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Topic: Leadership development

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  CMOE - Leadership Development
Leadership development will maximize the success of existing and future leaders, as well as their organization as they drive their teams to newer heights and levels of success.
Leadership development should be closely aligned to your organization's strategy, culture, and future vision and goals.
leadership development programs are very interactive and practical, so that the participants can begin immediate application of the skills learned in each session to real work challenges and issues.
www.cmoe.com /leadership-development.htm   (235 words)

 Leadership Development Planning
Simply put, leadership development is an effort (hopefully, planned in nature) that enhances the learner's capacity to lead people.
Before Leadership Development, Get Sense of What "Leadership" Is The first place to start learning about leadership is to get some sense of what leadership is -- in particular, understand get an impression of the areas of knowledge and skills recommended for effective leadership in organizations.
Leadership development programs come in all of these combinations, as well.
www.managementhelp.org /ldr_dev/ldr_dev.htm   (1811 words)

  Leadership Development
Participants in the Executive Leadership Institute are selected from among applicants who have served in senior positions of leadership in community colleges, formally reporting at the campus or college CEO level, and who are qualified for the presidency by their educational, experiential, and community leadership backgrounds.
The Expanding Leadership Diversity project, which ended in 1999, was designed for participants currently serving in mid-management or faculty leadership positions to advance into senior-level decision-making positions in the nation’s community colleges.
Leadership Abstracts, is a series of thought-provoking, yet brief articles devoted to leadership issues.
www.league.org /league/about/leadinit.htm   (471 words)

 Presbyterian Women of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) -- Leadership Development   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Developing leaders for the church includes nurturing our faith and practicing our leadership skills.
The Leadership Development Committee of Presbyterian Women provides training, resources and models for women of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to support and empower women to be more effective followers of Christ as they lead.
The Leadership Development Fund has been created to enable women to help prepare women for leadership roles in all areas of the church.
www.pcusa.org /pw/leadership.htm   (446 words)

 Leadership Development   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Leadership, and strong leadership teams, are critical to the success of an organization, and a wide range of respected business books support this fact.
For strategic success to occur, the leadership characteristics of an organization and the capabilities of those in leadership positions must be understood and maximized.
Following the development of the Validation and Action plan, all organizational leaders that went through the assessment are gathered together for a one or two-day management session.
www.counterintel.com /Services/leadership.htm   (499 words)

 Leadership Development Programs
The purpose of this leadership development scheme is to teach individuals how to develop their own skills step-by-step.
Fine Tune Your Leadership Development Process The purpose of this leadership development methodology is to assist organizations and visionary executives that want a consistent, comprehensive approach to developing transformational leadership customized to the organization.
Leadership Development Magazine is an on-line magazine that started publishing in late 2006.
www.legacee.com /Services/LeadershipDevelopment/Programs.html   (761 words)

 Leadership development - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In organizational development, leadership development is the strategic investment in, and utilization of, the human capital within the organization.
Both forms of development may mutually influence each other, as exemplified in the concept of "Deep Change" in Robert E. Quinn's 1996 book of the same title.
Typically, leader development has focused on 3 main areas - providing the opportunities for development, stimulating the ability to develop (including motivation, skills and knowledge for change), and providing a supportive context for change to occur (see Cynthia D. McCauley, 2001).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Leadership_development   (336 words)

 Leadership Development
Agency leadership courses provide valuable training to natural resource professionals in most fields; however, wildland firefighting is one of the most dangerous of the natural resource occupations, and requires specialized training.
One of the most important strengths of the leadership development program is its blend of training, assessment, self-development and experience that allows students to put the concepts they’ve acquired into practice in the field, assess their success, modify their behavior if necessary, and then again evaluate their success.
The Leadership Committee, consisting of representatives from federal, state, and county wildland fire agencies, is constantly coordinating with and updating agencies, field managers, geographic area training representatives and others on the status of the curriculum.
www.fireleadership.gov /faq_text.html   (2204 words)

 Leadership Development
Students develop a personal leadership philosophy, gain awareness of ability and style of leadership, develop essential leadership skills through participation, discussion, and observation, and study leadership concepts, theories, and group dynamics.
Leadership Today is a 4-day leadership development program designed to train students to positively and effectively address issues of diversity.
Student Life and Leadership recruits a diverse student staff and in the spring provides a full semester of orientation preparation and leadership development training through a three-unit class.
www.sa.sjsu.edu /sll/programs/leadership   (379 words)

