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In the News (Sat 15 Dec 18)

  The Official Lexx Fan Club! The Story So Far....
Lexx does not respond however, and the Divine Predecessors tell her to bring all of Stan back.
They say it is written in the prophecy that today is not their day to die, and force the Lexx to land again on the planet so that the crew may escape.
She gives some to Squish and tells him to take it to Kai, then she has to run as she's being chased by the rest of the undead priests, plus the cluster is beginning to shake itself apart.
www.lexxfanclub.org /uk/story.php   (1810 words)

  LEXX - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
LEXX is a science fiction TV series that follows the adventures of a group of mismatched individuals aboard the Lexx, "the most powerful destructive force in the two universes" from which the show takes its name.
The crew of the Lexx is motivated largely by fear, lust, and hunger — factors which gradually came to dominate the storylines more and more, eventually making LEXX famous for its sexual themes and often bizarre storylines.
The Lexx is a bioengineered, Manhattan-sized, planet-destroying, living starship in the shape of a giant wingless dragonfly.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/Lexx   (926 words)

Lexx is a science fiction TV series that follows the adventures of a group of mis-matched individuals aboard the Lexx, an incredibly powerful spaceship from which the show takes its name.
The Lexx is on the trail of His Divine Shadow, and vice versa.
The third series comprises 13 episodes in which the Lexx is trapped in orbit around the warring planets Fire and Water, and the crew encounter the enigmatic and cheerfully evil Prince, who may be the Devil.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/le/Lexx.html   (399 words)

LEXX is a science fiction TV series that follows the adventures of a group of mismatched individuals aboard the Lexx, "the most powerful destructive force in the two universes" from which the show takes its name.
The Lexx is a bioengineered, Manhattan-sized, planet-destroying, living starship in the shape of a giant wingless dragonfly.
The third season comprises 13 episodes in which the Lexx is trapped in orbit around the warring planets Fire and Water, and the crew encounters an enigmatic and cheerful evil being known as Prince, who may be the Devil.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /scifinder/a/Lexx.php   (795 words)

 LEXX - The spaceship - Hay, LEXX is People!
The LEXX was grown from an enzyme transported in Stanley Tweedle's tooth.
I wont bore you with the story of how LEXX came to be captained by Stanley as this is explained at the start of each episode and IS the first episode.
The LEXX was bread do destroy planets for His Divine Shadow, It was programmed not to attack anything which was loyal to him.
www.sadgeezer.com /lexx/lexx.htm   (411 words)

 Lexx 4.18
LEXX 4.18 focuses on chess itself and succeeds in conveying many essential truths about the game.
Various characters from the LEXX show wear distinctive hats to indicate which piece they represent (for example, Xev is the Black queen) while standing out of sight underneath the board with only their heads sticking up through the holes in the squares.
The point I want to make is that the game shown in LEXX 4.18 is a good one, and after every move, Kai, Prince, and the talking-head pieces discuss the purpose of the move and debate its merits.
www.jeremysilman.com /movies_tv_va/lexx_4_18.html   (969 words)

 LEXX - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Lexx acknowledges commands and often comments with a droning, simple male voice; for example, "As you command, Stan." The Lexx has emotions (it actively enjoys destroying planets, for instance, and becomes rather petulant when denied the opportunity) and has a level of intelligence that the show's creators have compared to a dog.
The Lexx also hosts a contingent of smaller bioengineered ornithopter-like craft called "moths", which the crew often use for short-range travel in space, in a planet's atmosphere, or even within the vast Lexx itself.
LEXX was always a cult hit at best, and rumors of a spin-off movie or TV series seem to have petered out (although the final episode of the series left this possibility open for continuation, with most of the crew still alive aboard a new baby Lexx ship).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lexx   (2114 words)

 GEOS - Lexx Episode Guide
LEXX is the tale of a group of misfits who inadvertently steal the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes.
This weapon is the Lexx, an enormous, living and sentient insect genetically modified for space travel and planet destroying capabilities.
In their escape from the Divine Order, the Lexx and its crew pass through a fractal core into the Dark Zone.
www.geos.tv /index.php/index/lex   (93 words)

