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Topic: Lens vision

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Lens (vision)
The ciliary muscle is a muscle that affects zonules in the eye (fibers that suspend the lens in position during accommodation), enabling changes in lens shape for light focusing.
During the fetal stage, the development of the lens is aided by the hyaloid artery.
The aqueous humour is the clear, watery fluid that fills the complex space in the front of the eye which is bounded at the front by the cornea and at the rear by the front surface or face of the vitreous humour.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Lens-(vision)   (1325 words)

 Refractive Lens Exchange at Stahl Vision, Dayton, Ohio.
Refractive Lens Exchange at Stahl Vision, Dayton, Ohio.
Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) involves removing the natural lens of the eye that has lost its ability to focus at near and far, and replace it with an implant lens that allows clear vision for distance and near vision.
Refractive lens exchange is done at our ambulatory surgery center as an outpatient procedure that takes about thirty minutes—you go in for your surgery in the morning, and go home a couple of hours later.
www.stahlvision.com /ohio-lasik/refractive-lens-exchange.htm   (1629 words)

 North Shore Contact Lens & Vision Consultants: Keratoconus Contact Lenses
However, the key to a successful contact lens fitting isn't as much the lens as it is the skill and experience of the contact lens fitter.
Contact lens fitters should be selected on the basis of experience and commitment to aiding keratoconus patients.
Having a corneal topographer and several keratoconus contact lens trial sets available in the office are a positive sign.
www.northshorecontactlens.com /Keratoconus.htm   (942 words)

 Lens (vision) - Definition, explanation
Acts as a resource for contact lens wearers [both current and potential wearers] and for contact lens practitioners - specifically for the dissemination of information, continuing...
Acts as a resource for contact lens wearers [both current and potential wearers] and for contact lens practitioners - specifically for the dissemination of information,...
A resource for contact lens wearers (both current and potential wearers) and for contact lens practitioners - specifically for the dissemination of information, continuing...
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/l/le/lens__vision_.php   (675 words)

 Virtual Tour Lens > 360 Virtual Tour Lens, Real Estate 360 Virtual Tour Lens
Virtual tour cameras and one shot lens technology is certainly something to steer clear of if you desire to create good looking panoramic images.
Rather, it is the result of lens, the camera and the photographer's skills.
Hands down, the only people I would honestly recommend a one shot lens and virtual tour camera system to would be the Realtors listing only vacant land because taking a one shot lens system inside of a home is a recipe for disaster.
www.realtourvision.com /virtual-tour-lens.html   (1380 words)

 North Shore Contact Lens & Vision Consultants: Contact Lenses, Keratoconus & LASIK Complications
Nationally known for excellence and special expertise in the contact lens management of challenging medical eye disorders such as keratoconus and LASIK complications.
Among America's Leading Contact Lens and Keratoconus Specialty Practices™.
Copyright © 2003 North Shore Contact Lens and Vision Consultants, P.C.
www.northshorecontactlens.com   (207 words)

 Superior Vision - Contact Lens Information
A pair of prescription single vision or multifocal eyeglass lenses and an eyeframe can be provided along with contact lenses prescribed for this reason.
The contact lens prescription is not a part of the covered comprehensive eye examination procedure.
The Contact Lens Exam/Fitting Fee may or may not be covered under your vision plan.
www.superiorvision.com /member/contact_lens_info.aspx   (525 words)

 Contact Lens Catalog
Click on the lens name to view infomation or order the lens.
Try using the Search by typing in the name or manufacturer of the lens that you are looking for.
If you are having any unexplained eye discomfort, watering, vision change or redness, remove your lenses immediately and consult your eye care professional before wearing your lenses again.
www.aclens.com /contact-lens-catalog.asp   (67 words)

 Shopzilla - Best prices on focus monthly contact lens Vision Care in Health & Beauty Supplies
Ciba Vision Focus Monthly contact lenses only $19.95 for 1 box...
Ciba Vision Focus Night and Day contact lenses only $45.95 for...
Focus Toric is a leading soft contact lens for astigmatism, this...
www.shopzilla.com /7Y_-_cat_id--145__keyword--focus+monthly+contact+lens   (399 words)

 Shopzilla - Best prices on toric contact lens Vision Care in Health & Beauty Supplies
Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision...
Astigmatism is a condition where the cornea is irregularly shaped...
In the past your soft contact lens options were limited because...
www.shopzilla.com /8B--Vision_Care_-_cat_id--145__keyword--toric%20contact%20lens__nwylf--   (414 words)

 CIBA Vision Contact Lenses at Lens.com ®
Unlike other contacts that claim to have a visitint on the lens, Focus Weekly contacts are actually easy to see.
is a contact lens replacement company, and a direct to consumer marketer of contact lenses.
As a contact lens replacement center, we can only sell you contact lenses that you have a valid prescription for, and are wearing successfully.
www.lens.com /contact-lenses/department87.asp   (642 words)

