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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Lega Nord: Tutte le informazioni su Lega Nord su Encyclopedia.it   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Il primo governo di Silvio Berlusconi con cui la Lega Nord si era alleata si rifiuta poi di attuare le promesse di autonomia delle amministrazioni locali, causando una crisi, il cosiddetto ribaltone che porta alla caduta del governo e a nuove elezioni.
Alle elezioni politiche del 1996 la Lega Nord si presenta da sola, conquistando il 10,4% dei voti a livello nazionale e 87 parlamentari.
Il 15 settembre 1996 la Lega Nord, spinta verso idee piu estremiste rivolte al secessionismo della Padania, organizza una manifestazione lungo il fiume Po il cui culmine si tiene a Venezia dove Umberto Bossi giura sulla libertà della Padania.
www.encyclopedia.it /l/le/lega_nord.html   (403 words)

 Northern League (Italy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Northern League (Italian: Lega Nord) is an Italian political party that advocates autonomy for a part of Northern Italy they call Padania (see the article for usage of the name).
The movement was founded in 1989, and became part of a governing coalition for the first time in Silvio Berlusconi's government in 1994; the League was instrumental to its demise by the end of the year.
The exact program of Lega Nord was not clear in the early years: some opponents claimed it wanted secession in Yugoslav style, other times it appeared they simply requested more autonomy for northern regions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lega_Nord   (1256 words)

 Lega Sud Standing Up for Italy's Whites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Lega Sud -- the Southern League -- is Southern Italy's regional counterpart to Umberto Bossi's successful Northern League (Lega Nord), which seeks greater federal autonomy for what it calls Padania.
Both the Lega Sud and Lega Nord present an alternative to traditional nationalist thinking in Italy, which has looked to the centralized (and increasingly corrupt) central government as the source of legitimacy.
Lega Sud voices the grievances of Southern Italians, which are remarkably similar to those of American Southrons, seeing the North as economically dominating, arrogant and cosmopolitan, alien to the soil-based, ancient Southern culture.
www.nationalvanguard.org /printer.php?id=6447   (238 words)

 Governo Italiano - Biografie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In 1990 he is elected Provincial Secretary of the Lega Lombarda (Lombardy League), which he helps organise throughout the local territory, up until the foundation of the Lega Nord (Northern Italian League).
In the Winter of 1992 he contributes to the victory of the Lega Nord in elections on the local level, during which the Lega Nord wins its first mayoral race in a provincial seat: the City of Varese.
Eventually a political pact is sealed between the Lega Nord, Forza Italia, Alleanza Nazionale, the CCD and the CDU, resulting in the foundation of the Casa della Libertà (House of Liberty) coalition.
www.palazzochigi.it /Governo/Biografie/maroni_roberto_eng.html   (506 words)

 Silvio Berlusconi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In December 1994, Lega Nord left the coalition claiming that the electoral pact had not been respected, forcing Berlusconi to resign from office and moving the majority's weight to the centre-left side.
In 1996, the ad-interim coalition formed by Lega Nord and centre-left was replaced, after a new election, by a centre-leftist government (without Lega Nord) led by Romano Prodi.
Some allies of Berlusconi, especially Lega Nord (Northern League) push for a strong control of immigration and getting their support has required some changes in policies from Berlusconi.
www.bucyrus.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Silvio_Berlusconi   (4641 words)

 Lombardy Region (Italy)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
It is also used by Lega Nord as its own flag, but in this case there is a blue warrior over the cross.
A collection of stamps issued by Lega Nord shows for Lombardia a flag with a red cross on a white field having the typical blue Visconti snake.
The flag of the Lega is already a white flag with the red cross and also a blue knight.
www.flagspot.com /flags/it-lom.html   (385 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The combined Lega Nord and Polo per le Libertà vote was 66.0%.
The combined Lega Nord and Polo per le Libertà vote was 68.2%.
The combined Lega Nord and Polo per le Libertà vote was 77.3%.
psephos.adam-carr.net /countries/i/italy/20012.txt   (433 words)