 Lexx News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Lexx News continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
If you ever watched the cult Canadian sci-fi series LEXX then you probably remember 790, the decapitated robot head "love slave" from...
"LEXX" is the most delightfully insane & twisted science fiction show ever made, and is also my all-time favorite thing to watch.
www.topix.net /tv/lexx   (77 words)

 LEXX   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
A cowardly security guard, an undead assassin, a female with a body designed for sex and a robot head madly in love with her all make up the crew of the spaceship Lexx, the most powerful weapon in the two universes.
With bold original characters and dazzling special effects, LEXX takes off on a totally new kind of trip in these 20 highly imaginative episodes.
After 4,000 years of cryo-sleep, the LEXX crew members awaken to find their ailing ship stuck in an orbit between warring planets as different as life and death, day and night, good and evil.
www.vinsonsbookstore.com /lib/LEXX.shtml   (353 words)

 ****** Main Page ******
LEXX overlooks all the classical sci-fi ways and has been called "Star TrekĀ¹s evil twin." Lexx is a story about four very different individuals Kai, Stan, Xev and 790 who successfully steals the LEXX the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes and their adventures.
The Lexx, a huge living insect actually the LEXX is an gigantic dragonfly genetically modified for space travel and planet destroying capabilities.
LEXX, the series, concepts and characters, are the property, copyright and trademark of Salter Street.
www.angelfire.com /scifi/lexxmeup/main.html   (218 words)

 Science Fiction Movie and TV Reviews
As the president bumbles his way through an initial greeting with the leader of the alien craft spied on Earth's sensors, the alien, in turn, is trying to figure out just what he doesn't like about the "bad" planet.
The Lexx, of course, is a Manhattan-sized, sentient, destructive insectoid space vessel with a penchant for blowing up planets and feeding on their resources.
While Lexx's reputation for brash sexuality meshed with sci-fi adventure is as obvious in this episode as others, the sensuality and wisecracks certainly lurk beneath the glossy veneer.
www.scifi.com /sfw/issue220/screen3.html   (552 words)

 Lexx LogBook - HTML edition 1.0   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Story: The Lexx is adrift, as it has been for thousands of years, its crew in hibernation or, in 790's case, standby mode.
Actually, the Lexx has drifted into the gravitational pull of two habitable planets, one an ocean-covered paradise, the other a global desert, orbiting each other and permanently connected by a strand of breathable atmosphere between them.
The Lexx has finally regained enough power to leave the twin planets, but Xev is determined not to leave without the ship's full crew.
www.thelogbook.com /log/lexx/year3.htm   (2094 words)

The weapon, LEXX, is a sentient, living insect that was genetically modified to contain massive destructive power and travel in space.
For the crime of 'humiliate her husband at the temple 'and 'failing to perform her wifely duties' she was sentenced to be tranformed into a love-slave.
LEXX is an adult Sci-Fi/Adventure series that, because of airing schedules, can be hard to follow.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/sci_fi_tv/53336/1   (478 words)

 Lexx? - HERO GAMES Discussion Boards
I love this really weird show on the SFC called "Lexx" and was wondering if anyone had ever done a game based on it.
The dragon golem, called the Lexx, was in fact meant to destroy all biped civillization and clear the way for dragons to return to dominance.
The lexx was a huge, huge metal dragon golem, with a fire breath blast that could destroy an entire village in one shot.
www.herogames.com /forums/showthread.php?t=44099   (1036 words)

 lexxart's Xanga Site
The coloring on most of my Lexx pics (with the exception I think, of that one with Vlad wanting to keep that vicious animal) is computer colored, mostly because computer coloring takes up less time, but I can try just about anything once.
I might just do a few Lexx short comics, since the ongoing fanfic I've been doing on fanfiction.net (yeah, the one about Kai and Vlad being brought back to life) seems to be on hiatus at the moment.
Lexx originally aired in 160 countries, and since there isn't a lot in the way of merchandise or new information, fans look to each other for support.
www.xanga.com /LexxArt   (1710 words)

