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Topic: Leadville, Colorado

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  The Ted Kierscey Collection - Early Images of Leadville, Colorado
Leadville was the greatest of all the Colorado mining regions.
During the period of the construction of the Colorado Midland up the Arkansas Valley from Buena Vista to Leadville, the Midland was not bound by the terms of the Agreement.
While the Colorado Midland was the last railroad to reach Leadville in 1887, it was the first standard gauge line in the district.
www.narrowgauge.org /ncmap/excursion7_leadville.html   (2015 words)

 Mineralized Late-Missippian Paleokarst in the Leadville, Colorado Area
Leadville is located along the east flank of the range near the center of the diagram.
The historic portions of the Leadville district are located a short distance to the east of the town, while the Mt. Sherman or Horseshoe district, is located in the topographically highest fault blocks at the summit of the Mosquito Range.
Pre-Pennsylvanian faulting of the Leadville Limestone is documented from the Aspen mining district [Maslyn, 1976] and from the Sherman Mine in the Leadville district [Tschauder, et al., 19901.
www.carbonatecreek.com /paleokarst/leadville/leadville.html   (3009 words)

 Leadville, Colorado information - including mining camps, ghost towns, Doc Holliday, Horace Tabor, Baby Doe Tabor, The ...
As colorful as Colorado’s early days were, Leadville typifies it more than any other boom town in the state.
The area exploded and thousands flocked to it for their share, and the volume of prospectors working the area had literally exhausted all the gold reserves by the mid-1860’s and were moving on to areas like Alma and Buckskin Joe, located over Mosquito Pass.
Leadville quickly became the second largest city in the state and the Carbonate Camp was clearly the most important mining center in Colorado.
www.leadville.org   (541 words)

 Leadville - Colorado Ghost Town
At the juncture of highways 21 and 94 is the city of Leadville.
Known as the Silver King of Colorado, the story of Horace Tabor is the story of Leadville.
Leadville has much to see which will give the visitor "a shadowy semblance of its former self." Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.
www.ghosttowns.com /states/co/leadville.html   (234 words)

 Leadville, Colorado - Photography by Dave Nance
In Colorado, two of the largest are North Park, which is in Rocky Mountain National Park, and South Park, east of Leadville on the other side of the Mosquito Range.
Leadville averages over 300 inches of snow per season; people have been killed by snow falling off the roofs of regular houses.
According to information at the www.leadville.com walking tour of Leadville, the building was built in 1887 as the Breene Block, named from Lt. Governor and State Treasurer of Colorado, Peter W. Breene, who provided the funding.
webpages.charter.net /dnance/colorado/leadville.htm   (1894 words)

 Welcome to Leadville, Colorado!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Leadville is situated in a high mountain valley near the junction of U.S. Hwy 24 and State Hwy 91.
Leadville is one of the main gateways to recreation in the 1,109,782 acre San Isabel National Forest and is the northern gateway to the 148-mile long Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area.
The town is an excellent base of operations for exploring the northern sections of the forest and nearby Twin Lakes and Turquoise Lake recreation areas.
www.centralcolorado.com /leadville/leadville.htm   (269 words)

 Leadville, Colorado
"Leadville is cast in a ring of pearls broken only where the river spills through, and towering peaks far beyond to the south are clasped by a jeweled locket.
Town Marshall Martin Duggan, who had policed Leadville for ten years with his fast fists and guns, was shot dead in the night after an argument at the Texas House.
Leadville, which began as a small and scattered mining camp, exploded to a city of more than 30,000 people by 1879, the peak of the silver rush.
www.hungryeye.net /Portfolio/Lead_Stories/Leadville__Colorado/leadville__colorado.html   (1562 words)

 Leadville, Colorado (Cities)
Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the country, as well as being the frontier's wildest and richest silver mining boom town.
Leadville is an excellent base from which to explore the state, with plentiful nearby recreation in the surrounding mountains and lakes.
The Colorado Trail provides convenient access to miles of hiking and biking trails; the route traverses Lake County and many of the country's best rafting rivers have their headwaters in this area.
www.ohwy.com /co/l/leadvill.htm   (208 words)

 Activities in Leadville CO, Leadville Colorado Bed and Breakfast Inn, Leadville Country Inn, CO lodging, accommodations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The ongoing renovation of many structures in the National Historic District, such as the Tabor Opera House, are a testimony to the tenacity of Leadville's citizens to preserve this piece of history when Leadville was the most prosperous of Colorado's 1880s boom towns.
Hiking on the Mineral Belt Trail around Leadville or exploring the historic backroads and passes of the area affords one the opportunity to awaken their senses with the unique sights, smells, and sounds of the backcountry.
Leadville is within an hour's drive of the major ski areas of Vail, Copper Mountain, and Breckenridge.
www.leadvillebednbreakfast.com /activity.htm   (561 words)

