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Topic: Late Antique

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  Late Antique Beaded Earrings - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Met Museum Store
Despite this, Christian iconography did not fully dominate the arts until the late fifth or early sixth century; jewelry from this period continued to reflect the Roman taste for colorful stones and classical iconography.
The Museum's Late Antique Beaded Earrings are adapted from a necklace that was part of a group of jewelry found on the Hill of St. Louis in Carthage.
The original, vibrantly jeweled necklace is formed of emerald crystals, sapphires, and pearls, and probably belonged to a prominent family.
www.metmuseum.org /store/st_family_viewer.asp/familyID/{90CB327D-6C5F-11D5-93FA-00902786BF44}/shopperID/FromPage/catjewelry/FromPage/familyNo/9/catID/{2864B336-537A-4AD5-9686-C17551701A0A}   (144 words)

  Late Antique Egypt
The study of late antiquity from the fourth to the seventh century A.D. has attracted the attention of a growing number of scholars in the past twenty years.
In late antiquity the public response to the problems facing the Roman empire was unable to prevent its fall.
The study of late antique Egypt was revived in the last thirty years by scholars interested in the broader spectrum of social and economic history.
odyssey.lib.duke.edu /papyrus/texts/greek/late-antique.html   (1121 words)

 Antique Furniture by My Hart
Myrna Elzey and I first met late in 1995 when I responded to an ad that she had placed for an antique furniture hauler.
To supply the Cumming, GA antique auction that she had started a couple years before with family members.
Our metro Atlanta antique auction house is located west of Cumming, GA on Bethelview Rd. A short drive of only 7 miles from the fast growing Lakewood 400 Antiques Market.
www.antiquefurniture.us   (757 words)

 Tall Antique American brass candlestick late 19th century Three piece Girandole set of the Sultana Model c1845 to 1861 ...
Antique Chinese period blue and white porcelain bottle vase mounted as a lamp with 2 writhing dragons in a rosy brown underglaze.
Antique Chinese hares fur glaze pottery vase, early to mid 19th century, converted to a lamp in the early 20th century.
This antique Chinese stone ware lamp measures 14 inches tall, 11 inches across and 28 inches to the top of the harp.
lighting.oneofakindantiques.com /lighting_7.htm   (707 words)

 Late Antique Cultures Concentration at Brown University   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Late Antique Cultures exists as one of two concentrations sponsored by the Program in Medieval Studies.
Late Antique Cultures focuses on the third through ninth centuries c.e., when ancient cultural forms were still in place but medieval cultures were beginning to take shape simultaneously.
Honors in Late Antique Cultures are awarded to those students who complete the required courses of the concentration, present a meritorious honors thesis, and meet the academic standards for honors in the department of the thesis advisor.
www.brown.edu /Departments/Classics/lateantique.htm   (195 words)

 Thomas, T.: Late Antique Egyptian Funerary Sculpture: Images for This World and the Next.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Focusing on funerary sculpture, one of the best-known categories of late antique Egyptian art, Thelma K. Thomas demonstrates how skilled artisans created a varied repertory of works for a diverse body of commissioners.
It brings to bear new data in the form of Thomas's analysis of the original plaster and paint overlays of these sculptures and her recognition of recarving and forgeries, and it radically reinterprets the entire corpus.
"This book is the first synthetic study of late antique funerary sculpture from Egypt and the first such study of either regional or general funerary sculpture of the late antique period.
press.princeton.edu /titles/6816.html   (386 words)

 Research project The Anatolian countryside in the late antique and early medi ...
Research project The Anatolian countryside in the late antique and early medi...
The Anatolian countryside in the late antique and early medieval period (ca.
Secondly, intensive archaeological surveys are undertaken in close proxi- mity to the city, in order to assess the possibilities of the city's exploitation territory and the changes it underwent through time.
www.kuleuven.ac.be /research/researchdatabase/project/3H00/3H000192.htm   (147 words)