 Leadership Development
Each year, millions of dollars are spent on leadership development training, yet we still have a significant shortage of effective leadership in all areas of society.
We are feeling the impact of this lack of leadership in organizations of all sizes, for profit and non-profit, and at all levels of business and government.
is designed to provide those in leadership positions with the skills and the tools they will need to transform their culture, and emotionally connect employees with the organization.
www.hpowerassoc.com /integro_leadership.asp   (509 words)

 Leadership Development
The most essential element of successful wildland firefighting is competent and confident leadership.
The NWCG Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program has been established to provide an avenue for you to improve essential leadership skills during all stages of your career.
This website is designed to provide information regarding the implementation of the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program.
www.fireleadership.gov   (91 words)

 Leadership Development (D-690)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Leadership develops from opportunities to be in decisionmaking situations and taking an active part in all phases of the program.
Leadership is demonstrated when people, as a group, select and act on an area of concern to them, choosing a plan to solve a problem, and actively taking the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the problem.
Thus, leadership traits (assertiveness and self-confidence) are more often assigned to men than to women, or the same trait may be viewed differently for the two genders (for example, a woman may be perceived as "aggressive" but a man is "assertive").
monarch.tamu.edu /d690/d690ldrs.htm   (1782 words)

 Leadership development and Gifted Students
Leadership has been designated a talent area in federal and state definitions of gifted students who require differentiated programs, yet it remains the least discussed of the curricular areas for these students in the literature, and it is not well defined.
Leadership is much more than being elected or appointed to a position, and it is acquired most effectively through practice.
Educators, parents, and other concerned adults who are interested in the development of leadership in gifted youth can make a difference in the lives of these students by providing them with opportunities to realize their leadership potential.
www.kidsource.com /kidsource/content/leadership_and_gifted.html   (1395 words)

 Leadership Development | Careers at Medtronic, Inc.
On a daily basis, employees are engaged, developed, stretched, and rewarded for their contributions.
Leadership development plans that encourage employees to articulate and achieve their own professional development goals
The Medtronic Leadership Development Rotation Program is a premier opportunity not only to prepare for a rewarding and challenging career, but also to make a significant contribution to the organization and to our patients worldwide.
www.medtronic.com /employment/tools_leadership.html   (410 words)

 Educational Leadership Development
Under the leadership of Roland Barth, the Harvard Principals' Center was developed to meet needs expressed by principals for ongoing professional growth and development (Hallinger, 1992).
Questions which need to be addressed by all leadership development programs include: "how training interventions influence the development of school leadership, how that leadership is subsequently exercised in the workplace, and what is the impact of that leadership on the school" (p.
Generally, the effectiveness of these new approaches to school leadership development cannot be confirmed, despite their broadly-based support among practitioners and policy makers.
www.ucalgary.ca /~dlyee/edleadership/edleedle.html   (1335 words)

 USCJ: Leadership Development
The Department of Leadership Development was established in 1992.
The Department has developed a pattern of activities which benefit the regions, individual synagogues, boards of trustees and specific officers of congregations.
Leaders participate in exercises and discussions on programming, fundraising, committee efficiency, leadership skills, membership outreach and retention, volunteer motivation, building an effective board and creating a team including lay and professional leaders.
www.uscj.org /Leadership_Developme6424.html   (389 words)

 Leadership Development
The MDA Leadership Development Continuum is a program to help doctors become more successful, dynamic, inspiring leaders in their business, family, and community endeavors.
We'll be taking their products (includes the leadership practices inventory/personal leadership assessments, leadership workbook, and text) and incorporate them into the 4 workshops for our participants.
If the Leadership Continuum were to have ended after the CDR character assessments, one executive coaching session and the first workshop, to me, it would have been worth the entire cost of the program.
www.modental.org /FortheDentist/LeadershipDevelopment.aspx   (1599 words)

 Leadership Development
The implications for community development practitioners are: (1) voluntary associations are an important means of recruiting and developing local leaders; and (2) extension home economics programs that focus on broad issues, as opposed to disseminating traditional subject matter, perform a vital community development role.
The purposes of the conference were to strengthen the leadership skills and competencies of the professionals who work to develop the leadership capabilities of others and to strengthen and broaden the knowledge base which supports research, teaching, and extension programs in leadership.
Abstract: This descriptive study was designed to: (a) identify experiences recommended by established leaders for adolescent leadership development, (b) identify commonalities in the backgrounds of leaders, (c) discern whether relationships existed between the leaders' recommendations and backgrounds, and (d) discover what similarities existed between the leaders' recommendations and their personal experiences.
www.nal.usda.gov /ric/ricpubs/qb9440.html   (10087 words)