  Contact Lens and Vision Care Glossary
When the cornea and lens of the eye focus an image directly on the retina, clear vision is the result.
Abbreviation for radial keratotomy, a surgical procedure in which cuts are made in the cornea in a radial pattern, to flatten the cornea and correct myopia.
A type of spectacle or contact lens design that includes three focal areas: usually a reading lens, a lens for faraway viewing, and a lens for mid-distance viewing.
www.contactlenses.org /glossary.htm   (1378 words)

  Machine Vision Guide - Lens Fundamentals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To find the DOF for detector limited resolution, we choose the diffraction spot size created by the lens to be one pixel width in diameter, and the geometric blur due to defocus also to be one pixel width in diameter.
For example, with the lens operating at f/22 and allowing a geometric blur of two pixel widths, the DOF is 3.2 mm, which is four times larger.
In optics, distortion is a particular lens aberration that causes objects to be imaged farther or closer to the optical axis than for a perfect image.
www.mellesgriot.com /products/machinevision/lef_5.htm   (1491 words)

 Lens and Cataract Program - National Plan for Eye and Vision Research [NEI Strategic Planning]
Knowledge that the functional inactivation of genes—whose activity is mainly required during early stages of lens formation—also leads to cataract formation due to their downstream effects in structural lens fiber genes such as crystallins has brought researchers closer to a mechanistic understanding of certain types of cataract.
Key to understanding lens function is an understanding of the controls of lens epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation into fiber cells, a process that begins during development and continues throughout life.
Identification of mutations in human lens fiber cell cytoskeletal genes, combined with information from studies on genetically engineered mice, establishes that some elements of the lens cytoskeleton are not required to achieve optical clarity but are required to maintain it.
www.nei.nih.gov /strategicplanning/np_lens.asp   (1906 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The lens remains in the proper vertical position on the eye because it is weighted with extra thickness at the bottom of the lens.
According to WJ, this soft lens with a UV blocker is the only disposable on the market with a center near design; an outer distance zone surrounds a progressive intermediate zone, which in turn surrounds a center near zone measuring just under 2 mm.
The lens has a base curve of 8.6 mm and is available in powers ranging from +2.00 D to -4.00 D, with adds of +1.00 D, +1.50 D and +2.00 D. This introductory power range will be expanded, and a full product launch is expected early next year.
www.lycos.com /info/bifocal-contact-lens--vision.html   (465 words)

 Glossary of Terms
This vision defect occurs with the advancement of age; the onset usually occurs between the ages of 40 to 45.
As the lens ages and grows, it becomes harder in consistency, loses its elasticity, and therefore is resistant to changes in shape.
Tunnel Vision- a constriction of the visual field that is commonly caused by chronic glaucoma, retinal degeneration, a tumor, or a brain disorder that interferes with the fibers that connect the optic nerve to the brain.
www.vision-therapy.com /Glossary_of_Terms.htm   (10348 words)

In the normal eye, the cornea (the clear lens in the front of the eye) is round, like a soccer ball, allowing light rays to focus evenly on the retina at the back of the eye.
This lens is available in three choices - 1) Visibility tint, making the lens easier to see and handle 2) Four enhancing colors to brighten the color of light eyes with a more natural look, in virtually any prescription, and 3) Four opaque colors to change the color of dark eyes.
Crisp, clear vision for patients with astigmatism in a reusable daily wear lens intended to be replaced every year.
www.us.cibavision.com /lenses/astigmatism.shtml   (534 words)

 Wild Eyes Contact Lenses | Colour Contact Lenses Online | Buy Contact Lens | Contact Lens Prescription | Soft ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It should be noted that the power of a contact lens would not necessarily be the same as that of a spectacle prescription due to the optics of a lens being closer to the eye.
A contact lens prescription differs from a spectacle prescription primarily by the addition of lens parameters such as diameter of the lenses, the base curve, the type of material of the contact lens, and the design or manufacturer’s name.
A: Contact lens solutions do three things: (1) clean the lenses to remove over 90% of the germs that can grow on them; (2) disinfect to kill any germs on the lens to prevent eye infections; and (3) buffer and wet the lenses to make them more comfortable to wear.
www.neovisioneyecenter.com /contactlenses_faq.html   (4206 words)

Anti reflective coatings are applied to the back surface of the lens and mirror coatings may or may not be applied to the front surface depending on the model selected.
Lens colors can be categorized into two groups; performance or contrast colors and neutral.
UVA is absorbed in the lens of the eye and is the major cause of cataract formation.
www.habervision.com /Technology.aspx   (2192 words)

Ultrasonic waves are used to break the cloudy lens into tiny pieces, which are vacuumed from the capsule through a long, narrow tube.
Intracapsular: If the lens is too hard for phacoemulsification, the eye surgeon may decide to remove both the lens and capsule.
This clear, plastic lens is implanted in the eye during cataract surgery.
www.vision1to1.com /en/homepage.asp?Article=46&Category=9   (1060 words)

 Lens-Particle Glaucoma
The crystalline lens (commonly referred to as the lens) is the natural lens of the eye, located behind the pupil.
The lens may cause lens-induced glaucomas, which are typically associated with abnormally high eye pressure and possible vision loss.
Although high pressure inside the eye, optic nerve damage, and vision loss are not all required to diagnose glaucoma, a diagnosis of glaucoma is often determined when all 3 criteria are present.
www.emedicinehealth.com /lens-particle_glaucoma/article_em.htm   (442 words)