 Mountain Biking Trails in Leadville, Colorado   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Leadville is located near the junction of U.S. Hwy 24 and State Hwy 91 at an elevation of 10,430 feet.
The town is minutes from the trailheads located in the Leadville Ranger District of the San Isabel National Forest and is a major supply point for those biking in the region.
This segment of the Colorado Trail begins in the Halfmoon Drainage and continues for approximately 6 miles to the Lakeview Campground above Twin Lakes.
www.centralcolorado.com /recreation/biking/leadville.htm   (325 words)

 Leadville, Twin Lakes, Colorado-Cabins, Lodging, Camping
In 1880 Leadville was the second largest city in Colorado at 24,000.
Copyright by The Colorado Directory, Inc. This is a directory only; it is not and does not contain a recommendation,warranty, guaranty, inducement or endorsement of any kind.
The publisher, The Colorado Directory, Inc., does not assume any responsibility for truth, falsity or completeness of any representation made herein or any errors, changes, services rendered, or changes made in the use of this directory.
www.coloradodirectory.com /leadville   (661 words)

 Leadville, Colorado   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Seventy square blocks of Victorian architecture and the adjoining twenty square mile Leadville mining district - a fascinating graveyard of frontier mining - distinguish Leadville as having maintained its character without exploiting its treasures.
One of America's last remaining authentic mining towns, Leadville's wealth of historical attractions range from the federally chartered National Mining Hall of Fame Museum to the Healy House and Dexter Cabin State Museum, a three-story Victorian boarding house.
Leadville is an excellent choice for an extended base of operation from which to explore Colorado, offering superior lodging, full-service camping, a vast array of dining choices and unique shopping.
www.vtinet.com /14ernet/leadvill   (372 words)

 Cheap ski Colorado discount coupons-Leadville-Ski Cooper
Leadville is home to one of the best preserved historic building districts in the state.
Leadville, Lake County and the Twin Lakes Area offer both winter and summer visitors a wealth of vacation options.
In the winter the draw is, of course, skiing at Ski Cooper where the men of the 10th mountain division trained and where skiing is still the way it use to be.
www.skicoupons.com /groups.cfm/r/9/g/15   (319 words)

 Temple Israel Foundation, Leadville, Colorado, USA
Leadville, Colorado, from the late 1870s through the First World War and on deep into the 20th Century has developed as one of the best examples of a classic western American mining boom town.
Leadville's culture and commerce were quickly absorbed into the rapidly growing structure of America's industrial economy, supplying not just precious metals but also, ultimately, metals for the production of steel and other fundamental uses.
The Temple Israel Foundation was incorporated in April, 1987, "to acquire, historically rehabilitate, and maintain" the Temple Israel building and to research the history of the Jewish community in Leadville as a whole without losing sight of the particulars of individual lives.
www.jewishleadville.org   (372 words)

 Leadville Colorado Commercial Real Estate and Investment Property   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Leadville is a National Historic Landmark District encompassing over 70 square blocks.
Leadville was incorporated in 1878 and is the highest incorporated city in the continental United States at 10,152 feet above sea level.
Leadville, the Lake County seat, is the highest incorporated city in the United States, situated at 10,152 feet above sea level and nestled at the base of Mr.
www.coloradomountaincommercial.net /real_estate_towns/leadville_colorado_investment_property.html   (146 words)

 → The Leadville Country Inn, Leadville, Colorado - bed and breakfast   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Acclaimed for its mining history, Leadville is a year-round paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs or antique hunters.
Leadville epitomizes all that was grand and exciting about the frontier days of Colorado.
The Leadville Country Inn has been restored in a blend of styles the innkeepers refer to as "Country Victorian," each of the nine rooms, named for local historical figures, has a story.
www.bnbchoices.com /usa/colorado/leadville-country-inn.bnb   (1795 words)

 Leadville, Colorado   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Leadville is 103 miles southwest of Denver at U.S. 24 and State 91, south of Interstate 70.
A planning consultant by profession and a resident of Leadville by passion, he has good reason to be thrilled.
Once home to some of the world's most profitable silver mines, Leadville today is a living textbook of mining history – the high points as well as the low.
www.sunset.com /sunset/Premium/Travel/2001/07-Jul/Leadville0701/Leadville0701.html   (874 words)

 View of Leadville Colorado - 255 Patented Acres
These 26 patented and contigous mining claims are all located within a few thousand feet of Leadville, Colorado.
This property is located in one of the richest silver mining ditsricts of Colorado, if not the world.
One of the claims extends nearly to the Arkansas River and on a spur line of the Colorado and Southern railroad.
www.goldandsilvermines.com /Leadville.htm   (150 words)

 Leadville - Twin Lakes Chamber of Commerce - Leadville Colorado - Colo. - CO.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Share the Beauty and History of Leadville, CO It is with great pride that we invite you to share Leadville's spectacular scenery with majestic mountains, rushing streams, alpine lakes, wildflowers in vivid colors, and sky so blue it appears retouched.
The history of Leadville is filled with dramatic stories of real people who made, and lost, fortunes in this frontier mountain town spiced with Victorian flavor.
Rich in gold and silver mining history, Leadville and Lake County are the perfect destination for a unique getaway, relaxing vacation, or relocation.
www.leadvilleusa.com   (310 words)