 Amber Network - Leadership Development :.:.:.:.Adaptive leadership, Creative thinking, Self management, Personal growth
The impact of the experience is that they are able to bring the power of purpose to the professional and personal dimensions of their life in a way that they have never been able to before.
When leadership teams do this work together they learn to understand and appreciate each other and build mutual respect, trust and commitment.
Develop the art of powerful conversation to promote and confirm the best initiatives, flexibility and motivation in your team members.
www.ambercoaching.com /leadership_development.html   (1211 words)

 Leadership and Professional Development Office, Coast Guard Headquarters
Combines the 28 Leadership Competencies with five responsibility levels that apply to all employees (worker, first-line supervisor, mid-level manager, senior manager, and executive).
The Unit Leadership Development Program is designed to assess a unit's strengths and weaknesses in relation to the Coast Guard's leadership competencies.
Emphasis is placed on developing leadership capabilities and preparing members for increased responsibility.
www.uscg.mil /leadership   (378 words)

 Middle East Institute: Leadership Development
Although there is no financial compensation for interns, MEI does offer each intern one free language class, a one-year membership to MEI, and reimbursement for local travel expenses.
The goal of the Intern Development Series is to foster discussion about the Middle East while allowing interns to assert, and improve, their leadership skills by meeting weekly with a MEI visiting scholar or specialist.
Development interns participate in prospect research on corporate and foundation donors as well as writing letters to and making calls to MEI supporters.
www.mideasti.org /programs/programs_leadershipdevelopment.html   (457 words)

 Leadership Development
"Leadership is the influence exerted within a group at any given time, and a leader is the person who is exerting the most influence within the group at any given time."
"Leadership is the interpersonal influence, exercised in a situation and directed, through the communication process, toward the attainment of a specified goal or goals."
Leadership success is more than just showing up.
www.uca.edu /divisions/student/leadership/leadershipdevelopment.htm   (1469 words)

 What is leadership?
for daily leadership tips to family, friends, employees, customers and even the boss, you will be remembered every day of the year.
A survey of 3,000 leaders and associates in 117 organizations reports that 63% plan to increase spending on leadership development programs that 75% of HR executives surveyed don't give a high quality rating to.
The paradox of spending more on what's not working is due to leadership development being seen as a classroom event.
home.att.net /~coachthee/Archives/leadership.html   (1144 words)

 Provide effective executive, leadership and management development training
If your organization is committed to developing superior managers and executives, it is critical to develop a solid leadership and management development training program.
While very small organizations often don’t have the time, the resources, or the need for a codified leadership development plan, as an organization grows, the importance of grooming new leaders grows right along with it.
The report shows how each company created their leadership development process; how they go about selecting their program’s participants; how they design and deliver their leadership training; and – perhaps most importantly – how they evaluate the results.
www.brandon-hall.com /publications/leadership/leadership.shtml   (593 words)

 Pine Tree Web: Leadership Development
Leadership and leadership development begin with an understanding of the values of Scouting.
The White Stag program was the source of new directions in leadership development in the Boy Scouts of America.
Since the first experimental leadership development courses at Schiff and Philmont in the 1960's, the National Junior Leader Instructor Camp has set the standards for Junior Leader Training courses in councils across the country.
www.pinetreeweb.com /home4.htm   (648 words)

 Chatsworth Consulting ~ leadership development training, leadership training, leadership coaching, coaching for ...
The difference lies in whether the leaders are developed and supported to be as strong as possible.
Our Leadership Development practice is based on the knowledge that effective leadership requires focus and strength in three areas – understanding an organization’s systems (both internal and external); connecting with people; and understanding and developing oneself.
Hogan Leadership Challenge Report – offers insights into behavior that could undermine or inhibit individual’s effectiveness as a leader by highlighting eleven behavioral strengths that can become counterproductive when individuals are reacting under stress.
www.chatsworthconsulting.com /leadership.html   (687 words)

 Leadership Development
Leigh Steinberg Leadership Institutes and the year long Human Relations Associates Program develop middle and high school student leaders to foster youth leadership and mobilize Orange County youth in their communities and schools.
The Parent Leadership Institutes program develops parent leaders to effectively involve them in their children's schools by fostering them to and have a voice in the decision-making process of their child's education.
Community Leadership program develops community leaders to effectively foster and mobilize people to have a voice in the decision-making process of institutions that affect their lives.
www.oc.ca.gov /hcs/hrc/programs/leaddevelopment.htm   (390 words)

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