 Late Antiquity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While the usage "Late Antiquity" suggests that the social and cultural priorities of Classical Antiquity endured throughout Europe into the Middle Ages, the usage "Early Middle Ages" emphasizes a break with the classical past, and the term "Migrations Period" emphasizes the disruptions in the same period of time.
Late Antiquity marks the decline of Roman state religion, circumscribed in degrees by edicts inspired by Christian advisers to 4th century emperors, and a period of dynamic religious experimentation and spirituality with many syncretic sects, some formed centuries earlier, such as Gnosticism or Neoplatonism and the Chaldaean oracles, some novel, such as hermeticism.
In the field of literature, Late Antiquity is known for the declining use of classical Greek and Latin, and the rise of literary cultures in Syriac, Armenian, Arabic, Coptic, vulgar Latin and, in some cases, Romance dialects.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Late_Antiquity   (1154 words)

 Heavenly Realms and Earthly Realities in Late Antique Religions - Cambridge University Press   (Site not responding. Last check: )
By contrast, it is striking how often late antique authors use images of heaven to articulate their abiding commitment to this-worldly life and worship.
To map the late antique discourse about heaven, we must thus base our search for cross-cultural commonalities in careful analyses of the specific religious traditions, literary genres, and social worlds in which they are expressed.
In “The Bridge and the Ladder: Narrow Passages in Late Antique Visions,” Fritz Graf challenges the pervasive tendency to harmonize the diverse images used to describe the passage from earth to heaven.
www.cup.cam.ac.uk /catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521831024&ss=exc   (2687 words)

 Doctoral research pr Late Antique Sources for Social Ethics in a Postmodern Era: ...
Research Method The evaluation of late antique social ethics both in their own historical context and in the contemporary Catholic social context demand separate treatment.
Next, those texts will be evaluated in conjunction with the major secondary literature in the fields of archaeology, economics, and church history for an accurate assessment of the original audience, authorial intent, and the issues at stake in each.
We will investigate in what regard the late antique texts have, in fact, been used in the official social documents of the Catholic Church.
www.kuleuven.ac.be /research/researchdatabase/project/3H06/3H060022.htm   (851 words)

 Late Antiquity
Department of History at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign participates in an interdisciplinary field in the study of Late Antiquity, encompassing the Late Roman, Early Medieval, and Early Byzantine periods (third through seventh centuries AD).
In the west, Late Antiquity saw the gradual withering of classical society, government, and religion, and the for­mation of a strictly western European, Christian society that eventu­ally would culminate in the modern‑day western European nations.
Ralph W. Mathisen (Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1979), Late Antiquity; social and cultural history of the Roman and Byzantine Empires; impact of the barbarian settlements; numismatics, prosopography, codicology, and computer applications to historical studies.
home.earthlink.net /~ruricius/lateantiquity.htm   (1738 words)

 The House in Late Antique Syria
The residential architecture of late antique (third- to sixth-century) Syria, albeit in ruins, is far better preserved than anywhere else in the ancient world, a phenomenon noted by the first modern travelers in the region.
Despite their general affinities with late antique residential architecture partially preserved in other parts of the Mediterranean world, Syrian residential buildings display numerous idiosyncrasies that set them apart as unique.
The late antique Syrian house by virtue of its form, block or tower, is fundamentally different from contemporary residential buildings elsewhere.
www.princeton.edu /~visres/rp/las/house.html   (535 words)

 When is the Polis no longer a City
Most Late Antique monuments of Corinth, though, and other cities in the Peloponnese, have only recently been dated or discovered, let alone analyzed alongside the relevant Late Antique literature.
The evidence of Thessaloniki and Athens, and the newly redated or discovered monuments of Corinth, together contribute to the reconstruction of active civic life in Late Antique Greece.
This new picture of vigorous cities in Late Antique Greece has important implications for current scholarship on ancient urbanism, the development of Christianity and the transition to the Byzantine world.
www.humnet.ucla.edu /lateantique/gradconference/cities.htm   (303 words)