 Bed and Breakfasts of Leadville, Colorado
n your next visit to the historic Leadville area, why not include an overnight experience at one of our charming bed and breakfasts where you'll be met with gracious hospitality and comfortable quality lodging.
The Leadville Country Inn -- 127 East Eighth Street.
or additional information on Leadville or the surrounding area, you may wish to contact Leadville/Lake County Chamber of Commerce.
www.colorado-bnb.com /leadville   (166 words)

 Leadville, Colorado, Twin Lakes, lodging, mountain recreation, real estate, vacation travel
Leadville is a special place...a treasure...a gem in the middle of Colorado.
Located within easy driving distance from Denver and Colorado Springs, along the Top of the Rockies Scenic and Historic Byway, Leadville is a legendary frontier mining town with seventy square blocks of Victorian architecture, an adjacent 20 square miles of mining district, and history galore.
Leadville and Twin Lakes, ColoradoColorado Whitewater River Rafting • Colorado Ghost Towns
www.leadville.com   (565 words)

 Leadville Hostel
The Leadville Hostel & Inn, located in beautiful Leadville, Colorado, is situated in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain wonderland.
With clean beds and lots of hot water, the hostel is an ideal resting place for the road-weary explorer.
We hope that you will consider staying at the Leadville Hostel & Inn, and if you know of groups that might be interested in our type of accommodations, please let them know about us.
www.leadvillehostel.com   (195 words)

 Leadville, Colorado Historic Walking Tour
It is open during the summer months and houses a scale model of the Leadville Ice Palace, an excellent display of 10th Mountain Division memorabilia and various Leadville artifacts.
Horace and Augusta maintained their Leadville home until 1881 when Tabor moved to the Windsor Hotel to be close to his latest mistress, "Baby Doe".
The saloon in the middle of this block is one of Leadville’s oldest establishments.
www.leadville.com /walktour/combined.htm   (1672 words)

 USGS Spec Lab: Environmental Mapping at Leadville Colorado
The Leadville mining district, located at an elevation of 3000 m in the Central Colorado Rockies, has been mined for gold, silver, lead and zinc for over 100 years.
The size of the Leadville mining district and presence of spectrally detectable secondary minerals from the pyrite oxidation-weathering process makes imaging spectroscopic analysis effective for locating those minerals related to the acid mine drainage sources.
The dam surface consists of granite boulders and smaller fragments of metamorphic gneiss piled to form an irregular surface dipping uniformly away from the reservoir.
speclab.cr.usgs.gov /PAPERS.Leadville95/leadville1.html   (2420 words)

 Leadville, Colorado (CO) Detailed Profile - travel and real estate info, jobs, hotels, hospitals, weather, schools, ...
Leadville, Colorado (CO) Detailed Profile - travel and real estate info, jobs, hotels, hospitals, weather, schools, crime,...
Back to Colorado big cities, CO smaller cities, CO small cities, All Cities.
Leadville, Colorado business data: stores, dealers, real estate agents, wholesalers, restaurants...
www.city-data.com /city/Leadville-Colorado.html   (926 words)

 Temple Israel Building, Leadville, Colorado, USA
The land at 201 West 4th Street (the southwest corner of West 4th and Pine on what was referred to as Millionaires Row), Leadville, Colorado had been acquired the preceding July 13 when HAW Tabor conveyed to "David May for the Benefit of the Congregation Israel"
Leadville was host to a lodge of the B'nai B'rith, a Hebrew Benevolent Society, a religious school, and required a Jewish cemetery.
The decline of the Jewish population in Leadville fundamentally reflects the weakness in the Colorado mining industry after America's abandonment of the silver standard in 1893.
www.jewishleadville.org /buildinghistory.html   (1603 words)

 Accommodation, South Central Leadville
This gracious Victorian Inn was built in 1899, using the lumber from Leadvi...
Super 8 Leadville is located approximately a quarter-mile south of Leadville and 45 miles from Eagle...
Accommodation, South Central Leadville Vacation in South Central Leadville, Colorado, travel the region and explore all there is to offer.
www.realadventures.com /pages/colorado/south-central-leadville.htm   (291 words)

 Leadville Colorado Bed and Breakfast Inn, Leadville Country Inn, CO lodging, accommodations, hotel
Leadville Colorado Bed and Breakfast Inn, Leadville Country Inn, CO lodging, accommodations, hotel
Come to historic Leadville, a magical city at 10,200 ft.
n the midst of this historic town is The Leadville Country Inn.
www.leadvillebednbreakfast.com   (137 words)

 Historic Trail Map of the Leadville 1° × 2° Quadrangle, Central Colorado
In 1866, mail to the Leadville area was transported by people who volunteered to bring the mail from postal sources closer to Denver and who commonly were paid per letter for their service.
Leadville, Twin Lakes, and Roaring Fork Company in the spring of 1881 was unable to keep the Independence Pass road open because of heavy snow, but promised to open it when the weather would permit (Griswold and Griswold, 1996, p.
The fare from Georgetown was $7 to Kokomo and $10 to Leadville.
pubs.usgs.gov /sim/2004/2820/sim2820.html   (18366 words)

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