 Lega Nord   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The problems which fuelled the rise of the Lega Nord in the early 90s have certainly not been solved; everyone in the Italian political arena now talks of decentralization and federalism, the League's keywords, but nothing has been done yet.
The South of Italy is not closer to the North today than it was 5 years ago, and this is still the main factor preventing Italy from being a full member of the European Union.
Building the future federation of Europe, as well as rewriting the Italian Constitution, will be the future goals of the Lega Nord and of the other federalistic movements in the Continent.
members.aol.com /minoritas/legapcts.htm   (252 words)

 Articles - Mani pulite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Lega Nord, a protest movement with some ideological elements ranging from xenophobia and racism to independence from the rest of Italy and a general loath of the political system, became the strongest political force in Northern Italy.
Even the Lega Nord was brought in the trial; secretary Umberto Bossi and former treasurer Alessandro Patelli were convicted for receiving 200 millions lire of illegal funding (approx.
Even Umberto Bossi, whose Lega Nord once made a statement bringing and showing a hanging rope in a parliamentary session, has become highly critical of judges, even though there are still occasional frictions between Lega Nord and former Christian Democrat or Socialist allies in Berlusconi's coalition.
www.worldhammock.com /articles/Mani_Pulite   (1701 words)

 Three Monkeys Bossi's Lega Nord - history and myth
Much has been written about the rise to power of Umberto Bossi's Lega Nord, but surprisingly little in the way of research has been done to examine the connection hinted at by the Lega with its medieval counterparts.
Lega Nord is in fact a composite organisation made up of a number of smaller groups sharing common aims with regard to de-centralisation of government and federalism.
The Lega's image as anti-establishment inheritors of the Lombard League's mantle is surely too tarnished to work at this stage, historical accuracy apart, as members of Berlusconi's government.
www.threemonkeysonline.com /threemon_printable.php?id=7   (2392 words)

 Election Resources on the Internet: Elections to the Italian Parliament
The Lega Nord ran alone in the election, while the PPI split over the issue of coalition deals: a group led by Rocco Buttiglione attempted to align the Popolari with the center-right cartel, but an opposing faction won control of the party, which finally joined the center-left coalition.
Shortly after the 1996 legislative elections, the Lega Nord - which emerged from the poll as the largest single group in northern Italy - began to advocate the outright secession of the north from the rest of the country.
Although Berlusconi's ruling coalition survived frequent (and since 2003 noticeably louder) threats by Lega Nord leader Umberto Bossi to bring down the government unless he got his way, in April 2005 the House of Freedoms was trounced in regional elections, winning only in two of the thirteen (subsequently fourteen) regions holding a vote.
electionresources.org /it   (2538 words)

 Italy in a Flash - Italy News 19.04.2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Despite criticism by some of his allies who feared the regional administrative character of the polls might be perverted, he had implicitly accepted to transform this competition into a vote in favor or against his government.
In these elections the center-right allied with the Lega Nord and submitted a federalist project that was clearly accepted by voters of the South too.
In 1994 Umberto Bossi's Lega Nord allied with the Polo della Libertà government, but after a few months withdrew the vote of confidence granted to Berlusconi's government that was thus overthrown.
www.italyflash.com /italyflash/shortt/news/archive/000419_1.shtml   (219 words)

 Tommaso Dorigo: Scenes from an Electoral campaign   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Here is one from the Lega Nord, a party that supports the Rome-centered government with one hand, while conspiring to divide the wealthy northern regions from the rest of Italy with the other.
From the 80s on, Lega Nord started to try to exploit this mechanism by denouncing this redistribution of wealth, and claiming that the north alone would do much better if it did not have to "feed the south".
Lega Nord's idea of dividing a united country of citizens of the same origin and speaking the same language only to advantage the part of it that has always been the richest and more fortunate appears selfish and extreme, if not prone to leading to civil
qd.typepad.com /6/2005/03/scenes_from_an_.html   (993 words)

