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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  Leclerc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Leclerc is in service with the French Army and the army of the United Arab Emirates.
The Leclerc autoloader allows a rate of fire of 12 shots per minute and holds 22 rounds of ammo, which can be of 5 different types, all of which are available for selection at the same time.
As for "low-intensity conflicts", 15 Leclerc have been deployed in Kosovo in the context of UN peace-keeping operations, where their performances were judged satisfactory by the French parliament.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Leclerc   (1466 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Leclerc
The first Leclerc were commissioned in 1992, too late for the 1991 Gulf war, and have not been used in all-out war.
Charles Victor Emmanuel Leclerc (Pontoise Val-d'Oise, France 1772 - Saint Domingue, November 1, 1802) was a French general and a companion of Napoleon I of France.
Leclerc started his military career as a volunteer in the French Revolution and within two years had risen to a post of divisional chief of staff at the siege of Toulon.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Leclerc   (3483 words)

 Can Leclerc’s Composite Actualities Be Substances?
Leclerc’s criticism of seventeenth-century thought takes its rise from two tenets of Leibniz; these are that extension is phenomenal only, pertaining to a multitude in relation, and not to any single entity, and that the source of the activity of any physical being is from within.
Leclerc insists over and over again that his theory is different from those of all others before him because it recognizes the reality of relations founded on mutual interacting, and that the action produced by such an interacting transcends the constituents, and indeed emerges as a new substance.
Leclerc asserts the notion of emergent properties resulting from action in several places, and he is quite clear that these emergent properties are not mere mixtures of the properties that go to make them up; they are new creations, qualitatively different from their constituents.
www.religion-online.org /showarticle.asp?title=2826   (9894 words)

 Leclerc Looms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Leclerc Fanny II This is a 4 shaft counter-balance loom available in 36", 45", and 60" weaving widths.
Leclerc Nilus II This loom was originally designed to replace the Nilus.
Leclerc Kebec II This is strong, 4 shaft counter balance loom, suited for wide fabrics, such as blankets.
www.halcyonyarn.com /weaving_equip/LoomsLeclerc.html   (2189 words)

 Leclerc reaps the benefits of low-price policy
Leclerc said that the increase in sales helped it extend its leadership of the French retail market, adding 0.4 percentage points to its market share which now stands at 17.2 per cent.
Leclerc claimed that its ability to perform well in tough market conditions came as a result of strategy of offering the lowest possible prices across the board.
Leclerc's own label products accounted for 26 per cent of its total sales in 2003, some 1.1 per cent higher than in 2002, reflecting their price differential, the company said.
www.foodproductiondaily.com /news/news-NG.asp?id=50374   (784 words)

 Army Technology - Leclerc - Main Battle Tank
The Leclerc Main Battle Tank built by Giat Industries is operational with the French Army and the Armed Forces of Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates.
The Leclerc was first operational with the French Army in 1992 and with UAE in 1995.
The tropicalised Leclerc is optimised for tropical and desert conditions to meet the requirement of the UAE.
www.army-technology.com /projects/leclerc   (1059 words)

 Page personnelle de Bernard Leclerc
We conjecture that the entries of the transition matrix between this basis and the natural basis of the Fock space are q-analogues of decomposition numbers of the v-Schur algebras at a n th root of unity.
Leclerc, J.-Y. Thibon, Eric Vasserot, Zelevinsky's involution at roots of unity, J.
Leclerc, J.-Y. Thibon, Induced representations of affine Hecke algebras and singularities of R-matrices, C.
www.math.unicaen.fr /~leclerc   (1498 words)

Recently, we at Leclerc have received feedback from weavers referring to excessive warp yarn advance when releasing the Brake at cloth take-up.
To control the rotation (advance) of the warp beam, Leclerc developed a simple add-on feature to insure the warp beam will advance at the same speed as the cloth beam when advancing the fabric with the cloth take-up handle.
Leclerc has developed a retrofit kit that is available for existing looms.
www.leclerclooms.com /ind_eng.htm   (275 words)

