrate such results.
www.fda.gov /cdrh/consumer/laserfacts.html   (1365 words)

 Laser Hair Removal Chicago
And because hair growth occurs in cycles, only a certain amount of hair follicles are growing at any one time.The number of treatments you may require for optimal long-term benefits depends on the area you wish to have treated, the hair density and your hair's growth cycle.
Laser Hair Removal uses a low-energy laser to gently remove unwanted hair, putting an end to routine shaving and waxing.
Laser Hair Removal uses the light of the laser to scan the treatment area and within minutes, all of the growing hairs in the laser's beam are treated.
www.drmelton.com /Chicago/Lasers/Laser_Hair_Removal/laser_hair_removal.html   (2905 words)

 Washington DC Laser Hair Removal Maryland Laser Hair Removal Baltimore MD
The light emitted by the diode laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles, vaporizing the pigment and disabling several follicles at a time.
Because the diode laser tends to treat hair follicles that are in an active growth phase, more than one treatment may be required to disable hair follicles that subsequently enter the growth phase.
Because lasers have only been used for hair removal for the last few years, we can't know if the results will continue to be felt in 10 or 20 years.
www.dermatologycosmetic.com /services_laserhairremoval.asp   (760 words)

 Laser Hair Removal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Laser Hair Removal is one of the oldest uses for cosmetic lasers.
When the laser is directed at the hair follicle, the melanin in the hair follicle heats up, and the heat is transferred to the follicle, damaging it so the hair doesn’t grow back.
Most people who have laser hair removal without the use of topical anesthetics say that the pulse of the laser feels much like the “snap of a rubber band.” Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others.
www.ctlaser.com /html/laser_hair_removal.html   (828 words)

 Laser Hair Removal by ReflectionsCenter.com
Laser Hair removal can be performed on any area of the face or body and is faster and easier than other methods of hair removal.
Laser and light sources produce a bright beam of light that is preferentially absorbed by melanin (the pigment in hair) and causes damage to the hair shaft and follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue.
Hair can be clipped or shaved prior to the treatment but waxing or plucking is avoided for 2-3 weeks prior to the treatment to enhance effectiveness.
www.reflectionscenter.com /hairremoval.php   (2115 words)

 MTF laser hair removal facts
TS facial hair removal is extremely difficult to achieve without damaging surrounding skin, and some lasers and practitioners are better than others.
A few have claimed permanent hair removal, but when questioned further, they were actually supplementing laser with another method, or they hadn’t completed treatment and weren’t qualified to make an assessment yet.
Ruby lasers of the type she used have the most available clinical data and have been on the market the longest of the types allowed to claim permanent hair reduction.
www.tsroadmap.com /physical/hair/zaplaser.html   (1996 words)

 BH Advanced Laser Service 4
The key to successful hair removal is destroying the entire follicle, down to the bulb and its germinating centers, while preserving surrounding healthy tissue.
Destroying the hair follicle during its active growth cycle is another key to producing long-term hair reduction.
The laser is a light energy that gets absorbed by the hair and melanin in the skin and then transformed into heat, resulting in destruction of the hair follicle.
www.beverlyhillsadvancedlaser.com /hairremoval.htm   (917 words)

 Berman Skin Institute - Procedures for Unwanted Hair
Removes hair and hair bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae), ingrown hairs
The laser is passed over the skin, and light energy is absorbed by dark pigment in hair follicles beneath the skin, disabling hundreds of hairs at a time.
With 8 lasers for hair removal available at our center at all times, we are able to treat all skin types from the fairest to the darkest, and even tanned skin.
www.bermanmd.com /procedures/hair/unwantedhair.asp?sec=1   (748 words)

 Laser Hair Removal Questions & Answers
Laser hair removal is able to reduce the number of hairs in the areas that you mention rather readily and with very few side-effects.
Is laser hair removal a safe alternative for me? I am not 'fair-skinned' and in my research I've found that the surgery is recommended for people with very dark hair, which I have, and light complexions.
Permanent laser hair removal is probably a misnomer, since no one can achieve this with a single treatment and there are reports that even multiple procedures don't permanently remove all of the hair from the treated areas.
www.locateadoc.com /questions.cfm/1784   (1775 words)

 Laser hair removal: Zapping unwanted hair - MayoClinic.com
Laser hair removal systems use laser light —; an intense, pulsating beam of light —; to remove unwanted hair.
Hair color and skin type are the key factors that influence the success of laser hair removal.
Before scheduling laser hair removal, you meet with your doctor to discuss the factors that determine whether the procedure is likely to work well for you.
www.mayoclinic.com /health/laser-hair-removal/HQ00981   (1083 words)

 Laser Hair Removal Consumer Guide
Lasers are a new modality for the rapid, gentle removal of unwanted hair.
Lasers are not for everyone, and their proper use requires great expertise.
Laser hair removal, although much less expensive than electrolysis, requires multiple treatments, and generally costs over $1000 in total for most anatomic areas.
www.consumerlaserguide.com   (398 words)

 laser hair removal
This laser energy passes through the skin to the hair follicle, where the energy is absorbed by pigment in the hair and hair follicle, causing selective damage to the hair root without damaging delicate pores and structures of the skin.
Hair removal is much faster with a laser because each "pulse" of laser light disables a large numbers of hair follicles, and pulses can be delivered as often as twice every second.
At any one time, 50 to 85% of your hair follicles are in the active (anagen) phase but only 1/4 to 1/3 of your hairs have enough of the pigment in their ROOTS to absorb the laser beam which destroys the hair root.
www.drsimoni.com /laser_hair_removal.htm   (7267 words)

