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In the News (Mon 22 Oct 18)

  Le Havre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Le Havre is a city in Normandy, northern France, on the English Channel, at the mouth of the Seine.
Le Havre is a commune and a sous-préfecture of the Seine-Maritime département.
Le Havre is bordered by the towns of Montivilliers, Harfleur, Gonfreville-l'Orcher.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Le_Havre   (728 words)

 Le Havre - Wikipedia
Le Havre ist eine relativ junge Stadt, da sie erst im Jahre 1517 auf Anregung des Admirals Bonnivet als Kriegshafen erbaut wurde - die offizielle Gründungsurkunde des Königs Franz I. für das damalige Franciscopolis stammt vom 8.
Der neue Hafen Le Havre sollte dem wachsenden Überseehandel gerecht werden, aber durch seine Befestigung auch der militärischen Sicherung der Seinemündung dienen.
Die Hugenotten fanden in der Stadt nach 1560 viele Anhänger, was eine militärische Reaktion der Katholiken provozierte (siehe: Hugenottenkriege), allerdings erhielten die Protestanten Le Havres auch Unterstützung durch England, das 6.000 Mann unter dem Kommando des Grafen von Warwick schickte, der hier das Fort Warwick erbauen ließ, ohne sich allerdings lange halten zu können.
de.wikipedia.org /wiki/Le_Havre   (936 words)

 Le Havre
After the Second World War, Le Havre was held by some sources to be the most damaged port in Europe.
It's possible a question of debate as to whether Le Havre was a completely new town, or whether it was an extension of the pre-existing Harfleur (the former gallic town of Caracotinum cauchois, which is now a suburb of the town).
A number of impressionist paintings stress the connection between Le Havre (and the surrounding area) with the impressionist movement.
bdaugherty.tripod.com /normandie/lehavre.html   (1068 words)

 LE HAVRE - LoveToKnow Article on LE HAVRE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
HAVRE, LE, a seaport of north-western France, in the department of Seine-Infrieure, on the north bank of the estuary of the Seine, 143 m.
Havre is the seat of a sub-prefect, and forms part of the maritime arrondissement of Cherbourg.
Until 1516 Havre was only a fishing village possessing a chapel dedicated to Notre-Dame de Grace, to which it owes the name, l-Iavre (harbour) de Grflce, given to it by Francis I. when he began the construction of its harbour.
www.1911ency.org /H/HA/HAVRE_LE.htm   (866 words)

 Le Havre, the City Rebuilt by Auguste Perret - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
It is an outstanding post-war example of urban planning and architecture based on the unity of methodology and the use of prefabrication, the systematic utilization of a modular grid, and the innovative exploitation of the potential of concrete.
Criterion (ii): The post-war reconstruction plan of Le Havre is an outstanding example and a landmark of the integration of urban planning traditions and a pioneer implementation of modern developments in architecture, technology, and town planning.
Criterion (iv): Le Havre is an outstanding post-war example of urban planning and architecture based on the unity of methodology and system of prefabrication, the systematic use of a modular grid and the innovative exploitation of the potential of concrete.
whc.unesco.org /en/list/1181   (275 words)

 Le Havre Hotel - Guide of Hotels in Le Havre, France.
Most ferry passengers head straight out of the port of LE HAVRE as quickly as the traffic will allow to escape a city that most guidebooks dismiss as dismal, disastrous and gargantuan.
Le Havre suffered heavier damage than any other port in Europe during World War II.
However, with the sea visible at the end of almost every street and open public space and expanses of water at every turn, even those visitors who ultimately fail to agree with Perret's famous dictum that "concrete is beautiful" should enjoy a stroll around his city.
www.hotels-france-travel.com /ville/le-havre/le-havre-hotel.htm   (350 words)

 Ferry Le Havre - Réservez Ferry Le Havre avec AFerry.fr   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Obtenez le prix de votre traversée en ferry depuis Le Havre.
Le port de Le Havre fut construit en 1517 par François I, et est de nos jours le 2e port de ferries le plus important de France.
Le port de ferries de Le Havre se situe à environ 200 km de Paris sur la A131 et possède de nombreuses connections autoroutières pour le reste de la France.
www.aferry.to /Le-Havre-ferry-fr.htm   (402 words)

 OTAL - France
OTAL is to move its port operations in Le Havre from the Normandy Terminal to the GMP Terminal / Terminal de France.
The port of Le Havre is managed by the Port Authority: which is a state public body given legal status and financial autonomy, answerable to the Minister in charge of sea ports, and subject to the economic and financial control of the State.
The port of Le Havre is accesible via an outer fairway 12 Km long and 300 m wide, lying at 107 in relation to the inner harbour, dredged to datum height (- 15.50 m) in relation to the lowest tide level.
www.otal.com /French%20Site/europe/lehavrefr.htm   (1161 words)

