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Topic: Leukotriene

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  Leukotriene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Leukotrienes are autocrine and paracrine eicosanoid lipid mediators derived from arachidonic acid by 5-lipoxygenase.
Leukotrienes are synthesized in the cell from arachidonic acid by 5-lipoxygenase.
Leukotrienes are involved in asthmatic and allergic reactions and act to sustain inflammatory reactions; several leukotriene antagonists are used to treat asthma.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Leukotriene   (694 words)

 Leukotriene Modifier Therapy of Rhinitis and Nasal Polyps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Leukotrienes are a group of related compounds released from mast cells and eosinophils during an allergic reaction.
Leukotrienes have been shown to contribute to both the clinical and pathologic consequences of this disease in some asthmatics, although predetermining which ones has not been defined and requires empirically accessing the clinical response after a trial of medication.
A primary focus for possible therapy for leukotriene modifiers in the upper airway is their use patients with polyps, and in particular those demonstrating aspirin sensitivity.
www.otohns.net /?id=12039   (1068 words)

 Leukotriene modifiers for allergic rhinitis - [Medication]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Leukotrienes are a type of chemical that your body releases after you have contact with an allergen.
Leukotriene modifiers (leukotriene antagonists) reduce inflammation and symptoms of allergic rhinitis by blocking the action of the leukotrienes.
Leukotriene modifiers were first used to treat asthma.
www.bsneny.com /kbase/topic/detail/drug/ug2390/detail.htm   (364 words)

 Are leukotriene receptor antagonists effective therapy for Allergic Rhinitis
Leukotrienes serve as inflammatory cell mediators with actions that include bronchoconstriction by smooth muscle contraction, bronchial hyper-responsiveness, inflammatory cell accumulation and chemotaxis, mucus hypersecretion, neuronal stimulation, and increased microvascular permeability.
Leukotriene C4, D4, and E4 are referred to as the cysteinyl leukotrienes.
Leukotriene modifiers are a valuable treatment for the 10% of chronic asthmatics who have aspirin-sensitive asthma for which over-expression of leukotriene C4 synthetase has been implicated.
intmedweb.wfubmc.edu /grand_rounds/2000/leukotriene.html   (4927 words)

 leukotriene receptor antagonists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Zafirlukast and Montelukast are both selective and competitive leukotriene receptor antagonists of leukotriene D and E. These are components of slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis.
Zafirlukast is a leukotriene receptor antagonist of leukotrienes D4 and E4.
These leukotrienes are associated with airway edema, smooth muscle constriction and altered cellular activity associated with the inflammatory process.(4) Zafirlukast is used in the prophylaxis and treatment of chronic asthma in adults and children over 12 years of age.
pedsccm.wustl.edu /All-Net/english/pharmpage/resp/leukotri.html   (728 words)

 Allergy & Asthma Disease Management Center: Ask the Expert: Leukotriene
The leukotriene receptor antagonists, montelukast, zafirlukast, and pranlukast, and the 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor, zileuton, are unique in their ability to target specific components of asthmatic inflammation.
The leukotrienes are a family of lipid mediators that appear to play an important role in the symptomology and pathogenesis of asthma.
Leukotriene antagonists (e.g.) such as Accolate are also used in the treatment of mild asthma, particularly if there is "triad asthma" with nasal polyps and aspirin-induced asthma (where leukotriene release is reportedly much increased).
www.aaaai.org /aadmc/ate/leukotriene.html   (5187 words)

 International Union of Pharmacology XXXVII. Nomenclature for Leukotriene and Lipoxin Receptors -- Brink et al. 55 (1): ...
The leukotrienes and lipoxins are biologically active metabolites derived from arachidonic acid.
The leukotrienes and lipoxins are lipid mediators derived from arachidonic acid, which is released from cell membrane phospholipids by the action of phospholipase A
Leukotriene formation is initiated by 5-lipoxygenase, which catalyzes the dioxygenation of arachidonic acid to 5-HPETE and the subsequent conversion to LTA
pharmrev.aspetjournals.org /cgi/content/full/55/1/195   (5292 words)

