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Topic: Lavender (color)

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  Jade Pendant - Lavender
A stone of lavender well carved to a 3 dimensional peanut with a dragon crouching atop, biting a gem pearl at its mouth.
Color: Two tones of lavender and green, good translucency, close to transparent, high polish.
A pinkish lavender carved to a leafy bamboo bough with a bat perching on it.
jadegifts.com /lavender.html   (571 words)

  lavender - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Lavender, common name for any of a genus of fragrant herbs and shrubs (Mint), native to Eurasia.
Womanist is to feminist as purple to lavender.
The name santolina is most often used for an evergreen subshrub also known as lavender cotton (unrelated to true lavender).
ca.encarta.msn.com /lavender.html   (123 words)

 Lavender - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lavender is frequently used as an aid to sleep and relaxation: Seeds and flowers of the plant are added to pillows, and an infusion of three flowerheads added to a cup of boiling water are recommended as a soothing and relaxing bedtime drink.
Lavender oil (or extract of Lavender) is claimed to heal acne when used diluted 1:10 with water, rosewater, or witch hazel; it is also used in the treatment of skin burns and inflammatory conditions (it is a traditional treatment for these in Iran).
Lavender was commonly used in Roman baths to scent the water, and it was thought to restore the skin.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lavender   (653 words)

 Lavender Oil
Lavender is the most popular essential oil in aromatherapy; this is probably due to the fact that it is the most versatile of all essential oils as it can be used for a large variety of ailments ranging from insect repellent to sedative.
Lavender is one of the best natural ingredients to help stop the pain from minor accidents such as burns or cuts.
Lavender may be used to treat all types of skin and is effective for acne and oily hair, itchy skin, hand care, cracked skin, bruises, shock injuries, acne scars, blisters, abscesses, furuncles, warts, boils, eczema,, wounds, and burns.
www.alumbo.com /article/19047-Lavender-Oil.html   (868 words)

 LAVENDER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
The reported life zone of lavender is 7 to 211Cdeg;C with an annual precipitation of 0.3 to 1.3 meters and a soil pH of 5.8 to 8.3 (4.1-31).
Lavender oil is obtained by the immediate steam distillation or solvent extraction of flowers harvested at full bloom.
English lavender is generally recognized as safe for human consumption as a natural flavoring, and spike lavender and lavandin are generally recognized as safe for use as natural plant extracts/ essential oils (21 CFR sections 182.10, 182.20 [1982]).
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/med-aro/factsheets/LAVENDER.html   (605 words)

 Herbs: Lavender
Say the word "lavender" and images of light purple fields swaying gently in late summer sunshine come to mind, along with the memory of the clean, fresh fragrance of the flowers.
The name "lavender" in fact comes from the Latin word "lavare" which means to wash. Its use as a medicinal plant is long as well, treating a number of nervous related conditions, such as insomnia, migraine headaches, irritability, and depression.
With lavender's bright color, sweet perfume, and tiny shape, it is fun to use as a garnish -- on salads, entrees, or sprinkled in combination with other blossoms for a striking presentation.
www.sallys-place.com /food/columns/gilbert/lavender.htm   (999 words)

 Lavender - Awakening to Soul - Information and Online Ordering
If you wear Lavender while you are sleeping the night before negotiations, you may have dreams of the karma, or cycles of cause and effect, between the negotiating parties, and your understanding of the entire situation may deepen.
Although Lavender’s balancing force is not as strong as that of Quartz, its ability to open the physical body to the life force is much greater.
The Lavender gemstone is a derivative of colorless Quartz.
www.gemisphere.com /gemstoneMissions/lav_mission.htm   (1662 words)

 Lavender (color) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lavender is a color that is a light shade of violet.
Today, although the color floral lavender (the color of the flower of the lavender plant) remains the standard for lavender, just as there are many shades of pink (light red, light rose, and light magenta colors), there are many shades of lavender (light purple, [mostly] light violet, and light indigo colors).
Since lavender is a light shade of violet, and violet is the color used to represent the New Age deity the Count of St Germain, sometimes lavender is used in association with violet to represent St. Germain.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lavender_(color)   (3675 words)

 Lavendar - Herbal Index - herbindex.net
Lavender honey is produced primarily in the nations around the Mediterranean, and marketed worldwide as a premium product.
Lavender is also used as a herb, either alone or as an ingredient of herbes de Provence.
Lavender is frequently used as an aid to sleep: Seeds and flowers of the plant are added to pillows, and an infusion of three flowerheads added to a cup of boiling water are recommended as a soothing and relaxing bedtime drink.
www.herbindex.net /lavendar.html   (555 words)