 The Cigarette Camps: U. S. Army Camps in the Le Havre Area -- Introduction
After the Allies secured the French harbor of Le Havre (left) (on the eastern side of the Bay of the Seine, opposite Cherbourg, as in the modern map view of Northern France below), the Americans began ringing the city with camps that served as staging areas for new troops arriving in the ETO.
The city of Le Havre had fallen on September 12, 1944, but because of the persistence of the German defense and the ferocity of the Allied air assault, much of it was destroyed, including the world-class harbor facilities so coveted by the British and Americans.
Occupation troops also continued to arrive at Le Havre and spend a few days at a "cigarette camp" before receiving final orders throughout 1945, although by 1946, they were falling into disrepair and were becoming little more than the ramshackle collections of tents pitched in vast mudholes that they were two years before.
www.skylighters.org /special/cigcamps/cigintro.html   (2337 words)

 LRB | Andrew Saint : In Le Havre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
With hindsight it seems that Le Havre had lost any strategic significance it might have had, but it was still in German hands and it was decreed that RAF bombers should flatten the town.
So the layout of Le Havre today consists of an adjusted plan not a new one, with streets widened, arcaded or straightened, but always marching to the bleak rhythm of the concrete-framed immeuble.
The last sight of Le Havre, as the town recedes, is the stark phare of Saint-Joseph, lingering reproachfully until it merges with the weather.
www.lrb.co.uk /v25/n03/sain01_.html   (1670 words)

 Le Havre, the city rebuilt by Auguste Perret - World Heritage Site - Pictures, info and travel reports
As a result of numerous air-raids during World War Two, the port of Le Havre lost its administrative and cultural center as well as much of its housing in the center of the city.
I visited just two weeks after Le Havre was added to the list and there were banners coving the Town hall and flags flying all around the main square which was very nice to see.
I had been through Le Havre several times before (even sleeping in the ferry port at the end of a trip across Europe) but I couldn’t bring myself to count it as a visited site, as I only really passed through.
www.worldheritagesite.org /sites/lehavre.html   (449 words)

 Le Havre port of call   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The port of LE HAVRE is one of the safest in the world, with first-class facilities to accommodate the...
The port of LE HAVRE is one of the safest in the world, with first-class facilities to accommodate the largest ships round the clock throughout the year.
Le Havre is a very modern and quiet city of 200,000 inhabitants where it is very pleasant to have a walk or go shopping, visit a museum, enjoy a good French meal or relax in a public garden or on the beach.
www.normandy-tourism.org /gb/12transp/cruise/lehavre.htm   (320 words)

 Le Havre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
France's second port, Le Havre was founded in 1517 by Renaissance king François Ist.
A major 20th century architect, a true " poet of concrete ", original and innovative, Perret managed to draw inspiration both from classical tradition and from a strong modernisation will to reexplore, on 133 hectares, a unique city where the architecture is understandable, light, harmonious and truly innovative.
The city centre of Le Havre has become the first urban centre in Europe and in the 20th century to receive this prestigious international distinction
www.normandy-tourism.org /gb/02ville/H/Havre.html   (142 words)

 Evacuation From Le Havre - Warsailors.com
The Norwegian consul had joined Ringulv in Le Havre and came as far as Verdun Roads where they were sent the next day.
Le Havre was taken on June 13, and Ringulv's men thought they had the worst behind them once they got out of there, but already on the first night at Verdun Roads they had an air attack.
This was discharged in Le Havre before they continued to Swansea to pick up the coal for Norway.
www.warsailors.com /oddswar/lehavre.html   (1420 words)

 Portsmouth to Le Havre Ferry Tickets   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Le Harve founded in 1517 by King Francois I has grown and is now the 2nd largest port in France.
Le Havre is also the closest port to Paris at just over 200 kms and is the mouth of the river Seine.
Le Harve itself is a nice place to visit but you should consider heading to Honfleur as your first stop.
www.cross-channel-ferry-tickets.co.uk /portsmouth-le-havre   (354 words)

 travel-hotels-europe.com -- About theHotel Mercure Le Havre Bassin du Commerce   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The 3 star Mercure Le Havre Bassin du Commerce is located in the town center with easy access to the beach, museums, harbor and train station.
The Mercure Le Havre Bassin du Commerce is located in the town center and facing the Bassin du Commerce.
The influence of Le Havre remains present everywhere, from the maritime decor to the fish based menu.
www.cnghotels.com /bookingengine/info.asp?hotelid=767000&cid=55615   (177 words)

 Le Havre, France
Le Havre, France's largest port after Marseilles, situated on the estuary of the Seine, here 9km/6mi wide, suffered heavy destruction during the Second World War and had to be almost completely rebuilt.
The Impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840- 1926) lived and worked in Le Havre, and the writer Raymond Queneau (1903-1976), author of "Zazie dans le Métro" and "Pierrot mon Ami", was born here.
Later Le Havre developed into an important commercial port, mainly involved in the North American traffic.
www.planetware.com /france/le-havre-f-hn-hav.htm   (264 words)

 Cheap Car Hire & Rental in Le Havre France
Le Havre located at the mouth of the Seine river on the channel was founded in 1517 by Renaissace king Francois ist.
The local authority has done much to improve the environmental appeal of Le Havre and it is now classed as the third most highly thought of city in france.
The St Francois quarter in the heart of the docklands is the fishing and restaurant area of Le Havre.
www.anycarhire.com /car-hire/le-havre.htm   (210 words)

