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Topic: Le Nouvel Observateur

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  Le Nouvel Observateur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Le Nouvel Observateur (often shorten to Le Nouvel Obs) is a weekly French newsmagazine.
...The Nouvel Observateur is a cultural and political weekly whose orientation belongs within the general social-democratic movement.
Le Nouvel Observateur also publishes ParisObs, a general information supplement with a focus on Paris and the Île-de-France region, also published weekly.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Le_Nouvel_Observateur   (355 words)

Le Nouvel Observateur: Your reflections on reality and the virtual are some of the key references used by the makers of The Matrix.
Nouvel Observateur: The connection between the film and the vision you develop, for example, in The Perfect Crime, is, however, quite striking.
Nouvel Observateur: It is also a film that purports to denounce technicist alienation and, at the same time, plays entirely on the fascination exercised by the digital universe and computer-generated images.
www.ubishops.ca /baudrillardstudies/vol1_2/genosko.htm   (1113 words)

 [No title]
Le Monde is reacting to the book as a political attack and is filing suit for defamation.
Le Monde, a newspaper where I have many friends, has established ties with Le Nouvel Observateur, at the bidding of their president and ours—ties that suit Le Monde but which worry our editors.
Neither Serge Dassault, targeted by Le Monde’s editors as the villain because he’s from a rival clan (Dassault controls Le Figaro and L’Express), nor Jean-Luc Lagardère (who wasn’t alerted to what was going on at Fayard, part of his Hachette publishing house) had anything to do with the Péan-Cohen bombshell.
www.worldpress.org /article_model.cfm?article_id=1175&dont=yes   (1218 words)

 E-nough!: The biggest hangover in man's history
Le Nouvel Observateur is again trying to sell its rag with a hateful, anti-Bush issue.
Le Monde, groveling to Dom, published the introduction of the book, which it presents as "Villepin's vision of the world in the light of the Iraqi crisis."
Le monde and figaro sales figures are down 12-15%(i don't even bother to count the copies they "give" for free to airliners, counting them as sales), and le monde plans to fire 100 personnel.
www.e-nough.hmdnsgroup.com /archives/000470.html   (1175 words)

 RSF - Letters of protest - Guinea - February 14 2001
Aboubacar Sakho, editor of the weekly "Le Nouvel Observateur", was condemned on 14 February 2001 to ten months in jail and a fine of one million Guinean francs, for an article criticising decisions of the ministry of justice.
He was released yesterday (14 March 2001) and all the proceedings have been abandonned, after many Guinean journalists had called for mobilization against this imprisonment.
Justice Minister Abou Camara had lodged a complaint against Sakho after Le Nouvel Observateur published an article on 15 January criticising the minister's decision to relieve certain magistrates of their duties.
www.rsf.org /rsf/uk/html/afrique/cplp01/lp01/140201.html   (301 words)

 Le Nouvel Observateur top picks - Paris by Night - Paris and Beyond
Meanwhile, the Nouvel Observateur came out with a listing of the top 400 'plus branches' spots in Paris.
Le Georges is the Costes brothers latest offshoot.
But really, Le Georges on a sunny afternoon is, well, let's face it, 'simply divine'.
www.parisblog.org /05-02/le-nouvel-observateur-top-picks.html   (701 words)

 The US involvement in Afghanistan in 1979, before the Soviet invasion
The truth was, he said, that the US began aiding the Islamic fundamentalist Moujahedeen six months before the Russians made their move, even though he believed -- and told this to Carter -- that "this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention".
There are at least two editions of this magazine; with the perhaps sole exception of the Library of Congress, the version sent to the United States is shorter than the French version, and the Brzezinski interview was not included in the shorter version.
Brzezinski told the French weekly Nouvel Observateur that the CIA began bankrolling counter-revolutionary forces in mid-1979.
www.islandnet.com /~contempo/library/wtc/brzezinski.html   (1142 words)

