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Topic: Li people

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In the News (Tue 25 Sep 18)

  China Ethnic Minority: Li People
The Li people believe all things have spirits and in some places, there are still relics of totem adoration; they all respect seniors and ancestors, and during festivals, they will go to them to pray for peace and harvest.
The Li people like to chew betel nuts which are considered to be a tonic food with the functions of curing disease and beautifying.
Most of the Li festivals are akin to those of the Han people, with their traditional ones as of the Spring Festival and 'Sanyuesan'.
www.travelchinaguide.com /intro/nationality/li/index.htm   (792 words)

 Li Peng - Famous Chinese People - Chinese
Li was born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the son of writer Li Shouxun, one of the earliest CPC revolutionaries and a revolutionary martyr.
After Li was elected member of the CPC Central Committee at the Twelfth CPC National Congress in 1982, he rose to the Politburo of the Communist Party of ChinaPolitburo and the Party Secretariat in 1985, and the standing committee of the Politburo in 1987, when he also became acting premier.
Li is one of the most unpopular politicians in China, mainly for his lack of charisma, image as a hardliner, and role in suppressing the Tiananmen square protests.
www.famouschinese.com /virtual/Li_Peng   (1675 words)

 Li Ethnic Minority - China Style
Ninety percent of the Li are scattered throughout the Li-Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hainan, with the rest living with the Han and Hui people in other areas such as Baoting, Ledong and Dongfang.
Li women are skilled in spinning and weaving and are especially adept at weaving silk cotton.
Li people celebrate the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, March 3rd Festival, the Ox Festival etc. The March 3rd Festival, as a festival of ancestor worship, is the most important of all.
library.thinkquest.org /05aug/01780/chinese-ethnic-group/li.htm   (886 words)

 Li Shizhen: Scholar Worthy of Emulation
Li Shizhen was born in Waxiaopa, a small village just north of Qizhou on the Yellow River in what was northern Huguang and is today Hubei Province (see maps, Figure 8, 9).
Li Shizhen’s grandfather, who died when Shizhen was still an infant, had been an itinerant doctor; he would carry medicine pills and acupuncture needles as he journeyed from place to place, selling his services as a diagnostician and healer (see Figures 10 and 11, paintings depicting itinerant doctors).
Li Shizhen found medical studies enthralling and he virtually shut himself away at his parent’s house for several years, carefully reading all the medical classics; he also studied relevant areas of philosophy and history and wrote poetry.
www.itmonline.org /arts/lishizhen.htm   (4324 words)

The Li are one of fifty-five classified minority peoples of China, and by the 15th century Han Chinese immigrants began driving the Li into the southern mountains and forests forcing them to abandon their traditional settlements on the coastal plains of Hainan Island.
When a Li girl of the Basadung tribe reached the age of thirteen or fourteen an old women, who was not necessarily a relative, first tattooed her on the nape of the neck and then on the face and throat in the course of four or five days.
Li tattoos signified that a woman had become eligible to be married and traditionally the ritual was accompanied by an elaborate puberty ceremony in the village center.
www.vanishingtattoo.com /hainan_island_tattoos.htm   (1427 words)

 Pastors.com | Encouraging pastors and church leaders
Li quickly saw the strategic value of ministering in this province, and so he and his family moved there with the belief that those factory workers who were led to Christ could then take the message back to their home province.
The first lesson that Li teaches is on the assurance of salvation, concluding with participants writing out their testimony (absent of "churchy" words) and then he challenges them to share it with at least five other people.
Li encourages believers to reach out to family groups with the Gospel similar to the way it was done in biblical times.
www.pastors.com /RWMT/?id=154&artid=6549&expand=1   (913 words)

 Glossary of People: Li
Mao Zedong was an assistant librarian during Li’s tenure at the library and Li was one of Mao’s earliest and most prominent influences.
Li was elected to the Guomindang’s Central Executive Committee in 1924.
Held position of Chairman of the People's Republic of China and widely totued as the successor of Mao Zedong from 1959 until his purge from the CCP in 1968.
www.marxists.org /glossary/people/l/i.htm   (1448 words)

 Li people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Li (黎 pinyin Lì) or Hlai is a minority Chinese ethnic group.
[1] The Li suffered heavily under the Japanese occupation.
The Li people can generally understand or speak Mandarin.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Li_Chinese   (293 words)

 CNN.com - Li Ruihuan: The key to reform? - June 26, 2001
This is despite the fact that the latest Li story out of Beijing is that the member of the ruling Politburo Standing Committee (PSC) had during the past months informed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) headquarters three times of his desire to retire at the 16th party congress next year.
Li supporters think he and Vice-President Hu Jintao, 58, will be the only two PSC incumbents to have their five-year terms renewed at the 16th congress.
Li watchers think, however, the reticent CPPCC chairman could make the difference at two pivotal meetings: the series of leadership conferences to take place at the Beidaihe resort in August, which will be devoted to personnel issues; and the 16th congress itself.
archives.cnn.com /2001/WORLD/asiapcf/east/06/26/li.willy.column   (1188 words)

