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  LeVar Burton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Burton is a graduate of University of Southern California's School of Theatre.
He has a daughter, Michaela, born in 1994, with his wife Stephanie, and a son, born in 1980 decided by the courts after a paternity suit in which Burton was awarded joint custody.
Burton began playing the role of Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/LeVar_Burton   (865 words)

 Reading Rainbow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reading Rainbow is hosted by actor and executive producer LeVar Burton, who is also known for his roles in Roots and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
LeVar Burton, the host of the program, or another presenter, will say the title of the book, the author, the illustrator, then the publisher.
Original production was to have ended in 2005, with the show continuing to air in reruns, but host LeVar Burton said on February 7, 2006 that five new episodes of the show will be shot in 2006 despite the continuing financial troubles of PBS.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Reading_Rainbow   (1083 words)

 LeVar Burton
LeVar Burton suddenly found himself famous beyond belief at the age of 20, when he played Kunta Kinte in the wildly popular TV mini-series Roots (1997).
Burton went on to win three Daytime Emmy awards for "Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series" in 1999, 2001 and 2002, as well as four Image awards in 1995, 1999, 2002 and 2003 for "Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children's Series or Special."
Burton reprised the role of Kunta Kinte in the sequel, Roots: The Gift (1988), as well as becoming a regular on the new sci-fi series Star Trek: The Next Generation.
www.tribute.ca /bio.asp?id=2295   (297 words)

 thesite: LeVar Burton
LeVar Burton has been an actor and a science-fiction enthusiast since his youth.
LeVar Burton: It helped me in a sense, because "Star Trek" was really my first exposure of a vision of the future where I found myself represented.
LeVar Burton: Before that, America is destroyed by a number of circumstances.
www.pantar.com /pubs/iview400_021497.html   (952 words)

 LeVar Burton Speaker - Booking Keynote Speaker for Corporate, Meeting Event - Contact LeVar Burton
The multi-talented LeVar Burton has been capturing the attention of audiences and peers for over two decades, and has catapulted to a new level within the industry.
LeVar's first professional audition, at the age of nineteen, led to his being cast as Kunta Kinte in the acclaimed miniseries ROOTS.
LeVar is internationally known for his portrayal as Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.
www.grabow.biz /printable_pages/LeVarBurton.htm   (307 words)

 LeVar Burton - Uncyclopedia
LeVar Burton (born February 16, 1957 in Landstuhl, Germany) is a popular actor and deity.
LeVar Burton is worshipped through books and wearing silly glasses.
His followers believe in a special form of intelligent design that states that the world was written as a children's book, and all actions that occur in our perception are in fact caused by spot running.
www.uncyclopedia.org /wiki/LeVar_Burton   (389 words)

 LeVar Burton Photos - LeVar Burton News - LeVar Burton Information
LeVar, who is an avid poker player, was a participant in the World Poker Tour.
Burton's character Geordi La Forge is a Starfleet officer who wears a VISOR to see things because he was born blind.He's the Lt. and the pilot of the Enterprise-D for the 1st season.For seasons 2-7,he was Lt. Commander and chief engineer.
I was a personal housekeeper to LeVar Burton and his wife Stephanie for years.
www.tv.com /levar-burton/person/14181/summary.html   (514 words)

 LeVar Burton
LeVar Burton went to parochial schools until he was 13, when he entered a seminary, thinking he might become a priest.
Both Burton's parents were English teachers, and he followed in their footsteps in 1983, by hosting Reading Rainbow on PBS.
Even after his career took off, Burton said of the series, "It's the most important work that I do, and I will continue to do it as long as there is a need".
www.nndb.com /people/952/000022886   (233 words)

 Amazon.com: Aftermath: Books: LeVar Burton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Burton's workmanlike prose is sufficient for the task of displaying his characters' virtues, but the world he builds is muddled and less than credible.
Award-winning actor Levar Burton's first novel is a worthwhile voyage into the near future, a bleak time of savagery, mistrust, and fear.
Levar Burton, well-known television actor, read it, as would be expected - he has a fine voice and lots of experience due to his well known PBS show 'Reading Rainbow.' Sometimes, however, his tone of voice just isn't quite right.
www.amazon.com /Aftermath-LeVar-Burton/dp/0446605018   (2728 words)