 HON: Vision and Eyecare FAQ: section3
It should be noted that the power of a contact lens will not necessarily be the same as that of a spectacle prescription due to the optics of a lens being closer to the eye.
Lenses may be thicker in one meridian or have modified thickness profiles to enable the lens to maintain correct orientation on the eye.
The wearing of a contact lens interrupts the flow of oxygen to the cornea and due to changes in the metabolic pump of the corneal cells the tissue thickens, called oedema.
www.hon.ch /Library/Theme/VisionFaq/section3.html   (1511 words)

 Cataract News - Including Crystalens, AcrySof & ReStor
Because the lens incorporates a technology known as wavefront for analyzing the way the eye sees, certain vision distortions (higher order aberrations) not addressed by ordinary lenses can be corrected.
The company says the lens was designed to improve the functional vision of cataract surgery patients — in other words, to improve the ability to see objects in varying light conditions, such as nighttime, rain, snow, fog, and twilight.
The lens, which is used to replace a cataract patient's eye's natural lens that has become clouded, filters both ultraviolet and portions of high-energy blue light.
www.allaboutvision.com /conditions/cataracts_news.htm   (5653 words)

 :: The Center for Lasik Ophthalmology Consultants :: What are my lens replacement options? ::
In addition, many people with clear lenses are opting for lens exchange with newer options to improve near and distance vision.
Lens replacement remains the most frequently performed surgery in the U.S. and is one of the safest as well.
Our previous solution to improve near vision via lens replacement has been a technique called monovision, where one eye is corrected for distance vision, and the other corrected for near vision.
www.bestvision.com /lens/options.php?lens=options   (483 words)

 Guidelines for Contact Lens Fitting - Vision Plan of America
It is in the best interest of the patient to receive a complete eye examination as opposed to the fitting of new contact lenses from an old prescription or an eyeglass prescription.
• The contact lens portion of the benefit was designed to allow the member to access care from the primary eye care provider and allow them the benefit contact lenses at a greatly reduced cost.
$100 applies to the annual contact lens supply purchase, only with a valid contact lens prescription or, if a regular eyeglass prescription is prescribed a fitting fee may apply.
www.visionplanofamerica.com /visioninfo/contactlensguidelines.shtml   (222 words)

 Machine Vision Guide - Lens Fundamentals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A camera lens optimized to work at magnifications near 1 is called a macro lens.
Teleconverters are short relay optics that fit between the lens and the camera and increase the effective lens focal length.
For magnifications greater than 1, a camera lens can be used in reverse, with the object held at the usual camera plane and the camera in the usual object plane.
www.mellesgriot.com /products/machinevision/lef_7.htm   (308 words)

 Contex OK Lens
Lens is an innovative method that uses customized lenses to gently correct your vision while you sleep, More...
The Contex AirCurve™ Lens is a single vision lens design that is comfortable and offers excellent visual acuity that cannot be obtained from soft contact lenses.
Lens is the premier lens design used for Bausch and Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment, a method that can reduce nearsightedness so that glasses or daytime contact lenses are not needed.
www.oklens.com /ages_60nup.html   (701 words)

 Buyer's Guide to Photochromic Lenses, Variable Tint Lenses, and Tinted Eyeglass Lenses at AllAboutVision.com
As their names suggest, the lenses are available in either gray or brown colors that are light enough to wear indoors and darken to a sunglass shade when exposed to ultraviolet light.
A lens that requires only a light tint will go into the bath for just a few minutes, while a lens that is meant to be sunglass-dark will stay in for quite some time.
Glass lenses may be manufactured with the color distributed throughout the lens material, or a tint is applied as a coating in a vacuum chamber after fabrication.
www.allaboutvision.com /lenses/photochromic.htm   (1164 words)

 Colorado Springs & Pueblo, Colorado: Real Vision FAQs
REAL Vision is a Reading Enhancement Accommodating Lens vision correction procedure incorporating accommodating intra-ocular lens (IOL) technology that results in patients having close up, as well as distance vision.
It is important to remember that reading vision in low light is also influenced by the overall health of your eye and by the condition of the light sensors in the retina.
It is important to remember that the REAL Vision procedure cannot resolve pre-existing visual conditions such as floaters, flashes, or visual field loss that are a result of conditions of the eye and not related to the lens.
www.buckleyvision.com /RealVision/crystalens_FAQ.htm   (2267 words)

 :: Brint Custom Vision :: About Crystalens ::
Crystalens, a single-focus lens, is a cataract replacement lens that works naturally with your eyes’ muscles to give you the quality of vision you enjoyed when you were younger.
The revolutionary design element that makes Crystalens the state-of-the-art replacement lens are “hinges” which are designed to allow the lens to move, or accommodate to focus on objects near, far and all distances in-between seamlessly.
This means the Crystalens can provide sharper vision, without corrective lenses, throughout a full range of vision from near to far and everything in between.
www.brintvision.com /crystalens/index.php?crystal=index   (586 words)

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