 Africa 2001
Sakho, publisher of the Conakry weekly Le Nouvel Observateur, was sentenced to 10 months in prison and fined US$7,000 by the Court of First Instance in Conakry after Justice Minister Abou Camara brought criminal defamation charges against him.
The minister's complaint stemmed from a January 15 article in which Le Nouvel Observateur argued that Camara had exceeded his authority by dismissing several magistrates.
Diallo, a photojournalist with the private weekly Le Lynx, was brutally beaten by officers from the Police Special Protection and Intervention Brigade (BSPI) in the capital, Conakry.
www.cpj.org /attacks01/africa01/guinea.html   (753 words)

 Paris Voice KioskPress   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Le Marais, the prized neighborhood of gays, lesbians and...
Now le Marais is the capital’s liveliest neighborhood, a meeting place for homosexuals from all corners of France and abroad as well as heterosexuals.
“Le Marais’s true accomplishment probably is to have spurred provincial towns to reconsider their old value systems, as more and more boast their own Marais,” Le Nouvel Observateur writes in its February 8 issue.
parisvoice.com /01/mar/html/kiosk.cfm   (774 words)

 The New York Review of Books: 'L'Affaire Derrida': Another Exchange
For, when he comes to talk about the book, he makes almost everything he has to say turn around this incident, neglecting, in his promotional haste, to explain how my "position" is, as he nevertheless recognizes in one line, "more complex" than Mr.
Le Nouvel Observateur, in fact, like all journals, sells the reprint rights of its articles or interviews abroad.
She wrote that whereas Derrida "would have wished" ("aurait souhaité") that his permission be asked concerning the translation—a courtesy, she said, that was forgotten by Le Nouvel Observateur as well as by Wolin—she nonetheless could guarantee Wolin that there would be no further consequences ("cette affaire n'aurait pas d'autre suite").
www.nybooks.com /articles/2624   (4413 words)

 The Muslim Terrorist Apparatus was Created by US Intelligence as a Geopolitical Weapon
Le Nouvel Observateur: Former CIA director Robert Gates states in his memoirs: The American secret services began six months before the Soviet intervention to support the Mujahideen [in Afghanistan].
Le Nouvel Observateur: When the Soviets justified their intervention with the statement that they were fighting against a secret US interference in Afghanistan, nobody believed them.
Le Nouvel Observateur: "Some hotheads?" But it has been said time and time again: today Islamic fundamentalism represents a world-wide threat...
emperors-clothes.com /interviews/brz.htm   (2102 words)

 Serbia Info News / "Le Nouvel Observateur": The International Tribunal in the Hague is not independent
"Le Nouvel Observateur": The International Tribunal in the Hague is not independent
Paris, October 9, 1999 (Tanjug) - An attorney and permanent representative of the American law association at the United Nations in Geneva, Alejandro Taitelbaum published in the latest issue of the Paris' weekly, "Le Nouvel Observateur", an extremely critical article about the absence of the independence of the International War Crimes Tribunal for former Yugoslavia.
Taitelbaum writes that in the case of Kosovo and Metohija, the "absence of the independence" prevents the International Tribunal in the Hague to put on trial not only the Serbs but also the members of the "KLA" and the "NATO".
www.serbia-info.com /news/1999-10/10/15039.html   (272 words)

 Riots Against Racism: Paris is Burning
France has a powerful far right – this is the country of Jean-Marie Le Pen – and has long been a strategy of all kinds of bourgeois politicians to try and win votes from these fascists by trying to outdo them at their own game (what has been called the “lepenization of the mind”).
Initially, Minister of the Interior Sarkozy accused the dead teenagers of being thieves, while also claiming that the police never in fact chased anyone, but that this was all some kind of misunderstanding or hallucination on the part of the teenagers.
Sketchy Thoughts - and is one of a number of pieces i wrote or translated regarding the riots that rocked France in October and November 2005.
www.kersplebedeb.com /2005riots/riotsagainstracism.html   (1362 words)