 CNN.com - 'Reading Rainbow' fights for survival - May. 29, 2003
In a plea for the life of "Reading Rainbow," host LeVar Burton returned to a familiar setting: the stage where he picked up the PBS show's seventh Emmy Award for best children's television series.
LeVar Burton: 'It is clear we have had an impact'
Burton, who memorably portrayed Kunta Kinte in the television series, "Roots," admits there's been times in the past few months when he figured the money problems were a sign to call it quits.
www.cnn.com /2003/EDUCATION/05/29/reading.rainbow.ap   (627 words)

 STARTREK.COM : Biography
LeVar presently serves as host and series producer of "Reading Rainbow," the highly acclaimed, long-running Emmy Award-winning series on PBS.
A 1990 recipient of a star on Hollywood's legendary Walk of Fame, LeVar is also proud to be a member of the cast of "Captain Planet," an animated series designed to empower children to be environmentally responsible.
As the president of Eagle Nation Films, LeVar is currently developing projects for film and television, some of which he will direct as well as produce.
www.startrek.com /startrek/view/library/cast/TNG/bio/69064.html   (294 words)

 LeVar Burton News
LeVar takes viewers behind the scenes at a bowling center to see how a bowling ball also starts a cycle of mechanical reactions.
LeVar Burton as Kunta Kinte in the 1977 TV mini-series Roots, which inspired many Americans to research their African heritage.
Actor LeVar Burton, 49, star of PBS' "Reading Rainbow, TV's "Roots" and Star Trek: The Next Generation," was the guest speaker at Starr Commonwealth's annual Founder's Day in Albion on Sunday.
www.topix.net /who/levar-burton   (624 words)

 Authors: LeVar Burton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
evar Burton achieved lasting international fame at age 19 when, while attending USC on full academic scholarship, he won a landmark role as the enslaved African youth Kunta Kinte in Alex Haley's Roots.
Burton has also been host and co-executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning educational show Reading Rainbow since the early 1980s.
Warner Books, its imprints with the name "Warner," and the W logo are trademarks of Time Warner Inc. or an affiliated company.
www.twbookmark.com /authors/76/175   (138 words)

 PBS Parents . Expert Q & A . LeVar Burton | PBS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
LeVar Burton is the Senior Project Advisor for the PBS Parents Guide to Talking with Kids.
Finally, remember, your daughter is only one year old and if, as LeVar suggested, you've checked with the pediatrician and she's OK, these ideas are a good way to encourage and enhance her language and ultimately her literacy development.
We can not emphasize enough that LeVar's good advice to read aloud to your child, preferably with her on your lap; this is one of the few factors that has been confirmed by research to directly motivate a child to want to read.
www.pbs.org /parents/experts/archive/levar-reading.html   (5547 words)

 LeVar Burton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Sacramento Observer 02-19-1997 LeVar Burton At Book-Signing: Actor, Now Author, ReturnsBookstore to greet their home town hero LeVar Burton who was in town to promote his bookfans enjoyed the amazing performance by Burton as Kunta Kinta in the TV drama "Roots
LeVar Burton to Be Honored for Helping Kids at Children's Miracle Awards; Nationally Televised Awards Gala Will Recogniz...
Star (and fledgling actor) LeVar Burton was planning to return to college to make upthe harsh realities of slavery.
www.encyclopedie.ws /LeVar_Burton   (388 words)

 VRRRM :: Sharon Osbourne Show 04/04/20 :: LeVar Burton
LeVar: I believe it is. And it is an effort that actually works in conjunction with the United Nations, which is still the most recognizable global entity that stands for and works for peace on this planet.
LeVar: So, we've got to get our government leaders to sign on to this deal, because if you're not with us you're agin us in the cause of world peace.
They were putting together a little reel, of footage, on the Children of Uganda, to make a presentation for the night they announced this sort of "artists for UN" effort, this initiative, and they needed somebody to do a voice-over.
vrrrm.com /tv/SharonO/04/04/lb040420.php   (1357 words)

 LeVar Burton @ Filmbug
LeVar Burton created the role of LaForge in the television series Star Trek:The Next Generation, reprising the character for both Star Trek: Generations and Star Trek: First Contact.
Burton is currently celebrating his 14th season as the host and co-executive producer of the highly acclaimed PBS children's series Reading Rainbow.
Burton directed several episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, as well as directing his first dramatic telefilm, the acclaimed The Tiger Woods Story, for Showtime.
www.filmbug.com /db/4223   (253 words)