 Antique Engagement Rings Shopping   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This antique diamond is set in an equally stunning platinum ring with an edwardian-style crown basket which is highlighted by tulip-shaped V's which are covered with round bead set diamonds.
Set low in a graceful and elegant platinum ring which is an exact replica of a late Edwardian-early Art Deco antique engagement ring.
This ring is an exact replica of an original late art deco antque engagement ring.
antiqueengagementrings.com /shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=20   (598 words)

 Late 1890s antique corset of purple satin
This lovely antique corset is typical of the style popular just before the turn of the century, around 1898.
It is a size 19" waist which would have been purchased by a lady with a 23" natural waist.
In the late 1890s the new "strait front" corsets were all the rage.
laracorsets.com /Antique_corset_2004.0078.htm   (287 words)

 History Department   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Department of History at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign announces a new field in the study of Late Antiquity, encompassing the Late Roman, Early Medieval, and Early Byzantine periods (third through seventh centuries AD).
Ralph W. Mathisen (Dept. of History) (Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1979), Late Antiquity; social and cultural history of the Roman and Byzantine Empires; impact of the barbarian settlements; law; numismatics; prosopography; codicology; and computer applications to historical studies.
Richard Layton (Dept. of Religious Studies), Research interests in Christianity in Late Antiquity, History of Biblical Interpretation, and the formation of a Christian intellectual tradition.
www.history.uiuc.edu /areas/lateantiquity.html   (1355 words)

 Interpretation of Umm el-Jimal History -- Part II
But in antiquity it was but one of many similar rural settlements which fill the S Hauran in a broad band running E-W from Deir el-Kahf to Deraa between the border of Provincia Arabia north of Bostra and Azraq on the south.
Because strong communities which grew through their own spontaneous efforts are a distinct feature of late antiquity, it is worth comparing them to older, larger cities.
However, as cities lost control over their territories in late antiquity, such villages acquired greater autonomy, which was eventually encoded in the Byzantine legal system (Haldon 1990: 132-41).
www.calvin.edu /academic/archaeology/uj/publicat/interp/towards2.htm   (2966 words)

 lateantiquearchaeology.com - Late Antique Archaeology Conference Series Web Site
Late Antique Archaeology is organised by Luke Lavan (Humboldt Fellowship,
The primary aim of this conference series is provide a focus for late antique archaeology in this country and abroad where established academics and graduate students can come together to produce new work on broad themes relating to late antique society - such as settlement, economy and technology.
Late Antique Archaeology is to be published annually by Brill, based on papers given at the conference series of the same title, which meets annually in
www.quyenluke.net /LAA   (2202 words)

 Centre for Late Antique and Medieval Studies :Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies :King's College London
Centre for Late Antique and Medieval Studies :Centre for Late Antique and Medieval Studies :King's College London
The Centre for Late Antique and Medieval Studies was founded in 1988.
The Centre includes among its members experts in late antique and Byzantine studies, medieval languages and literatures (Old English, Middle English, Old French, Old and Middle High German, Old Icelandic, medieval Greek, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish), Palaeography and Codicology, Germanic and Romance philology, medieval History, Music, Philosophy, Theology and Warfare.
www.kcl.ac.uk /schools/humanities/hrc/clams   (201 words)

