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Topic: Lawrence, Kansas

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  Lawrence, Kansas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lawrence is a river city in Douglas County, Kansas, 41 miles (66 km) west by south of Kansas City, along the banks of both the Kaw and Wakarusa Rivers.
Lawrence is the county seat of Douglas County, and is the home of the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University.
Lawrence was founded in 1854 for the New England Emigrant Aid Company, by Charles Robinson, who later served as governor of Kansas, and named after Amos Adams Lawrence, a prominent politician and abolitionist and the son of famed philanthropist Amos Lawrence.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lawrence,_Kansas   (2316 words)

 Dozen Distinctive Destinations | Lawrence, Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas, (population 65,000) is a lively city known for its rich cultural arts scene, university life, and dedication to downtown preservation.
Founded in 1854 in eastern Kansas by abolitionists, Lawrence was an important stop on the Underground Railroad and the site of a famous fiery Civil War episode called Quantrill’s Raid, when raiders sacked and burned the town in 1863.
Lawrence has been rated 15th on a list of "the 100 best small art towns in America", and ranks 12th among the cities with the largest percentage of artists living and working in their communities.
www.nationaltrust.org /dozen_distinctive_destinations/list.asp?i=41   (387 words)

 City of Lawrence, Kansas
The City of Lawrence Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at 1400 East 8th Street, has the capacity to treat approximately 12.5 million gallons per day, with peak flows of 25 million gallons per day through the normal process and an additional 40 million gallons through the Excess Flow System during extreme rain events.
The City of Lawrence is committed to the safe, economical, and environmentally friendly reuse of this valuable material.
The City of Lawrence is proud of its status as a charter agency and its participation as a demonstration project for the planning and development of the NBP's Environmental Management System.
www.lawrenceutilities.org /wwtreatment.shtml   (1611 words)

 Lawrence Kansas - From Ashes to Immortality
His body was returned to Lawrence where the entire citizenry followed it to its burial, in the presence of his young wife and children, in Pioneer Cemetery.
Anti-slavery Jayhawkers from Kansas frequently clashed with pro-slavery Bushwhackers from the neighboring slave state of Missouri.
Lawrence became the continuing scene of several bloody encounters and the state would become known as Bleeding Kansas.
www.legendsofamerica.com /OZ-Lawrence.html   (747 words)

 Bleeding Kansas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term "Bleeding Kansas" was coined by Horace Greeley of the New York Tribune.
The act established that the question of the expansion of slavery in the new states of Kansas and Nebraska would be decided by the inhabitants of the states.
It was approved by the electorate by a 2-to-1 margin, and Kansas entered the Union as a free state pursuant to its terms on January 29, 1861.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bleeding_Kansas   (1182 words)

 LJWorld.com - Local News
The year is 2030, and Lawrence residents are taking leisurely strolls from their homes to a pedestrian-friendly street lined by multistory buildings filled with shops, condos and offices.
Lawrence and Kansas University public transit leaders will be providing more information about efforts to either consolidate or better coordinate the two bus systems operating in the city.
Lawrence Memorial Hospital is in the running for a $1 million national health care grant that could help fund a nearly $50 million expansion of the hospital.
www2.ljworld.com /news/lawrence   (862 words)

 Langston Hughes in Lawrence (KS): Photographs & Biographical Resources, by Denise Low & T.F. Pecore Weso: Kansas ...
The Lawrence city hall has a public observation deck on its fourth floor overlooking the river that Hughes refers to in his writings.
Hughes left Lawrence in the late fall of 1915, probably (his mother sold the Alabama St. house in October of that year), then he joined his family in Lincoln, Illinois, and then Cleveland to finish high school.
In the 1870 U.S. census, Hughes’s maternal grandparents and uncles, living at Lakeview, Kansas, were listed as "white," but in the 1875 Kansas census, they were "Mulatto." When the family moved to Lawrence in the late 1880s, five miles away, city directories listed them as "colored." Hughes’s ethnicity was not a simple matter.
www.kansashistory.us /langstonhughes.html   (1694 words)

 The Lawrence Massacre, Part One
Cordley's letter is made the basis of this history, to which is added the personal experience and observations of a number of residents who providentially escaped the general slaughter and who now recall the terrible events of those few hours as though they occurred yesterday.
They kept the boy during their work in Lawrence, and then Quantrell dressed him in a new suit of (4) clothes, gave him a horse and sent him home.
He was one of the "first settlers" of Lawrence, and taught the first school in the place.
www.kancoll.org /books/cordley_massacre/quantrel.raid.html   (5064 words)