 Le Havre
Although Le Havre's reputation perhaps commenced in 1520 with the construction of the (then) largest french ship ever built, the Françoise, it was Colbert who decided on the creation of the Arsénal de la Marine in Le Havre in 1670 - various reasons being advanced for this establishment facing England between Dunkerque and Brest.
Le Havre was basically a marshy area and subject to silting in the floating docks and a heavy build-up of pebbles at the entrance (hence the sea wall to the North and West of the entrance).
The Lamandé plan of 1787 was the first attempt at making the port into a viable commercial harbour, but because of the wars it was well over 30 years before it was fully implemented.
www.aandc.org /havre   (444 words)

 Ligue de Football Professionnel : lfp, Ligue 1 Orange, Ligue 2 Orange, Coupe de la Ligue, LFP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Retrouvez le compte rendu des deux réunions ainsi que le bilan de la saison.
Le défenseur de l'équipe de France espoirs Gaël Clichy a déclaré forfait pour l'Euro-2006 qui débute mardi au Portugal en raison d'une blessure au pied gauche et sera remplacé par Olivier Veigneau.
Elie Baup, le nouvel entraîneur de Toulouse, a expliqué mercredi les motivations qui l'ont conduit à opter pour le club toulousain, avec l'ambition "d'obtenir des résultats" en continuant le travail fourni depuis cinq ans.
www.footpro.fr /calendrier/Ligue_2_Orange_2005_2006.htm   (623 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet Europe: Full-time Report - Rennes v Le Havre
RENNES, November 16 (Le Championnat) - Le Havre took a point from their basement battle at bottom side Rennes but finished the game with 10 men when Senegalese defender Souleymane Diawara was sent off at the end.
With Le Havre just two places above Rennes going into this game they will have been the happier, although having Diawara dismissed in the 90th minute will have taken the shine off the result.
Le Havre had the best chance of the first half when Anthony Le Tallec headed inches over the bar in the 28th minute.
www.soccernet.com /europe/2002/20021116/reports/64343_full.html   (284 words)

 Hotels in Le Havre accommodation in Normandy France - Le Havre hotels in Normandy France
Discover the Campanile Le Havre - Montivilliers and restaurant in a convivial and family atmosphere....
Discover the Campanile Le Havre - Gonfreville and restaurants in a convivial and family atmosphere....
Right in the heart of Le Havre and only a 5 minutes walk from the beach, the Petit Vatel Hotel is perfectly situated whether you come on a business trip or just to discover the region.
www.kayukay.co.uk /leharvehotels.html   (348 words)

 Car Hire Le Havre from IIB Autos. Cheap Le Havre Car Hire.
At IIB Autos we are dedicated to finding you the cheapest deal on car hire in Le Havre.
The city was founded in 1517, when it was named Le Havre-de-Gr?ce (hence Havre de Grace, Maryland).
Le Havre Dowtown Office, 6-8 Rue Du Docteur Piasceki.
autos.iib.co.uk /car-hire/city/France/Le-Havre.html   (154 words)

 STB Fans 2002
Au terme d'un match fou, fou, fou, le STB a réussi à contenir la folle remontée de Vichy pour s'imposer de trois petits points.
St-Tho remporte là son huitième match depuis le début de la saison et assure par la même occasion son maintien au sein de l'élite, mais également une participation méritée à la semaine de As à Pau qui regroupera les huit meilleurs équipes des matches aller.
Le seul joueur à avoir réussi un quadruple-double est certes une teigne, un brin vicieux sur le terrain, mais surtout un homme charmant et formidablement drôle...
saint-thomas-basket.ifrance.com /saint-thomas-basket   (590 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet Europe: Match Preview - Le Havre v Lille
LE HAVRE, August 9 (Ligue 1) - Lille will start as favourites when they takeon newly promoted Le Havre tomorrow night.
Meanwhile, Le Havre boss Jean-Francois Domergue will be deprived of five keyplayers but believes his charges have enough fighting spirit to be a match forLille.
Le Havre won promotion in May and started the new top flight campaign in thebest possible fashion with a 2-1 away win at Nice last weekend.
www.soccernet.com /europe/2000/20020810/reports/54024_pre.html   (277 words)

 Le Havre Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC
Le Havre Village (as it still is called) sits near the mouth of the English Channel on the Atlanta Ocean.
To see an example of Le Havre private sector see ESC Le Havre / Bienvenue [ WebSite ], and a health club - Hac.Asso [ WebSite ].
Le Havre Night Life (NightLife), RMC is part of an Infra - City National Cultural
le-havre-nightlife.blogspot.com   (279 words)

 Claude Monet (1840 - 1926)
The family moves to Le Havre where Monet develops a reputation for the caricatures he loves to draw.
Claude Monet meets Eugène Boudin at Le Havre who plays a very important role in the development of his technique.
With Courbet and Manet, he participates to a maritime exhibition at Le Havre.
www.expo-monet.com /2.cfm   (634 words)

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