 LeVar Burton - Moviefone
African American actor LeVar Burton was a 19-year-old UCLA drama student when he was catapulted into international fame.
LeVar Burton on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more...
LeVar Burton - Filmography, Biography, News, Photos, Birth date, Relationships, LeVar Burton Film Clips, and Fun Facts on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/levar-burton/9812/main   (99 words)

 Actor, director LeVar Burton information pictures photos posters scans wallpapers images biographies filmographies ...
Chronicles the life of the actor, director LeVar Burton from his first days in music, sport, entertainment and celebrity business.
The male celebrity LeVar Burton was born in the year 1957 and in the country Germany!
Choose an other male celebrity than the actor, director levar burton with the surname B.
www.thecelebrityportal.com /male/celebrities/B/LeVar_Burton.html   (747 words)

 LeVar Burton Biography (Actor) — FactMonster.com
LeVar Burton was still an acting student at USC when he won the role of Kunta Kinte in the 1977 TV miniseries
Roots became one of the top-rated TV events ever, and Burton won raves for his portrayal of the young African tribesman captured and sold into slavery in America.
Burton was born in Germany during his father's U.S. military service there.
www.factmonster.com /biography/var/levarburton.html   (300 words)

 African American Registry: LeVar Burton, an international actor!
Burton left the Catholic seminary in 1974 and moved to Southern California and was a 19-year-old USC drama student when his acting career began.
Burton’s other TV credits include Grambling's White Tiger, The Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones, Battered, Billy: Portrait of a Street Kid, A Roots Christmas: Kunta Kinte's Gift and the miniseries Liberty.
Burton is also a published author who in 1977 wrote “Aftermath,” a novel about an apocalyptic America
www.aaregistry.com /detail.php3?id=2119   (196 words)

 LeVar Burton - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki
LeVar Burton - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki
Burton was later a member of The Sunspots, along with Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn and Patrick Stewart.
He directed two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, nine episodes each of Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise and ten episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/LeVar_Burton   (294 words)

 Levar Burton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Burton's face convincingly conveyed the terror and rage of enslavement in his portrayal of Kunta Kinte, an African youth captured by slavers.
The young actor had previously spent four years in a Catholic seminary after deciding to study for the priesthood at age 13.
Burton became a frequent TV presence during the late 70s and early 80s, serving as a presenter at several award shows and starring in some high-minded TV-movies....
www.hollywood.com /celebs/detail/id/189323   (266 words)

 Reading Rainbow TV Show   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
It is hosted by LeVar Burton, well known for his role in Roots and in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
LeVar Burton introduces each segment where he relates interesting facts about turtles, or the Middle Ages, or some other item of interest, whatever the theme du jour may be.
The final segment of each show, called "You don't have to take my word for it" (from Levar Burton's introductory phrase), has children giving capsule reviews of books.
www.retrojunk.com /details_tvshows/283-reading-rainbow   (523 words)

 Captain Planet: LeVar Burton
Burton's first claim to fame came as the slave Kunta Kinte in Alex Haley's Roots.
He has roles in several television films and series, including that of host for the popular children's program Reading Rainbow, and as Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Burton can also be found reprising that role in Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Trekkies.
www.turner.com /planet/static/lburton.html   (120 words)

 LeVar Burton Current Month TV Schedule
Also: host LeVar Burton's daughter, Michaela, practices for an upcoming audition; members of TADA!, a Manhattan children's theater group, rehearse for a performance.
Also: host LeVar Burton and his family find items from past relatives; a grandmother recalls surviving the Holocaust.
Starring Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Denise Crosby, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner.
www.tv-now.com /stars/levarbur.html   (451 words)

 Book LeVar Burton Speaker Keynote Speaking Engagement, Corporate Event - Your Booking Agent for LeVar Burton
LeVar Burton: Contact Grabow, your booking agent for corporate entertainment.
To book LeVar Burton or to get information about booking LeVar Burton for your event, wedding or meeting please submit this form:
Appearance of LeVar Burton at Corporate and Private Events,
www.grabow.biz /Speakers/LeVarBurton.htm   (396 words)

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