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Topic: League (unit)

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  Unit Conversion - Online Unit Converter
Use our free online unit converters to easily convert between different units of measurement.
meter, kilometer, decimeter, centimeter, millimeter, micron, league, mile, fathom, yard, foot, inch, microinch, caliber, megameter...
weber, milliweber, microweber, volt second, unit pole, megaline, kiloline, line, maxwell, tesla square meter...
www.unitconversion.org   (987 words)

  League (unit) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This usage of league is referenced frequently in the Texas Constitution.
In Argentina a league is a distance of 5 km.
Officially the league was abolished by Philip II of Spain in 1568, but it is still in use unofficially in parts of Latin America, with exact meaning varying in different countries.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/League_(unit)   (452 words)

 Units: L
The libra was the Roman unit from which the English pound is descended; the symbol "lb" for the pound comes from this unit.
The unit was called the line because magnetic fields were traditionally represented by lines depicting the direction of the field; the idea was to quantify the strength of these lines.
This unit, equal to about 384 401 kilometers or 238 855 miles, is used to measure the "miss distances" of asteroids passing near the Earth.
www.unc.edu /~rowlett/units/dictL.html   (4272 words)

 Hillsborough: Little League unit selects new president
Bostick, 50, stepped down after Little League officials learned that in 1998 he pleaded no contest and was found guilty on a felony charge of child abuse.
League guidelines bar anyone convicted of a crime against a minor from participating in the program.
Monday night, the league held a communitywide election to choose a board of directors, with monitors present from Little League International, regional and district offices.
www.sptimes.com /2005/03/11/Hillsborough/Little_League_unit_se.shtml   (594 words)

 Freedom's Frontier - Atlantic Union Now: Book II Chapter VII
Because it thus shifts the unit in shifting the field of government, a league entails loss of power to the citizens of all but the least populous of the democracies in it.
Because of this a league in coercing a state of 20,000,000 population must really coerce a state that is more than 20,000,000 strong, for the state disposes of all the power past generations have stored in it and is fortified by its generations to come, by its aspirations for and obligations to them.
Whether a league fails or succeeds in coercing its guilty nation, the condemned people is not likely to rest until it has forced its judges to recant, to absolve even the guilty among it in order to save their innocent compatriots, dead, living and unborn.
www.constitution.org /aun/aun2--07.htm   (8569 words)

 New Unit Setup
Mentor Units: One of the new procedures for incoming units in NBT-HC is the concept of a Mentor Unit.
The unit would receive the normal initial industry for that type unit, and be subject to all the rules of that class.
The league of course is always pleased to see pilots remain in the league, so we are willing to offer an incentive for units to consider this option, rather than fully bowing out of the league.
www.netbattletech.com /nbt-hc/new_unit_setup.html   (3217 words)

 Training Ship Louis D. Liskin :: United States Navy League Cadet Corps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Newly enrolled League Cadets are required to attend one week of summer "orientation" training at Navy and Coast Guard "boot camps" throughout the country.
League Cadets are trained in basic seamanship, damage control, watchstanding, fire-fighting and other nautical skills.
While League Cadet units are organized along military lines, their main purpose is to foster good citizenship and an interest and appreciation of our nation's maritime services: the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine.
www.nlccldliskin.org /faq.htm   (701 words)

 Federal Forces of the Free Worlds League
League forces are those units that report directly to the Captain-General or the LCCC.
League units receive their funding and equipment directly from the LCCC, and are associated with state-sponsored military academies.
All Legionnaire recruits must submit to extensive background checks, and the units rejects those whose loyalty to the Free Worlds League might be considered questionable or who possess a history of "subversive" political activity.
www.housemarik.net /military/league_forces.html   (492 words)

 LWV Seattle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Units are small groups within the Seattle League of Women Voters.
Units are small groups within a City or County League.
Units respond to discussion questions and develop a consensus response that is shared with the League at large.
seattle.wa.lwv.org /units.asp   (252 words)

This Unit exists as a Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporation pursuant to laws of the State of California and is under the sanction of the American Contract Bridge League.
The geographical area within which this unit may operate is Nevada and Sierra Counties, California as presently assigned to it by the Board of Directors of the American Contract Bridge League and as the area may hereafter be modified from time to time.
The affairs of the Unit shall be managed and conducted by the Board of Directors, which shall consist of not less than seven (7) nor more than twelve (12) persons, all of whom must be members of the Unit.
www.omnipages.com /acbl/by-laws.htm   (1301 words)