 The Economic Club of Chicago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
GUETTA was with le Nouvel Observateur from 1969-1979.
From 1979-1990 he was a correspondent with Le Monde in Vienna, Warsaw, Washington and Moscow.
GUETTA is currently a Columnist-at-large, or "Grand Reporter" and is employed by several leading European papers: Le Monde of France, La Repubblica of Italy; Le Temps of Switzerland; and the Gazeta of Poland.
www.consulfrance-chicago.org /France-Midwest/guetta.htm   (135 words)

 Viviane Forrester - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Viviane Forrester (born in 1927 in Paris) is a writer, essayist, novelist and literary critic.
She works for Le Monde, Le Nouvel Observateur et Quinzaine littéraire and is member of the jury of the Prix Femina.
She became famous internatinally by her books on political affairs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Viviane_Forrester   (103 words)

 BBC NEWS | Europe | Press outraged by French hostage threat
"Monstrous!" is the stark caption to the editorial in the heavyweight Le Figaro.
One of the two journalists, Georges Malbrunot, writes for Le Figaro, which points out that the war in Iraq was "sought by the president of the United States, but condemned by the president of the French Republic".
Also in Geneva, Le Temps finds it "reassuring" that the Muslims of France, despite what the paper calls their "hostility" to the headscarf law, "have promptly rallied in support of the widespread condemnation" of the kidnapping.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/europe/3611494.stm   (692 words)

 Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
By 'Le Nouvel Observateur' (France), Jan 15-21, 1998, p.
Note: There are at least two editions of 'Le Nouvel Observateur.' With the exception of the U.S. Library of Congress, the version sent to the United States did not include the Brzezinski interview.
Question: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs ["From the Shadows"], that American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan 6 months before the Soviet intervention.
marxists.org /history/afghanistan/archive/brzezinski/1998/interview.htm   (472 words)

 Le Nouvel Observateur : Baudrillard decodes Matrix
Le Nouvel Observateur – Your reflections on the real and the virtual are one of the references advanced by
Aude Lancelin – Le nouvel Observateur — n°2015
Contact • Mise à jour : 15-oct-04 Optimisé pour tous les navigateurs • XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2 valides
www.empyree.org /divers/Matrix-Baudrillard_english.html   (835 words)

 Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Haiti Global Village is selected by "Le Nouvel Observateur" in it's March 18, 1999 N°1793 edition as being one of the Top 200 Internet Sites in the World and as one of the Top Twenty Internet Sites in the World in it's category "Cultures du Monde"
Haiti Global Village received a congratulatory e-mail last Monday from a compatriot in France saying that we were selected by the major French weekly magazine "Le Nouvel Observateur" as one of the Two Hundred Best Internet Sites in The World.
Le Nouvel Observateur in its March 18, 1999 N°1793 edition selected Haiti Global Village as one of the Two Hundred Best Internet Sites in the World as well as one of The Top Twenty Internet Sites in The World in its category "Cultures du Monde".
www.haitiglobalvillage.com /sd-scrapbook   (214 words)

 Le Monde Forms Alliance With Rival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Le Monde forms alliance with rival By Philippe Escande in Paris Published: May 1 2002 21:17
Last Updated: May 1 2002 21:33 Le Monde, the leading French newspaper, is to form a partnership with the press group of Claude Perdriel, publisher of Le Nouvel Observateur, French business paper Les Echos has learned.
Shareholders in the two groups have agreed that Le Monde will take a 6 per cent stake in a soon-to-be created Le Nouvel Observateur holding company, which in turn will acquire shares equal to 6 per...
www.webprowire.com /summaries/94727.html   (326 words)

 The Command Post - 2004 US Presidential Election - France Archives
French weekly magazine Le Nouvel Observateur published this partisan cover today.
The fate of the presidency of the only hyperpower is in the hands of those who enter the ballots in Ohio and, perhaps, if there is dispute, of those of the courts.
Here’s a link (thanks to Le Nouvel Observateur) to today’s covers of French daily newspapers.
www.command-post.org /2004/2_archives/cat_france.html   (783 words)

