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Topic: Laura Nyro

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  Laura Nyro, Angel in the Dark
Nyro's piano and lead vocal dominate, making the song an intimate call to her "angels in the dark," her deceased mother and grandfather, people whom she missed and needed.
Nyro's voice and piano are enough to reach out to your heart.
For some reason, while Nyro's songs were hits for other artists, she didn't seem to receive the recognition she deserved in her lifetime.
www.rambles.net /nyro_angeldark.html   (718 words)

  LAURA NYRO   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nyro's "passion" and about her having "paved the way." That she was an individual (forget that she was a woman) possessed of spectacular musical giftedness was nowhere conveyed.
During the period 1969—1972, roughly, Laura Nyro and Joni Mitchell were twin divinities, a twin godhead—that is on college campuses tenanted by sons and daughters of the white middle classes and in the rarefied milieux of hip, art-minded white twenty-somethings.
Nyro once stated that at one of the summer camps, there were girls who "dug where her head was at," who came close to idolizing her and even followed her around.
home.earthlink.net /~peter_rocheleau/index.html   (7653 words)

 The Art of Laura Nyro: A Retrospective Discography by Wayne Donnelly
Born Laura Nigro in the Bronx in 1947, Laura Nyro was a quintessentially New York artist.
Laura Nyro was the most prolific and original songwriter of the early 1970's.
Laura Nyro deserves our admiration, not only for her incandescent talent but also for her respect for her audience and passionate artistic integrity.
www.enjoythemusic.com /magazine/music/0902/nyro.htm   (1323 words)

 Laura Nyro -- Bold Soul Sisters
You all might know Laura Nyro as a "new discovery" of the 60s or as the writer of songs like the 5th Dimension's "Wedding Bell Blues" and "Stoned Soul Picnic." Or you may know of Ms.
Laura Nyro's story, very briefly, is that she was one of the original and premiere singer-songwriters of the late 1960s.
Laura is no longer with us (She died of cancer in 1997.), but her grooves and soulful music, though still obscure, remain with us.
www.angelfire.com /ab/bss2/lauranyro.html   (696 words)

 Laura Nyro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Laura Nyro (born Laura Nigro) (October 18, 1947 – April 8, 1997) was an American songwriter and singer, one of the most influential musicians to emerge in the 1960s.
Nyro’s style was a distinctive hybrid of Brill Building-style New York pop, mixed with elements of jazz, folk, rhythm and blues, and rock.
Nyro was reportedly uncomfortable with attempts to mass-market her as a celebrity and, frustrated with a record industry becoming increasingly driven by commerce, Nyro announced her retirement from the music business at the age of 24.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Laura_Nyro   (1379 words)

 Laura Nyro: Live: The Loom's Desire - PopMatters Music Review
Laura Nyro was in the habit of performing a show at the Bottom Line in Greenwich Village every year on Christmas Eve, and Live: The Loom's Desire features the 1993 and 1994 shows.
She sounds like Laura Nyro: confident and bold at the same time that she is introspective and cryptic, mysterious and exuberant, the whole package of life wrapped up in one tiny woman who wrote some of the greatest songs of our time.
Nyro's alto is maybe a little shaky and perhaps a touch flat, but it's as expressive as all hell, and when it floats on the fluffy cloud provided by the backing voices it sounds like a blueprint of someone's soul.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/n/nyrolaura-live.shtml   (1280 words)

 Laura Nyro Biography - AOL Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The daughter of a jazz trumpeter, she was born Laura Nigro on October 18, 1947, and composed her first songs at the age of eight.
In 1967, Nyro made just her second major live appearance to date at the Monterey Pop Festival; her idiosyncratic performance baffled the crowd, and she was booed off the stage.
When Nyro finally returned from her self-imposed exile in 1984 with Mother's Spiritual, her music had grown more reserved and introspective; as the title indicated, her own motherhood provided considerable inspiration for her new work, as did her rustic New England lifestyle.
music.aol.com /artist/laura-nyro/5052/biography   (515 words)