 Sun Herald - 12/31/03
Another miracle for the LeClerc family came Tuesday when the little girl was released from All Children's Hospital and transferred to Healthsouth Rehabilitation Center in Largo where she will undergo weeks of physical therapy.
Becky LeClerc said she wants to thank everyone who has prayed for all of the victims of the crash's recovery.
Becky LeClerc, who is a math teacher at Lemon Bay High School, plans to return to work Monday, will remain in Englewood to care for the couple's other three girls: Kassie, 3, Jessie, 5, and Brittany, 13.
www.sun-herald.com /NewsArchive2/123103/tp6ew3.htm?date=123103&story=tp6ew3.htm   (961 words)

 Mike Leclerc Stats, Statistics and Fantasy News - RotoWire.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Leclerc (broken wrist) is slated to return for Tuesday's game against the Mighty Ducks, the Calgary Sun reports.
Leclerc (broken wrist) could return as early as next week, according to the Calgary Sun.
Leclerc (broken wrist) will be out four to six weeks, the Calgary Sun reports.
www.rotonews.com /hockey/player.htm?ID=470   (209 words)

 Leclerc's sacrifice
Last spring, Leclerc's Anaheim Mighty Ducks made a stirring playoff run, upsetting Detroit and Dallas on their way to the Cup final.
In his fourth season with the Ducks, Leclerc was one of the key players, a tenacious checker with a new-found touch for game-winning goals.
Gradually, Leclerc got to the point where he could skate, albeit gingerly, and only for 10 minutes at a time to begin with.
slam.canoe.ca /Slam040116/col_friesen-sun.html   (719 words)

The Leclerc tank is not simply a tank within the classsic meaning of the term, but rather a weapon system.
The essential capacities of Leclerc are the following: a very great effectiveness in the duel against all the adversary armoured tanks in day or night (any time) at ranges of more than 3000 meters.
It includes a gun of with an automatic loading system which make it possible to quickly select the type of ammunition, capable of firing when the tank be moving and which improve appreciably the rate of fire of up to 6 shots/minute.
www.fas.org /man/dod-101/sys/land/row/leclerc.htm   (416 words)

 Leclerc   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
It was named in honour of Philippe de Hauteclocque Leclerc who landed at Normandy and eventually the drive towards Paris while in command the Free French 2nd Armoured Division in World War II The Leclerc is in service with the Army and the army of the United Emirates.
The is chambered to use the same 120 rounds as those used in the German Leopard and the M1 Abrams from the USA and it is with a thermal sleeve.
The Leclerc has a autoloading system which was specifically designed for and reduces the crew to 3 by the human loader.
www.freeglossary.com /Leclerc   (1008 words)

 Leclerc Loom Comparison Chart
While the current Leclerc product line has evolved over time, today's buyer can be confident that their new Leclerc loom is designed and constructed with the experience gained with thousands of looms and satisfied customers.
Leclerc Table Looms are the perfect choice for those who need a travelling workshop loom, have limited space to weave and/or need a small sampling loom to compliment their floor loom.
Leclerc range of Tapestry Looms is flexible enough to support those weavers looking for a small loom for table top use to those wishing to create designs over 8 feet wide.
www.camillavalleyfarm.com /weave/looms.htm   (980 words)

 expo Leclerc 2003 / le dossier
Leclerc aurait souhaité intégrer les rangs de la 13e demi-brigade de la Légion étrangère mais on ne voulait pas d'un cavalier.
Leclerc est accueilli, en France, par le général Walker, commandant le 20e corps d'armée américain dont il recevra les ordres pendant les premiers jours d'août.
Leclerc prend conscience, très vite, qu'il n'est pas possible de rétablir la souveraineté française en Indochine avec des moyens réduits.
www.paris.fr /musees/memorial/expositions/expoleclerc_2003.htm   (1789 words)

 mémorial maréchal leclerc bio
Combattant valeureux en 1940, évadé, blessé, il adopte le pseudonyme de Leclerc pour protéger sa famille et rejoint le général de Gaulle à Londres.
Leclerc est nommé à la tête du Corps expéditionnaire français en Extrême-Orient.
Leclerc passe le commandement de la 2ème D.B. au colonel Dio.
www.paris.fr /musees/memorial/leclerc/leclerc_bio.html   (590 words)