 Ryther Child Center: How You Can Help
The League is an auxiliary volunteer group comprised of around 24 groups scattered throughout the Puget Sound region.
Some have been involved with the League for 40 or more years; others are just starting out, forming their own units with friends, family or co-workers.
League members bring dozens of home-baked cookies to Ryther every week, providing that special “touch of home” that we want all Ryther's kids to experience.
www.ryther.org /howyoucanhelp/community.htm   (990 words)

 League Overview
There are a wide variety of units available to choose from: From the Major Houses and Invading Clans, to the factions of the Chaos March and Kerensky Cluster.
As the league is populated by a variety of personalities and people from all areas of the world and walks of life, disagreements sometimes happen between units.
If the problems with that unit continue, and another 3 strikes are compiled, then that unit will be removed from the league roster, and another unit found to fill their BTech position.
www.netbattletech.com /nbt-mercs/league_overview.html   (1259 words)

 League - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
League (unit), an obsolete unit of length of an hour's walk: usually equal to three miles.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Kevin O'Neill (or the film based upon same).
League of Nobles in the Dune prequel series written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/League   (221 words)

 Constitution of the Bangladesh Awami League
For meeting of the Council of District, Metropolitan City, Upazilla, Thana, Municipal, Union and Ward Awami League and Executive Committee sections 15 and 23 of the constitution shall be applicable.
An appeal to the Bangladesh Awami League Executive Committee against such a settlement shall lie and, in that case, the decision of the Bangladesh Awami League Executive Committee shall be final.
The General Secretaries of all Units shall audit the account of their income and expenditure of their respective unit prior to the triennial council and present them in the meeting.
www.albd.org /aldoc/constitution_en_7.htm   (1488 words)

 Animal Defense League Unit 1 Pets
Unit 1 is where most of our smaller dogs are housed.
We also have some smaller guys up in Units 5A and 5B, too.
If you are only interested in a specific animal, it would be best to call the front office at 210.655.1481, ext 100 and make sure the pet you are interested in is still available before you come out.
www.animaldefenseleague.org /UNIT1.HTM   (1871 words)

 ESPN.com - Major League Baseball - Unit, Schilling will take heat off each other
First off, Schilling and the Big Unit become only the fourth set of 300-strikeout men since 1900 to pitch for the same team at the same time.
Johnson and Schilling are the National League's last two starting pitchers in the All-Star Game.
Their rotation, thanks to Schilling, had the third-lowest ERA (4.41) in the National League at the time of the trade.
espn.go.com /mlb/columns/stark_jayson/654059.html   (988 words)

If that happens, in case of a score battle, the unit loses 100 points to the challenger unit; in case of a planetary sector battle, loses the sector; and in case of a planetary takeover battle, loses the planet.
However, if the challenge does not get honored, the challenger's unit representative needs to confirm in order to receive the 100 points, and also needs to post the "minus" points for the forfeiting unit when cycle stats are due.
In the subject it must state the name of the unit which is challenged, name of the challenger, and type of challenge (plus, if applicable, a game type).
www.fortunecity.com /business/merger/1482/id24.htm   (1113 words)

 League of Women Voters of Clark County
The reports from the unit meetings shall clearly indicate whether or not consensus was reached.
The local League board shall compile and approve the consensus statement based upon its review of the consensus reports from the unit meetings.
All consensus reports from the units shall be submitted to LWVWA as attachments to the consensus statement approved by the local League board.
www.lwvwa.org /clark/consensus.html   (528 words)

 League of Women Voters, DC Voter, October 2000
Other Unit News: Preliminary Results of Survey: Many thanks to the, fifty-two LWVDC members who returned the survey on the Neighborhood Units, especially to those who included their thoughtful and candid comments.
The Trinity League members, who are registering their fellow students, had a voter registration table at the September 23 Brookland Festival.
The discussions are in furtherance of the position of the League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia supporting active oversight of the executive branch by the legislature.
www.dcwatch.com /lwvdc/lwv0010.htm   (1964 words)

 The Bull Pen - Draft League: Unit or Santana
In a 5x5 mixed draft league, if you're picking 7th-10th and RJ and Unit happen to be available, who do you take, disregarding the theory that pitchers are big risk in the first round.
Unit can still dominate, has a great offense backing him up and a relief corps that can seal the deal for him.
I think Unit will be a little better in 2005, but the extra risk would probably point me towards Santana anyway.
www.rotojunkie.com /forums/showthread.php?t=56439   (1572 words)

 NSCC/NLCC Awards Manual: Chapter Three
The John J. Bergen Trophy is awarded annually to the outstanding NSCC unit in the nation.
The Navy League of Canada Challenge Trophy honors the NSCC unit making the most improvement during the training year and in so doing, ranks among the top ten NSCC units in the nation.
Units, which have been in operation with a warrant for 25 years are authorized to display a 25th year silver streamer on the unit's flag.
resources.seacadets.org /award/award3.html   (1208 words)