 Lawrence Arts Center: Upcoming Events and Exhibitions
She watches the video in her Lawrence studio, pausing the tape when the composition suits, and works quickly from the displayed image before it moves on.
As the plane passed over the Kansas River at Lawrence near sunset, she was struck by the sight of the river, calling it a "shining ribbon,...
Thompson served as chair of The University of Kansas Department of Art from 1968 to 1975, as associate dean of the School of Fine Arts from 1975 to 1980, and as dean of the School of Fine Arts from 1986 to 1999.
www.lawrenceartscenter.com /aia/summer2004/upcoming.html   (1727 words)

 Lawrence Arts Center
Approximately half of these are annual exhibitions developed by Lawrence groups such as the Lawrence Art Guild, the Lawrence Photo Alliance and Lawrence Public Schools.
In association with LookClickPrint, the Lawrence Art Center is offering reproductions of works by Elizabeth "Grandma" Layton, produced with superb detail and vivid color using archival inks and high-quality paper or canvas, in a variety of sizes.
A native of Robinson, Kansas, Marable earned a BFA in painting at Fort Hays State University in 2000, and moved to Lawrence soon thereafter.
www.lawrenceartscenter.com /exhibition.html   (555 words)

 History of Lawrence, Kansas
The Castle Tea Room at 1307 Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, Kansas was built for the Joseph N. Rob...
A drawing by J. Rice of Lawrence, Kansas depicting Massach...
The Lawrence House was erected in 1858 by F. Sparr...
history.lawrence.com /res/topic/11   (797 words)

 City of Lawrence : Your site for city services.
The Lawrence City Commission will consider items related to the land use at 6th Street and Wakarusa on October 24, 2006.
The City of Lawrence is selling several surplus fleet vehicles and other items at GovDeals.com The sale ends Wednesday, Oct. 11.
In order to serve a growing population while maintaining the community's quality of life, the City of Lawrence is implementing one of the more significant recommendations for a water reclamation facility along the Wakarusa River.
www.ci.lawrence.ks.us   (575 words)

 South Lawrence Trafficway   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Kansas ranks 4th in the nation in number of highway miles, according to the 2000 Statistical Abstract of the United States.
It is the position of the Kansas Chapter of the Sierra Club that the core environmental educational mission of HINU (perhaps unique in all of North America) should not be compromised for the purpose of locating a multi-lane highway through the Baker Wetlands.
The 32nd Street alignment is unacceptable because of the negative spiritual, cultural, and educational impacts to HINU, the negative impacts to the Haskell-Baker Wetlands (despite proposed mitigation), and the violation of the spirit and letter of the Presidential Directive on Environmental Justice.
www.kansas.sierraclub.org /Issues/SLT/SouthLawrenceTrafficway.htm   (11462 words)

 Chat with Kansas Atty. Gen. Phill Kline
Dave, Lawrence: Can you bring me up to date on what's happenning with laws governing the investigation of deaths of children in foster care and the release of documents in those cases.
Peter, Lawrence: General Kline, first thanks for a wonderful job you are doing for the State of Kansas.
Kansas law also provides that marriage is between a man and a woman and therefore a license may not be issued to a same-sex couple.
etc.lawrence.com /onlinechats/plainchat.php?id=40   (1273 words)

 Gay News From 365Gay.com
(Lawrence, Kansas) Lawrence Kansas has had a gay mayor for the past year but, few few people in the city knew.
While Rundle was coming out in Lawrence, another Kansas town was reclaiming its website after it was turned into a forum denouncing the marriage amendment.
Following the overwhelming vote in Kansas to ban gay marriage Lippold took down the towns content which promoted free land to developers and launched a tirade against Atwood and the state for passing the amendment.
www.365gay.com /newscon05/04/041305kansas.htm   (366 words)

 Lawrence Arts Center: Arts In Action
Susan holds an MFA in dance from the University of North Carolina and was artistic director of her own company, The Susan Warden Dancers, for many years in Manhattan, Kan. and Kansas City.
Laura Parkhurst (apprentice) is a recent graduate from Kansas State University with a BS in dance.
The dreams and visions of Clara are those of choreographer Deborah Bettinger, artistic director of Lawrence Youth Ballet and Lawrence Ballet Ensemble, and Candi Baker, artistic founder of Prairie Wind Dancers.
www.lawrenceartscenter.com /aia/Fall2004/dance.html   (923 words)

 A diseased Kansas elephant? | lawrence.com
Considering that the Kansas Republican Party has a lock on both chambers of the state congress which would make Mussolini blush, and considering that George W. Bush received a greater vote share in Kansas for the 2004 election than he did in Texas, how is it that Kansas Republicans are so petrified?
Don Haider-Markel, professor of politics at the University of Kansas, thinks that the party’s national woes might be affecting them on the state level.
By the Kansas Democratic Party’s own count, there are nine formerly Republican candidates who have jumped mascots and are now hoping to ride the jackass to victory this November.
www.lawrence.com /news/2006/sep/04/diseased_kansas_elephant   (1028 words)