 Laura Nyro - sweet dreams
Laura Nyro, a great singer and songwriter of our time, passed away on April 8, 1997 in her home in Connecticut with the support and love of her son, Gil Bianchini, and her life's partner, Maria Desiderio.
Nyro was born in Bronx New York on October 18, 1947.
It is intended as a nonprofit tribute to Laura Nyro and her artistic legacy.
www.art101.com /laura.htm   (222 words)

 Amazon.ca: Angel In The Dark: Music: Laura Nyro   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This wonderful collection of Laura Nyro's final recordings before her death in 1997 can only strengthen the reputation of one of the true musical enigmas of the last 35 years.
Laura Nyro always seemed somewhere outside of time and space, and Angel in the Dark is nothing short of a magnificent final kiss blown from the other side.
Nyro was always uncomfortable in the music industry because she considered herself a musical artist.
www.amazon.ca /Angel-Dark-Laura-Nyro/dp/B000059RUW   (1672 words)

 Laura Nyro Reconsidered | MetaFilter
Laura Nyro.net is the most elaborate fan page ever, with not only photos, interviews, articles, audio and video clips but two virtual reality galleries in VRML!--it's truly the labor of love of all labors of love.
I was thinking of the late Laura Nyro tonight and how I came upon a copy of Eli and The Thirteenth Confession in the window of Campus Music in 1968, and, mesmerized by the mysterioso Roman Catholic Saint's Calendar Breck Hair ad iconography photo on the cover, went in and bought it.
Laura Nyro performed alone--it was just her and a grand piano.
www.metafilter.com /mefi/28765   (1085 words)

 George Graham Reviews Laura Nyro's "Angel in the Dark"
Nyro also had a predilection for soul music and old standards, and despite her abilities as a songwriter, often recorded cover versions of older songs in her own distinctive style, marked by an almost haunting voice.
Nyro, the album is like unexpected manna from heaven, and also poignant to hear how she had returned to the scene, doing some of the best work of her career, only to be struck down shortly afterward by the ravages of cancer.
Nyro was one of a kind, and her sound, sometimes achingly honest and vulnerable, is timeless, and now even more relevant in the current period when commercial music is so downright bad and yet good singer-songwriters are in abundance.
georgegraham.com /reviews/lnyro.html   (1335 words)

 Metroactive Music | Laura Nyro Tribute
Nevertheless, Laura Nyro, whose pedigree was similar to that of her more illustrious competitor, was King's equal--and in some ways, her superior.
Profoundly influenced by both soul music and a sense of craftsmanship, Nyro's music was miles away from the earnest blandness of folkies such as Judy Collins and Joan Baez.
Laura Nyro wasn't around to hear the end result of this project, but you get the feeling she'd approve.
www.metroactive.com /papers/metro/07.31.97/laura-nyro-9731.html   (512 words)

 CNN.com - Late, great songwriter unknown but not unsung - August 2, 2002
Not that the shy Nyro minded too much; for the rest of her career, until her death from ovarian cancer in 1997, she was happy to remain behind the scenes, putting out a couple more albums and playing occasionally.
Nyro opened for Sly and the Family Stone on one occasion and was inspired by everything, writing her songs on slips of paper.
Nyro was one of the first in a line of female singer-songwriters, but far more inventive than many of her contemporaries, save perhaps Joni Mitchell.
archives.cnn.com /2002/SHOWBIZ/Music/08/02/laura.nyro/index.html   (1080 words)

 nothing gold can stay
To use that over-used phrase, Laura Nyro was nothing if not a prodigious musical talent, a woman possessed by a blinding inner vision of the music she needed to make.
Nyro’s music, in its dynamic range, its pageantry, is far closer to the musical Hair, or maybe Leonard Bernstein in West Side Story, or what Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber are trying to capture with their first musicals.
Nyro then stops the band cold and shifts back to the organ before settling into an easy pop beat with the strummed electric guitar for the play-out, her backing vocals whooping and wailing behind a Supremes vocal.
bigspace.vega.net /laura_nyro/laura_nyro_1.htm   (1979 words)