 Constitution of the Bangladesh Awami League
The President and General Secretary of the Bangladesh Awami League and leader of the Awami League Parliamentary Party in the Bangladesh National Parliament, these three, shall be, ex-officio members of the board.
In this case, the Ward Awami League shall be of the status and rank of Union Awami League.
The Ward Awami League of the metropolitan city shall consist of a total of 65 members including 30 office bearers and 35 members.
www.albd.org /aldoc/constitution_en_5.htm   (1416 words)

 National Football League - CBS SportsLine.com
C Jeff Saturday and LT Tarik Glenn are consistent and solid, and the unit as a whole allows Manning the time he needs in the pocket to find his glut of talented receivers in the pass attack.
The unit will have to protect QB Eli Manning well in order for him to find success in his second pro season, but that shouldn't be an issue (he was sacked just 13 times in nine contests as a rookie).
This unit is youthful but does have a lot of potential for the future, and will look to protect McNair and create holes for RB Chris Brown on a more regular basis than it did last season.
cbs.sportsline.com /nfl/fantasy/story/8647116/rss   (2823 words)

 At-Large Unit of League of Women Voters of Anne Arundel County, Maryland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization of men and women, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.
The League also conducts studies on issues such as transportation, housing, environmental concerns, campaign reform, etc. (See the Elibrary for past studies from LWVs all over the state.) After the study has been completed and a consensus has been reached, the League states its position.
At that point, the League may encourage action and/or advocacy on the local, state, or national levels.
www.lwvmd.org /anne   (173 words)

 League Rules
As the name suggests this league begins in the year 3055, 2 years before the reformation of StarLeague (yes it should be 4 years and I apologize to Fasa for changing the timeline, but I wanted to start in 3055).
The IS units will be allowed to attack the Clans at anytime after the start of 3057, the clans are not however allowed to attack the IS. After that the league will write its own history.
These units are not as powerful alone as IS houses, but do create a form a large force around the IS, and with their ability to do special periphery jumps they can do some damage.
lonestar.texas.net /~timd/55rules.htm   (4655 words)

 Veterans League :: Non League : Gourt
League (Inner Mongolia), an administrative division in Inner Mongolia
Crown Sports Veterans FC - The club, based in Kidderminster, are members of the Midlands Veterans Friendly Association.
The Bristol Casuals Football League - News, results, fixtures, tables, league history, AGM minutes, and club contacts.
sports.gourt.com /Soccer/UEFA/England/Non-League/Veterans-League.html   (417 words)

 League of Women Voters of Utah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Individual League members are encouraged to submit responses to the Consensus questions if they have not had an opportunity to participate in a Local League unit discussion.
Although Briefings are designed to educate and clarify the information for unit discussion leaders, all league members are invited to attend especially if they are unable to attend a unit discussion.
It is a collection of two studies written by California Leagues that inform and/or clarify the many systems or types of elections available and used by different local and state governments.
www.lwvutah.org /publications.html   (638 words)

 League of Women Voters, DC Voter, May 2005
Be sure to bring the green insert (included in the May DC Voter) with you to the Unit meeting of your choice and ask a friend or neighbor to attend with you.
The DC League hosts a reception following the ceremony in a nearby room once a year, and the April 12 ceremony this year was the League's turn as hostess.
On this occasion, the LWV is on the agenda to welcome the new citizens before the reception, and it was an opportunity to mention that this year is the League's 85th birthday to the 83 new citizens, their families and friends.
www.dcwatch.com /lwvdc/lwv0505.htm   (4133 words)

Of course, the individual contracts are up to each unit, and Mercs (pirates too) do not have to accept.
A higher ranked unit will be able to get more money for their contracts.
Unit CO’s MUST be notified via e-mail, by both parties.
www.angelfire.com /electronic/TCLwolftraining/Rules   (1574 words)

 NATO Who's who?: MilRep Estonia
The Estonian Defense League was officially activates on February 17, 1990.
In 1991 he served as the Chief of Staff of Defense League Tartu Regional Unit (Malev).
With the Kuperjanov Battalion now operational, he was assigned to continue structuring the Defense League and promoted to the Commander of the Defense League on December 28, 1992.
www.nato.int /cv/milrep/est/kert.htm   (376 words)

 Mr   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This web page is the starting point for the BKW Fantasy Baseball League Unit.
The final section for this unit is a technology section.
The final project for this unit is managing a fantasy baseball team.
www.learn-with-tech.net /jvogel   (248 words)

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