 Lawrence, KS Police Department : Home Page
The Lawrence Police Department is a community focused, interactive law enforcement agency.
The Lawrence Police Department’s Police Camp is a program established to promote a positive interaction between the Lawrence Police Department and the children of Lawrence ages 8 through 12.
The Lawrence Police Department is seeking qualified individuals to fill officer positions currently open.
www.lawrencepolice.org   (574 words)

 PBS - THE WEST - "The Lawrence Massacre by a Band of Missouri Ruffians Under Quantrell" (1863)
Cordley to the "Congressional Record" a few days after the event and before all the facts and incidents had become known, and which was republished in Boughton and McAllister's Directory of Lawrence 1865, is about all the literature we can find in regard to it.
About the first of August this brother wrote him that his spies had been in Quantrell's camp &emdash; had mingled freely with his men &emdash; and had learned from Quantrell's clerk, that they proposed to make a raid on Lawrence about the full of the moon, which would be three weeks before the actual raid.
They kept the boy during their work in Lawrence, and then Quantrell dressed him in a new suit of clothes, gave him a horse and sent him home.
www.pbs.org /weta/thewest/resources/archives/four/lawrence.htm   (5497 words)

 Lawrence travel guide - Wikitravel
Lawrence [1] is a city in Kansas, USA that is situated along I-70, 35 miles west of Kansas City, and home to the University of Kansas.
East-west access from Topeka and Kansas City (24 immediately north of town and 40 through the center of town).
Lawrence has a varied nightlife with a number of opportunities to see live music.
wikitravel.org /en/Lawrence_(Kansas)   (775 words)

 Lawrence Photo Alliance: Kansas/KC Camera 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This exhibition is sponsored by the Lawrence Photo Alliance along with the Lawrence Arts Center, which is now housed in a beautiful new building with expanded gallery area in downtown Lawrence, Kansas.
The purpose of the competition is to encourage and recognize photographers in the state of Kansas and the Greater Kansas City area by providing an opportunity for public exhibition of their work and sales to an appreciative audience.
The non-refundable entry fees are $20 for Lawrence Photo Alliance (LPA) members, $25 for non-members, or $30 for joining members, which includes membership in the LPA through December, 2003 for $10 in addition to the $20 member-rate Kansas/KC Camera entry fee.
www.lawrencephotoalliance.org /kscamera.html   (707 words)

 Kansas Zen Center, 785.331.2274
The Kansas Zen Center is free and open to all who wish to practice here.
We are a non-profit organization founded in 1978 in Lawrence, Kansas.
The heart of the Kwan Um School of Zen and the Kansas Zen Center is Zen practice.
www.kansaszencenter.org   (255 words)

 Kansas Ki Society - Lawrence, Kansas, USA
After 11 years in the Poehler building at 619 E 8th Street, the Kansas Ki Society has relocated (because the Poehler building is going to be completely rehabilitated).
The Kansas Ki Society provides training in Ki-Aikido and Ki Development through regularly scheduled classes for adults and children with special classes for elders and special populations.
The Kansas Ki Society is a not-for-profit, educational organization that does not discriminate based on gender, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, physical ability, or sexual orientation.
www.kansaskiaikido.org   (376 words)

 Dean roars into town | LJWorld.com
But Dean's rally, along with a $100-a-head fund-raiser at the home of Lawrence residents John and Nancy Hiebert, provided the state party with a fresh infusion of cash.
Lawrence entrepreneur Eric Haar held a one-man demonstration in front of the Eldridge Hotel, 701 Mass.
Dean was joined on the Liberty Hall stage by a slew of state and local Democratic officials, but not two of the highest Democrats in the state: Rep. Dennis Moore and Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.
www.ljworld.com /section/citynews/story/197427   (1335 words)

 Lawrence, Kansas
west of Kansas City, only for it to be burned down by supporters of slavery, including Jesse James, in 1863.
Lawrence was rebuilt and is now the seat of the University of Kansas.
Its Nature Museum holds one of the few "white" survivors of the Battle of Little Bighorn, the horse "Comanche" that has been preserved.
www.planetware.com /kansas/lawrence-us-ks-law.htm   (96 words)

 Lawrence Kansas Music, Dance and Arts Location Directions
The East Lawrence Recreation Center is at 1245 East 15th Street in Lawrence.
Hashinger Hall is located at 1632 Engel Road, and is the middle building among the five residence halls atop Daisy Hill on the west side of the University of Kansas in Lawrence.
Visit other parts of the Kansas Folk Music and Dance Resource Center at www.kansasfolk.org for more information on Kansas folk and acoustic music, dance, and heritage.
www.kansasfolk.org /venues/lawrence.htm   (2489 words)

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