 United for Peace of Pierce County, WA - We nonviolently oppose the reliance on unilateral military actions rather than ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
His most recent book is Rupture dans la civilisation, le révélateur irakien (Gallimard, 2003) ['Breaking Point in Civilization: The Meaning of Iraq']....
It is more open to foreign influences: it knows that the outer world exists and has reasons that the inner America doesn't always understand.
Kerry's America, however, knows that in a world heading full sail toward democracy, the strongest needs the consent of the weakest in order to exert its force.
www.ufppc.org /content/view/1498/2   (1054 words)

 France - Le Monde - Newspapers - Worldpress.org
France - Le Monde - Newspapers - Worldpress.org
Airy Routier, Le Nouvel Observateur (left-wing weekly), Paris, France, Feb. 27, 2003
Sign up for both our web exclusive e-mail newsletter and our indispensable World Headlines.
www.worldpress.org /Europe/1065.cfm   (1281 words)

 p2pnet.net - the original daily p2p and digital media news site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
They've done so by signing a petition launched by le Nouvel Observateur to protest the Big Music cartel's sue 'em all campaign, designed to flmail people into buying 'product'.
We are proposing the beginning of a wide-ranging public debate involving government and everyone in the music industry, including artists, so as to arrive at adequate protection of the author’s royalty rights, but also those of the consumer …”
Head over to the le Nouvel Observateur site for a list of some of the more famous signees.
p2pnet.net /story/3756   (229 words)

 Paris Pages - Press Watch
Crazy Horse Paris, Le Moulin Rouge, Le Lido.
The Museums of Paris, and Musée du Louvre Sections are rated with 4 Stars as well.
Le Nouvel Observateur - 9/11 November 1995; Paris
www.paris.org /Press   (791 words)

 The Yes Men   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Le Nouvel Observateur, 17 nov. 2005: "On se dit qu'en France, c'est mieux.
Le Nouvel Observateur, 24 mars 2005 (en français) : Les altercomiques [alt]
Le Monde, Nov. 22, 2001 (en français): www.theyesmen.org
www.theyesmen.org /press   (4238 words)

 TRIAL - international criminal law : Daily News, actuality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Les proches de Charles Taylor priés de quitter le Nigeria (AngolaPress)
Le procès de Saddam Hussein ajourné au 15 mai (Reuters)
Le Procureur de la Cour pénale internationale doit ouvrir une enquête sur la situation en RCA (FIDH)
www.trial-ch.org /en/actu_news.php   (694 words)

 Le Nouvel Observateur - An enquiry into the sources of 'The Da Vinci Code'
Le Nouvel Observateur - An enquiry into the sources of 'The Da Vinci Code'
(5) ‘La Table d’Isis ou le Secret de la lumière’, Editions Guy Trédaniel.
(7) Author of the ‘Protocoles des sages de Sion: un faux et ses usages dans le siècle’, Berg International, 1992.
priory-of-sion.com /psp/id180.html   (2979 words)

 March 2000 News
At the French box office, it's been reported that for Wednesday, March 15, Le Libertin took first place with 9065 tickets sold at 41 theaters followed by Le Gout des Autres.
Tomorrow Le Libertin opens in France and already some of the reviews are in, and sadly, I have to report they are somewhat dismal as you can see from the info below.
The Official Web Site for Le Libertin is up and running at Lelibertin.com.
www.vincentperez.com /news0300.html   (749 words)

 Watching America
Why are we confronted with an Iran that is apparently unafraid to defy all of the globe's great powers and institutions?
According to this article from France's Le Nouvel Observateur, American policy both before and during Bush have armed its enemies, alienated its friends, destroyed Washington's credibility, and fulfilled Iran's wildest geopolitical dreams.
By Jacques Julliard, Editorial Director of Le Nouvel Observateur
www.watchingamerica.com /nouvelobservateur000001.shtml   (959 words)

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