 Patent 6,762,193
Because the inflammatory response of the acne lesion is mediated by the release of leukotrienes, and histamines, then the introduction of anti-leukotrienes and/or antihistamines will effectively prevent the formation of new acne lesions and exert a significant impact on the resolution of old lesions.
It is a selective and orally active leukotriene receptor antagonist that inhibits the cysteinyl leukotriene receptor.
Leukotriene inhibitors (such as cromolyn sodium) will also work, but may be less desirable as they may have harmful side effects.
www.pharmcast.com /Patents100/Yr2004/July2004/071304/6762193_HairLoss071304.htm   (3567 words)

 Leukotriene receptor antagonist therapy -- Dempsey 76 (902): 767 -- Postgraduate Medical Journal
Leukotriene receptor antagonists (LTRA) are a new class of drugs for asthma treatment, available in tablet form.
Leukotriene antagonist prevents exacerbation of asthma during reduction of high-dose inhaled corticosteroid.
Overexpression of leukotriene C4 synthase in bronchial biopsies from patients with aspirin-intolerant asthma.
pmj.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/full/76/902/767   (3158 words)

 Dr. Koop - Asthma- Health Encyclopedia and Reference
Anti-inflammatories are used as a preventive measure to lessen the risk of acute asthma attacks.
Zafirlukast (Accolate) and zileuton (Zyflo), are a class of anti-inflammatories called leukotriene inhibitors.
Taken orally, these drugs work by inhibiting leukotrienes (fatty acids that mediate inflammation) from binding to smooth muscle cells lining the airways.
www.drkoop.com /encyclopedia/43/244.html   (1564 words)

 Nurse Practitioner: Where do leukotriene modifiers fit in asthma management?
Leukotriene modifiers fall into two general classes: leukotriene receptor antagonists and leukotriene synthesis inhibitors.
The increased production of leukotrienes in asthma, as detected by elevated levels of urinary LTE 4, contributes to the inflammatory process.4 Leukotrienes are potent constrictors of bronchial smooth muscle, up to 1,000 times more potent than histamine.
Leukotriene synthesis inhibitors (zileuton [Zyflo]) inhibit 5-lipoxygenase, the enzyme responsible for converting arachidonic acid to leukotrienes.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3958/is_200204/ai_n9055306   (1247 words)

 Leukotriene receptor antagonists as add-on therapy for adults with asthma -- Thomson and Shepherd 58 (3): 190 -- Thorax
Leukotriene receptor antagonists as add-on therapy for adults with asthma -- Thomson and Shepherd 58 (3): 190 -- Thorax
Leukotriene receptor antagonists as add-on therapy for adults with asthma
Leukotriene receptor antagonist, montelukast, can reduce the need for inhaled steroid while maintaining the clinical stability of asthmatic patients.
thorax.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/full/58/3/190   (1804 words)

 From Bench to Bedside . The Hurdles of Discovering a New Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist -- RODGER 161 (2): 7 -- ...
The effect of an inhaled leukotriene antagonist, L-648,051, on early and late asthmatic reactions and subsequent increase in airway responsiveness in man. J.
Effect of the leukotriene receptor antagonist MK-0679 on baseline pulmonary function in aspirin sensitive asthmatic subjects.
Montelukast, a leukotriene receptor antagonist, for the treatment of mild asthma and exercise-induced bronchoconstriction.
ajrccm.atsjournals.org /cgi/content/full/161/2/S1/S7   (2356 words)

 Antileukotrienes in the Treatment of Asthma -- O'Byrne et al. 127 (6): 472 -- Annals of Internal Medicine
The cysteinyl leukotrienes are the primary mediators of the
The effect of an inhaled leukotriene antagonist, L-648,051, on early and late asthmatic reactions and subsequent increase in airway responsiveness in man. J Allergy Clin Immunol.
Leukotriene D4 receptor blockade inhibits the immediate and late bronchoconstrictor responses to inhaled antigen in patients with asthma.
www.annals.org /cgi/content/full/127/6/472   (5563 words)