 CWHF-Laura Nyro
Born Laura Nigro in New York, the daughter of a jazz trumpeter, Nyro began writing songs at age eight and attended the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan.
Nyro listened to and was influenced by a wide range of music, from late 50s and 60s “girl groups” to John Coltrane and Miles Davis, to the protest music of Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan.
Laura Nyro inspired a generation of female musicians “Her contributions,” according to one music critic, “have paved the way for the rise of the urban female singer-songerwriter.”
www.cwhf.org /hall/nyro/nyro.htm   (299 words)

 Laura Nyro Photo Gallery by George G. Chiodo at pbase.com
Laura Nyro (1947-1997) was one of the most fascinating singer-songwriters in pop, and one who determinedly followed her muse more often than many others would dare.
The daughter of an accomplished jazz trumpeter, Nyro was introduced to music at an early age, reputedly completing her first composition when she was only eight years old.
Laura Nyro is considered by her peers to be one of the most important singer-songwriters of the '60s and '70s.
www.pbase.com /bike50now/laura_nyro   (545 words)

 Laura Nyro - Spread Your Wings and Fly: Live at the Fillmore East - May 30, 1971 - Legacy Records - CD
Laura Nyro (piano/vocals) is far more than a singer/songwriter, although she does excel at both.
Nyro was between albums when she arrived at the stage of Bill Graham’s Fillmore East on May 30, 1971 for what was to be the last of her eight respective appearances at the venerable venue, where she had shared the bill with Miles Davis, Jackson Browne and Spencer Davis at one time or another.
Nyro even couples her own “Timer” alongside “Ooh, Child” and “Up On The Roof.” The poignant “American Dove” -- from which the album’s moniker is derived -- and “Mother Earth” mark their debut release here.
www.musictap.net /Reviews/NyroLauraSpreadWingsLiveCD.html   (466 words)

 Laura Nyro
Nyro may be more noteworthy as a trailblazer than a composer or performer - despite her distinctive vocal style and soul-baring lyrics, I don't find her songs communicate to me anything like Mitchell or Jones do, partly because she can be so damn hard to understand.
Add Nyro's piano (more technically advanced than on previous releases), edgy vocals and moody compositions, and the result is a smooth, satisfyingly complex ride that presages the pop-fusion of the mid-Seventies, without the overreaching and awkwardness of her earlier work.
Nyro's first record in years, and right away she lets you know she's changed, with a sweet song of desire I believe is intended for another woman ("Sexy Mama," by Ray, Goodman and Robinson, the only song on the record she didn't write).
www.warr.org /nyro.html   (1592 words)

 Smile (Laura Nyro album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The music of Smile is smooth jazz-pop, and Nyro was reunited with producer and arranger Charlie Calello, who had worked with Nyro on her 1968 opus Eli and the Thirteenth Confession.
After Nyro's huge burst of creativity between 1966 and 1971, when she recorded five well-received albums and well over 40 original songs, she retreated from the limelight, partly stung by her lack of major commercial success in her own right but also because of the lure of love.
Nyro married Vietnam War veteran David Bianchini in 1972 after a whirlwind romance and spent the next three years living with him in a small town in Massachusetts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Smile_(Laura_Nyro_album)   (639 words)

 Laura Nyro: Eli and the Thirteenth Confession / Gonna Take a Miracle / New York Tendaberry - PopMatters Music Review
Nyro paints her impressionistic vision on a large canvas, dipping dark, expressive colors from her palette and spreading them with broad brush strokes.
While Nyro's ever-shifting tempos added splendid surprises to "Eli's Comin'" and "Stoned Soul Picnic", her stops and starts, and generally sluggish pace, create a music almost avant-garde on "You Don't Love Me When I Cry".
Nyro and Labelle meld into a perfectly matched unit on this number, bringing forth the desperate lyric with such ardent force that you'll buy every word of it.
popmatters.com /music/reviews/n/nyrolaura-reissues.shtml   (1803 words)