 Planting lavender
If lavender is grown in a container, the temperature will be 15 degrees colder than if it is planted in the ground.
Locate the potted lavender on the southwestern side of a structure to capture maximum sun and warmth during the coldest months.
To harvest lavender, when the bottom flowers are just opening, the lavender is at its peak for color and fragrance, cut the stems down to the foliage.
www.sunshinelavenderfarm.com /planting.htm   (889 words)

 Glass Chandeliers, Pendants, and Sconces by Ed Pennebaker / Red Fern Glass
This color is a divalent color, it will look like light cobalt under most fluorescent lighting but will look lavender in daylight, tungsten and halogen lighting.
It is a color that changes the longer it is in the furnace.
Color is time consuming to make because of the range of heat needed to get it to "strike".
www.functionart.com /AM/Artists/PennebakerE/PennebakerColors.html   (659 words)

 Lavender Necklace; Awakening to Soul - Gemstones for Consciousness & Spiritual Awakening
It is also difficult to isolate Lavender's effects on the physical, emotional, or mental aspects, since it works with each aspect to an equal degree and on each person as a whole being.
The Lavender gemstone is a derivative of Quartz.
Lavender is placed on a painful, tight, or misaligned area to soothe pain and strongly promote healing.
www.gemstonetherapy.com /gem_summaries/lavender_SUM.htm   (1486 words)

 Lavender - Herb Database + Images   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
There are a number of varieties which will show variations on this color from pale to dark, as well as pink and white blooming varieties.
The essential oil of Lavender is known as 'universal oil' due to its myriad of applications.
Equal amounts of lavender and epsom salts with a few drops of lavender oil worked into the mix.
earthnotes.tripod.com /lavender_h.htm   (476 words)

 Lavender Rainbow - Color-Ray Nourishment - Information and Online Ordering
The Lavender encourages all your chakras to move into better alignment with each other, thus clearing a path for a full spectrum of color rays to flow through and nourish your entire being.
Color rays are the most fundamental building blocks of all living things, including human beings.
Lavender Rainbow and Ocean Rainbow attract the seven color rays to your physical and inner aspects to correct any deficiencies caused by blockages.
www.gemisphere.com /gemstoneMissions/lrb_mission.htm   (440 words)

Lavender oil is good for headaches when rubbed into the temples.
To make that all I did was put some dried culinary lavender buds that I bought in an herb store into my dry blender and pulverized it on high to a powder.
Serve hot with lavender butter, lavender jelly, lavender tea sandwiches, lavender lemonade and hot lavender tea, and lavender ice cream for dessert and you have a wonderful lavender tea party.
www.geocities.com /joydoctor2001/CulinaryLavender.html   (1669 words)

 San Marcos Growers >Lavender
This lavender, once referred to as L. spica or L. vera is the lavender with the sweetest aroma.
As it is native to lowland slopes in Western Europe that are lower in elevation then the habitat of L. angustifolia, Spike Lavender tends to be the less hardy of the two.
This lavender sets itself apart by its fern-like, creamy sage-gray foliage, which is finely toothed like a comb.
www.smgrowers.com /info/lavender.asp   (1561 words)

 Lavender color wedding flowers order wedding flowers online
if lavender color wedding flowers are so beautiful, they become an excellent wedding flowers in michigan source for wedding lavender color wedding flowers and do-it-yourself ideas, Wedding Flowers.
Planning and Bridal, you plan your preserved redbook lavender color wedding flowers wedding flowers wedding lavender color wedding flowers a stunning portfolio wedding flower arrangement idea of Flowers.
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 Lavender (Purple) Color Story   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
The color purple (or, more accurately, lavender) became the color of the gay movement because that is the main color of Sayville ("Gayville") NY.
The color of Sayville is purple with gold trim.
"The color purple (or, more accurately, lavender) became popularized as a symbol for pride in the late 1960s -- a frequent post-Stonewall catchword for the gay community was 'Purple Power'." The use of purple came right out of New York: Where Sayville is located.
home.earthlink.net /~bauucwcc/id33.html   (241 words)

 Jade Jewelry - lavender
Color : Two tones of light and soft lavender, strong translucency, well polish.
Color: Soft lavender with very light green undertone, good translucency, strong polish.
Color: Medium lavender with shade of light green in certain area, some light brown markings at top, good translucency, well polish.
www.jadegifts.com /lav2.html   (427 words)

Through thousands of years of human attention, lavender has been selected for a variety of characteristics that enhance its value in the garden.
Twickel Purple, the hardy English lavender, is superior for its gray leaves and dark violet flowers on extra long spikes.
Lavenders make excellent sachets and potpourris, as well as fresh and dried flowers for decorative arrangements.
www.garden-services.com /lavender.htm   (315 words)

 Lavender Oil - Lavendar Product contain lavender plant, lavender roses
Nourishing botanicals, gentle cleansers and the soothing aroma of organically grown lavender repleni...
Lavender and Aloe Shampoo (for all hair types) is infused with Certified Organic Lavender Floral W...
Lavender Oil is an essential oil, meaning it contains the essence of the lavender plant.
www.nutrovita.com /store/Lavender-oil.htm   (206 words)

