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Topic: Legendary stories

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

These writers are "evidently led by hearsay, and follow the legendary stories that have been spun about the person of the reformer" (Oerger, op.cit., 80).
The story rests on an autograph insertion of his son Paul in a Bible, now in possession of the library of Rudolstadt.
With his three impregnable fastnesses, Ebernburg, Landstuhl, and Hohenburg, with their adventurous soldiery, fleet-footed cavalry, and primed artillery, "who took to robbery as to a trade and considered it rather an honour to be likened to wolves" (Cammbridge Hist., II,154), a menace to the very empire, he was a most useful adjunct.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09438b.htm   (16977 words)

 USA Archery, About Us - History
At about 1200 BCE, the Hittites developed the skill of shooting from moving chariots, and around 500 AD, the Romans, formerly second-rate archers, began to draw the arrow to the face rather than the chest, giving the shot more accuracy.
There are many legendary stories and heroes which find their roots in archery.
Homer's hero, Odysseus, reclaimed his wife and household upon his final return through his ability with his bow.
www.usarchery.org /usarchery/html/History.html   (983 words)

 Valentine's Day
Candy hearts, mushy stories, and love poems on the Web
Legendary couples from Antony and Cleopatra to Abigail and John Adams
How to say "I love you" around the world
www.factmonster.com /spot/valday1.html   (110 words)

 A Himalayan Journey - Part II (Kedarnath)
Ganesha, the elder son of Shiva and Parvathi, is said to have helped Vyas Maharishi in composing this epic in written form – the beginning of education in written form.
In addition to Mahabharata, Vyas Maharishi composed 18 puranas (legendary stories), Brahma Sutras and classified the Hindu Vedas into 4 parts – Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana.
Legend has it that Adi Sankara met Vyas Maharishi in this cave, and discussed his Bhashyam (explanatory notes) for Brahma Sutras.
www.templenet.com /Himalaya/hima2.html   (674 words)

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