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Topic: Leszno County

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  flag of L flags
dillingen an der donau county (schwaben district, bavaria, germany)
neustadt an der aisch-bad windsheim county (mittelfranken district, bavaria, germany)
neustadt an der waldnaab county (oberpfalz district, bavaria, germany)
www.flags-of-the-world.net /flags/keywordl.html   (1900 words)

municipality of l'albiol (baix camp county, tarragona province, catalonia, spain)
municipality of l'aldea (baix ebre county, tarragona province, catalonia, spain)
municipality of l'ampolla (baix ebre county, tarragona province, catalonia, spain)
areciboweb.50megs.com /fotw/flags/keywordl.html   (2148 words)

 PGSA - County Translation Entries (P)
It borders on the north with East Prussia (Nibor County), on the east with the counties of Ostroleska and Makow, on the south with Ciechanow, and on the west with Ciechanow and Mlawa.
The latter are in the settlement of Chorzele, and the villages of Dzierzgowo, Brzozowo, Krsynowloga Wielka, Leszno, Barniki, Bogate.
As for the church, the county is the Przasnysz diocesan deanery of Plock comprised of 13 parishes; Baranowo, Bogate, Brodowe aki, Chorzele, Czernice, Dzierzgowo, Janowo, Krzynowloga Wielka, Krzynowloga Mala, Pawlowo, Przasnysz, Wegra and Zaremby.
www.pgsa.org /Counties/countiesP.htm   (883 words)

 Leszno - oficjalny serwis WWW miasta leszna - www.leszno.pl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
In the ranking of town counties, drawn up in 2001 by the Regional research Centre, Leszno had a high, 21st position (out of 65 in Poland) and was included in the II class of the developmental potential, as the second town in the Wielkopolska region.
The ranking of the town counties was drawn up on the basis of the analysis of the local infrastructure, economic activity, the level of the self-government investments, the general economic and citizens' situation, the income of enterprises and inhabitants and the attractiveness of the town as a place to live.
Leszno is the main trade-service and industrial centre of the region in which agriculture is the dominating branch.
www.leszno.pl /index_en.php?redir=gospodarka/zainwestuj_en.htm   (1294 words)

 Wschowa County - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wschowa County (in Polish powiat) is a unit of territorial administration and local government in the Lubusz Voivodeship in Poland, created on 1st January 2002 as a result of decision of Council of Ministers of 2001.
Previously the cities and communes belonged to the Nowa Sol County.
It borders: Nowa Sol County, Wolsztyn County, Leszno County, Gora County and Glogow County.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Wschowa_County   (101 words)

 L   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
county and municipal flags (north rhine-westphalia, germany)
county and municipal flags (lower saxony, germany)
mezotur (jasz - nagykun - szolnok county, hungary)
www.netlinkit.dk /fotw/flags/keywordl.html   (1356 words)

 [No title]
Leszno is one of the most important towns in the Wielkopolska region, located 80 km from Poznañ and 100 km from Wroc³aw.
In 1975-1998 Leszno was a provincial town and due to the last administrative reform, the town has a status of a county capital (powiat grodzki).
Leszno is a strong regional centre of culture and entertainment.
info-poland.buffalo.edu /web/geography/regions/wielkopolska/cached_17.html   (1505 words)

 Leszno Community - general info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
is situated in the Mazovian province, in the Warszawa Zachód County.
The highest population density in the community nowadays is in Leszno and Zaborów, and there are a few more which are growing rapidly.
In Leszno Community lives about 7954 people (data from 30st June 2003) and with in there are around 6000 who are able to work.
republika.pl /gminaleszno/info.html   (282 words)

 Panorama Polskich Miast
Poznań County is one of the largest counties in Poland.
It is investments in the road infrastructure that Jan Grabkowski, the county administrator, who during the previous term in office held the position of deputy county administrator, willingly talks about.
The head of Poznań County emphasizes that it is of importance that counties skillfully use EU funds and show society the benefits resulting from Poland's EU accession.
www.panorama-miast.com.pl /58/html/powiatang.htm   (627 words)

 PGSA - County Translation Entries (B)
The county of Brodnica is between 53 degrees 5' and 53 degrees 28' north latitude, and 36 degrees 33' and 37 degrees 36' east longitude in the regency of Kwidzyn.
The soils in the south part of the county are light, in places sandy and in the vicinity of the city of Gorzno clayey and mostly planted in rye and Potatoes.
It flows from Lubawa county to the village Konczyki, from which right up to the village Szramowo it forms the border between Brodnica county and Lubawa county and at Szramowo it is completely within Brodnica county; it flows near Brodnica; often changing its direction here.
www.pgsa.org /Counties/countiesB.htm   (485 words)