 OEM: Something about the Lega Nord   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The first time Italy realised the new party was on February 8th, 1991, when Umberto Bossi was elected Secretary of the Lega Nord.
But we only really got struck by its presence in June 1991 at Pontida (where in 1167 the Lega Lombarda was created in order to stop Barbarossa's invasion), the Lega Nord declared the "Repubblica del Nord" with the clear intention to divide Italy into three federalist states.
6rom that time on, the Lega Nord seemed to grow in popularity among the voting population, probably thanks to the talkative immediacy of its leader and the decreasing power of all the main parties, more than to its not so feasible programme.
www.karl.aegee.org /oem/articles/leganord.htm   (489 words)

 Padania Paper Money   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
is the name given by the Lega Nord (Northern League) political party to the independent state they hope to form in the north of Italy.
March, 1982 by Umberto Bossi as the Lombard League and the name was subsequently changed to Lega Nord.
After surprising showings in both provincial and national elections, Lega Nord has sent representative to the provincial legislature, had six cabinet ministers in the national government and has two representatives in the European parliament.
numismondo.com /pm/pad   (280 words)

 Anti-trade union campaign ends in failure for the Lega Nord
The northern Italian separatist party, the Lega Nord, called on workers to publicly tear up their Cgil, Cisl and Uil membership cards, on 6 September 1997, and to sign up to the Lega's trade union, Sindacato Padano (SinPa).
The aim of the Lega Nord campaign against the union confederations is to entice members of Cgil, Cisl and Uil from their respective trade unions and to join the new Lega trade union, Sindacato Padano (SinPa).
Lega Nord had chosen 6 September 1997 as the day for a "triumphal" offensive, to gather together the renounced Cgil, Cisl and Uil membership cards and the new subscriptions to SinPa in thousands of specially prepared kiosks.
www.eiro.eurofound.ie /1997/09/inbrief/it9709128n.html   (352 words)

 Articles - Umberto Bossi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Lega Lombarda would later seek alliances with similar movements in Veneto and Piedmont, forming the Northern League, of which he still is the federal secretary.
Bossi himself, hovewer, was sentenced to 8 months in prison, along with Lega Nord's treasurer at the time of the events Alessandro Patelli, for receiving a 200-million lire bribe in a trial that sentenced also many of the politicians he routinely attacked, as Bettino Craxi, Arnaldo Forlani and others.
After a subsidiary of the Berlusconi empire granted a loan to relieve the waning finances of Lega Nord, Bossi agreed to return to an alliance with Berlusconi, which ultimately led to the (this time, easily predicted) 2001 electoral victory.
www.lastring.com /articles/Umberto_Bossi?mySession=67b1e2e2ba8f820519c5f53c6da2771f   (867 words)

 MotherJones SO93: The fall of Rome
The primary instrument of this revolution is the Lega Nord, or "Northern League," an organization that insists it is not a political party and that its members are not politicians.
In late 1989, the Lega (then known as the Lombard League, after the province where it was born) had a single seat in Parliament, held by maverick founder Umberto Bossi, and was virtually unheard of outside the most erudite circles of Italian political analysis.
In a continental Europe where rock-solid mass institutions and centralized national government have been articles of unflinching faith for decades, the new Italian politics is violently anti-institutional, dead set against the very notion of a political class, and local to the point of denying that nations have any useful function at all.
www.motherjones.com /news/feature/1993/09/viviano.html   (3316 words)

 Lega Nord and Contemporary Politics in Italy by Thomas Gold, ISBN 0312296312 And Don Bluth's Art Of Animation Drawing
Lega Nord and Contemporary Politics in Italy by Thomas Gold, ISBN 0312296312 And Don Bluth's Art Of Animation Drawing
Lega Nord and Contemporary Politics in Italy by Thomas Gold, ISBN 0312296312
The author links the Lega Nord's rise to the socio-economic development of the north over the south in Italy and the political process which created a voting block in the south.
www.seniorls.com /politics.html   (213 words)

 vivamalta.org - Italian TV going Lega Nord???
She said Lega Nord, is a political party that started from the people in the street.
The newspapers and media are accusing the lega nord of being neo nazi,fascist and racist and ignoring the fact about this horribile cold murder.
the do gooders are attacking lega nord because they want that whoever is found guilty of sex abuse, goes to jail for a long peroid, with no reductions in the sentence.
www.vivamalta.org /forum/showthread.php?t=1557   (972 words)

