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Topic: Letter case

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Letter case - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In orthography and typography, letter case (or just case) is the distinction between majuscule (capital or upper-case) and minuscule (lower-case) letters.
In English, capital letters are used as the first letter of a sentence or a proper noun and for initials or acronyms.
Historically the two cases were placed one above the other on a rack on the typesetter's desk and, by convention, the case containing the capitals would be above the box with the small letters, hence upper and lower case.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Letter_case   (703 words)

 The Seattle Times: Local News: Could mystery letter solve case of slain prosecutor?
The letter is the latest in a string of intriguing but frustrating developments in the case, which has been given top priority by the FBI.
The letter fits a pattern seen in dozens of anonymous or fake-name letters received by investigators and the news media in high-profile criminal cases over the years, said Fitzgerald, the FBI behavioral expert.
In the Wales case, the scenario in the letter is unrealistic because the supposed hit man is easily contacted by a woman he doesn't know, which would normally make a paid killer suspicious of an undercover police operation, said Shawn VanSlyke, a supervisory agent and behavioral expert at the FBI analysis center.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/localnews/2002933107_letter16m.html   (1610 words)

 Chain Letter Dilemma   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
It seems obvious that a person who sent chain letters to five friends is less of a criminal than someone who sent out thousands of such letters.
The penalties are therefore much higher if the number of letters or communications is higher, and penalties are especially severe for "Mass Operators" who mail out more than a thousand letters.
In this case it was an arguably illegal message, but the site administrator could just as easily be deleting messages that did not agree with his/her political or religious views, and nobody would be the wiser.
www.nd.edu /~rbarger/chain-cse.html   (829 words)

 Sample Document Examination Report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Both known and questioned writings use entirely upper case letters with the possible exception of the "I" which may not always be in the form of the capital.
Although there is no dot over the I to indicate a lower case letter, the simple "stick" form of the "I" is used and it varies in height.
Letter spacing resembles elite or pica type in that it is non-proportional (every letter is given almost the same amount of horizontal space, regardless of its requirements).
qdewill.com /casefile.htm   (789 words)

 Letters - Glossary Definition - UsingEnglish.com
There are 26 letters in the English alphabet; the letters are the individual characters that are used to represent sounds in a written form, either individually or in combination with other letters.
The latter are the larger versions of the letters that occur at the start of a sentence or the beginning of a proper noun and the term capital letter is also widely used for them.
Lower case letters are used for the other transcriptions of the word or the sentence.
www.usingenglish.com /glossary/letter.html   (135 words)

 Letter legibility and visual word recognition
The experimental technique consisted of presenting the letter string laterally displaced in relation to a fixation point such that on its appearance, the eye was fixating one of five fixation zones in the word (each stimulus string was divided into five equally wide zones of one fifth of the width of the total word length.
(1991) the ratio of this left/right asymmetry in the legibility of letter is approximately 1.8/1.
The letter string was laterally displaced with respect to the fixation bars in such a way that upon its appearance, the participant's eye was positioned on one of the five letters in a 5-letter string, or on the first, third, fifth, seventh or ninth letter of a 9-letter string.
nivea.psycho.univ-paris5.fr /papillon/papillon.html   (8086 words)

 Lower Case Definition
A letter is a character in an alphabet that represents one, or several, phonemes (i.e., the fundamental sounds of a spoken language) and/or that is used in combinations with other letters to represent one, or several, phonemes.
Lower case became irresistible to manuscript writers because it was faster to write, it was easier to read and it conserved space on the costly parchment (which was made from animal skins and used instead of paper).
As it had already been common to make the first letter of each sentence as well as the first letter of each noun slightly larger than the other letters, it was a fairly logical progression to retain upper case letters for those situations and use lower case letters for almost everything else.
www.bellevuelinux.org /lower_case.html   (1534 words)

 Internal Revenue Manual - 7.21.3 Screening, Controlling and Case Closing
Cases involving a proposed adverse determination of qualification of classification as a private foundation described in IRC 509(a) or as an operating foundation described in IRC 4942(j)(3);
In the case of a final revocation involving an IRC 501(c)(3) organization, the Determinations Group(s) must issue a letter notifying the appropriate State officials of the action taken in accordance with IRC 6104(c) and the applicable regulations.
The cover letter should advise that all requests to inspect material (concerning both field and EO Technical determinations) be sent to the office that issued the automatic notification.
apps.irs.gov /irm/part7/ch08s03.html   (4620 words)

 Accused in Kerala letter bomb case arrested
Police arrested a 29-year-old youth on Monday, who allegedly posted all the six letter bombs to different addressees in Thiruvananthapuram recently.
He had differences with the persons to whom the letters were sent," Srivastava said.
Two letter bombs exploded last month, one in a post office and other in a nearby local area, while the other four postal bombs detected later in the city post offices were diffused by the police.
www.rediff.com /news/2006/oct/02kerala.htm   (232 words)