 Leszno - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Leszno
Capital of Leszno province, Poland, 65 km/41 mi south of Poznań;; population (1990) 58,300.
Leszno is a historic town, associated in the 16th–17th centuries with the Bohemian Brethren, an extreme sect of the Hussites.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Leszno?x   (109 words)

The Leszno region has always been known for religious tolerance, an admirable agriculture output and its overall economy, as well as for being a world famous gliding center.
It is of importance that the schools adjust their courses and curricula to the needs of the local market, and thus do not provide education to people bound to become unemployed, but to needed professionals, who will find interesting jobs.
Leszno is already a place of interest to many, and it is only a matter of time before an influx of investors starts there.
www.panorama-miast.com.pl /23/html/klimat.htm   (568 words)

 PolishRoots - Geography & Maps
To the north it borders on the counties of Czarnków and Chodzież;, to the east Wągrowiec and Gniezno counties, to the south Środa and Poznań; counties, and to the west Szamotuły and Czarnków.
The county’s population was 30,170 in 1819; 38,155 in1837; 48,093 in 1871; 47,269 in 1875; and 50,182 in 1883.
The county is divided into 4 urban gminas, 117 rural ones, 68 estate districts, 14 civil registry districts, 5 police districts, 2 deaneries, 16 Catholic parishes, 4 Protestant congregations, and 3 synagogues; the total number of settlements is 316.
www.polishroots.org /slownik/oborniki.htm   (4615 words)

 Informat.io on Wielkopolska Voivodship   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
Wielkopolska Voivodship (Polish: województwo wielkopolskie) is an administrative region or voivodship of western-central Poland.
It was created January 1, 1999, out of the former Poznań, Kalisz, Konin, Piła and Leszno voivodships pursuant to the Local Government Reorganization Act of 1998.
Its principal cities are Poznań, Leszno, Kalisz and Gniezno.
www.informat.io /?title=wielkopolska-voivodship   (160 words)

 November 2002 Page 7   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
Living here as a boy in the early 50s when his dad worked for the Tennessee Valley Authority, Hodges just wanted his own children to have the chance to grow up in a town he believes is unique.
He could not have foreseen the thousands of lives and futures in Cullman County that would be affected by his labors of love in that job.
County Extension Agent Charles Pinkston, who has worked with Hodges since 1985, called him "the driving force" in the development of the Cullman County Agricultural Trade Center.
www.alabamapoultry.org /magazine/nov2002/page7.html   (606 words)

 Glaciotectonic bibliography
Carlson, C.G. and Freers, T.F. Geology of Benson and Pierce Counties, North Dakota.
Hobbs, H.C. and Bluemle, J.P. Geology of Ramsey County, North Dakota.
Sedimentology and glaciotectonics of Cenozoic glacial and glaciomarine sediments from the Ross Sea continental margin, Antarctica: The use of microstructures.
www.geospectra.net /glatec_biblio/glatec_biblio.htm   (12435 words)

 Gmina Wijewo
At the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries the terrains of the present urban district became the property of Leszczynscy and of Sulkowscy since 1738.
Until the end of the seventeenth century, the Wijewo urban district belonged to county of Koscian, but in 1791 it was lost and joined to the Wschowa area.
Today, Wijewo urban district is located within the borders of Leszno County.
www.wijewo.pl /us   (422 words)

 Gostyn - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
The title given to this article lacks diacritics because of certain technical limitations.
Gostyń; is a town in Greater Poland Voivodship (from 1975 to 1998 in Leszno Voivodship), in Gostyń; County.
According to Glowny Urzad Statystyczny, the area of Gostyń; is 10.79 km² The town comprises 1% of the area of the county and 8% of the commune.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Gostyn   (175 words)

 Warszawa, Poland
Warsaw is a municipal powiat (county) and is further divided into 18 distinct entities, called dzielnica (map), with their own administrative bodies.
Each of the dzielnica is divided into neighbourhoods which are not officially recognized by the city but known by most Varsovians.
The Warsaw act abolished all the former counties and formed one city powiat with one municipal government.
www.creekin.net /c6043-n149-warszawa-poland.html   (3074 words)

 flag of Titles beginning with l flags
Landsberg County (Oberbayern District, Bavaria, Germany) 2003-12-05 santiago dotor
Landshut County (Niederbayern District, Bavaria, Germany) 2003-12-13 santiago dotor
Lindau County (Schwaben District, Bavaria, Germany) 2004-02-14 santiago dotor
www.flags-of-the-world.net /flags/title-l.html   (4415 words)