 CV ITALY Roberto MARONI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In 1990 he was appointed Province Secretary of the Lega Nord, and he contributed to its territorial organization.
As a protagonist in the new political season, he worked alongside Umberto Bossi in the Lega Nord and took part in the numberless political campaigns subsequent to the turn for self-determination of the Movement.
In 1999 he took part in the political initiatives that led to a reconciliation of the Lega Nord with Forza Italia and, finally, to the conclusion of the political agreement among Lega Nord, Forza Italia, Alleanza Nazionale, CCD, and CDU, which subsequently originated the Casa delle Libertà.
www.oecd.org /speaker/0,2879,en_21571361_34360727_34508996_1_1_1_1,00.html   (379 words)

 Silvio Berlusconi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Others have claimed that his entry was rather designed to help him avoid the bankruptcy of his companies due to large amounts of debt [3].
In 2001 Berlusconi again ran as leader of the centre-right coalition Casa delle Libertà (House of Freedoms) which includes Alleanza Nazionale, UDC (Christian Democrats), Lega Nord and other parties.
This reform is disputed, because it has been imposed only by pressions of former separatist party Lega Nord, and without an adequate sharing with the opposition.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Silvio_Berlusconi   (4828 words)

 Islamophobia in Italy - Rinella Cere
[13] For the Lega Nord there is a further argument about ‘separateness’, never looming far in the background, which is the ‘trademark’ of their formation and yet another ‘new form of racism’, again what Taguieff has defined as ‘the substitution of the much discredited racial superiority with the acceptable version of difference between traditions’.
First with the establishment of the Lega Nord in the eighties, a xenophobic and anti-Italian state party.
[4] I called it ‘the pact with the devil’ because the Lega Nord, at least in its earlier history declared to be an anti-clerical party, and many of the earlier campaigns not only were they directed against the power of Rome in the state sense but also against the power of the Vatican.
www.spectrezine.org /global/islamophobia.htm   (1513 words)

 Geografia d'Europa: material de suport
However, it is the rise to political prominence of the Northern League (Lega Nord) (LN) political party in Italian politics, which has brought to the fore questions about Italian national unity and identity.
The Lega Nord and the political representation of Northern Italy.
The contrasting geographies of `Padania': the case of the Lega Nord in Northern Italy.
www.ub.es /medame/padania.html   (11956 words)

 Footnotes to History- P to R
The northern secession movement was organized by Umberto Bossi, a member of the Chamber of Deputies, who began organizing a provisional government in 1995, called the Northern League or Lega Nord.
The Padania movement inspired a similar organization called the Lega Sud, which called for the secession of southern Italy as the Federal Republic of Ausonia.
The Lega Nord is now part of Prime Minister Berlusconi's coalition government.
www.buckyogi.com /footnotes/natpr.htm   (4449 words)

 flag of Tuscany - Political Flags (Italy) flags, Fahnen, Flaggen, FOTW bei Nationalflaggen.de
"Lega Nord Toscana" has used two variants of a different flag.
It features a more complex CoA: the shield is tieced per pale, or a bend gules (with three eagles, like the banner of Lorraine), gules a fess argent (Austria) and or six roundels gules (with the uppermost roundel contining three litlle fleurs-de-lis, like the flag of the Medici family).
Instead, it has a reproduction of the Etruscan Chimera known also as "the Chimera of Arezzo" since it was found in 1553 near the town of Arezzo (in eastern Tuscany) a bronze sculpture which is considered a masterpiece of the Etruscan art (now it is at the Archaeological Museum in Florence).
www.nationalflaggen.de /flags-of-the-world/flags/it}tus.html   (934 words)

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