 McKie case - Guiding Letter
This is a generic letter circulating among fingerprint experts around the world.
As you may have heard a dreadful mistake is made in Scotland with a wrong identification of a latent mark in a murder case against a police officer named Shirley McKie.
It is an accurate summary of the events in this case and at the same time it makes very clear what devastating effects it has had upon their lives.
www.clpex.com /Articles/McKie/guidingletter.htm   (763 words)

 TimsLaw.com » GUIDE to Service Letter Law - Missouri Law 290.140 RSMo - Tim's Missouri Employment Law Info Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
If you properly request a “service letter” and then the employer fails to make a proper response AFTER you properly requested the service letter, you can sue for damages, including punitive damages in some cases.
In a papering case, the employer may falsely claim in the service letter response that the truthful reason for the termination was the alleged “poor performance” documented in the created paper trail.
Courts tend to find that if the employer tells lies in the service letter or otherwise fails to comply with the Service Letter Law, then the employer has technically not sent you a “service letter” at all, even though the employer sent you a letter that claimed to be a service letter.
www.timslaw.com /serviceletter.htm   (2754 words)

 Letter Case Mania - WorldStart Computer Tips and Computer Help
You know, where you get the choices of sentence case, all lowercase letters, all uppercase letters, all title case letters or to toggle all letters between upper and lowercase.
You'll scroll between sentence case letters, all lowercase letters and all uppercase letters.
That is all the letters in capital letter formation, but slightly smaller than the usual capital letter.
www.worldstart.com /tips/tips-eml.php/2150   (298 words)

 Letters, Letter-writing and Other Intimate Discourse
The Letter Exchange is a quarterly print publication that "supports and encourages the age-old art of letter-writing." They have a wonderful history of connecting people with their anonymous mail forwarding system.
A letter of reference is a generic letter that describes the qualities and skills of the person for whom you are writing the letter.
A letter of recommendation is one in which you go a step further and describe why you think the person is suitable for a particular job, position or award.
www.wendy.com /letterwriting   (2027 words)

 Case Summary Letter Before Negotiation Legal Form SET001
The format and boilerplate language for a letter to your client that gives both you and your client a solid evaluation of the case.
You both are ready for the negotiations that happen in over 90% of cases in suit.
In fact, if you have a case that needs evaluation in just a couple of days, buy my system now, follow it, and you'll have a better letter to send to your client, in less time, with better psychology than any case you've even done.
www.lawyerlitigationforms.com /SET001.htm   (849 words)

 Down with Case Sensitivity
Case sensitivity, on the other hand, is a completely different ballgame.
The only time case sensitivity comes into play is when the program compares one string (usually an input from the user or a file) against another string in a table or memory.
When you modify the "\??" object folder's symbolic link table by substituting a different case (upper versus lower) letter in the table to point to a different device associated with a disk drive alias, it may be possible to bypass typical Windows NT security and allow any user to acquire administrator privileges.
www.kurumi.com /opinion/case.html   (1377 words)

 How To Change Case of a Control Name Within the Code Window
You might think that you could change the letter case of a control name by changing the value of the Name property of the control in the Property Browser, or by using the Edit/Replace feature to find and replace all instances of the control name.
The editor is designed so that all references to a variable name use the same case as the statement in which the variable is dimensioned.
To change the letter case of a variable, you must change its letter case within the dimension statement.
support.microsoft.com /default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;172271   (623 words)

 The HooK: LETTER- Razor case going federal
No doubt many worried women are secretly snickering at the visualization of the serial rapist having his spheroids severed by the razor wire [Cover story, "Slashed: Presley's razor wire claims collateral damage," December 9, 2004], but do not underestimate Judge Bob Downer, who is a good judge and was an outstanding attorney.
Judge Downer knows perfectly well what a barricade is, but by dismissing Commonwealth's Attorney Ron Huber's small case and thus closing the door in the City General District Court, Judge Downer redirected attention to (for those who have eyes to see) the core issues.
He is leaving the door open for a stronger case to be filed in the Federal Court, which is where this case should have gone in the first place.
www.readthehook.com /stories/2004/12/27/letterRazorCaseGoingFedera.html   (144 words)

 Sentence case - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sentence case in a general sense describes the way that capitalization is used within a sentence.
the first letter of the sentence is capitalized, with the rest being lower case (unless requiring capitalization for a specific reason, e.g.
Sometimes only vowels are upper case, other times upper and lower case is alternated, but often it is just random.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sentence_case   (325 words)

 reviewjournal.com -- News - LAS VEGAS CORRUPTION CASE: Letter alleges strip club favors
In the letter sent to defense attorneys in a Las Vegas public corruption case, federal Prosecutor David Malagold named current Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Craig Hendricks and former Chief Deputy District Attorney Gary Guymon as the recipients of the clubs' special treatment.
The letter by Malagold was filed last week as an attachment to court filings in the corruption case against former Clark County Commissioners Lance Malone, Dario Herrera and Mary Kincaid-Chauncey.
During the San Diego trial last year, a federal prosecutor's letter to defense attorneys said Galardi was expected to testify that he paid bribes to McDonald "before, during and after" McDonald's stint as a Las Vegas city councilman.
www.reviewjournal.com /lvrj_home/2006/Feb-07-Tue-2006/news/5754690.html   (949 words)