 Titles beginning with l # fahnenversand.de - Fahnen Flaggen Fahne Flagge Nationalflaggen Nationalflagge Shop ...
Landsberg County (Oberbayern District, Bavaria, Germany) 2004-12-31 santiago dotor
Landshut County (Niederbayern District, Bavaria, Germany) 2004-12-31 santiago dotor
Lichtenfels County (Oberfranken District, Bavaria, Germany) 2004-12-31 santiago dotor
www.pace-fahne-shop.de /fotw/flags/title-l.html   (4103 words)

 All Information of Alternate history (fiction)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
In 1990, acknowledging the larger geographic context and the population base of nearly 3 million in San Diego County, the name changed to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and in 1993, a branch facility opened downtown, further embracing the region.
Mount Carmel is the county seat of Wabash County, Illinois.
The city sits on the western bank of the Wabash River, and is neighbored by a small community informally known as East Mount Carmel, IN.
sq_685.sq.xvip.org   (9199 words)

 Dignitaries from 40 countries on hand for opening of new Holocaust museum in Jerusalem North County Times - Nation / ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
A life-size replica of the Warsaw Ghetto's Leszno Street features cobblestones, a 1940s tram track and lamp posts replete with shrapnel holes from the Jewish uprising -- all donated by the Polish capital.
The museum displays a three-tiered wooden barrack where concentration camp inmates slept, a cattle wagon that transported Jews to their deaths and a small fishing boat that ferried Danish Jews to safety in Sweden.
Note: Comments reflect the views of readers and not necessarily those of the North County Times or its staff.
www.nctimes.com /articles/2005/03/16/news/nation/15_59_013_15_05.txt   (1034 words)

 PNAF - Polish Noble Estate
Maximilian II, Emperor of Germany had nominated two counties to the Polish noblemen, one was Wisnicz going to Sebastian Lubomirski, and the other, Koden, to Mikolaj Sapieha.
Emperor Ferdinand II was more generous, as he nominated the counties to Marcin Krasicki, Kasper Donhoff, and others.
Dukedoms became quite common: then the principalities were offered, but they could not be in the same category as the counties or dukedoms and just a few could be awarded with this honor.
www.pnaf.us /polnoblestate.htm   (6033 words)

 HeritageQuest - Discovery Center
Lesno, or Leszno, in the Teutonic Knight's documents — Leyste, the possession of the knights, a peasant village with parish, county of Chojnice, located between two lakes called small and large Lubow or Luban, from which originates the stream Zbrzyca.
Located in the area dominated by forests and sands, by the border of the county of Kosciersk, and Koscierzyna and by the Chojnice-Koscierzyna road.
According to that record, from a Chicago Polish ethnic church, she was born "w Czarnowie," in Czarnowo (no county given).
www.heritagequest.com /genealogy/europe/html/lesno.html   (700 words)

Louis-Marie Champéme. Aerial photographic prospection above the county of Deux-Sévres, Poitou-Charentes, France: main results and connections between detected settlements and geology.
A medieval shipyard in Ventspils, Latvia: from the air, in the ground and under water.
It is hoped that recommendations for future action and practice will be formalised, along with proposals for further meetings of this and related groups.
archeo.amu.edu.pl /leszno/program.htm   (652 words)

 Pages modified on 2003-02
Municipality of Wittenborn (Segeberg County, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) 2003-02-08 santiago dotor
Municipality of Wenningstedt (Sylt Island, Nordfriesland County, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) 2003-02-08 santiago dotor
Municipality of Kampen (Sylt Island, Nordfriesland County, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) 2003-02-08 santiago dotor
www.fotw.net /flags/k2003-02.html   (348 words)

 Leszno County Leszno Wielkopolska Voivodships Poland Europe Regional
Leszno County Leszno Wielkopolska Voivodships Poland Europe Regional
Top: Regional: Europe: Poland: Voivodships: Wielkopolska: Leszno: Leszno_County:
Regional- Europe- Poland- Voivodships- Wielkopolska- Leszno- Leszno County
www.iaswww.com /ODP/Regional/Europe/Poland/Voivodships/Wielkopolska/Leszno/Leszno_County   (40 words)

 Gmina Piaski   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
In the southwestern part of Wielkopolska Province in Gostyn County, lies the urban district of Piaski.
This urban district covers an area of 100.7 square km, and approximately 8,300 people live there.
A good location for transport in the urban district, free terrains for building housing estates and being open to any agricultural initiative secure the urban district for a further dynamic development.
www.piaski-wlkp.pl /us/default.htm   (342 words)

 Titles beginning with l
Lüdenscheid County until 1975 (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) 2002-08-02 santiago dotor
Lippe County (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) 2004-12-31 santiago dotor
Lohr County until 1972 (Unterfranken District, Bavaria, Germany) 2004-12-31 santiago dotor
www.allstates-flag.com /fotw/images/h/0115keys/title-l.html   (4460 words)

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