 Li introduced the field of molecular phylogeny
Li’s equations and computer programs allow scientists to compare genes that have the same function in different species to determine how closely related they are to one another.
“People who have lived closer to the equator for a long time are darker skinned to protect them from harmful UV rays and to prevent the overproduction of vitamin D, which is made when the skin is exposed to the sun.
Li is also interested in the study of co-evolution of the human growth hormone and its receptor and the evolution of color vision.
chronicle.uchicago.edu /990304/li.shtml   (493 words)

 The 1974 Occupation of Anicinabe Park
LI: Well, weeks ahead, Louis and members of the Ojibway Warriors Society did go to the reservation and talk to the people, telling them to come to the park, to the convention, and there was a lot of people who came to that convention from around Kenora.
LI: Well, the first thing that Grand Council Treaty Number Three wanted us to do was what the mayor of the town and the whole town people wanted us to do, and what the pigs, and federal and provincial government wanted us to do.
Native people talked to each other and solved the situation for the town and the terms of the agreement that were indicated in the negotiations for us to leave the park was only...to put down our guns...
sisis.nativeweb.org /sov/oh11occ.html   (6016 words)

 LI Hongzhi - Falun Dafa
Li expressed dismay at the Chinese government's reaction to the growing movement he started in 1992, which is based on a system of exercises and beliefs rooted in Buddhism and promises followers salvation and supernatural powers, including levitation.
Li was born on July 7, 1952 in the city of Gongzhuling (formerly Gongzhuling Town of Huaide County) in northeast China's Jilin Province.
Li is not bringing salvation to practitioners, but is in fact leading them to a disastrous and miserable end, and Falun Gong is doing enormous harm to both the mental and physical health of people.
www.valdostamuseum.org /hamsmith/FalunDafa99Jul.html   (6660 words)

 TIMEasia.com 05/10/99
Li: The ultimate purpose is to enable people to attain the Tao and to complete their cultivation practice.
Li: The government did not express a clear position, but the security ministries felt that there were too many people practicing.
Li: It is a pattern, or a symbol on the surface.
www.time.com /time/asia/asia/magazine/1999/990510/interview2.html   (764 words)

 Hainan Ananda Travel - The Li Minority
The Li ethnic group of China mostly inhabits the nine cities and counties in the middle and southern part of Hainan: the cities of Sanya, Tongza and Dongfang, the Li autonomous counties of Baisha, Lingshui, Ledong, Changjiang, and the ”Li and Miao Autonomous Counties of Qiongzhong and Baoting”.
The Roots of the Li The word ”Li” is an expression used by other people to address the ethnic group, which is also known as ”Ha”, ”Qi”, ”Run”, ”Sai” and ”Meifu”, but the ethnic group calls itself as ”Sai” in their excanges with the outside.
Li society is patrilineal, which means that the line of decent is traced through the males.
www.hnpits.com /en/hn_listory.asp   (998 words)

 Bias against HIV-infected people
Li Bencai said that a decade ago, his little daughter even failed to have any friend in her kindergarten.
Li, 10 years after the infection, is taking anti-virus pills to enhance his immunity.
Li Yingsheng, a sociologist with the Beijing-based Renmin University of China, attributed the bias against HIV/AIDS infected people to the traditional ethical concepts, mindset over sex and lack of knowledge of health care and hygiene across the country.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /english/doc/2006-03/01/content_525101.htm   (663 words)

 Interview with Li Hongzhi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
On April 26, Erping Zhang, a close associate of Li Hongzhi, the mysterious leader of the Falun Gong religious movement, called TIME in New York to say that major events were transpiring in Beijing.
Li believes the ancient Chinese art of qigong (Falun Gong is one variation) can endow practitioners with superhuman powers.
Li: It is a pattern, or a symbol on the surface.
www.rickross.com /reference/fa_lun_gong/falun286.html   (2018 words)

 Li Minority - Chinese Nationalities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Thirty-nine minority groups live on Hainan Island, although only the original inhabitants of the island, the Li and the Miao, are accessible, living in the dense tropical forests covering the Limulingshan mountains that stretch down the center of the island.
Until recently the Li had a custom of tattooing their bodies at the age of 12 or 13.
However, when a member of the Li dies, traditional Li costume is considered essential if the dead are to be accepted by ancestors in the afterworld.
www.paulnoll.com /China/Minorities/min-Li.html   (330 words)

 Li textiles: references
In the Meifu Li area in Dongfang County, women are often seen wearing a long cylindrical skirt of ankle length which is made by combined four or five pieces of cloth.
She says " Even today the Li of Hainan Island continue to use the foot-braced, back-tension looms with a continuous warp...'The Li are thought to have been on the island by the first century BC so this may well represent the oldest form of Tai loom.
Li, Qi sub-group; detail of a woman’s tubeskirt [Stübel 1937: fig.237] although this is Qi it is not particularly similar to the tubeskirt in Olivier’s photos.
www.tribaltextiles.info /forum/Li_references.htm   (2684 words)