Variations in plant size, leaves and flower color make lavender equally useful for an edging plant or the back of a flower border.
In the middle of the border, the deep violet flowers of two-foot Hidcote contrast nicely with its silver-gray foliage.
Provence is a two-foot tall, light purple-blooming plant grown in the lavender fields of the French region that bears its name.
www.ext.colostate.edu /ptlk/1015.html   (346 words)

 Lavender - Cooking with Herbs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
If you wish to have a lavender color, add a few crops of food coloring.
Bring to a boil and hold at a rolling boil till the jelly point is reached.
Bruise about 20 dried flower heads of lavender and store in an airtight container with l lb.
earthnotes.tripod.com /lavender.htm   (433 words)

 Color 627SD-Lavender w/Antique Beige Back from Helmbold   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
This scan is a little unusual inasmuch as we are showing two colors.
The body of the teddy is made with color 627SD-Lavender w/Antique Beige Back.
Please drop a note to snapshot@intercaltg.com to let us know if these Snapshots are of help when selecting fabrics.
www.intercaltg.com /colors/627SDh.html   (362 words)

 Lavender Color Theme Wedding Reception Photos, Pictures & Wedding Cake & Flower Photos
Wedding flowers photographs and pictures of wedding reception with color theme in lavenders, purples, blues, plums with wedding flower bouquets, brides bouquet photos, wedding flowers, pictures of bridal bouquets, photos of brides bouquet.
Lavenders and blues floral color theme main page
Lavender, blue, and purple color theme - wedding cake, Wedding Reception Photos, Pictures & Wedding Flower Photos with wedding ideas for your bridal bouquets - wedding flowers photographs, pictures of wedding flower decorations, wedding reception flower photos wedding cakes and flower decor
www.links2love.com /weddings/lavender_wedding_flowers_decor.htm   (424 words)

 Orchid or Lavender
Some collectors have told me they think the only "true" orchid is a mat pink color and that other items are actually lavender.
Orchid is in the Hall catalogs on their color charts for at least 1935, 1937,1940, 1942
There does not seem to be any consistency in decimal point marking a difference between the glossy and the mat colors.
home.att.net /~silvaire/colors/orchid.htm   (448 words)

 Lavender flowers, flower buds at lavender-love.com
Beautiful bag filled with a generous 4 cups of flowers with a color corresponding raffia bow, click floral image for close up of herbs.
The chamomile we offer is of the German Chamomile variety a beautiful sweet aroma, it can be use for drinking tea, dream pillows, potpourris...
Lavender Love™ is a Division of Nevada Naturals)0(Content Herein © 2002-2006
www.lavender-love.com /lavenderflowers.html   (118 words)

 Raspberry and Lavender
Ever since Taylor was young, he would often imagine meeting a perfect girl, which he calls her the "lavender girl"....because he kept having a quick premonition vision of her.
The imaginary "lavender girl" is always wearing a lavender dress.
The reason why the title of the movie is called Raspberry and Lavender is because: Mandi Carson (Taylor Williams III's dream lavender girl) always wears lavender color clothes and she is obsessed with the lavender color and raspberries are her favorite fruit...
www.ez-entertainment.net /features/raspberryandlavender.htm   (920 words)

 Alice Walker, The Color Purple
This is not to say that all women write about the same things; but there is a tradition known as women's literature, which has developed with a consciousness of women's traditions of writing as distinct from mens' ways of writing.
Listen in on a student discussion of The Color Purple at the University of Virginia.
Prepared by Professor Catherine Lavender for History 182 (Women's History and Feminist Theory), The Department of History, The College of Staten Island of The City University of New York.
www.library.csi.cuny.edu /dept/history/lavender/purple.html   (1278 words)

 Lavender Lane Forever - Soap And Candle Dye   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
These five colors are safe and effective in coloring almost any soap or wax.
One rosette will color up to 10 LBS of soap or wax.
Use the three primary colors to make almost any color (Red, Blue and Yellow).
www.lavenderlane.com /store/?type=Retail&parentid=463   (113 words)

 Lavender Vanilla Bath Salts Recipe | Recipezaar
Placed yellow and blue (wedding colors) salts in 50 wine glasses topping with plasic wrap which you can't see and then topped with satin trimmed toule held on with thank you ribbon.
Mix 1/2 the salt, 1/2 the baking soda with lavender oil and petals if using in a large bowl adding a couple drops of food coloring till you achieve the desired color.(More red then Blue will give you a lavender color or just use blue color).
Adjust the color or the scent is too strong, add more salts, if to mild in fragrance and color add more oil and food coloring.
www.recipezaar.com /155095   (436 words)

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