 Laser Sheer Hair Removal: laser hair removal
Because the system is fast, it allows for larger areas to be treated, considerably increasing the efficiency of the hair removal process, which allows more patients to be treated during a typical day.
Gel is applied to the skin and the laser is compressed into the skin and the treatment begins.
With it's patented chill tip and 800nm wavelenth and ability to have a variable pulse duration to affect hair the Lightsheer diode is considered the "gold standard" for hair lasers.
www.lasersheerhairremoval.com /laser.html   (1552 words)

 Laser Back Hair Removal
Laser hair removal for back hair may not be perfect, but there are important advantages for every patient.
Several potential lasers and light sources are available, each having a specific benefit for the patient, depending on the patient's skin color, hair color, hair thickness and hair density.
Even those patients with thicker, coarse hair may have a significant permanent thinning of the diameter of many of the hairs, in addition to achieving a reduction in hair density.
www.hairremovaljournal.org /treat_backhair.htm   (596 words)

 Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved process of permanently reducing or eliminating unwanted hair on almost any part of the body except near the eyes, explains nurse practitioner Lisa Williams, owner of Medical Aesthetics by Lisa at Canyon Falls in Scottsdale http://www.canyonfalls.com.
But he adds that while lasers used for hair removal are generally less powerful than those for more aggressive treatments like laser skin resurfacing, it's still in your best interest to visit a medical professional before any type of treatment, including hair removal.
For women battling facial hair, guys taming unruly back hair or anyone looking for the convenience of hair-free body zones, laser hair removal is perhaps the greatest invention since ice cream.
www.azcentral.com /style/articles/032905laser-CR.html   (739 words)

 Mesotherapy - Laser Hair Removal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This FDA approved permanent laser hair removal system is effective at removing unwanted hair from the face, neck, underarms, bikini area, chest, breasts, back, legs and other areas.
Since other hairs will enter the growth phase at different times, additional treatments will be necessary to disable all hair follicles in a given area.
The laser light will also be attracted to the melanin in the skin, so people with suntans, or dark skin types are at more of a risk for discoloration of pigment and other side effects.
www.mesotherapy.com /aboutprocedure/laser_hair_removal.shtml   (722 words)

 Laser Hair Removal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Laser treatment can remove hair from many areas of the body, including the face, upper lip, bikini line, and neck area.
Laser hair removal is performed in a physician's office or laser hair treatment facility.
During the procedure, a laser is used to dispense a fine intense beam of heated light that removes the hair follicles, but preserves the skin in the surrounding area.
www.yourplasticsurgeryguide.com /laser-skin-procedures/laser-hair-removal.htm   (1175 words)

 Laser Hair Removal Newport Beach   (Site not responding. Last check: )
During the procedure the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, long enough to heat up the hair and impedes the follicles ability to re-grow.
Hairs that are in an active growth phase are affected most by the laser.
The length of a laser hair removal treatment may last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more depending on the size of the areas being treated.
www.southcoastmedspa.com /LaserHairRemoval1.htm   (445 words)

 Laser Hair Removal
Hair by hair, an electric current passes through a needle to destroy the hair root's ability to grow.
The color of light produced by a particular laser is one of the keys to its effect on hair follicles.
Because the laser tends to treat hair follicles that are in an active growth phase, several treatments are generally required to disable hair follicles that subsequently enter this growth phase.
www.hairlasernyc.com /laserhairremoval   (782 words)

 Laser Hair Removal Information & Free Hair Removal Consultations Nationwide
There are a number of variables that laser clinics, med spas, and medical professionals consider when determining the cost of a single laser hair removal treatment or a full treatment package.
You can also research how hair lasers work to remove hair on various parts of the body, including the bikini, underarms, back and facial area.
Hair Removal Forum also includes a nationwide laser hair removal directory, so you can use your new knowledge and the site’s local laser clinic finder to get connected with the best hair removal provider in your area.
www.hairremovalforum.com   (784 words)

 Laser Hair Removal
Lasers have been used for many years for a variety of medical cosmetic procedures.
Until now, the only semi-permanent way to remove hair has been by electrolysis - which can be painful, time consuming and is limited to small cosmetic areas.
The best results are achieved on darker hair but other factors may influence the treatment process, and are generally best evaluated and discussed with your laser consultant.
www.lakewoodlaser.com /laserHairRemoval.htm   (548 words)

 Laser Hair Removal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
You might of heard of other hair removal technologies, but this is the most efficient system and has been approved by the FDA to be proven for long term hair reduction.
Dr. Harvey is a nationally acclaimed teacher of the laser hair removal procedure and has taught physicians from Texas to Chicago.
Only the hair that is an active growing phase has enough pigment for the laser to target.
www.pvderm.com /laserhairremoval.htm   (813 words)

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