 LAURA NYRO   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Laura Nyro grew up and was inspired by pop music in the years BB (before the birth of the Beatles).
Nyro's "disastrous" performance at the Montery Pop Festival shouldn't have been surprising; as a octave jumping and multi-tracked harmonies haven't transferred well onto the concert albums she's released.
Nyro's bouncy meters, as well as the subtlety of her slow-moving ballads, had become dated post-Liverpool.
www.crecon.com /davidwomack/lauranyro.htm   (404 words)

 Salon | R.I.P. Laura Nyro
announcement Wednesday that Laura Nyro had died of ovarian cancer started some fires on the Internet and in the street: hot coals of shared musical memory stoked by the passing of this exotic, erratic, original talent.
Nyro was born of Jewish and Italian parents in the Bronx in 1947.
Nyro was nothing if not sensitive: She retired twice in her career, the first time at the age of 24.
www.salon.com /april97/sharps/nyro970411.html   (456 words)

 Laura Nyro, Gonna Take a Miracle, LaBelle, Wedding Bell Blues, Stoned Soul Picnic, Eli's Coming, When I die, Bronx born ...
From a musical perspective Laura Nyro in my mind, is behind only Jimmy Castor in representing the total landscape of what being a New Yorker is all about.
Laura Nyro, as performed by The Poetic Notion Chorus Band and Soloists directed by Rob Darnell.
The singing was magnificent and several of these women were able to literally "channel Laura Nyro" during their solos.
www.soul-patrol.com /soul/lauranyro.htm   (790 words)

 The Austin Chronicle: Music: Angel in the Dark: The Posthumous Pop Noir Poetry of Laura Nyro
Laura Nyro was 17 when Peter, Paul & Mary recorded "And When I Die" two years before, and she had the attendant buzz going for her with a debut album on Verve.
The princess of New York noir pop was born Laura Nigro in the Bronx in 1947 to a jazz trumpeter father and opera-loving mother.
Nyro's conscience is evident to the end: "Animal Grace" reflects Nyro's public support of animal rights and "Don't Hurt Child" is her paean for children.
www.austinchronicle.com /gyrobase/Issue/story?oid=81347   (1672 words)

 Laura Nyro
But Laura Nyro was booed and forced to quit the stage when she appeared at Monterey, due to the uneasiness of her performance.
Laura also made studio tricks with vocal overdubbing, and was evidently eluding a constant pattern in the songs.
Assumed a homosexual in the sunset of her life, Laura Nyro died of ovarian cancer in the arms of her lover, Maria Desidero, at the age of 49.
www.furious.com /perfect/lauranyro.html   (1507 words)

To my surprise I have often been compared to Laura Nyro and not having heard her songs for many years I was surprised and honored.
Music was always a big part of my world and i had lots of favorites but when i heard Laura for the first time, she moved to the top of my list and has stayed there for the last 40 years.
i saw laura in concert in baltimore and she was rubensque and i was thin.
lauranyro.com /Comments.htm   (3779 words)

Laura listened to the late ‘50’s and ‘60’s girl groups, Nina Simone, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions, Mary Wells, Dusty Springfield, and the early Burt Bacharach-Hal David songs of Dionne Warwick, among many others.
A working musician, Laura has spent much time during her twenties, thirties and forties on the road, singing in clubs and concert halls throughout America and abroad, including her return to Japan in 1994.
Laura is currently writing and is working on a new studio recording and a third “live” recording - a small taste of which is previewed at the end of this anthology.
www.lauranyro.com /bio.htm   (1545 words)

 danbackman.se: Laura Nyro / Laura Nyro 1947-1997
Nyro tycktes mer motiverad än på länge och experimenterade med en "harmony group" (bara ett piano och kvinnoröster).
En lite märkligt detalj är att det sorgliga budet om Laura Nyros borgång sammanfaller med den betydligt mer glädjande nyheten att Joni Mitchell återförenats med sin sedan 32 år bortadopterade dotter.
Nyro och Mitchell utgör ju, tillsammans med Rickie Lee Jones, fundamentet för hela den kvinnliga singer/songwriter-traditionen, en tradition som idag är aktuellare än någonsin.
www.danbackman.se /artikel.asp?aID=59&artID=110   (601 words)

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