 Expert: Sexual revolution in place in China
Li delivered a speech yesterday on "Emotion and sex of Chinese in social reform" in the capital city of South China's Guangdong Province, as part of the Third Chinese (Guangzhou) Sex Festival.
According to her study in Beijing, the percentage of Chinese people having premarital sex was 15.5 per cent in 1989, which increased to 60-70 per cent in 2004.
Li said during her 10 years of study about the sex life of Chinese people, such as her survey on women's initiatives in having sex and homosexuality, she encountered a great deal of misunderstanding.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /english/doc/2005-11/08/content_492242.htm   (509 words)

 Reveal the Scheme of the Very Few People from Changchun
On the other side, the very few people who hated Falun Gong due to their unsatisfied personal interests, has been lobbying around, ganging up with several individuals in the propaganda and some other government departments, abusing their power to distribute materials which were made up of lies against Falun Gong.
Some people at other assistant centers made similar mistakes; and after stepping down from the positions, they were able to start cultivation very diligently, and eventually provide voluntary help to others again.
They first invited Master Li to give lectures at their hometowns and, later on, turned against Falun Gong once their request of setting up hospitals was turned down since it was against the principles of Falun Gong.
clearwisdom.net /eng/clarification/reveal.html   (7239 words)

 Land Use of the Li-Speaking People in a Mountainous Area of Hainan Island, China: Impact of National Nature Reserve ...
For instance, for the people who depend on rice cultivation, the land productivity and per capita area of paddy field are determinant factors of their food security or affluence.
For the people who depend on shifting cultivation for their livelihood, location of the slush-and-burn gardens, area of potential gardens sites, and condition of secondary growth areas are the information needed for investigating their future sustainability of survival.
The Li-speaking people are one of minority groups and have inhabited the mountainous parts of the Island.
www.gisdevelopment.net /aars/acrs/2002/eec/eec001pf.htm   (2544 words)

 Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing meets press
Li said there is still room for resolving the Iran nuclear issue under the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the international community should not give up efforts toward this goal.
Li made the remark at a press conference held on the sideline of the ongoing annual full session of the 10th National People's Congress, the top legislature.
Li said the mainland is prepared to deal with any possible complications and will never tolerate "Taiwan independence" or allow anyone to secede Taiwan from China in any way.
english.gov.cn /2006-03/07/content_220370_2.htm   (1186 words)

 China Source
The Li live in Hainan Province, particularly in and around Tongze, the capital of the Hainan Li-Miao Autonomous Prefecture, and Baoting, Ledong, Dongfang, and other counties under the prefecture's jurisdiction.
The Li are famous for their Bamboo-Skipping Dance performed during the New Year and on festival days, and for their tattooing.
In another Li chapel, the people focus more on the Scripture; however, their understanding of God's Word is minimal and their depth of insight into spiritual practice is shallow.
www.chsource.org /Li.htm   (499 words)

 United States: Local Media Pay Attention as "Car Tour to Rescue Charles Li" Group Arrives in Ohio | Clearharmony - ...
Though few people were on duty in the media outlets over the weekend, three major TV stations including ABC, CBS and FOX, the largest newspaper Cincinnati Enquirer, and City Beat came to conduct interviews and made objective and positive reports on the activity.
Yeong-ching related to the media about the persecution of Charles Li in prison: he has been subjected to beatings, sleep deprivation, forced brainwashing, and he is being pressured to renounce his belief.
Wang Weiyu, the cousin of Li Guoqiang, a Chinese student from the University of Cincinnati, was secretly abducted by Chinese police in August 2002 for practising Falun Gong.
www.clearharmony.net /articles/200309/14927.html   (1510 words)

 Sedgwick - People Search - Li, James Yuanxin
Li, who is a registered patent attorney, provides patent prosecution and consulting services for inventions involving mechanical, chemical, software, computer, and other types of technologies.  Mr.
Li is also an active litigator, managing cases involving intellectual property issues, products liability and commercial disputes and licensing.  His most recent patent infringement cases have included litigation involving anti-bacterial chemical processes, CRT displays, and DVD drives and software.  Mr.
Li's intellectual property trade secret litigation experience has included both defending and prosecuting claims of trade secret misappropriation by former employees of confidential information and research data.
www.sdma.com /people/detail.aspx?attorney=2964   (195 words)

 Last Frontier: Li of Hainan Island, China
Of the 6 million people on the island, about 1.2 million are members of the Li people group.
The Li believe that if traditional clothing is not worn at a funeral, the ancestors will not recognize the deceased.
Reaching the Li with the gospel may be challenging because of the number of gods they worship along with the many traditions and belief systems they continue to hold.
archives.tconline.org /news/lastfrontier/archive/li.html   (548 words)

 Richard Li's Tangled Web - Forbes.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-14)
Richard Li is trying to wheel and deal his way out of the embarrassing hole he dug for himself this summer, with more than a little help from his dad, the richest person in Asia.
In Hong Kong, Li Ka-Shing would not have been considered a related party to the transaction, since he does not own any PCCW shares, but Singapore rules take the view that as Richard Li's father, he is indeed a related party.
Since Richard Li was therefore considered to be on both sides of the transaction, he lost his right to vote his PCRD shares in favor of the PCCW sale.
www.forbes.com /business/2006/09/28/richard-li-pccw-biz-cx_vk_0928li.html?partner=rss   (1071 words)

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