 Filmtracks: Lexx (Marty Simon)
Lexx: (Marty Simon) The most successful Sci-Fi Channel show currently running is the explicitly sexual Lexx, a series dominated by everything and anything perverse.
There isn't the typical action music that you would hear in other shows; even though the giant insect ship Lexx (which is itself shaped in a dubious, curvaceous mold) blows up planets so that it can eat them, the music is more inclined to accompany the plentiful scenes of lust.
Lexx has a fanbase all unto itself, and this album is the prize bounty for that crowd.
www.filmtracks.com /titles/lexx.html   (970 words)

 The Lair of Izzy - the Lexx
The Sole Purpose of the Lexx was to Destroy planets, killing the enemies of His Divine Shadow.
Inside of the Lexx are moths used to travel in and outside the Lexx.
Since Lexx is so big, the Crew rely on the Moths to travel from the main level to anywhere else in the Lexx.
users.rcn.com /batdude/lexxpage1.html   (166 words)

 "Lexx" (1997)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
"Lexx" is different, in that it explores the amoral side of humanity not by showing these usually undesirable traits not just in minor characters, but in the main characters, in the crew of the Lexx itself.
True, the low-budget nature of the series may make it ideal for viewing in late night hours as an alternative to infomercials, but the series is nothing if not imaginative.
Other series have cropped up since, with similar themes of a powerful space ship crewed by fools and lechers, but "Lexx" is definitely unique in that its flawed characters are so familiar that they become endearing.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0178149   (387 words)

 TWIZ TV - Lexx Pilot - Series Premiere Transcript
Lexx: This planetoid is a member of the League of 20,000.
Lexx: I cannot fulfill your command, they are forces under the immediate direction of His Divine Shadow.
Admiral: The Lexx is not permitted to fire on His Shadow's vessels.
www.twiztv.com /scripts/pilots/lexxpilot.htm   (7404 words)

 The Lexx Domain
Disclaimer: I don't claim copyright on any of the Lexx images, video clips, sounds or lyrics.
If anything on this site is property of you and you have not been given the proper credit, please e-mail us.
The design/layout of The Lexx Domain, all JavaScript and most PHP code is © 1999-2006 by Jamie Cheetham
scifi.myrealm.co.uk /lexx.htm   (147 words)

 Lexx: The Series (Soundtrack) by Marty Simon
Interspersed throughout this soundtrack are dialogue tracks, which, for the Lexx fan, might prove appealing, but, as dialogue tracks sometimes do, will be distracting especially if you are not very familiar with the characters and storyline of the series.
Lexx isn't, and doesn't to portray itself as, serious sci-fi, which I commend the producers for, and the music parallels that attitude completely.
All artwork from Lexx is exclusive property of GNP Crescendo Records (c) 2001.
www.tracksounds.com /reviews/lexx.htm   (672 words)

 Nigel Bennett Lexx Press Page
After allowing the Lexx a brief meal (the Amazon) on the planet’s surface, they park the Lexx behind the moon and set out to explore.
LEXX has been sold in 100 countries around the globe and is seen on SCI FI U.S., CHUM Television’s Space: The Imagination Station (Canada), Channel 5 (U.K.), Sci-Fi Channel (Europe), and Canal Plus (France).
He was one of the head writers for LEXX, (along with Paul Donovan and Lex Gigeroff) and can most recently be heard as the voice of the robot head 790 in the science fiction series LEXX.
www.blackhatstation.com /LEXX/press4.htm   (1974 words)

 Sci Fi Channel Gets LEXX
However, LEXX makes extensive use of the latest computer graphics technology to portray a high-tech universe gone to seed.
Meanwhile, those who can't wait for January, LEXX episodes are already airing in Russia, Canada and throughout Europe, and the series is coming to Latin America soon as well.
If the upcoming run is a success, Sci Fi has already committed to an option on the third LEXX "season," comprising a reported 13 additional episodes.
www.space.com /sciencefiction/lexx_991001.html   (700 words)

 LEXX—A programmable structured editor
LEXX is an editing program that can work with the syntax and structure of the data it is presenting, yet is not restricted to just one kind of data.
The new live parsing technique used by LEXX means that it can be programmed to handle a very wide variety of structured data.
The structure information is, in turn, used to improve the presentation of data (through color, fonts, and formatting), which makes it easier for people to deal with the text being edited.
domino.research.ibm.com /tchjr/journalindex.nsf/0/bc33186c36e05a9e85256bfa0067f698?OpenDocument   (134 words)

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