 Leclerc in Fantasyland
 Today, Leclerc's team of perennial also-rans, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, is the talk of the Stanley Cup chase, having reached the Western Conference Final.
 And Leclerc is one of the stars of the show, having scored two game-winning goals, one in overtime, and setting up the series-clincher against the Dallas Stars Monday night.
And the kid from Winnipeg is becoming a celebrity in the celebrity centre of the universe.
www.canoe.ca /Slam030508/col_friesen-sun.html   (621 words)

 Marie Leclerc ou Leclaire (1876-1917), épouse de Joseph-Alfred Ouellette.
À la mémoire de Marie Leclerc, ma grand-mère paternelle, morte le 24 août 1917, à l'âge de 41 ans, 1 mois et 8 jours, après 17 ans de mariage et onze (11) grossesses.
Joseph-Alfred Ouellette et Marie Leclerc, le jour de leur mariage, à Littleton, New Hampshire, É.
Marie Leclerc, une des jumelles, Laura ou Lina, et probablement mon père, Jean-Baptiste (John).
www.ouellette001.com /RacinesSentiers/AffairesCoeur/LeclercMarie.htm   (390 words)

 Need your opinion on this mock trade proposal - HFBoards
Leclerc would be a tough sell too, especially because he's younger and cheaper then Carter.
He's my only interest, see the Rangers need defensive defensemen, I didn't realize Leclerc was valued this high which is why I included him in the deal.
Yes, Leclerc is cheaper, but he has a hard time staying healthy.
www.hfboards.com /showthread.php?t=20132   (867 words)

 Coup de coeur Félix Leclerc - mise à jour le 11 août 2006
Dès lors, Leclerc deviendra un des acteurs du mouvement indépendantiste québécois.
Ses dernières oeuvres porteront sur les espoirs d'une nation en devenir, puis Leclerc s'éteindra le 8 août 1988 sans avoir vu son rêve, l'indépendance du Québec, se concrétiser.
Aux yeux des Québécois, l'île d'Orléans restera un lieu mythique, celui que chanta avec tant d'amour Félix Leclerc, qui y demeura durant près de 30 ans.
www.francisdionne.qc.ca /sommaire/felix.htm   (566 words)

 Radio-Canada | Régions | Nouvelles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Déjà vendredi, plusieurs centaines de personnes avaient bravé le temps maussade, pour défiler devant la dépouille de l'abbé Roland Leclerc, exposée en chapelle ardente à la basilique Notre-Dame-du-Cap, dans le secteur Cap-de-la-Madeleine à Trois-Rivières.
Comme l'abbé Leclerc l'avait demandé dans son testament, le Messie de Haendel a été interprété par les Petits Chanteurs de Trois-Rivières.
Le frère de Roland Leclerc, Yvon, participait également à la cérémonie, visiblement ému.
www.radio-canada.ca /regions/mauricie/nouvelles/200311/29/001-obseques_roland_leclerc.shtml   (243 words)

 Dr Yvan G Leclerc
Yvan G. Leclerc was a Program Manager in the Artificial Intelligence Center of SRI International, which he joined in 1985.
Leclerc, Y., Reddy, M., Iverson, L., and Eriksen, M. Discovering, Modeling, and Visualizing Global Grids over the Internet.
Leclerc, Y. and Luong, Q.-T. and Fua, P. Self-consistency, Stereo, MDL, and Change detection.
www.ai.sri.com /people/leclerc   (561 words)