 Zyflo, New Class of Anti Leukotriene Asthma Medicines, Now Available   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
ABBOTT PARK, Ill., Jan. 28, 1997-- Zyflo (zileuton), recently cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the prevention and chronic treatment of asthma in patients aged 12 years and older, is now available by prescription at pharmacies nationwide.
Zyflo, developed by Abbott Laboratories, is a member of a new class of anti leukotriene asthma medicines that acts as a leukotriene pathway inhibitor (LPI) by inhibiting the enzyme 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO).
Leukotrienes are molecules that contribute to the inflammation, swelling (edema), bronchoconstriction (tightening of muscles wrapped around the outside of the airways) and mucus secretion seen in the airways of patients with asthma.
www.pslgroup.com /dg/19822.htm   (766 words)

 Leukotriene Modifiers - Drug Comparisons - Compare Drugs - DrugDigest   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Leukotriene modifiers are the newest class of drugs for the treatment of asthma.
Leukotrienes are chemical compounds in the body that contribute to airway obstruction and are released during the inflammatory process (which occurs in asthma).
Two types of leukotriene - based medications have been developed: leukotriene inhibitors that interfere with the actual synthesis of leukotrienes, and leukotriene antagonists that block the action of leukotrienes by blocking leukotriene receptor sites.
www.drugdigest.org /DD/Comparison/NewComparison/0,10621,42-5,00.html   (1104 words)

 Increased urinary leukotriene E4 during febrile attacks in the hyperimmunoglobulinaemia D and periodic fever syndrome ...
Increased urinary leukotriene E4 during febrile attacks in the hyperimmunoglobulinaemia D and periodic fever syndrome -- Frenkel et al.
To assess the involvement of cysteinyl leukotrienes in the pathogenesis of fever attacks as reflected by urinary leukotriene
in mevalonic aciduria is not caused by an impaired peroxisomal degradation of cysteinyl leukotrienes.
adc.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/full/85/2/158   (1155 words)

 Molecular and Biological Characterization of the Murine Leukotriene B4 Receptor Expressed on Eosinophils -- Huang et ...
Leukotriene B, a potent chemokinetic and aggregating substance released from polymorphonuclear leukocytes.
Inhibition of leukotriene B4-receptor interaction suppresses eosinophil infiltration and disease pathology in a murine model of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.
The importance of leukotrienes in airway inflammation in a mouse model of asthma.
www.jem.org /cgi/content/full/188/6/1063   (6829 words)

 Absence of Tachykinin Involvement in Leukotriene D4 and Antigen-Induced Contraction of Guinea Pig Isolated Bronchus -- ...
In experiments on the effects of leukotrienes, male Hartley guinea pigs that weighed 250 to 450 g, were anesthetized using
Leukotrienes mediate, at least in part, contractions elicited by antigen in sensitized guinea pig airways (Undem et al.
Ro, J. Buckner, C. Brendel, J. Fishleder, R. and Graziano, F. Influence of indomethacin and L-cysteine on histamine and peptidoleukotriene release from superfused tracheas taken from guinea pigs passively sensitized with IgG1 and IgE antibodies.
jpet.aspetjournals.org /cgi/content/full/283/3/1102   (3837 words)

 SCF-induced airway hyperreactivity is dependent on leukotriene production -- Oliveira et al. 280 (6): 1242 -- AJP - ...
needed to induce the release of the leukotrienes (Fig.
Leukotrienes mediate antigen-induced airway hyper-reactivity in guinea pigs (Abstract).
Inflammation, leukotrienes and the pathogenesis of the late asthmatic response.
ajplung.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/280/6/L1242   (4146 words)

 Leukotriene Antagonists
LTRAs inhibit the effects of the cysteinyl leukotrienes, which represent 3 of a large number of chemical mediators of asthma.
Leukotrienes are released by several types of cells and can cause bronchoconstriction and inflammation
Montelukast, a once-daily leukotriene receptor antagonist, in the treatment of chronic asthma.
www.ti.ubc.ca /pages/letter29.htm   (900 words)