Discount antique furniture > Prayer, Magic, and the Stars in the Ancient and Late Antique World by Scott B. Noegel, ISBN 0271022582
Prayer, Magic, and the Stars in the Ancient and Late Antique World by Scott B. Noegel, ISBN 0271022582
This book explores how people living in the ancient and late antique world sought to gain access to, or in some cases to escape from, the divine powers of heaven and earth.
www.topdiscountantiquefurnitureland.com /Prayer,-Magic,-and-the-Stars-in-the-Ancient-and-Late-Antique-World-by-Scott-B.-Noegel,-ISBN-0271022582/articles/2129403   (568 words)

 lateantiquearchaeology.com - Late Antique Archaeology Conference Series Web Site
The fate of temples in late antique Hispania:
Late Antique Archaeology is organised by Luke Lavan (KULeuven).
For this reason admission charges are kept as low as possible and the permanent venue is at Oxford, where there is probably the largest concentration of students and late antique scholars in the UK.
website.lineone.net /~luke_lavan/LAA2001   (2647 words)

 Antique Rugs - Antique Carpets
Antique Rugs and Carpets in the trade are 80 years old or older.
Antique Rugs and Carpets in the trade are at least 80 years old.
I never had the heart to point out that some of his antique rugs in his collection were no more than 60 years old.
www.squidoo.com /Antique-Rugs-Antique-Carpets   (1269 words)

 Kehoe: The Economic Consequences of Late Antique Tax Policy
In this paper, I would like to continue this investigation of the role of law in the rural Roman economy by focusing on the economic implications of late antique fiscal legislation, which involved, beginning in the fourth century CE, the binding of certain categories of farmers to the land they cultivated.
At the same time, the contradiction between the binding of coloni to their land and the realities of the agrarian economy drove much of the bargaining beyond "the shadow of the law," in that tenure arrangements between landowners and tenants who left their land were not enforceable in Roman courts of law.
So even if the late antique fiscal system imposed substantial costs on the economy, the state may have had good reasons to maintain it if it provided a way to collect of revenues vital to the empire's stability.
www.camws.org /meeting/2006/abstracts/kehoe.html   (631 words)

 Dear Late Antique Colleagues,
Papers will reflect on ways in which translating can change or make history and speakers will consider how translation has influenced historians past and present to rethink their positions and methods as historians, and so to reshape the histories that they might otherwise have written.
Other speakers will survey the role of translations in changing approaches to the study of late antiquity during the twenty years of TTH's evolution.
Bassett, Sarah, The Urban Image of Late Antique Constantinople.
www.sc.edu /ltantsoc/sla32.htm   (1460 words)

 Late Antique Walls: Aesthetics and Defence
Unlike Constantinople, which kept her fourth-century size, most mediaeval enceintes are smaller than their antique counterparts, and built from spolia released by the shrinkage.
An old idea is that such walls were built quickly as a response to immediate threat, so that the constructors, lacking the time to use newly cut stone (or perhaps lacking the necessary resources) have simply taken what came most conveniently to hand, and cleared away earlier monuments, possibly already in a state of collapse.
One antique practice which, curiously, the Middle Ages did not try to imitate (except perhaps at Arles) was to relate the famous dead to the august antiquity of the city by associating standing funerary monuments with the walls and approach-roads (although on one occasion at Antioch tombs were dismantled for fort-building
rubens.anu.edu.au /raid3/new/books_and_papers/spoleto.paper/lateantiquewalls.html   (3216 words)

 Late Antique / Byzantine links (Justinian, Theodora and Procopius)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
K.H. Kinzl's useful "The Main Literary Sources For Late Antiquity," short descriptions of some sixty sources.
Society for Late Antiquity, an enormous list of resources, including information on the LT-ANTIQ discussion list and an enormous list of sources on the web.
Late Antiquity : A Guide to the Postclassical World, ed.
www.isidore-of-seville.com /justinian/11.html   (513 words)

 Late Antiquity   (Site not responding. Last check: )
he era known as late antiquity began with the tremendous cultural changes that marked the final centuries of classical antiquity.
By the end of the fourth century, the profile of late antique civilization built upon both prior classical traditionsand elements from outside the borders of the empire.
That rich, diverse cultural heritage has long been recognized in studies of late antique literature and art.
www.umich.edu /~kelseydb/Exhibits/Big_Textile/Late_Antiquity.html   (173 words)

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