 London needs Holmes to solve steamy letter case | The San Diego Union-Tribune
The document was a steamy letter purporting to be from Betjeman to a friend named Honor Tracy, and Wilson used it as evidence that the two had a passionate, if brief, affair.
But as it turns out, the first letters of each sentence, except the first, spell out an insulting sentence that starts with Wilson's name and ends with a vulgarity.
Until The Sunday Times received its own letter from Eve de Harben, announcing that the Betjeman letter was false, concocted to avenge an attack Wilson had once made on the writer Humphrey Carpenter (who died in 2005 and who Eve de Harben said was a friend).
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20060903/news_1a03hoax.html   (724 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Nation -- Arizona Supreme Court agrees to hear case over letter published by newspaper
The Supreme Court agreed without comment to hear the Tucson Citizen's appeal of a judge's decision to hold a trial in a lawsuit accusing the newspaper of distressing residents by printing the letter.
The letter prompted some fearful Tucson Muslims to keep their children home from religious schools and resulted in protests from readers and a published apology by the Citizen, which also sent staff members to meet with members of a local mosque.
The lawsuit argued that the newspaper's decision to publish the letter was not constitutionally protected because it was a direct call to violence that could extend to Islamic-Americans.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/nation/20050105-1428-letterlawsuit.html   (404 words)

 Case Search Results
Congressman Steny H. Hoyer - letter is support of Petition and Complaint filed by Ivan Petric regarding requirement for Bell Atlantic to expand telephone calling areas for Southern Maryland.
Hearing Examiner Division - Letter to Board of County Commissioners for Calvert County concerning its request regarding hearings to be schedule for Case No. 8772.
Calvert County Board of County Commissioners - a letter requesting that a PSC representative meeting with the Commissioners to discuss Case No. 8772.
webapp.psc.state.md.us /Intranet/Casenum/CaseAction.cfm?CaseNumber=8772   (2341 words)

 Signatures Needed for Reno/Rivlin letter on Case Law Solicitation
We are also pressing DOJ to require bidders to use a non-proprietary system of citations for case law, and to place copies of federal case law into the public domain.
The alternative is for the government to own its case law, to have a vendor, at a modest cost, insert paragraph numbers which become the universal pinpoint citation form and to sell copies of the data to all vendors who want it.
State Supreme Courts are eliminating West's monopoly over their case law.
lists.essential.org /1995/info-policy-notes/msg00077.html   (1697 words)

 Change case last entered word, selected text
To do that, run the program you use most often, and enter step by step all the symbols you enter with the help of "dead keys".
At the same time, it is also advisable to upper case all these symbols (holding down the "Shift" key).
This operation should be accomplished for all layouts you use, and for those, which contain "dead keys".
www.lower-case-switcher.com /manual.shtml   (418 words)

 SAGES @ Case - A Letter
While I fear that SAGES will never truly challenge Henry Kissinger, either in winning Nobel Prizes or in rendering satire obsolete, I enjoyed reading your article on Case Western Reserve University's Seminar Approach to General Education and Scholarship.
Given your interest in education, I wonder if you might like a chance to educate Case students by teaching a SAGES seminar.
You are of course welcome to keep the coffee even if we don't select you to lead a seminar.
www.case.edu /sages/times_reply.html   (245 words)

 Case - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Case (policy debate), the set of evidence that the affirmative team presents to support its plan in the First affirmative constructive speech.
Letter case in typography (the distinction between majuscule and minuscule letter forms) or sentence case.
Case (Neuromancer), the protagonist of the novel Neuromancer by William Gibson
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Case   (338 words)

 Case Western Alumni Adventures with Northwest Voyageurs
Case Western is pleased to announce our new Alumni Adventures program.
Alumni Adventures offers a variety of adventure travel opportunities both overseas and here in the U.S. Enjoy activities such as whitewater rafting, horseback riding, fishing, sea kayaking and more while visiting some of the most beautiful outdoor destinations in the world.
Alumni Adventures is a partnership between Northwest Voyageurs, Case and several other institutions.
alumni-adventures.com /case.htm   (183 words)

 Leather Letter Case, Embossed with Whirring Propeller, circa 1930s - 0303
The art of hand written letters and their importance in our lives and histories is quickly fading.
This butter soft leather "pocket book" or letter case evokes an earlier time when the postman didn't come to the house each day and the written words of a loved one or an "official notification" were safeguarded and shared or just reread at leisure.
In immaculate condition with very little wear (the primary wear is to the maker's mark which is unreadable) and a complete gold lettered "Letter Case" marking, this vintage piece is sure to please the most discriminating collector.
www.rubylane.com /shops/howstrange/item/0303   (209 words)

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