 Differential Leukotriene Receptor Expression and Calcium Responses in Endothelial Cells and Macrophages Indicate ...
Differential Leukotriene Receptor Expression and Calcium Responses in Endothelial Cells and Macrophages Indicate 5-Lipoxygenase-Dependent Circuits of Inflammation and Atherogenesis -- Lötzer et al.
Differential Leukotriene Receptor Expression and Calcium Responses in Endothelial Cells and Macrophages Indicate 5-Lipoxygenase–Dependent Circuits of Inflammation and Atherogenesis
Leukotrienes and lipoxins: structures, biosynthesis, and biological effects.
atvb.ahajournals.org /cgi/content/full/23/8/e32   (1976 words)

 Inhaled glucocorticoids versus leukotriene receptor antagonists as single agent asthma treatment: systematic review of ...
Trials stratified according to dose and leukotriene receptor antagonists used.
Leukotriene receptor antagonists seem to be safe; the risk of overall adverse effects was similar in both groups, meeting
Effects of pranlukast, a leukotriene receptor antagonist, on airway inflammation in mild asthmatics.
bmj.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/full/326/7390/621   (2814 words)

 In Vitro Allergy Test, Leukotriene Elisa
The CAST® Leukotriene ELISA, a test commonly used in Europe by clinicians and researchers, is now available in the United States exclusively from ALPCO Diagnostics and is a great alternative means of allergy diagnosis.
The CAST® Leukotriene ELISA is the first test which detects de novo cysteinyl leukotrienes (LTC4, LTD4, and LTE4) in whole blood with excellent sensitivity and specificity.
Leukotrienes are involved with common allergic symptoms like bronchoconstriction, smooth muscle contraction, increased capillary permeability and sometimes even anaphylaxis.
www.invitroallergy.com /cast.htm   (369 words)

 WAM: Children Show Improved Compliance With Oral Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Data supporting this conclusion were presented at the World Asthma Meeting by Alan Luskin, MD, of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, and his colleagues at the Institute for Effectiveness Research in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and at Merck and Co in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, in the United States.
A total of 11,790 patients were enrolled; 84 percent were treated with inhaled corticosteroids, 11 percent with leukotriene receptor antagonists (LTRAs); 5 percent were treated with with long-acting beta-agonists (LBAs).
After nine months, 42.3 percent of children treated with LTRAs were still using the medication; 19.9 percent of those treated with inhaled corticosteroids and 16.6 percent of those treated with LBAs were still using the medication.
www.pslgroup.com /dg/201016.htm   (411 words)

 Expression of the Cysteinyl Leukotriene 1 Receptor in Normal Human Lung and Peripheral Blood Leukocytes -- FIGUEROA et ...
The effect of inhaled leukotriene D4 and methacholine on sputum cell differentials in asthma.
Eosinophil chemotaxis inhibited by 5-lipoxygenase blockade and leukotriene receptor antagonism.
Cysteinyl leukotrienes partly mediate eotaxin-induced bronchial hyperresponsiveness and eosinophilia in IL-5 transgenic mice.
ajrccm.atsjournals.org /cgi/content/full/163/1/226   (4424 words)

 The Role of Leukotrienes in Inflammation -- Henderson 121 (9): 684 -- Annals of Internal Medicine
Leukotrienes promote plasma leakage and leukocyte adhesion in postcapillary venules: in vivo effects with relevance to the acute inflammatory response.
Leukotrienes in the sputum and urine of cystic fibrosis children.
Irreversible inhibition of prostaglandin and leukotriene biosynthesis from arachidonic acid by 11,12-dehydro- and 5,6-dehydroarachidonic acids, respectively.
www.annals.org /cgi/content/full/121/9/684   (7131 words)

 The Anti-inflammatory Effects of Leukotriene-Modifying Drugs and Their Use in Asthma -- Salvi et al. 119 (5): 1533 -- ...
IgE releases histamine and causes synthesis of cysteinyl leukotrienes
Leukotrienes are lipid mediators synthesized from the ubiquitous precursor
Henderson, WR, Jr (1994) The role of leukotrienes in inflammation.
www.chestjournal.org /cgi/content/full/119/5/1533   (4719 words)

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