 Félix Leclerc
A la fois auteur radiophonique, conteur, poète, dramaturge et chansonnier, Félix Leclerc, de par l'amplitude et la profondeur de son talent, est devenu l'un de nos plus "grands" artistes québécois.
Son père, Léo Leclerc, est considéré comme "le gros commerçant de bois de la Vallée", un "faiseux de villages".
Carol Néron, dans le Quotidien de Chicoutimi:" Leclerc aura été à notre culture ce que René Lévesque fut à la politique.
felix.cyberscol.qc.ca /LQ/auteurL/lecler_f/leclerc.html   (832 words)

 Indulgences T. LeClerc Face Stockholm makeup
The orange lip color is not LeClerc; just a suggestion.
We were inspired by Japanese theater, primarily Kabuki dramas, to create this LeClerc look.
Here we used a traditional smokey eye effect, except we added LeClerc yellow color on the brow, and gave her milkmaid-pink cheeks and a just-had-a-raspberry-popsicle mouth.
www.fashionfinds.com /september/pages/indulgences.htm   (514 words)

Leclerc participe également aux radioromans Un homme et son péché de Claude-Henri Grignon et Vie de famille de Henry Deyglun.
En août 1974, Félix Leclerc, Gilles Vigneault et Robert Charlebois, trois générations de chansonniers québécois, triomphent sur les plaines d'Abraham à Québec dans le cadre de la Superfrancofête.
Toujours en 1979, Félix Leclerc accepte de prêter son prénom aux trophées distribués par l'Association de l'industrie du disque et du spectacle québécois.
www.comnet.ca /~rg/felix.htm   (2342 words)

 Giat Industries - Char Leclerc   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Le char Leclerc se caractérise par sa grande modernité, son agilité (0 à 30 km/h en moins de 6 s) et son caractère évolutif.
Le Leclerc est doté d'une protection composite et modulaire pour suivre l'évolution des menaces et des technologies.
Chaque Leclerc est équipé du système d'aide au commandement Finders® qui permet de communiquer en permanence sur la situation tactique dans la zone d'engagement, ainsi que l'état technique des fonctions du char.
www.giat-industries.fr /asp/fr/prod_leclerc.asp   (220 words)

 Québec Info Musique - Félix LECLERC
En 1957, paraît un deuxième album "Félix Leclerc chante", repris au Québec sous le titre "Félix Leclerc et sa guitare", qui est lui aussi couronné du Grand prix Charles Cros.
Les chansons de Félix Leclerc ont connu plusieurs vies au plan discographique, surtout celles qu'il avait gravées au début des années cinquante, à son arrivée en France.
D'abord réenregistrées en version stéréo, après son passage de chez Polydor à la maison Philips (série "Félix Leclerc et sa guitare") puis à nouveau dans les années 60 en compagnie du contrebassiste Willy Lockwood, plusieurs titres seront finalement orchestrés par François Dompierre en 1979.
www.qim.com /artistes/biographie.asp?artistid=84   (919 words)

 automobile leclerc : Ouceti Recherche :
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www.ouceti.com /fr?qry=automobile+leclerc&ass=7206&nres=10&details=1&fsonly=0&hl=0&nfs=3&ns=0&alt=1&offset=10   (396 words)

 Les Centres Leclerc enfin marchands sur le Web
L'entrée des centres Leclerc dans l'arène des marchands virtuels était pourtant un événement attendu: Continent (avec Ooshop), Casino (C-online) ont lancé les hypers sur le Web mais ni Carrefour, ni -jusqu'à aujourd'hui- Leclerc n'étaient marchands en ligne.
Evitant le difficile exercice de l'hyper généraliste, les Centres Leclerc ont choisi d'ouvrir simultanément, après quelque retard, trois boutiques spécialisées: voyages, jouets et bijoux, conçues par Integra.
Les voyages Leclerc comptabilisent déjà 1 milliard de francs de CA pour 100 agences de voyage "réelles".
www.journaldunet.com /9912/991214leclerc.shtml   (384 words)

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